20 Secrets You Never Noticed Were Hidden In Disney Films

No matter what your age, Disney movies have undoubtedly warmed your heart. Whether your favorites include classics like Beauty and the Beast or modern masterpieces like Frozen, you've probably enjoyed them more than... thrice. But beyond the veil of anthropomorphized teapots, singing lions and magic carpet rides lies the secret world of hidden things that you've probably never noticed all those times around. Sometimes these things are as harmless as a Goofy cameo while other times they're so shockingly perverse they'll introduce you to a whole new world of the Disney franchise. Or, at the very least, some insight into the strange minds of a few Disney cartoonists.

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20 Dark Humor in The 3 Little Pigs

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Okay, 1933 was a dark time for America. Not only was it the time of the Great Depression, it was the worst year for it overall. Employment rates were at their lowest with nearly 15 million people without work, the U.S Congress had the gold standard abolished, and disastrous dust storms blew over the country. So, it isn't so shocking that the 1933 Disney film The 3 Little Pigs was released with slight overtones of dark humor. When the 3 little pigs play the piano, there is a framed portion of sausage links visible on the wall with the word father written underneath. To think that the innocent little piggies tracked down pieces of their butchered father and hung his flesh in their house to commemorate his death is a dark thought indeed.

19 Hidden Disclaimer in Frozen Credits

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When you've just sat through the movie Frozen with your children for maybe the hundredth time, and the end credits start to roll, you aren't thinking "Hey, I want to read through these!" are you? But the creators of the film decided to have a little fun with them anyway and slipped in a hidden disclaimer at the end. Concerned with the character Kristoff and his notions about eating one's boogers, Disney thought it best to distance itself from such deplorable actions. It states that the "views and opinions expressed by Kristoff in the film that all men eat their own boogers are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The Walt Disney Company [...]" Phew, thanks for clearing that up.

18 A Phallic Symbol in Hercules

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When it comes to Disney and the secret placement of phallic looking objects, the 1997 film Hercules is yet another film added to the growing list. In the scene where Hercules fights the River Guardian, Hercules punches him so hard that he's sent flying into the air. Don't worry, the River Guardian lands safely in the water. But when he emerges, horseshoes smash the top of the his head and what grows out of it is, well... phallic indeed. Fully drawn to resemble a male member equipped with two testes, one must wonder how this one slipped through the cracks and made it into the film at all.

17 Mike Wazowski in Finding Nemo End Credits

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Now that you know to look for hidden secrets in Disney and Pixar films, you might want to start watching the end credits all the way through because that's where you're bound to find something. For example, at the end of Finding Nemo the hilarious and not-so-scary Monsters, Inc., character Mike Wazowski makes an appearance. Equipped with a one-eyed snorkel, Wazowski can be spotted swimming through the credits. I know, I missed it too.

16 A Topless Woman in The Rescuers

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You remember that scene in The Rescuers when Miss Bianca and Bernard are flying through New York City on their albatross Orville? Well, what you may have missed altogether was that in one of the apartment windows lies the secret image of a topless woman. And it's not just an animated topless woman, if that would be any less preposterous, but is rather an actual, honest-to-goodness, photograph of a real topless woman. Woah, pause the VCR!

15 Secret Disney Code: A113

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You may have heard some alarming things about Disney in the past, but what do you know about the secret code A113? Appearing in nearly every Disney and Pixar film ever made, the code A113 is allegedly a classroom where many Disney cartoonists worked. The code can be found in multiple films and takes many hidden forms. Whether it appears on a license plate in Toy Story, engraved above a door in Brave, or tagged to a rat's ear in Ratatouille, the code is a Disney secret that you can count on to be hidden in most of their future animated films, so keep your eyes open.

14 Cartoon Cameos in Frozen

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This time the secrets hidden in Frozen don't happen during the end credits but rather right in the middle of the film. During Elsa's coronation at Arendelle both Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are in attendance. You may not have noticed them at first because only their backs are shown, but they were there alright. Other attendees of the coronation include Tiana and Naveen from The Princess and the Frog who can be seen walking through the crowd. There are tons of hidden messages in Frozen so if you didn't already have an excuse to watch it again, well...

13 Nemo in Monsters, Inc.

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Just as Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. is secretly placed in the end credits of Finding Nemo, the charming little Nemo has a cameo of his own in Monsters, Inc.. When Sully the Monster encounters the young Boo, she offers him one of her toys which is none other than Nemo himself. He can also be seen in a later shot of Wazowski walking out of a child's bedroom on the wall. Of course, you probably wouldn't have noticed this the first time around because Monsters, Inc. was released in 2001 while Finding Nemo wasn't released until 2003.

12 Dug from Up in Ratatouille

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Again, even though the film Up was released two years after Ratatouille, the shadow of the dog named Dug in Up makes an appearance in Ratatouille. When Remy the rat is making his way through the walls of different apartments, he enters a room where he is confronted briefly by the bark of a dog. That dog was Dug! His shadow is visible on the wall behind Remy and even though he comes and goes quite quickly, it is unmistakably the same character.

11 The Coppertone Girl in Frozen

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Who knew that the 1959 advertisement for Coppertone sunscreen would become such an iconic part of Americana that it's still alluded to in films over fifty years later. Although the children who enjoyed Disney's 2013 instant-classic Frozen wouldn't have caught this hidden secret, it's possible that most of the parents or grandparents watching did notice this one. When Olaf is singing in Summer he encounters a sand girl who's having her towel pulled on by a bird. The image is an adorable allusion to the Coppertone ad that leaves most adults feeling nostalgic about their youthful days at the beach. See, some of these hidden secrets aren't perverted, right?

10 Toy Story's "Pizza Planet Truck"

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If you aren't already privy to the truth about the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story this just might blow your mind. You may not have noticed, but in the film WALL-E the Pizza Planet Truck makes a cameo when WALL-E's love interest EVE find it and scans it for life. But WALL-E is only one of many films in which the Pizza Planet truck is hidden. The truck appears in over a dozen Disney and Pixar films, including A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Cars, Ratatouille, Up, and Brave. Have fun looking for it!

9 Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in The Little Mermaid

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It can be very disconcerting to read about too many sexually charged hidden messages in Disney films all at once (don't worry, there's more coming), so let's take it down a notch to reveal a more innocent hidden secret. In The Little Mermaid during the King Triton's return, hidden among the mermaids and mermen are Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse looking goofy underwater in a film that doesn't even star them. This is one that you'd have to really look for as they're just wee little guy's in the corner of the frame. We see you Goofy, we recognize. And thank you to The Little Mermaid for keeping this G-rated film so innocent. Wait...

8 Male Member #1 in The Little Mermaid

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That's right, the first phallus that's tucked away in this Disney classic isn't actually tucked away at all, it's right on the cover! Visible in the castle behind Ariel is a clearly identifiable object that resembles a penis. If you're lucky enough to own the VHS copy of The Little Mermaid, then you own a copy of legendary cover art no longer being printed by Disney. After Entertainment Weekly shed light on this perverse drawing in the 1990s, Disney was forced to change the cover for its later releases. Although Disney did not outwardly admit that there was a penis on the film's cover, the change in artwork was enough to have at least acknowledged the problem. Hipster idea: frame that cover!

7 Male Member #2 in The Little Mermaid

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This second phallus has raised quite the controversy for Disney in the media, specifically because it is drawn onto a priest. At evil-Ariel's wedding ceremony, just as the priest is beginning to marry them, a strange thing happens in his pants. Clearly visible in recent copies of the film, the priest seems to get "excited" just as he speaks the words "dearly beloved." Disney claims that this bulge is merely the priests knees, but knowing what we know about Disney's proclivity to the secret penis, it's hard not to see the R-version of this scene.

6 A Handsome Throw Rug in Hercules

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It's already become apparent that Disney really gets a kick out of cartoon cameos. Throw a Mickey Mouse in the crowd and those cartoonists get wild. But sometimes even a dead Disney character makes the cut. You might remember the menacing villain from The Lion King named Scar, you know, he murdered his brother and tried to kill his nephew, Simba? Well, turns out, what actually happened after Simba chucked his uncle into the fiery pit at the end of the movie was that Hercules was there to scoop him up and use his pelt as a throw rug. The best part of this Disney secret is that it was all prophesized by Zazu in The Lion King. In an early scene he tells Mufasa that Scar would "make a very handsome throw rug."

5 Among the Stars

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In The Lion King there aren't just prophesies of future hidden secrets in Disney films, it also contains its own secret message that probably isn't suitable for the kids. Following an existential conversation between Simba, Timon and Pumbaa about the stars, the frustrated Simba leaves his pals to be alone. When Simba collapses down on the edge of a cliff, the dust blown into the air morphs into the word SEX. You can see this without even pausing the film if you know where to look for it.

4 For a Good Time Call...

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Another time the Disney film Who Framed Roger Rabbit hinted that it may not be a film for children occurs when detective Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) visits Toon Town. At this point in the film, Toon Town has already begun to look like an acid trip gone bad instead of a magical cartoon land. While visiting, Eddie encounters a crazy woman trying to harass him, rides a hellish elevator, and meets a sadistic Tweety Bird. But what you may have missed in this hell they call Toon Town is a little patch of graffiti in the half-destroyed bathroom that reads "For a good time call Allyson Wonderland, the best is yet to be."

3 Muse Going Commando in Hercules

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In Hercules we've already uncovered the dead pelt of Scar and the growing phallus atop the head of a River Guardian, so what's next, a quick flash of a woman's privates? Yes, actually. During the song "Zero to Hero" in this Disney film, one of the singing muses has her dress fly open to reveal that she's not wearing any panties! Of course, there's nothing graphic drawn underneath, just the empty space where one would, in reality, find her vagina.

2 Peter Pan's Naughty Shadow

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One of the stranger parts of the Disney film Peter Pan isn't that there's a place where children can't grow up, or that fairies have pixie dust that allow you to fly, but rather that Peter Pan's shadow can't seem to stay stuck to Peter's body. Perhaps the scene where Peter chases his shadow through the children's bedroom is meant to serve as a metaphor for whether or not Peter really exists or... maybe it was just another opportunity for one of those damned Disney cartoonists to hide another one of their secret male members in the film. You'd have to take a look at this scene frame-by-frame to see it, but right there, between his legs, is the image of Peter's phallus in the form of his shadow. Sheesh, maybe this list should have been about hidden penises only.

1 Under Jessica Rabbit's dress

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You may be familiar with the highly sexualized character Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. You know, the wife who would do anything to save her husband Roger, including playing Paddy Cake with Toon Town owner Marvin Acme. Of course, Jessica isn't bad, she's just "drawn that way." And boy, is she ever! Even though you definitely noticed her slender waist, large bust, long legs, and luscious lips, you may not have noticed that in one part of the film you can see right under her dress. When Eddie Valiant and Jessica are thrown from a car in Toon Town her dress is blown aside to reveal a slightly darker shade of her skin tone. Just when I thought I'd seen it all.


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