20 Movies With The Sexiest Scenes of 2015

As 2015 nears a close, it is time to count down the sexiest movie scenes of the year. Surprisingly, some of the obvious ones such as the latest James Bond movie Spectre didn’t make the list, because they just aren’t… well they just aren’t sexy enough.

So what exactly constitutes a steamy movie scene? Naked bodies? Famous celebrities? As it turns out, what we perceive as hitting the nail right on the head as far as portraying sex on the silver screen is concerned has to do with the chemistry of the actors, our emotional investment in the story and of course camera angles just as much as it has to do with how much skin was revealed.

We can all agree that the failure of a sex scene to evoke any sympathetic or enjoyable emotion in its audience lies with the failure of the actors to connect as a couple through the movie. Psychologically, if we are rooting for a relationship to work out through the storyline, a well shot sex scene when least expected will be that much more exciting and satisfactory to watch. So here’s an exhaustive list of the sexiest scenes in movies this year.

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20 Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Via mediastinger.com

The ridiculous inappropriate comedy Hot Tub Time Machine has a sequel as of early 2015 and it is even more ridiculous, inappropriate and silly than the first. They continue the saga because one of their buddies is in trouble and they need to go back and fix something in the past. Unfortunately they end up in the future and it makes things much more complicated and crazy. What is so sexy about this goofy out-of-control movie? The sex scene featuring Rob Corddry and Gillian Jacobs of course. She’s in a wedding dress while they get it on which makes it pretty memorable- note that she is supposed to be marrying someone else which makes this scene a little more dirty and ironic.

19 The Bronze

Via slashfilm.com

Getting Sundance talking is a big deal, and that’s exactly what the sexy gymnastic movie, The Bronze has done. The movie has a feel of unabashed crudeness with a dash of humor and a whole lot of sexy athlete bodies. Some have actually called the famous sex scene depicted in The Bronze as one of the raunchiest in all of movie history. We aren’t sure about that, but it is pretty riveting. This fascinating gymnastic sex scene includes cartwheels, pole vaulting, and pirouettes...among other things. Not only is the scene highly amusing and entertaining, it’s pretty darn sexy too - but don’t try this at home.

18 A Bigger Splash

Via halfacanyon.com

This odd film about an American couple on vacation brings with it some pretty sexy scenes. They are on vacation in Italy when the wife invites one of her former lovers and his teenage daughter. There’s plenty of careful drama and well-timed comments and conversations that make this film amusing and enthralling. All four of the leads are given plenty of uncovered camera time; from the steamy sex scenes to full-frontal shots and lounging by the pool, the camera does not shy away from them at all. Then more people are invited and added to the mix which causes more jealousy and drama and plenty of steamy scenes between characters.

17 The Overnight

Via 700mbmovies.com

The Overnight is a quirky film that takes sexy to a comedic level and beyond. It stars Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godreche who play two young couples that meet at the park and end up going on a series of "adventures" when they get together for a night out. Things proceed to get awkward, then sexy, then awkward again, but it is all in good humor and fun. The adventures include some steamy moments between the couples, nude swimming and lots of sexual tension. The cast does a good job of making the movie sexy, fun and enjoyable.

16 I Smile Back

Via youtube.com

This movie stars the normally funny girl, Sarah Silverman, who is playing a messed up mom and wife who basically just does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. This comedian has veered far from the classic romantic comedy that comedians tend to find parts in. The film is raw, dark and sensual. From abusing alcohol and hard drugs to having multiple affairs to cope with her mental issues, Silverman’s character evokes some strange feelings from the audience. The self-destructive film shows many sex scenes that are meant to be slightly disturbing and odd, and they seem real in that way.

15 By The Sea

Via vimooz.com

14 Carol

Via cdn.collider.com

Although not officially released yet, this movie is already making waves in the movie world. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara star in this lesbian love story that shook up and had the Cannes Film Festival in rapture. It is not often that you see a movie like this. This highly sensual film was also based on the scandalous 1952 book by Patricia Highsmith called The Price of Salt. The film’s steamy love scene is not disappointing and the feel is authentic for the era. The leading ladies do a great job connecting and building the story to make it authentic and enjoyable at the same time.

13  13. The Boy Next Door

Via popsugar.com

The beautiful Jennifer Lopez plays a divorced teacher who hooks up with the sexy younger guy next door to her. This sexy young man is played by Ryan Guzman turns out to be one of her students. The steamy sexy scenes between them are gratifying and fun until the film takes a turn for the worse and gets dark. Her student ends up dangerously obsessed with her. The sex scenes give an essence of danger as well as showing plenty of skin (as J. Lo is always good at - and who would complain?) and the two seem to have a great vibe on camera.

12 Madame Bovary

Via images4.alphacoders.com

Although set in a 19th century world, this film based on the book by Gustave Flaubert is full of steaminess and excitement. Madame Bovary is the essence of 19th century scandal with her flightiness and her interest in making her life more exciting. Not only is there one affair captured in this movie, there are two. The most steamy scene most likely goes to the one where she has a secret rendezvous with one of her lovers in the back of a moving cab. The scene is a bit chaotic but it is done well and the lead up is good.

11 Magic Mike XXL

Via cos.h-cdn.co

When it comes to fun and sexy, the second installment of the Magic Mike movies, Magic Mike XXL, has its bases covered. From a lighthearted and fun plot to some seriously sizzling dance routines, there is no wonder why this movie was so popular this year. The sexiest scene by far has made its way across the internet and through social media even before the movie was released. It was just a teaser to promo the movie, and tease it did! Channing Tatum and Twitch (from So You Think You Can Dance) star in the epic final dance scene where they give two girls the dance of their lives.

10 Knock Knock

Via naradaza.xyz

Knock Knock got it right on two counts - they featured a sex scene with Keanu Reeves and they featured him locked in a threesome. The film itself is full of tension and horror that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats and then the steaminess level rises immensely because of how Keanu Reeves is eventually seduced by the two girls. It eventually leads of course to him being tied and gagged and tortured, but the first forty minutes of the movie is full of enough sexual tension so that when he is eventually seduced by them; everything sizzles.

9 Fifty Shades of Grey

Via assets.instyle.co.uk

Although we all expected a lot of sex from this movie, you might have been surprised to find that there wasn’t more than probably ten minutes worth of sex in the whole thing. Not to be disappointed, the tension throughout the movie and the few sex scenes that the film does have are enough to keep every fan interested in the rest of it. The first BDSM scene between Ana and Christian was definitely the sexiest, having more to do with the pleasure and sensitivity of sex when Ana begins to discover that she derives some sort of unexplored sexual pleasure from being bound and whipped.

8 Entourage

Via esquire.com

If we know anything about Entourage, it is that they do not squirm away from the raunchy bits. So when the opening scene of the film features two real-life female adult stars performing oral sex on one another, you’re slightly surprised but more or less accepting of the situation. While the rest of the film doesn’t shy away from the abusive language and overall constant implication to sex - this sort of takes away the sexiness which the opening scene had with its element of surprise. This opening scene is perhaps the sexiest because of its suddenness and authentic acting.

7 The Longest Ride

Via s3.foxfilm.com

Just when you thought Scott Eastwood couldn’t get sexier, he strips down for a steamy scene in his new film. The scene, which takes place in the shower, is even more sensual because of the sexual tension that builds up between the couple through the film. Also, the two actors were supposedly completely naked for this shot. However, the sex in this scene borders more on the lovemaking that you can expect from a sweet and romantic Nicholas Sparks novel, rather than a raunchy joyride that seems so popular in Hollywood these days. Nonetheless, it makes for a nice sensual change.

6 Bound

Via i133.photobucket.com

Following the rule of thumb - BDSM theme set by Fifty Shades of Grey, this Spanish film broke boundaries when it came to raunchy sex scenes. There are too many steamy scenes in this film to arrange in order of sexiness, in our minds, they all make the cut. So let’s just be content with knowing that this is one of the overall most sexy films of 2015. If that isn’t enough, this film is definitely going to be a treat for any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans who have been craving a sex scene from the show for ages.

5 Nina Forever

Via movietvtechgeeks.com

There was a trend this year of somehow making a film about horror into a film about sex as well. In Nina Forever, there is a lot of passionate love making and sensuality intermingled with the horror of imaginative bloody sheets and the mangled body of a dead woman. Does that sound too horrible? For some it may be, but for others it isn’t! The sex scenes are actually sexy despite the fact that the actor imagines his dead bloodied girlfriend next to him during the sex. It’s all quite a creepy concept and definitely horrifying, but somehow sexy nonetheless.

4 Strangerland

Via hollywoodreporter.com

Emotional sterility is probably what makes the quickie sex scene in this movie so enticing. The lack of connection between the couple which leads to Nicole Kidman’s character pretty much forcing her husband into a “quickie” makes this an emotionally charged scene. And yes, Nicole Kidman in a fully clothed woman-on-top sex scene can be expected to make the centre piece of the film. Not only is it an unusual sex scene, it really sets the scene for this couple’s relationship. The rest of the film actually has little to no sex, but this short scene sort of drives in the relationship shared between the couple.

3 Focus

Via movieboozer.com

This film as a whole was so incredibly sexy that it actually sparked rumors that Will Smith was having an affair with his co-star, Margot Robbie. The whole movie is peppered with bare backs and shoulders and sex scenes featuring the two attractive Hollywood stars. The steam quotient is high in the sex scene between Smith and Robbie probably because of the high tension plot, the chemistry between the two and the resistance of the camera to show any full frontal nudity. Keep them guessing is what they say, and by doing this, it leaves fans wanting more.

2 Love

Via slantmagazine.com

So here’s the deal, the French have rated this film with a strict score. When the French (who are usually pretty relaxed about this sort of thing) do this, you know something’s up. You can expect this film, which is in 3D by the way, to basically be just one long, never ending steamy sex scene. The film is in fact too sexy for the big screen and is probably best watched at home - actually you can’t even see it in a theatre if you want to because of its limited distribution. Pretty much every second scene in the film is one of the sexiest film shots you have watched in a long time.

1 Crimson Peak

Via collider.com

So what is it that puts Crimson Peak on top of our list? It’s the incredibly steamy sex scene between Thomas and Edith of course. The movie itself is full of tension, horror and fantasy and the sex scene featuring a fully clothed Mia Wasikowska and a near naked Tom Hiddleston arrives just when the sexual tension between the two had been built to about as intense as it could be. In fact, we’ve seen quite a few gender role reversals in sex scenes this year in Hollywood, but this one definitely tops our list with its unusual setting and perfect performance.

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