20 Most Horrible Movies Nobody Could Believe Got Made

When it comes to movies there's the good, the bad and the downright terrible. Most movies set out with no intention of being awful. They have the best interests of the audience and the creative team at heart, but something happens along the way and they end up right at the top of every 'Worst Movie Ever' list.

The Razzies come in thick and fast, the Rotten Tomato scores can't even scrape by at the 20% mark, and it all leaves producers scratching their heads, wondering how they could have got it so wrong.

These are the movies that make you cry when you should be laughing and laugh when you should be screaming. Some are inexplicable failures that had a whole lot of potential, but some seemed doomed from the very beginning. The latter sort leave everyone asking, 'how did this get made?'

The following movies' concepts are so bad, they're almost inexcusable. Some are almost edging into the so-bad-they're-good realm. But some were just downright terrible, and have the massive box office losses to prove it.

*Spoiler Alert!*


20 Nine

Relativity Media

Plenty of star power is almost a guarantee for a movie to do well, but this wasn't the case when it came to the surprise flop, 2009's Nine.

The cast included Daniel Day Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson and Fergie. This was one film that was tipped to be a proactive musical that would set the world on fire. It really, really didn’t.

The movie cost $80 million to make but made a huge loss - it brought in just $54 million at the box office. The movie tells the tale of Guido Contini, a very talented filmmaker who has been cursed with writer’s block and turns to all the women in his life to help him shift it. An over-complicated plot and subpar songs were just two of many reasons why this movie was doomed from the opening number.

19 Zombeavers 

Armory Films, BenderSpink

Those college kids, when will they ever learn to stay away from serial killers and murderous zombies?

When a small gang of predictably hot college girls arrive at a remote cabin for a fun weekend away, the frivolity is soon interrupted when they discover what is lurking in the nearby lake. Thanks to a local chemical spill there are now bloodthirsty, zombie beavers running around and this soon forces everyone into a life and death struggle.

The movie is completely dependent on the audience actually being able to become scared of beavers, so based on that alone it's fair to assume this film didn’t get the best reviews from the critics. If fluffy, toothy doom and gloom is your kind of thing then this is the film for you. For those who actually have good taste, just avoid this one.


18 The Room

Wiseau Films

This is a movie so bad that it has been dubbed the ‘Citizen Kane of bad movies'. Over the years, it has become known as the ultimate ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ movie. But, upon its release, audiences begged for their money back and departed from screenings just 30 minutes in. The budget was $6 million and it returned a lousy $1.9 million at the box office.

Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, starred and even funded this disaster piece which included softcore sex scenes between him and his leading lady Juliette Danielle. It was almost as if he had rounded up every bad actor alive, including himself, then asked them to shoot a movie with him. It's inexplicably bad, and most viewers still aren't sure if this movie wasn't a very expensive prank.

17 They Saved Hitler’s Brain

Paragon Films Inc.

In the sixties everyone was so laid-back that they pretty much just ran with anything. Which is evident from the 1968 release of ‘They Saved Hitler’s Brain’... It doesn't take a mastermind genius to work out what this plot is all about.

Remembered now as a cult classic, this movie saw a young woman and her husband go to look for her family. Instead they come across a group of Nazi’s who plan to reinstate their evil regime. Hitler’s head was apparently surgically removed and he is now living on a Caribbean Island - the first choice holiday destination for any feared dictator, according to this ridiculous, baffling plot.

16 Pudsey The Dog: The Movie 

Vertigo Films

Pudsey first shot to fame when he won over Simon Cowell with his dancing moves during the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in 2012. He went on to win the show and was offered a contract to star in his own self-titled movie. Pudsey is, in fact, a dog.

The movie was intended as a heart-warming tale and a true British adventure for all the family. Pudsey would take centre stage as the prize pooch on a mission to save the whole village. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, it ended up being entirely terrible.

This was directed by Nick Moore, who is also known for defunct movies such as Horrid Henry: The Movie and Wild Child. It’s one weird world we live in when dancing dogs cannot only win first prize on a national talent competition but also have their own starring-roles in movies.

15 Run For Your Wife

Ballpark Film Distributors

Most movies featuring British actor Danny Dyer aren't going to ever be box office gold, but when he first read the script for Run For Your Wife it's still surprising he didn't run for the hills.

Dyer plays a taxi driver who is known as a real happy-go-lucky kind of guy, until one night he is knocked unconscious by a group of muggers. That is when both his wives (that's right, the comic twist is he has two) ring the police to try and hunt their husband down.

A bad script, bigamy, poor acting and just all-round terrible production values meant this film got attacked by critics big time, branding it ‘the worst film of all time – ever.’

The movie scored the lowest possible on Rotten Tomatoes at 0% and the audience score didn’t fare much better at 26%. To add further to its embarrassment, it grossed under $3000 at the box office.

14 Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back

Prana Studios

This is one of those movies where moviegoers just want to shake the producer and scream ‘What the hell were you thinking?’

Ham III, whose grandfather was the first chimp astronaut, is blasted off into space to tackle the leader of a far-away planet, with a couple of his buddies along for the mission too.

Although a supposed comedy, the movie ended up boring audiences worldwide with its bad jokes and flimsy script. It appears that trying to keep up with the moguls at Pixar is one hard task to pull off, and these producers hadn't yet worked out that kids won't watch just any old rubbish that boasts badly animated monkeys.


13 Swept Away


Screen Gems[/caption]

Madonna is one woman who won’t take no for an answer; she won one Grammy for Evita and has been constantly involved in terrible movie projects ever since. Her then husband, British director Guy Ritchie, teamed up with her to produce this remake of 1974’s Swept Away. Although nobody was really asking for it.

Madonna obviously decided to star, and Guy Ritchie has said that directing his wife was one of the most frustrating experiences of his life. The movie cost $10 million to make and bought in just over $1 million at the box office. The couple were divorced a few years after this and audiences have been avoiding any movie with her involvement ever since.

12 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

Crystal Sky Pictures

Whoever gave the thumbs up for Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 to head into production is obviously short of a few brain cells. This movie is now considered to be one of the worst sequels of all time.

Jon Voight stars as scheming media mogul Bill Biscayne whose character traits include kidnapping babies and just generally getting up to no good. He has just finished wrapping up another instalment in the Superbabies saga so this is one man who clearly does not learn from his mistakes.

11 Ed


There isn’t too much blame to be placed on the producers behind this terrible movie, as on paper it looks quite good. It has a big star, Matt Le Blanc, who at the time was a huge name thanks to playing Joey in Friends. It has a cute monkey that buddies up with the star and it’s about baseball. What could possibly go wrong?

The answer is; everything. The writing was lazy and full of clichés with Ed causing havoc wherever he goes. You can see from his performance in the movie, playing second fiddle to a monkey, that Le Blanc lacks confidence throughout and is desperate to get off the screen whenever he can. Even Joey would have turned this movie role down.  

10 The Wiz

de Passe Entertainment

Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor all in an African American musical together about Oz - sounds great doesn't it? Well it wasn’t. This film was a huge flop and never became the classic the movie executives wanted it to be - once again proving that star power doesn't always win over the audiences.

Critics openly destroyed the movie when it was released in 1978. The majority of reviewers aimed their distaste directly at Diana Ross, labelling her performance ‘not believable’ as Dorothy. One critic even slammed her performance as ‘cold, neurotic and unattractive.’ Author Tom Shone called The Wiz ‘expensive crud’ and in the book Mr and Mrs Hollywood he criticised the script for being ‘too scary for children and too silly for adults.’

9 Toys

Baltimore Pictures

This is most likely one performance Robin Williams would not like to be remembered for. When a toy factory is taken over by an army general he soon turns all the models into killing machines, leaving the late company owner's two sons to try and save the day.

The movie cost $43 million to make and only bought back half of this amount at the box office.

The attempt at anti military satire was a little too passé for anyone to relate to. In any case, for the majority of the film, audiences couldn't really figure out what was actually going on. Even Williams couldn’t hold this tragic movie together with his usual charisma and wit that lights up the screen.

8 W.E

Wally Winthrop is a woman who becomes obsessed with an auction of the estate of Duke and Duchess of Windsor. She becomes engrossed in this historic love story and learns about all the sacrifices that were once made in the name of romance.  What possible problems could such an inspiring love story be faced with? One word: Madonna.

The pop star turned her hand to movie directing and was granted a budget of $29 million to produce the movie. At the box office, it didn’t even scrape a million back. Critics were divided and soon after its release there were whispers of tension on the set. Rumours included Madonna herself being too ‘difficult’ to work with which led to the collapse of a strong original script.

7 Gigli

Remember when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were once an item? In 2003 they both starred in Gigli, which - just like their relationship - was sadly doomed from the start. Ben Affleck is by no means a terrible actor, but even the best couldn't work with such a horrendous script.

Despite being romantically involved off-screen, none of that natural chemistry was bought in the front of the camera with both their performances being labelled as ‘forced’ at times. Even Jennifer Lopez sexually gyrating on a yoga mat couldn’t save this disaster.

6 The Karate Kid: Part 2

Columbia Pictures

Oh Mr Miyagi, what have you done? There is nothing cinema lovers hate more than seeing one of their all-time favourites movies crushed by a terrible follow up sequel. Many labelled this film pointless and a money-spinner. Given it collected over $115 million at the box office despite awful reviews, that may be a fair criticism.

Parents were unimpressed with the high levels of violence this kids' movie contained. Bullying, death threats, car jacking, groin kicks, punching, choking, fists cut open from smashing glass, facial wounds and even women getting hit was not deemed the best viewing for family time. The parental concerns and horrendous reviews from critics meant this was one film that never quite lived up to it’s former legacy.

5 Sharknado


A freak storm hits Los Angeles and a group of friends struggle to keep safe and out of the way of destruction. They team up together and hope they won’t be killed by hundreds of vicious, man eating sharks that are flying through the sky… Huh?  Sharknado is a film that was actually written, produced and released to the general public; it really had the world asking if the movie industry had actually finally lost their collective mind.

Tara Reid, of American Pie and reality television fame, stars in a film with special effects so bad it makes Superbabies look overly produced. When the movie was first released Twitter went into overdrive with people asking if this really was a joke. If a hurricane made entirely of sharks is your thing or if you have always had a life long fear of great whites flying through your window, then this is the movie for you.

4 Jaws The Revenge 

Universal Studios

There's just something about shark movies – Jaws was scary, but all the proceeding shark movies have been terrible in comparison. This sequel to the classic was unable to make waves like its predecessor. The entire movie lacks logic, suspense or any of the credibility that the original had.

The plot went from ridiculous to the bizarre. When Ellen Brody’s son dies after a great white shark attack, she believes the beast is targeting her family - so naturally she flees to the Bahamas. Not ready to give up on vengeance the shark then follows her all the way across the oceans to torment her some more. Not quite the award winning movie audiences were after.

3 The Hottie and The Nottie

Summit Entertainment

Paris Hilton is a lot of things but she is not an actress. Of course, that has never stopped her from signing up for movie projects anyway. Hilton plays the lead in this movie as Cristabel who has a very unfortunate-looking friend that never leaves her side. Nate, a childhood friend, wants to woo Cristabel but finds himself starting to fall for the ‘Nottie’ instead of the ‘Hottie.’

What tangled webs Paris Hilton weaves, both on screen and off. The film was derided by critics as one of the worst movies of all time and unfortunately her star power, which was at it’s peak in 2008 at the time of the film's release, didn’t manage to pull in the crowds.

The movie bombed, taking just under $2 million at the box office - which was terrible, especially considering the entire production cost $9 million to make.

2 Junior

Universal Pictures

There are two types of Arnold Schwarzeneggers in this world; the cool Terminator action hero, and the one who once got pregnant and gave birth for a movie. What was supposed to be a comedy just turned out to be downright weird, and the critics tore it apart at early screenings.

Danny DeVito stars alongside Schwarzenegger in 110 minutes of pure embarrassment. For the right audience, Junior might have a few laughs - but it does have the set up to be a great comedy. However with roles like this, Kindergarten Cop and Twins under his belt, you can't help questioning if Arnie's agent just really hated him.

1 Norbit 

DreamWorks Studios

When it comes to every aspect of terrible cinema, Norbit has nailed it. Eddie Murphy will have to put his hands up and take full responsibility for both his acting (as three different characters no less) and for the writing of the script. No film in modern mainstream cinema history contains as much misogyny as this one. It's offensive on very many levels, and left a bad taste in the mouths of any cinema goer unfortunate enough to see it.

Winner of multiple Razzies, labelled as racist, sexist and politically incorrect, it still blows the mind that any studio would produce and distribute this film with their name attached to it. Known as a comedy genius, Murphy certainly didn't have audiences falling out their seats with laughter this time round as he had stretched all the questionable jokes out longer than the waistline on his fat suit.


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