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20 Insanely Hot Cosplay Girls You Need To Follow On Instagram

20 Insanely Hot Cosplay Girls You Need To Follow On Instagram

There’s something magical about this Cosplay thing, and we hope it doesn’t go away any time soon. Ordinary modeling is impressive enough, but adding the artistry and care that intricate costume design requires and matching all of the above with a love of a favorite character, there’s no wonder people are getting into this sort of thing.

There are a few theories as to how this whole phenomenon started out, but they all either point back to the end of the 1930s to the first science-fiction themed convention, or sometime in the 1980s when a guy put the words “costume” and “play” together to form “cosplay”. The historical debates however, are of minimal importance here; we all know what really matters is gorgeous women in revealing outfits, dolled up in sexy makeup. Dudes have started to get into it now, and while that’s not my taste, good for them. But we’re here to talk about the most beautiful costume-clad hotties out there who post all their outfits (and more in some cases) on Instagram. Here are 20 of the hottest cosplay babes you should be following right now.

20. Jessica Nigri (jessicanigri)

For those of you shouting, “why would you list Jessica Nigri first?” well, the fact that you know her name is the reason. Chances are, if you follow cosplay hotties on Instagram, it’s because of her. She has been cosplaying since 2009 and has amassed over one and a half million followers on Instagram. Between her great looking face, rockin’ body and detailed costumes, there are plenty of reasons she is one of the most popular cosplay girls out there today. As you can see, this girl is to push up bras what Anderson Silva is (was?) to kicking dudes in the face.

19. Maria Ramos (mariexdoll)

Born in Mexico but based out of Texas, Maria Ramos has been cosplaying for almost ten years, having started back in 2007. She started getting famous in 2011, and now has just under 70,000 followers on Instagram. Along with being gorgeous and sexy, her Instagram account documents a love of pets and that she is a bit of a foodie.

18. Amethyst Leon (amethyst_leon)

If you have a thing for bright, light blue hair, great big eyes and sexy girls who dress up like your favorite anime characters, you are in the right place. Aside from cosplay, she also has a YouTube channel and plays a ton of video games (what’s hotter than a chick who plays video games?). She has an active account on Twitch for those who want to see what she’s playing.

17. Luna Lanie (lunalanie)

Probably the best Harley Quinn cosplay out there is Luna Lanie, who looks almost too good for words dressed up as the Suicide Squad hottie. She’s a Los Angeles girl with a well documented fondness for RPGs and a soft spot for shooters. Having only just joined the cosplay community recently in 2014, she is a relative newcomer, but is already making a splash, with nearly 100,000 fans on Instagram (and we can certainly see why).

16. Andy Rae (andyraecosplay)

Similar to our 17th entry, another relative newcomer to the cosplay phenomenon is Canadian Andy Rae, who makes all her own costumes (like quite a few of the girls on this list) and is quickly becoming well known and admired. Among her best looks are Harley Quinn, Sailor Jupiter and Babydoll from Sucker Punch. For all of you Star Wars fans out there, this girl also makes one hell of a Sith.

15. Yaya Han (yayahan)

Chinese-American Yaya Han is our number fifteen and has been designing costumes and appearing at conventions for a while now. She is one of the most renowned North American cosplayers and has appeared on several gaming and science fiction themed TV shows. If you can find a better Jessica Rabbit cosplay, we’d like to see it, because she looks incredibly real.

14. Danielle Vedovelli (danievedo)

What is a list of beautiful women without a Brazilian? The answer to this question is “incomplete”. Danielle Vedovelli is not only a stunning cosplay model who looks great as Chun Li (Street Fighter) but she also practices martial arts, mainly taekwondo. This is one of those legendary women who can not only dress up like a warrior, but can also act like one. It may be wise to mind your manners around this one, fellas.

13. Leeanna Vamp (vamp)

The hot is strong with this one. Leeanna Vamp has some great pics of herself on Instagram as Poison Ivy and of course, as the ever so popular Harley Quinn, but the real magic happens when she goes for a Star Wars look. Whether it’s a wookiee style bikini, a sexy stormtrooper outfit or Boba Fett (our personal favorite), this girl is just something special and a treat to look at.

12. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (marieclaudebourbonnais

Back to Canada we come for number twelve; Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, from beautiful Quebec. She boasts that she creates both the props and costumes for her impressive photoshoots, and also works as a glamour model. For those of you not in the know, that is pretty much the same thing as an erotic model. Do with this information whatever you want, just leave us out of it.

11. Linda Le (vampybitme)

Vietnamese-American stunner Linda Le, has been into anime and dressing up like her favorite characters since she was just a little girl. She has been one of the cosplay community’s favorite models since around 2010 when she first started to get noticed. On her Instagram you’ll not only get to see her in costumes ranging from Metal Gear Solid‘s Sniper Wolf to Gundam girl suits, but also plain old shots of her in bikinis, dresses and lingerie.

10. Katie George (katiecosplays)

Katie George from Alabama, who is now based in Atlanta, Georgia, works a normal 9-5 job (that she only describes as being “part of the corporate world”), and designs costumes and attends conventions in her spare time. Among her finest cosplay achievements are her Sailor Jupiter, Daphne and Megara, Hercules’ girlfriend in the Disney movie. You should definitely scroll through her Instagram account and see for yourself.

9. Myrtle Sarrosa (myrtlegail)

Filipina Myrtle Sarrosa is a busy young woman. She was born to parents with a relatively high social standing, and started cosplaying as a teenager, establishing herself as a minor celebrity. She then became the winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4. More recently she has found work on television and in movies, and has started a singing career. While it is no longer her main focus, she still posts the odd cosplay pic, but this girl now does it all.

8. Jacqueline Goehner (jacquelinegoehner)

You’re in luck with this one, you dirty dogs. Most of the pictures on Jacqueline Goehner’s Instagram page would be too NSFW for this site. A quick Google search will bring up a couple dozen pictures of her as comic book character Witchblade, wearing enough to be allowed out in public but barely leaving anything to the imagination. I don’t usually use words like this, but it really is a breathtaking costume.

Goehner, along with cosplaying at conventions, is also an actress and costume designer for movies. She has most recently worked on Star Trek: Renegades and The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.

7. Crystal Graziano (Itsprecioustime)

Precious is one word for her. Then again, if I saw her I’d probably start babbling and go insane like Gollum. It’s not so much that I’m mentally unstable, she’s just really hot. Crystal Graziano is a cosplayer, costume designer and artist who looks great as Poison Ivy, Black Widow, or our personal favorite, as the Lone Survivor from Fallout 4. As much as we’d like to share a Nuka-Cola with her, she is off the market, and married. Sorry boys, I’m not happy about this either, don’t shoot the messenger.

6. Sara Moni (saramonicosplay)

At number six with a number of awesome looks ranging all the way from Twilek (the Star Wars race with head-tentacles) to Gamora, the green hottie from Guardians of the Galaxy, is Sara Moni and Psylocke of X-Men fame. When she’s not dropping jaws at conventions, she can be found doing regular model work and working as a DJ.

5. Raychul Moore (theraychul)

She started out working for video game publications writing articles and doing interviews, but her passion for all things sci-fi has become so much more. Raychul Moore has a successful YouTube channel, along with an impressive array of costumes for us to ogle. Some of our favorites include Dead or Alive‘s Kasumi, Harley Quinn, and probably the hottest slave Leia out there.

4. Anna Faith (annafaithxoxo)

If you’re not familiar with Anna Faith, her story is an interesting one. She was noticed a few years ago for bearing a striking resemblance to Elsa from Frozen. Her mother put together a suitable costume and the magic basically started right there. Her sister Lexie, makes a convincing Anna.

These two started off just cosplaying as the Frozen girls, but more recently they’ve done other characters, such as (obviously) Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Along with cosplay pics though, Anna Faith’s Instagram page also features everything from gym pictures to shots of her just living her life as an obscenely attractive woman.

3. Katyuska Moonfox (katyuskamoonfox)

This stunning Australian is not just a hot video game enthusiast with a knack for costumes, she is also in school taking programming and video game development. On her Instagram page, one will find a gratuitous amount of pictures of her sitting around looking beautiful, but also some of the best cosplay pictures on the internet. It’s hard to choose the best, but Babydoll and Black Widow are always good bets.

2. Megan Coffey (Starbuxx)

Professional model, graduate student, and cosplay beauty Megan Coffey has a busy life. Along with looking absurdly hot for conventions, whether she’s a Saiyan or Sailor Venus, she is a student working toward a master’s degree in biology. With eyes and a body like she has, we’re confident she’ll be fine if the whole academia thing doesn’t work out. But if it does, she’ll definitely be the ideal package.

1. Elise Laurenne (eliselaurenne)

Our number one is the stunning, beautiful, distractingly sexy Elise Laurenne. I could have kept going with the adjectives but neither you nor I have all day. Whether it’s a World of Warcraft character, Gwenom, or of course, Harley Quinn, she’s just on another level of gorgeous. The other great thing about her Instagram page is that if you get bored of costume shots, she posts images of herself (mostly in the buff) pretty often. It’s a very special little corner of the internet.

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