The 20 Hottest TV Talk Show Hosts Of All Time

Whenever you are sitting at home and have time to kill, is there anything that you would rather be doing than watching some television? Definitely no judgment on our part. After all, it's one of our favorite pastimes too. There are so many talk shows on television that you never know where to stop. Usually, if you're really struggling to make up your mind, a good choice is a show that has a sexy host. That way at least if the topic of the hour is stupid, you have some eye candy to enjoy. What’s better than watching a sexy talk show host for an hour? Not much.

Over the years there have been some real hotties that have hosted shows. Today we’ll take a look at some of the hottest of all time. You’ll also learn who was fired from a show, who posed for FHM and who has been featured in Playboy a couple of times. Oh and most importantly, who is the hottest talk show host of all time! Read on to find out who's number one.

20 Terry Meeuwsen


Terry Meeuwsen was at one point one of the hottest talk show hosts in the country. She is currently a co-host on 700 Club, which airs on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). She also co-hosts another CBN show that’s called Living the Life.

In the 70s, Meeuwsen made it abundantly clear just how attractive she was. She was the 1972 Miss Appleton, then 1972 Miss Wisconsin and she went on to win the 1973 Miss America pageant. During the competition, she won both the swimsuit and talent competitions. So you can see that beauty was a major part of her youth.

She started her television career in 1978 with WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee and she stayed with them until 1986 when she left to be with her family full time. A few years later she was making many appearances on the 700 Club and eventually she started co-hosting the show on a fill-in basis. Eventually, her beauty and popularity made it a no brain decision to make her a permanent co-host and she has been there ever since.

19 Jillian Michaels

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If you are looking for a sexy television talk show host, Jillian Michaels fits the bill in more ways than one. She is best known as a fitness trainer and in 2004 she started hosting The Biggest Loser, a reality show about overweight people trying to lose a lot of weight and take back control of their life. She has been on the show for 12 of its 17 seasons. She took Season 3 off, then after eight straight years with the show she left again for another two years. Then she returned for two years but has left again and hasn’t been on the last two seasons.

Instead, you can find her on a reality show about her life that airs on E!, called Only Jillian. She has an amazing body that she obviously works hard on, but there are definitely some unflattering images of her out there too. But even on a bad day, Jillian is without question one of the hottest talk show hosts of all time, and she definitely deserves a spot on this list.

18 Ricki Lake

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In 1993, Ricki Lake made television history when she became the youngest person to ever host a talk show on a major television network. She was just 24 years old when The Ricki Lake Show hit the airwaves and she sure was sexy back then wasn’t she? The show was on for eleven years and it was very similar to the way Oprah Winfrey formatted her show. But let’s not mistake the two. As far as success goes, Ricki Lake is no Oprah Winfrey, but as far as looks go, back in that time frame, Ricki was the hottest.

The show itself was successful because in the talk show realm there is a lot of competition, but no matter what, lasting on the air for eleven seasons is saying something. Lake had actually signed a contract extension for five more years with Sony Pictures Television, but she eventually decided to end the show in 2004.

She brought it back in 2013 but it only lasted one season on the air. This time, it wasn’t her decision though as the show was canceled. That in itself was kind of odd because she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host before the show was given the boot.

17 Kelly Ripa

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If you watch daytime television there is no doubt that Kelly Ripa has come across your TV screen a time or two. She has been a part of the Live! With Kelly show since 2001. She replaced Kathie Lee Gifford (who is also on this list) when she left after several years on the show. Ripa joined Regis Philbin and the name of the show was changed from Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee to Live! With Regis and Kelly. When Philbin retired Ripa took over the show as the host and Michael Strahan was a co-host for a few years before leaving.

She has had several co-hosts since then, but this five-foot, three-inch beauty is the main attraction of the show without question. Any time that a list is put together consisting of the sexiest television hosts, or of the smartest or most influential people around, Kelly Ripa is on that list. Sexy is great but nothing beats sexy AND smart. In recent years she has become a spokeswoman for many different companies and it’s never a bad thirty seconds when she comes onto your television to pitch a product.

16 Wendy Walsh

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You may remember Wendy Walsh from the nightly celebrity news show Extra. She was a fill-in anchor there and a regular correspondent in 1995 and 1996. She appeared in over 200 episodes of the show and nobody ever turned down a chance to talk to her. This beautiful lady is also an actress, entertainer, and psychotherapist, although she doesn’t have an official license for the last one.

Her career on television got underway in the early 90s with the Los Angeles-based UPN station. She was the regular west coast reporter for the show Weekend Today. At one point she also worked for The Learning Channel, which has since changed its name to TLC. She co-hosted How’d They Do That? for a while.

Walsh became a regular on the reality show circuit for about twenty years as she made appearances on many different shows. She played roles in many different television pilots as well.

She has written three books that focus on the topic of relationships and she has also done over 200 columns on parenting issues for

15 Kathie Lee Gifford

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Kathie Lee Gifford is best known for her long run on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee but did you know that she wasn’t the show’s first female host? The show was first broadcast on WABC-TV as The Morning Show and the original female host with Regis Philbin was Ann Abernathy. Gifford joined the show in 1985 to replace her, but it wasn’t until 1988, when the show went national, that the country fell in love with her. She spent 15 total years with the show before she left and was replaced by Kelly Ripa.

Before Gifford joined up with WABC in New York she was on the old show called Name That Tune as a singer/sidekick from 1974 until 1978. When she left Live! she appeared in several commercials but didn’t join another talk show until 2008. She started co-hosting the fourth hour of the Today show and once in a while she will appear during the first three hours of the show. She also does correspondent work for NBC News.

14 Samantha Bee

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For twelve years Samantha Bee was a regular on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and she was a great contributor. Her beauty, brains, and comedy were a perfect fit for the show. Beside Jon, she was the longest running regular part of the show. Last year she left so she could finally start a show of her own on TBS, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. The show allows her to be front and center at all times with her beauty and quick wit. If you haven’t seen it yet and are a fan of Jon Stewart, it’s a must see.

As any comedian usually does, Bee is not a stranger to criticism for some of her work. While most of it is very funny there are those that thinks she goes a little too far sometimes. In 2012 she appeared in a series that was called Good God, playing a cable news host with strong Christian beliefs. That role was very funny, especially if you have seen any of her work throughout her career. Just the concept of it alone is enough to get you laughing.

13 Chelsea Handler

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Chelsea Handler is a hilariously funny, highly intelligent and sexy talk show host. Known to not have a problem sharing her views on anything at all, Handler is not someone that you will ever see on daytime television. She is on at night for a reason. But the reason is good. She’s honest in her beliefs and can deliver a punch line like very few can.

She was the host of Chelsea Lately that aired on the E! Network from 2007 until 2014. She has also written several bestselling books about her personal experiences in life. She currently hosts a new show on Netflix called Chelsea.

Handler is as smart as she is funny and she can speak intelligently on just about any subject. That’s what makes her so effective, she can speak to you and you’ll learn something while at the same time laughing hysterically. Time magazine named her as one of their 100 Most Influential People in 2012.

12 Debbie Matenopoulos

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This beautiful blonde was a co-host on The View for two years before she was suddenly fired from the show. Debbie Matenopoulos was replaced on the show by Lisa Ling (who also made this list) and she ended up later in the year on the TV Guide Channel. Reasons for her sudden firing have never been fully confirmed.

In 2004, she joined Good Day Live as a co-host and she stayed with the show for a little over a year until it was canceled. While doing a segment for the show in late 2004 she ended up in the hospital after she fell wrong during a stunt.

Debbie joined the E! Network in 2006 and was a co-host of the show The Daily 10, which was another celebrity news show. She worked for the show for almost four years and then in 2015 she replaced Thea Andrews as a co-host on The Insider.

11 Lauren Hutton

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Lauren Hutton hosted a talk show in the mid 90s called Lauren Hutton and… and she is absolutely worth a mention on this list. The stunning beauty graced the cover of Vogue magazine an amazing twenty-eight times. She is more known for her acting and modeling career and her talk show didn’t last all that long, but it was long enough to get her on this list.

She started a ten-year relationship with Revlon cosmetics in 1973. She signed a contract that paid her $250,000 for just twenty days of work over the course of that year. You can see why she stayed with them for ten years. In 1973, that was a ridiculous amount of money and it still is today for those of us non-celebrities.

During the time of her talk show, her partner at the time, Luca Babini, did everything for it. This included set designing, directing and supervising the post-production. From the original agreement with the Turner Media Company, she founded Lula Productions, a video production company that caters to the fashion world.

10 Lisa Rinna

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If you watch television at all you have come across Lisa Rinna. This hot brunette has been all over television screens for well over ten years now. Her two most known roles were as Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives (NBC) and as Taylor McBride on Melrose Place (Fox). A lot of people don’t know that she actually hosted a talk show for four years that was called Soap Talk. The show aired on SoapNet, but after four seasons the network realized that nobody was watching and they canceled it. By that reasoning, it could have actually been canceled after Season 1.

But Rinna wasn’t the cause of a lack of viewers for the show. As a matter of fact, she was probably the only reason to actually turn it on. She was actually nominated for an Emmy for her work on the show which tells you that at least one person was watching.

She has been on numerous shows overall and in 2007, she replaced Joan Rivers to host TV Guide Network’s coverage of all the red carpet events. Lifetime also brought her on board to host a show called Merge. The show was about a couple merging all of their belongings together into the same household, but it was done while the newly married couple was away on their honeymoon.

9 Rachael Ray

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Rachael Ray is a talented beauty that hosts Rachael Ray and has also hosted not one, but THREE shows on the Food Network. They are $40 a Day, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels and 30 Minute Meals. She has also hosted other shows such as Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off, and Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off. In case you haven’t figured it out yet Rachael is a very good cook!

Not only does she cook, but she launched a magazine in 2006 and she has written several cookbooks. She has also won three Daytime Emmy Awards for her shows. She never seems to stop coming up with new things to do. You now see her on television all the time advertising a new dog food. No matter what channel you are watching, Ray seems to come across the screen, not that anyone is complaining!

She posed for FHM magazine in 2003 and you want to be sure to check it out. You will not be disappointed I promise!

Her magazine was launched with The Reader’s Digest Association and it’s a must have if you like cooking and sexy women doing it!

8 Lisa Ling

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Lisa Ling is a very beautiful, albeit very busy journalist. Her long black hair is an unmistakably beautiful sight when she is in front of you. Even if it’s on your television. She currently hosts a show on CNN called This is Life with Lisa Ling. Before that, she spent several years as a co-host of the daytime show The View (ABC) and she also hosted a show on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network) that was called Our America with Lisa Ling.

She has been a host or co-host of several other shows as well. National Geographic Explorer and The Job were a couple of those and she also does work as a reporter for Channel One News. If that weren’t enough she also does special correspondent work for OWN and CNN. Told you that she was a busy gal!

7 Deborah Norville


Deborah Norville is a striking blonde that you can see each night on Inside Edition. She has been with the show since 1995 but don’t think that she is just a hot talk show host. She also sits on the Board of Directors for the Viacom Corporation. That is a pretty powerful position to have. She has done a lot of things in her life including writing a bestselling book that is called Thank You Power.

She has hosted several other shows throughout her career including CBS News, Today, NBC News at Sunrise, Bad Girls and America Tonight. She has also done work for WAGA-TV, WMAQ-TV, and MSNBC.

Norville started her career in 1979, and it was just seven years later that she joined up with NBC. She had done such a great job while in Chicago that when she announced she was leaving for NBC in New York, Mayor Harold Washington declared a “Deborah Norville Week”. Now you can’t get any more appreciated than that.

6 Tyra Banks

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If you don’t know who Tyra Banks is you must live under a rock. This beauty has been on just about everything since the mid 90s. She is a model, singer, business woman, author, actress, producer and talk show host. That’s right, she pretty much does a little of everything. That’s what happens when you have brains to go along with your beauty.

She started modeling at the age of 15 and has since appeared on the covers of countless magazines, including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and GQ. She is also known for being one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels.

After she became one of the highest-paid models in the world in the early 2000s, she turned her attention to television and movies. She has been on countless TV shows and has played roles in numerous successful movies. However, it was in 2003 that she found the perfect fit. She became the host of America’s Next Top Model. It was a perfect mixture of what she knew best: modeling and television. Banks also had a regular talk show on The CW network for five years that was called The Tyra Banks Show. Her work on that show earned Banks a pair of Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Talk Show Informative.

5 Leeza Gibbons

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Remember Leeza Gibbons? From 1984 until 2000 she was a co-host and reporter for Entertainment Tonight. Every weeknight America tuned in to watch the beautiful and talented lady talk for thirty minutes. At the time her legs were so popular that the show started to use a glass desk so viewers could see them as she sat at her desk. Now that’s popularity!

While she was doing that show she also had a daytime talk show that was called Leeza. It was on the air from 1993 until 2000. NBC aired the show because they were smart enough to see that her popularity at the time was through the roof. She was on day and night every weekday and she was just as sexy as ever. In fact, she was so popular that when Entertainment Tonight first started she had a co-host in John Tesh. He was given the boot after seven months on the show and she never had another co-host again.

Gibbons also won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Host in a Lifestyle or Travel Program for work that she did on a PBS show that was called My Generation.

4 Paula White

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Paula White is a very sexy Christian televangelist. She is the host of Paula White Today and it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, it’s never a bad day when you watch her for a little while. When she was married to Randy White they started the Without Walls International Church that was based in Tampa, Florida.

She has won countless awards for her work and that shows you that there is more to this woman than stunning beauty. The first two years after they started the church they didn’t make enough money to take a salary and they lived off of government help and donations from followers. Eventually, they were giving service to over 5,000 worshippers a week.

She became the senior pastor in 2009 and eventually divorced Randy. To give you just a hint of her level of popularity, Ebony magazine once wrote this about her: "You know you're on to something new and significant when the most popular woman preacher on the Black Entertainment Network is a white woman."

3 Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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When you talk about beautiful woman that aren’t afraid to speak their mind, you have to mention Elisabeth Hasselbeck. This beautiful blonde was a co-host on The View and she was never afraid to offer an opposing viewpoint to a guest on the show. As a matter of fact, she got into several heated arguments on the air with a few guests. It made for great television when this beautiful woman didn’t agree with a stand that was being taken by a guest.

In 2003, she was brought onto the show to replace the departing Lisa Ling and it wasn’t long before she started to let loose with her opinions.

Anyone that thought she might back down didn’t know that she was once a contestant on the show Survivor and she can more than handle her own. If it wasn’t for Jenny McCarthy, Hasselbeck would have been the hottest host in the history of the show. Eventually, she was replaced on the show and many people believe that it was because of her views and her willingness to stand up for them against anybody.

2 Jenny McCarthy

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Anytime that you turn on the television and Jenny McCarthy is on, it’s a good day to watch TV. She has done just about everything you can think of on television and we can only hope that she doesn’t stop anytime soon.

You may know her from the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve specials or as being the 1993 Playboy Playmate of the Year. She has also made appearances in the movies Scream 3 and BASEketball. But she has also done a lot of work as a host on several television talk shows and she is by far one of the hottest TV talk show hosts that there has ever been.

Along with the New Year’s Eve specials, Jenny has had her own show on VH-1, The Jenny McCarthy Show. She has also been a co-host on the daily show called The View and hosted the former MTV singles dating show, Singled Out.

McCarthy also had a self-titled show on NBC that didn’t last very long, but that wasn’t her fault as she alone was plenty enough reason to tune in. In 2012, she was brought in to host the second season of Love in the Wild and has made countless appearances on other shows.

1 Charissa Thompson

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There is no talk show host on television that is hotter than Charissa Thompson. One quick Google search of her pictures will show you why. She has spent most of her career doing sports coverage, but she moved over to regular network television in 2013 to host a couple of shows. She had covered football and hockey for some of the bigger sports networks before adding regular network TV to her resume.

2013 saw her join Joey Lawrence as a co-host of ABC’s Splash. The show was about celebrity competitors performing Olympic style dives. Several Olympians, as well as the television audience, voted for the best performances. The show only lasted one season though as several participants were injured during the show's taping because, well, they weren’t real divers. There were six reported injuries during the show.

The 34-year-old gorgeous blonde joined Tracy Edmonds and Mario Lopez in 2014 to co-host the show Extra. The show reports all of your daily celebrity gossip and covers several red carpet events. She still does sports though, hosting nightly shows on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports Live.

You can never go wrong if you are channel surfing and you come across Charissa on your television. Never!


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