20 Hot Young Celebs We Almost Feel Guilty for Ogling

The term "jail bait" refers to a female (it could be a male but we're not here to discuss dudes) who is not of legal age for sexual activity but looks like she could be. It essentially means that while she looks like she is of age, any man who gets it on with her will end up in jail. She is bait for the jailer, ergo, jail-bait, very simple. With this small discussion on semantics and definition out of the way, on to the article.

Is there a term that is the opposite for jail bait? I briefly searched (very briefly), and found nothing. There is no term, but there is certainly a concept. The concept is, in the most basic terms possible, any woman who is of legal age, but still looks like she should be skipping to high school with a backpack and pigtails.

Oftentimes, they don't end up on casting couches in 18+ movies and make their way onto the television or film screen. When many of us see these lasses, we may feel guilty for being so attracted to them because in many cases, they look like total jail bait and we imagine a scenario in which we get to have our way with them, but then a vastly larger cellmate has his way with us. Here are twenty such girls who are so devastatingly hot, but look like they may just be a bit young to be drooled over by adult men.


33 Emily Browning

Our number twenty is a 27 year old gorgeous, tiny Australian named Emily Browning. She's an actress, and you may recognize her having played Babydoll in Sucker Punch. She was also in Sleeping Beauty, and Pompeii. I'll stop naming obscure movies right now and just say, miss Browning is gorgeous and talented, but has yet to get a major role in a big budget picture. Back to the point of this article however, look at her, she looks like a teenager; like the kind of girl who is saying "what do you mean there's going to be beer at the party?"

32 AnnaSophia Robb



At just 22 years old, AnnaSophia Robb is a blonde stunner from Colorado who has already nailed down a pretty solid role for herself. She played Carrie, from The Carrie Diaries; the series describing the youth of that character from Sex and the City. Here's hoping that she doesn't grow up to look exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Most people first saw her back in 2005, when she played the irritating girl Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The fact that we all saw her first at age twelve is probably why we feel like dirty old men ogling her these days.

30 Daniela Bobadilla



Another 22 year old (there will be plenty more, because they're awesome), Daniela Bobadilla is probably best known for playing Charlie Sheen's character's daughter Sam on Anger Management. Hopefully the two of them never hooked up, because we all know what nasty disease Sheen is dealing with these days. With Anger Management cancelled in 2014, her most recent work has been on the sitcom The Middle, in which she was a regular during the most recent season.

28 Saoirse Ronan



For those who don't know this name and don't speak Irish, it's pronounced sur-shuh. Her first major role was in Atonement, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. That was 2007, and if you found her hot back then and were not a teenage boy, go talk to someone. Saoirse Ronan then went on to play the titular character in Hannah, who was a teenage assassin. She's continued to receive plenty of roles and solid press for her performances, and received another Oscar nomination for her work in Brooklyn last year. In 2013 she starred in How I Live Now. In that movie, her character falls in love with, and beds her own cousin. That's all we have to say about that.


26 Sarah Hyland



Sarah Hyland, who has found success and fame on the hit TV show Modern Family, is 25 years old. If there's ever a Hollywood casting director in search of a jail bait sister for Mila Kunis, this is the girl. She started acting while just a child and did so for over a decade before being cast as Haley Dunphy. Aside from looking young and being incredible to look at, we'd be jerks if we didn't mention her talent. She's won five awards for her work on Modern Family and they were all well-earned.

24 Liana Liberato



Calm down, fellas, it's cool. She's 20. But seriously, a girl like this looks like she still gets high smoking through a hollowed-out apple. This stunning young Texan is known for a few acting roles in television and film. She's been acting since 2007 and has achieved success for a few roles, including 2013 horror flick Haunt and a two episode role in Sons of Anarchy. More often than not however, I imagine most dudes who know who she is just imagine they are landlords and Ms. Liberato is a young student who can't pay her rent. For shame, gents.

22 Chloe Grace Moretz



Chloe Grace Moretz turned 18 just last month, so it is just barely okay for men to fantasize about her. She's been acting for over ten years, with one of her first notable roles having been playing Ryan Reynolds' daughter in The Amityville Horror. More recently, she played Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass movies and the titular character in 2013's remake of the classic horror movie Carrie. 

20 Victoria Justice



Now 23, actress and musician Victoria Justice does not look a day over 18. Most recently she starred in a very brief MTV show Eye Candy that looked promising for about five minutes. She, like plenty of others on this list, has been acting for over a decade, and has picked up a handful of movie roles on top of a ton of small television parts. She is best known for her work on Nickelodeon shows.

18 Taylor Momsen


There's no nice way to say this, but musician/actress/model Taylor Momsen went from playing Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch to looking like a tenth grade underachiever whose parents stopped paying attention three years ago. With that said, she's incredible to look at, and whether she's rocking out with The Pretty Reckless or (formerly) playing Jenny on Gossip Girl, we can't deny there's some genuine talent there. But at the end of the day, it's kind of uncomfortable that Cindy Lou Who grew up to be this hot. I would have made some cheesy Dr Seuss-esque rhyme for that but nothing came to mind.

17 Sasha Pieterse

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sasha Pieterse came to the United States while still a child. For this, we are forever thankful. She recently turned 18 years old, and thus, it is only lightly creepy to stare. What a time to be alive. She is most recognized for playing Ali DiLaurentis on Pretty Little LiarsOutside of a few other film and TV roles, Pieterse has an ongoing musical career, playing mostly country music.

16 Selena Gomez



If there is one problem with Selena Gomez, it is that she dated Justin Bieber. No matter how hot she is, her ex is probably the most annoying cretin in show business today. The problem is, she's an absolute baby-face, and while she may be 23, she could probably pass for fifteen if she wanted. With this in mind, she is obscenely good looking, but just looks so damn innocent.

14 Hannah Murray


Welcome to mindf*** country, my friends. See the girl in the picture above? She's 26 year old English actress Hannah Murray. If any of you are saying to yourselves, "wow, that looks like a 26 year old woman", I don't know what to say to you. Outside of a few small roles in film, she is most known for being on the British comedy show Skins, and more recently, she has been playing Gilly on Game of Thrones. 

13 Ellen Page



Canadian actress Ellen Page, who earned her fame in 2007's Juno, is actually 26 years old, but looks nothing like it. She kind of has that demeanor of the awkward hot girl who does extra credit assignments in science class and is a nightmare to try and hit on. In real life, this probably isn't too far from the truth, as she came out as a lesbian a couple of years ago.

11 Ariel Winter



Earlier in this list, we included Sarah Hyland, who plays the older daughter, Haley Dunphy on Modern Family. Ariel Winter, who turned 18 back in January, plays Alex, the nerdy, awkward daughter on the show. As you can see, puberty hit her like a freight train, and as Barney Stinson, the best character from How I Met Your Mother might say, Ariel Winter is "short, with ample bosom, it's like she's half-boob". In 2015, she underwent breast reduction surgery, going from 32F to 34D. Her chest still looks pretty great however, and her spine is less likely to snap under the weight any time soon.

9 Stefanie Scott


If you're a fan of horror movies, you may have been fortunate enough to have seen this young beauty in Insidious: Chapter 3, last summer. Now 19 years old, she, like so many other beautiful celebrities, started out with Disney. Aside from her success in film and on television, Stefanie Scott, like seemingly every other hot girl whose voice doesn't sound like a throat cancer victim, has a singing career.

7 Bella Thorne


Bella Thorne couldn't be much hotter if you lit her on fire. She's somewhat of an exception to the rule on this list because she's looked like she was above eighteen for a while, but the knowledge that she was younger has been making men feel like creeps since she was 15. Every list needs at least one redhead, and Bella Thorne is quite possibly the hottest in show business right now. One might even say that she, at age 18, is uncomfortably, and troublingly hot.

5 Ariana Grande


If you open up your trusty dictionary and look up the phrase "looks-innocent-but-isn't" there won't be a picture of Ariana Grande, but there really should be. The Floridian singer/actress came into the limelight first on Nickelodeon but then turned to music and now has men half comatose, drooling while watching her seductive music videos.

3 Jennette McCurdy

One can't talk about how hot, yet innocent Ariana Grande looks without talking about her former co-star at Nickelodeon, Jennette McCurdy. She's at that confusing halfway point between smoking hot and adorable which is a frightening place for a man to find his mind. Since she left Nickelodeon (widely believed to have been because she took some pictures of herself half naked, great reason) in 2014, she has continued to act in both TV and film.

2 Kathryn Newton

Horror movie fans will likely recognize Kathryn Newton from Paranormal Activity 4, in which she played Alex, the main character. She was 15 at the time, and any male watching the movie likely thought to himself "this girl is going to be painfully hot one day". Well, four years later, it's now "one day" and you guys were right. Her other roles have included a small part on Supernatural, and Bad Teacher. Most recently however, she has said that she is torn between golf and acting.

1 Abigail Breslin

I never thought I'd say this, but the girl who played the child in Little Miss Sunshine grew up to be unbelievably beautiful. Abigail Breslin is now 19 and has continued to earn fame and fortune in plenty of films, including Zombieland, Rango, The Call and most recently she scored a role on Scream Queens, bringing her acting chops and outstanding body to the world of television. This goes without saying but she is one of the best young actresses in the business today.

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