20 Hot Young Celebs We Almost Feel Guilty for Ogling

The term "jail bait" refers to a female (it could be a male but we're not here to discuss dudes) who is not of legal age for sexual activity but looks like she could be. It essentially means that while she looks like she is of age, any man who gets it on with her will end up in jail. She is bait for the jailer, ergo, jail-bait, very simple. With this small discussion on semantics and definition out of the way, on to the article.

Is there a term that is the opposite for jail bait? I briefly searched (very briefly), and found nothing. There is no term, but there is certainly a concept. The concept is, in the most basic terms possible, any woman who is of legal age, but still looks like she should be skipping to high school with a backpack and pigtails.

Oftentimes, they don't end up on casting couches in 18+ movies and make their way onto the television or film screen. When many of us see these lasses, we may feel guilty for being so attracted to them because in many cases, they look like total jail bait and we imagine a scenario in which we get to have our way with them, but then a vastly larger cellmate has his way with us. Here are twenty such girls who are so devastatingly hot, but look like they may just be a bit young to be drooled over by adult men.

33 Emily Browning

32 AnnaSophia Robb


At just 22 years old, AnnaSophia Robb is a blonde stunner from Colorado who has already nailed down a pretty solid role for herself. She played Carrie, from The Carrie Diaries; the series describing the youth of that character from Sex and the City. Here's hoping that she doesn't grow up to look exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker.

30 Daniela Bobadilla


28 Saoirse Ronan


26 Sarah Hyland


24 Liana Liberato


22 Chloe Grace Moretz


20 Victoria Justice


18 Taylor Momsen

17 Sasha Pieterse

16 Selena Gomez


14 Hannah Murray

13 Ellen Page


11 Ariel Winter


9 Stefanie Scott


7 Bella Thorne


5 Ariana Grande


3 Jennette McCurdy

2 Kathryn Newton

1 Abigail Breslin

I never thought I'd say this, but the girl who played the child in Little Miss Sunshine grew up to be unbelievably beautiful. Abigail Breslin is now 19 and has continued to earn fame and fortune in plenty of films, including Zombieland, Rango, The Call and most recently she scored a role on Scream Queens, bringing her acting chops and outstanding body to the world of television. This goes without saying but she is one of the best young actresses in the business today.


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20 Hot Young Celebs We Almost Feel Guilty for Ogling