20 Hot Scenes Where Comic Book Actresses Bared It All

We are living in a fantastic new age of comic book movies. Every year brings in even more amazing films that push the format massively and prove the regular movie-going public will accept comic books as a great form of entertainment.

Sure, we have our duds (the latest Fantastic Four movie) but for the most part, the successes are far greater, which is partially thanks to the top-notch casting involved. Marvel in particular has excelled in choosing women who stand out majorly with their beauty but also with their great talent as well. DC is a bit rougher, but the past Batman movies did offer a great selection of ladies to enjoy and admire. There’s also the variety of independent movies that try to give other characters a push.

It’s not just movies, as television has also given us fantastic ladies. The CW is leading the way with their “Arrowverse” that does a better job with DC characters than the big screen is doing. Netflix is also charging ahead with their Marvel series, like Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

Naturally, with so many incredibly hot and talented actresses involved, it’s inevitable some of them have bared it all on screen a time or two. Some have avoided it (Jennifer Lawrence and Krysten Ritter were only exposed in the infamous 2014 nude photo leak), but quite a lot of others who have shown off in fantastic ways on film. Here is a selection of 20 great actresses from comic book movies and television shows, who have bared it all in the past.

20 Kirsten Dunst

A great child actress who grow up on the screen, Dunst seemed to avoid nudity in her career, even in her smash hit Bring It On. That’s what made the scene in which she, as Mary Jane Watson, stands in a wet t-shirt to kiss an upside-down Spidey the most famous scene of the first Spider-Man. Even in various outfits and turns in the sequels, Dunst handled herself well to remind folks of the winner Mary Jane was.

19 Elizabeth Olsen


Once known simply as Mary-Kate and Ashley’s sister, Elizabeth has proven herself as a fantastic actress who has won wide acclaim for various independent films. Casting her as Wanda Maximoff (aka the Scarlet Witch) in Avengers: Age of Ultron was an unusual choice, but Olsen quickly became a highlight, with Wanda breaking out from a troubled woman into a heroine. She cast spells with ease and her battle with Ultron was a fantastic climax. She appeared again the role recently for Captain America: Civil War, in which she showed a more confident Witch. This confidence is likely to continue with that role in future films.

18 Rosario Dawson


The gorgeous and stacked Dawson has been a favorite for casting directors for some time, which is no surprise with her mix of great looks, talent and humor. Men in Black II was based on a comic property and Dawson was the highlight of the otherwise rough sequel.

She was also fantastic in Sin City, as Gail, the leather-clad leader of a gang of murderous street ladies. Her barely-clad profile showcased on various posters helped make the movie a hit. She would also reprise the role in the less successful sequel.

17 Hayley Atwell

From the moment she strode on screen in Captain America: The First Avenger, Atwell won fans over as Peggy Carter, the tough agent who helps Cap in his adventures. With her clipped accent, lush hair and nice build, Peggy proved herself well, while still a knockout in a great evening dress.

While Atwell would reprise the role of an older Peggy in a few other Marvel films, she earned herself a spin-off TV show with Peggy in the 1940s fighting to gain the respect of her male co-workers as well as battling deadly conspiracies. The show was a critical hit, as fans loved Atwell getting into the action and the fashions of the time, but, sadly, it was canceled after two low-rated seasons.

16 Ruth Negga

The Irish-Ethiopian actress has been getting attention in the U.K. with various TV roles including the dark superhuman story Misfits.

Her big break came on Agents of SHIELD playing Raina, notable, at first, for always wearing a flower dress. She was played up as a mystery woman who believed in the “Clairvoyant,” a man with psychic powers who she wanted to learn from. She was naturally rocked when she discovered the guy was basically a fraud and had no powers at all. This drives her to become an Inhuman, gaining power but mutated into a deadly quill-like creature. Negga is now starring as Tulip, the tough and sardonic, gun-packing hottie on AMC’s wild comic adaptation Preacher.

15 Lesley-Ann Brandt

When Fox announced their plans to bring the cult comic Lucifer to TV, fans rolled their eyes at the reworking of the idea of the Devil helping solve crimes in Los Angeles. Instead, the show turned into a surprise success, with its nice mix of humor and darkness, and earned a second season. A highlight of it has been Brandt’s role as Mazikeen (“Maze” for short), a demon who works as a bartender at Lucifer’s club. Brandt is quite hot in the role, wearing leather outfits with a sardonic attitude, as she doesn’t understand her boss’ work with humans. She's also open to getting together with anyone.

14 Elodie Yung


The highlight of the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil series was the introduction of one of the most popular characters of the comic: Elektra. Elektra is Matt’s former lover, now a deadly assassin, who pulls him into a dangerous battle against a growing evil. While Jennifer Garner had been just okay in the 2003 movie (and its bad spin-off), French-born Yung is much better, capturing the alluring aspects of the character, gorgeous as well as lethal.

The actress really got attention for her brief but memorable turn as Rooney Mara’s lover in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, including some steamy love scenes in bed. She also doffed it in the drama Still and worked as the role of Jinx in G.I. Joe Retaliation.

13 Ming-Na Wen


It is astonishing to realize this woman is 52 years old, as she barely appears to have aged since her breakout on ER in 1995. She’s voiced characters for shows like The Batman and the title role in the Disney hit Mulan, as well as a variety of sci-fi programs.

She seemed an odd choice to play Melinda May (aka The Calvary), the tough as nails member of Agents of SHIELD, but Ming-Na has blown away fans as one of the best parts of the series. Her stunt work is fantastic with fight sequences (including one against her own evil double), while also showing the dark past that drives May.

12 Stana Katic


The Spirit is generally considered one of the worst comic book movies ever made, as Frank Miller turned legendary Will Eisner’s crime-fighter into a sorry Sin City wannabe. Even a first-rate cast of Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes and others couldn’t save this from being a critically ravaged bomb. One highlight was Katic, not known at the time, playing Morgenstern, a sardonic cop with an affinity for huge guns and a sharp attitude.

Months after the movie flopped, Katic would become a star with her role as Kate Beckett on the long-running hit Castle. She would fit in some other comic book projects as she voiced Talia in the Batman: Arkham City video game and also voiced Lois Lane for the animated movie Superman Unbound.

11 Anna Paquin

Of all the casting choices for the first X-Men movie, Bryan Singer’s choice for Rogue was the most unusual. The comic book character is a sassy Southern belle with a very rocking body, who is rather outgoing despite her power being the ability to absorb people’s life force with a touch.

Singer decided instead to go with Anna Paquin, best known for her Oscar-winning turn in The Piano. Her Rogue softer and not as flashy as the comic book version. Some decried the move as Paquin “not being sexy enough” for the part. But in 2008, Paquin ended that mentality when she took on the lead role of Sookie Stackhouse on the HBO series True Blood. For seven seasons, Paquin went all out in amazing sex scenes to showcase her body, as well as handling the variety of insane supernatural sequences.

10 Halle Berry


Berry has accomplished a lot in her career, from becoming the first black woman to win a Best Actress Oscar to becoming a Bond Girl. However, it’s her turn as Storm in the X-Men movies that’s helped make her an icon. True, she had to put up with the worst line of the entire saga (“Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning?”) but she managed the white hair and black outfit of the popular character to be believable as the weather-controlling heroine.

In between installments, Berry managed to work in Monster’s Ball, the gripping drama in which she engages in a very raunchy sex scene to show off her body and also earn herself the Oscar. Of course, Berry would also star in the title role of the horrific Catwoman movie, in which even her taut body in the sexy outfit couldn’t salvage the film. She showed a good sense of humor by showing up in person to accept her Razzie Award for the flick.

9 Lynda Carter


With all respect to Gal Gadot, when it comes to the best on-screen Wonder Woman, there is only one real choice. Lynda Carter is still remembered best for her performance in the 1970s TV show, filling out that iconic costume beautifully, strong as well, and handling the variety of adventures to make Wonder Woman a hit on TV.

8 Olivia Munn

Some reviews of X-Men: Apocalypse have criticized how the character of Psylocke appeared misused, not appearing in much screen time and just there for eye candy. However, it was very nice eye candy due to the casting of Olivia Munn, who perfectly wore the purple outfit and did well with what she was given.

The actress became a geek icon for her role on Attack of the Show, in which she had some hot outfits for interesting segments. She soon moved onto stuff like The Newsroom. Her role in the hit Magic Mike was brief but memorable, with Munn stripping off to give the fanboys a look at the body they had lusted over for years. Even among the bevy of male skin in the movie, she was a highlight.

7 Teri Hatcher

Several actresses have taken on the role of Lois Lane but Hatcher played it better than any of them. She was already well known for her memorable turn on Seinfeld (“They’re real and they’re fabulous!”) when she was cast in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in 1993. Hatcher instantly won viewers over with a funny and sassy Lois, who got to show some very sexy outfits. Her banter with Dean Cain’s Superman was terrific as well.

The photo of Hatcher in nothing but a red cape became the first “break the Internet” download and even when the show faltered in its later years, Hatcher was great in it. During the show’s first summer break, she filmed the movie Heaven’s Prisoners, which ended up delayed until 1996. She played a woman involved in a Southern murder mystery and stood out with her entrance: standing stark naked on a patio, sipping a drink with a sexy smirk.

6 Rose McIver


It’s true that the TV version of the Vertigo book iZombie takes a lot of liberties with the source material, turning it into more of a procedural without as many supernatural aspects. But it’s still become a winner thanks to McIver’s turn as Liv, a med student turned zombie by an attack at a party. Now working at the morgue, she feasts on the brains of bodies and gains their memories and personalities to solve their murders.

McIver (a former Yellow Power Ranger) is fun in the role as she takes on everything from a stripper to a would-be crime-fighter with great humor, all the while looking gorgeous despite being, err, a zombie.

5 Melissa Benoist


On first glance, casting Benoist, best known as Glee’s kind-hearted Marley, as the Girl of Steel was an off choice. But Benoist has proved her doubters wrong, as she is believable in that famous suit as a heroine, while also winning you over as the adorkable Kara. Her character handles various challenges from super-powered aliens to romantic tumbles.

4 Margot Robbie


With her blonde hair, nice smile and stunning body, Robbie is rising higher as a Hollywood star. She’s about to get her biggest role yet, playing Harley Quinn, the Joker’s psychotic lover in the anticipated Suicide Squad film. The shots of Robbie in that skimpy outfit, painted face, multi-colored hair holding a variety of weapons have already become massively popular. Most expect her to be the highlight of the film.

3 Anne Hathaway


Christopher Nolan specialized in some offbeat casting for his Batman movies, the prime example being Heath Ledger as the Joker. But casting Hathaway as Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) in The Dark Knight Rises was sheer brilliance. The actress was slinky and sexy as hell in that tight leather costume and mask. Her smirk set you aflame and she handled herself well in a fight. No wonder Batman fell for her.

2 Eva Green

The gorgeous British actress has made a habit of taking on roles that show her stunning body, lush accent and alluring eyes. She makes a splendid femme fatale and in 2014, she showed it off in not one but two comic book sequels. First, 300: Rise of an Empire cast her as Atemisia, a conniving Persian warrior who bares her very substantial chest in a scene trying to seduce an enemy all the while also holding him at sword point, a truly vicious picture.

1 Scarlett Johansson


Johansson’s first comic book film was Ghost World, an indie based on a popular comic, starring her and Thora Birch working together. Of course, Johansson is far more famous for her role as Natasha Romanov (aka the Black Widow), which she began in Iron Man 2, continued in both Avengers movies as well as two Captain America films.

With her red hair and that tight leather outfit over an athletic body, Johansson looks fantastic in the role, sexy and also holding the backstory of Natasha, trained since childhood to be a killer and trying to redeem herself today. The relationship with the Hulk was interesting, and Johansson is getting a push for a Widow solo movie.

While she’d teased it in earlier roles, Scarlett finally went all out in the sci-fi drama Under the Skin, as an alien in human form, stripping for a full frontal bit and showing what’s under that jumpsuit. As the leading lady of the MCU now, Scarlett remains red-hot.

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