20 Gorgeous Daughters Who Didn't Get Their Looks From Their Famous Dad

If you ask most fathers about how beautiful their daughter are, they’d most likely beam with pride about their adorable little girls. As third party observers, however, we can see with less rose coloured glasses just how good looking a woman truly is. So join us as we take a look at some seriously hot ladies who were spawned by some famous and far less attractive men.

For this list, we took a look at some of the sexiest daughters of celebrities and ranked them. We then compared them to how attractive their fathers are or, more importantly, aren’t. Beautiful women like Daisy Lowe, Dakota Johnson or Allison Willaims were disqualified because their parents were considered pretty good looking at their peak.


20 Noelle Foley


Mick Foley, a pro wrestler who at various times was known as Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love, is a man who has forever scarred his already overweight body by abusing it in the ring for years. A man who is missing several teeth, one of his ears and dresses himself like a homeless person a lot of the time, Mick is beloved, but homely at best. Noelle, his daughter, conversely looks like she’d be more likely to be modelling a bikini than heading to the emergency room anytime soon.

19 Ivanka Trump


How in the hell did such a ridiculous looking man father a woman that looks so perfect? Donald is a man that has terrible hair, has facial expressions that seem largely cartoonish and seems so unappealing that we’re sure his lovers liked either his powerful personality or his supposed money. Ivanka conversely seems like she could fully entice a lot of people without saying a single word while lacking a home and/or basic hygiene. In short Ivanka is hot and Donald sure as hell is not.

18 Zelda Williams

The only daughter of famed funnyman and late comedian Robin Williams, Zelda has clearly had a rough few years. Her father, possibly the hairiest man to ever headline a film project, was an immensely funny and talented actor which meant he never needed to get by on being overly handsome. Zelda, an actress from the age of 5, has brought her acting chops and obvious prettiness to television and film projects year after year.

17 Katherine Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger spent his acting career relying heavily on the way he looked but it was his miraculously massive muscles that made him a star. On the other hand, his immense size and unique facial features ensured many people found Arnie decisively unattractive. His daughter Katherine, however, is an obviously gorgeous young woman from the moment you see her and her radiant smile. Katherine, an author, has written a book about finding your inner and outer beauty which makes it clear to us that despite the issues she has had with her body she is a beauty on the inside and out.

16 Brooke Hogan

Hulk Hogan for years and years was the world’s most famous wrestler, who loved to show off his “twenty-four-inch pythons” whenever he got into the squared circle. Sporting a distinctive mustache, a bandana with long white hair sprouting out of it, his incredibly loud look made him a great showman but pretty damn silly looking. His daughter, on the other hand, a pretty young woman with long blonde hair, a large chest and a proclivity for appearing in a bikini, she looks far more like her mother. When she posed nude for PETA, it certainly turned our head.

15 Sophie Simmons


Gene Simmons, arguably the most famous member of the rock band KISS spent the majority of his career covered in make up for a very good reason. Let’s be honest, when he finally showed off his face, we all saw that the man just looks weird and frankly pretty awful. His daughter Sophie, the daughter of the actress, Shannon Tweed, got a lot of her genes from her mother, thankfully. A young woman who has grown up in front of the world and has definitely grown into her looks, Sophie seems like she will be a force to be reckoned with.

14 Tamara & Petra Ecclestone


Bernie Ecclestone, a “British business magnate”, gained fame as the chief executive of the Formula OIne Group which manages the famous racing circuit. A profoundly unattractive man who looks nearly as men like Phil Spectre, he somehow helped to create two dazzling ladies. Tamara and Petra, both of whom have grown to become models, seem to love having their photos taken and we can see why cameras love them so much. Tamara even made the cut and appeared in a nude pictorial for Playboy Magazine in 2013.


13 Kimberly Stewart


Rod Stewart was a sex symbol in the seventies and eighties but despite that fact, the desire a lot of people felt for him had a lot more to do with his singing prowess than his physical appearance. His daughter Kimberly however, a reality TV star and model, has come to depend on her looks far more than her voice or any other ability. We suppose that makes perfect sense, considering the fact that her mother, Alana Stewart, was an actress and model. We guess it was all in the genes after all.

12  12. Montana Fishburne


Laurence Fishburne has been one of the most respected actors in the world for years, the star of far too many acclaimed films to count, he has never been the leading man type, though. An actor who has been pudgy for the majority of his career, Larry has never been one to show off too much flesh, unlike his daughter. The acorn clearly fell far from the tree, since Montana, his arousing daughter, opted to star in an adult film almost immediately after she came of age. An alluring woman with a marvelous body, she absolutely belongs on our list.

11 Emma Roberts


The daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts, Emma has more in common looks-wise with her famous aunt than her father. Eric Roberts, an actor any cinephile will definitely know by name has starred in many, many films and even received Golden Globe and Oscar nominations during his very long lasting career. His daughter, Emma, is just starting out on her career in the limelight but she has already become the second most famous Roberts and we believe her good looks play at least a small part in that.

10 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous actors in the world. She is married to Brad Pitt, one of the most drooled after actors alive and she has the star power to make nearly any film she chooses. Jon Voight, her highly respected actor-father, during his prime, seemed like a man’s man but even when he performed as a gigolo in Midnight Cowboy, he wasn't exactly a stud in real life. Two actors, that will likely never be forgotten, they should both be proud but it is clear that Angie became a bigger star, is the better looking of the two and surpassed her father in many ways.

9 Bryce Dallas Howard


Ron Howard has had one hell of a career in Hollywood. Starting out as the star of Happy Days, where before long he began to take a backseat to the far cooler, Fonzie, he certainly had a certain charm but we highly doubt he got many viewers motors going. Transitioning into the director’s chair, he now very clearly has a face for voice over. Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron’s daughter, has not built her career around how she looks but she is the epitome of a pretty woman. Always carrying herself as a very classy woman, her face is completely flawless.

8 Alexandra & Theodora Richards


Keith Richards, a man who looks like the physical embodiment of an ashtray in human form, has one of the most distinctive faces in pop culture history. The Richard sisters, Keith’s now grown daughters have both been chosen to grace magazines like Vogue, Playboy, Vanity Fair and so many more as professional models. The chasm between the appearance of this rock icon and his daughters who both rely on their looks to pay the bills is absolutely gigantic.

7 Minka Kelly


Aerosmith is a legendary band that has created two truly famous people, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as well as their bandmates who are well known only in rock circles. Rick Duffay, a guitarist that performed with the group for a few years in the eighties, has attained a small level of celebrity but his daughter is breathtaking. Minka Kelly, in the eyes of many, is the best looking woman on our list and if her father was as famous as the fathers that follow this entry, she’d have taken the top slot.

6 Mira Sorvino

Remember that scene in Goodfellas, where the mobsters make sauce in prison? Paul Sorvino plays the heavily jowled, overweight mob boss who carefully slices razor thin garlic, in a fantastically memorable moment in movie history. One hell of a character actor who most movie fans will know by name, Paul’s portly body leant him authority in the minds of many viewers. Mira Sorvino, his daughter who won an Oscar after working for Woody Allen, is an equally talented actor who also happens to be beautiful in a way that hasn’t been seen much since the golden era of filmmaking.

5 Briana Evigan


Greg Evigan starred in B.J and the Bear, My Two Dads, TekWar, P.S. I Luv U and has appeared in several motion pictures over the years. The type of actor who isn’t necessarily known by name but would likely be recognized by a massive generation of people, Greg was well known for many, many years. Briana Evigan, a star of the step up series has appeared in several films where she has shown off just how impressive a dancer she is. In these roles that heavily focus on how she can more move her body, Briana was very sexy, especially when she danced in the rain while soaked.

4 Liv Tyler

Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith is an overtly strange looking man. A talented singer who has a huge mouth, as he ages his stick thin body looks more and more awkward and even when he was in the prime of his life, Steven was a weird looking dude. Liv, his daughter, is an elegant enough looking actress that she was tapped to play an elf in the Lord of the Ring series. A virtually immortal people who carry themselves in the most graceful way and look nearly perfect, she clearly wildly surpasses her father and nearly everyone else in the image department.

3 Angela Simmons


Joseph Simmons, DJ Run, or Rev. Run, whatever you call him, this rap icon and minister has led a charmed life ever since he and two friends founded Run-D.M.C. The patriarch of a family that starred in the reality show Run’s House from 2005 until 2009, the show introduced much of the world to his daughter Angela, an appealing young woman from any measure. Very publicly courted by Yo Gotti, a rapper who admitted to having a crush on her and sending her flowers, the man clearly has good taste.

2 Rashida Jones

Quincy Jones, the most famous music producer ever has made a massive impact on the music we know today. A man who worked with groundbreaking stars like Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and so, so many others, he isn’t just a star, the man became a brand. When his daughter Rashida grew up and began appearing on the show, The Office, she stole the hearts of many long-time viewers despite dating one-half of the show’s main couple. A woman who is funny and charming and immensely beautiful, she seems like the ultimate woman.

1 Paulina Gretzky


Wayne Gretzky, arguably the best hockey player ever, has been known as the great one for years. Paulina, his adult daughter, is known most for her great social media accounts where she routinely posts provocative and exquisite photos of herself. In fact, a rumour circulated that Wayne intervened after she posted one too many revealing pics online for public consumption. On behalf of the internet, we’re here to tell Wayne to bite his lip and let the photos flow.

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