20 Gorgeous Daughters Who Didn't Get Their Looks From Their Famous Dad

If you ask most fathers about how beautiful their daughter are, they’d most likely beam with pride about their adorable little girls. As third party observers, however, we can see with less rose coloured glasses just how good looking a woman truly is. So join us as we take a look at some seriously hot ladies who were spawned by some famous and far less attractive men.

For this list, we took a look at some of the sexiest daughters of celebrities and ranked them. We then compared them to how attractive their fathers are or, more importantly, aren’t. Beautiful women like Daisy Lowe, Dakota Johnson or Allison Willaims were disqualified because their parents were considered pretty good looking at their peak.

20 Noelle Foley


19 Ivanka Trump

How in the hell did such a ridiculous looking man father a woman that looks so perfect? Donald is a man that has terrible hair, has facial expressions that seem largely cartoonish and seems so unappealing that we’re sure his lovers liked either his powerful personality or his supposed money. Ivanka conversely seems like she could fully entice a lot of people without saying a single word while lacking a home and/or basic hygiene. In short Ivanka is hot and Donald sure as hell is not.

18 Zelda Williams

17 Katherine Schwarzenegger

16 Brooke Hogan

15 Sophie Simmons

14 Tamara & Petra Ecclestone


13 Kimberly Stewart

12  12. Montana Fishburne


11 Emma Roberts

10 Angelina Jolie

9 Bryce Dallas Howard

8 Alexandra & Theodora Richards


7 Minka Kelly

6 Mira Sorvino

5 Briana Evigan

4 Liv Tyler

3 Angela Simmons

2 Rashida Jones

1 Paulina Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky, arguably the best hockey player ever, has been known as the great one for years. Paulina, his adult daughter, is known most for her great social media accounts where she routinely posts provocative and exquisite photos of herself. In fact, a rumour circulated that Wayne intervened after she posted one too many revealing pics online for public consumption. On behalf of the internet, we’re here to tell Wayne to bite his lip and let the photos flow.

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20 Gorgeous Daughters Who Didn't Get Their Looks From Their Famous Dad