20 Dark-Haired Beauties You Need To Follow On Instagram

The old line is “blondes have more fun.” But brunettes can have a lot of good times themselves. The exact shade can range from light brown to jet black but that just adds to their numbers and naturally their great beauty can be a factor. The rise of social media has led to a lot of great ladies to follow and share their personal side and even artistic ones as well. That includes Instagram, which has taken off quite nicely in the last few years to showcase the private lives of stars and brunettes have used it well.

There are tons of great dark-haired stars with good accounts so figuring the best of the bunch is tough. But here we go with a listing of the 20 sexiest brunettes on the Instagram threads and how hot the dark-haired ladies can be for some very fun times.

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20 Paige

The WWE Diva has impressed with her ring work but Instagram truly has her shining. Her pics from the road are great, selfies, hanging with fellow wrestlers, her beloved dog and more, showing that great style with short black hair and smoky eyes to pull you in. There’s plenty of hot shots to keep you going from her ring outfits to at home but she also seems a real lady despite it all, putting up with the pressure and having a great time with her job. It’s a great aura that makes this page well worth checking out.

19 Sarah Hyland

The Modern Family actress is seeing her star rise and has a great amount of posts on her Instagram page. From bikini pics with friends to dancing in ballet shoes, red carpets to Disneyland, Hyland’s youth and exuberance come out but only add to her amazing beauty and striking body. As her career grows, watch her connect more with her fans and still a young lady at heart despite how grown up she appears.

18 Katy Perry

VOGUE 🇯🇵JAPAN🇯🇵 #septemberissue @voguejapan Tap for credits 💋

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

You’d expect a performer as famously quirky as Perry to have a fun Instagram page and it shows. From red carpets to concerts to behind the scenes video of her recent “mic drop” Halloween costume, Perry is fantastic with great posts. Check her out eating an ice cream cone at a Mayan ruin or a thumbs up watching Scream Queens to fun messages involving her favorite quotes, friends and inspirational moments and you can tell why Perry is such a popular star. Yes, she’s a true knockout and loves showing off her wild outfits but still a quality that makes her relatable and why she’s such a huge star.

17 Krysten Ritter

All black everything! Ciao Milan! #netflixIT #jessicajones

A post shared by Krysten Ritter (@therealkrystenritter) on

Known for roles in Breaking Bad and the too-short lived Don’t Trust the B--- in Apartment 23, Ritter is about to explode thanks to her starring role in the upcoming Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones. A selfie expert, she shares photos from set, her dog, vacations, some famous friends and more. The woman has a sexy smirk that won’t quit and whether it’s an on-set peek or what books she’s reading, she enthralls you and makes you more than eager to find out what she’s up to.

16 Olivia Munn

Flashback! Met Gala 2014. Photo by @jessicaalba 💛

A post shared by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

The actress has gone from “hot geek girl” on Attack of the Show to her upcoming role as Psylocke in the next X-Men movie. With her alluring features and long black hair, she stands out but the humor is what gets you and her page shows it off. From lounging in a bikini in a rainstorm to lip-synching with boyfriend Aaron Rodgers, Munn is game for anything and not afraid to let folks laugh at her, making her page a wonderful trip.

15 Jessica Alba

My biz conference look today w @honest_beauty #honestbeauty 🌸 in #miami

A post shared by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on

She came to fame with ultra-sexy roles in Dark Angel, Sin City and more but Alba has gotten more attention as of late for her amazing business sense, worth tens of millions from her clothing company alone. That, combined with motherhood, has toned her down a bit but her page showcases the hotness that won’t quit. Even when she’s dressed down, Alba’s sexy side from her fantastic smile, flawless face and humor shines through. She’s great as a mom sharing pics of family, celebrity friends and such but can still enthrall you with hot pics and one of those women who just looks gorgeous without a dash of makeup. The frank and open look is what makes this page a winner to show how maturing into a successful entrepreneur does nothing to rob Alba of her sexy side.

14 Trish Stratus

In her wrestling days, Stratus was famous for her lush blond hair but has gone to brunette since leaving the ring. And it makes her look a lot better as shown on her Instagram page. She adores her family, sharing pics of her son constantly but still doing promotion for various projects and reunions with former WWE folks. When she does show off, she does it nicely, still in stunning form and able to do yoga wonderfully, that famous booty flawless and terrific energy with everything. It’s great to see her adapt to a life outside of wrestling but still gorgeous through it all and a body that doesn’t quit.

13 Catherine Bell

Ronan #ogham #tattoo @anil_gupta 💞

A post shared by Catherine Bell (@therealcatherinebell) on

It’s been almost 20 years since Bell came to stardom on the drama JAG but she barely looks like she’s aged. With her short dark hair and amazing bust, she’s been a highlight on various TV shows including Army Wives and the current Hallmark series The Good Witch and her page shows tons of photos from set, fun with her kids, a great smile and inspirational messages that often kick ass. The woman shows no signs of slowing down and remaining hot as ever before and her fans, old and new, still show why she’s magic to them.

12 Zooey Deschanel

The quirky actress helped coin “adorkable” for her role in New Girl and that style stays on her Instagram page. Her pregnancy has cut down on her output but it’s still fun to see her from hanging with sister Emily to photos from on set, that smile and amazing eyes on full display and a reminder of how much fun she seems to hang out with and why she’s a winner.

11 Nina Dobrev

Taking a well-deserved break after six seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Dobrev has more time to post to her Instagram page and it’s fun. A great recent run were her past Halloween costumes (Posh Spice to Hermione Granger) and her red carpet looks but also her favorite foods, hanging with friends and some nice artwork. Before she picks her next project, be sure to get up to speed on a hot starlet who loves showing off her legs and smile in fun style.

10 Rose McGowan

Always an actress with her own unique style, McGowan’s Instagram page is stamped with that. They can include anything from her looking hot as hell in a hospital bed to various artwork, life lessons (often of the vulgar variety) and you never know when McGowan will slip on a photo of her in next to nothing. Between her lush lips, smoky eyes and crushing a wild fashion, Rose is one flower that blooms nicely on Instagram.

9 Lupita Nyong’o

The view at #TheView @theviewabc. @teamid glam @lacyredway @dilokritbarose

A post shared by Lupita Nyong'o (@lupitanyongo) on

In 2014, the actress broke out with both her Oscar-winning debut in 12 Years a Slave and her amazing red carpet style. Her page shows her on red carpets and movie sets but also pays tribute to her upbringing, her appreciation for fellow stars from Gina Rodriguez to Viola Davis, showing off her closet and more. Admire her talent and beauty but Lupita keeps it real to remind you how captivating a star she is and even when she’s “dressed down,” is impossible to look away from.

8 Victoria Justice

The former Nickelodeon star is moving on after the axing of her MTV show Eye Candy. Her terrific body, highlighted by a fantastic pair of legs, is shown off in many pics from red carpet and photo shoots but she also shows her various friends off as well. She has a great style that makes her relatable yet still incredibly hot and no matter where her career goes from here, checking this page does true Justice to a great star.

7 Jaimie Alexander

Rising high with her starring role on the hit Blindspot, Alexander has always shown a good humor and that comes out on her page. They include stuff from the set (mostly the task of having all those fake tattoos placed on her body) but everything from fan images (including own tattoo costumes), her dog and just goofy faces, showing a funny side to the sexy lady that just makes her more appealing.

6 Adelaide Kane

On her CW hit Reign, the Aussie actress is buried in large dresses and gowns for her role as Mary Queen of Scots. So it’s great to see her cut loose on her page, much friendlier with bright smile, showing off on set, hanging with friends and a great geek cred with love of comic books and sci-fi movies and TV shows. She has style but still a normal girl which just adds to her great appeal.

5 Elizabeth Gillies

Justice’s old Victorious co-star is rising well with her role on the FX comedy SexDrugs&Rock&Roll, a fantastic singing voice but also a killer body. It’s shown in various pics with a wicked smirk, lush black hair and a very ample chest pushed up in various tops. Gillies loves to show it off (check out her Halloween pics) as well as partying with various friends, a gal who knows how to have a good time. You may not be able to hang out with her for real but thanks to her page, Gillies gets you close for a woman who may be even hotter off-screen than on, which is saying something.

4 Lana Parrilla

Part of the fun of Once Upon a Time is watching Parrilla take the utterly ludicrous outfits given to the Evil Queen and make them look sexy as hell. Her page is a delight as she adores showing off from on-set photos with that wicked smile and smirk, she shows off her appeal nicely (a close-up of her cleavage with “we’re back” to promote the show’s latest season) and that she’s not just the best part of the show but a truly amazing woman in her own light ready to put a spell on you.

3 Gina Rodriguez

Tonight's look, my team letting me have it. #Emmys #twerk

A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on

The star of the CW hit Jane the Virgin is obviously loving the limelight and it shows on her Instagram page. We get the usuals of on-set photos, show promos and red carpet stuff but Gina also shares fan videos, inspirational messages and how it feels to be a role model for young Latina girls. She’s hotter than she often seems and that bright smile and laugh are truly infectious to show why she’s a rising starlet and fans loving her so much.

2 Kat Dennings

Yesterday was a good eyeliner day. Long may it continue

A post shared by Kat Dennings (@katdenningsss) on

Her 2 Broke Girls character mocked Instagram as “Twitter for people who can’t read” but Dennings is quite the popular gal on it. While she enjoys shots that include her famous chest, she also shares her cartoons, dog, her various favorite meals and much more. That wicked smirk is on full display throughout the pics and the way she enjoys herself is so great and why, despite how bad her sitcom may be, Dennings is always worth watching.

1 Kim Kardashian

Who else? The woman is the epitome of “famous for being famous” with her reality show, clothing line, marriage to Kayne West and more. She’s traded on her looks throughout this “career” but damn if she doesn’t know how to take a picture. Her Instagram page is a treasure trove of amazing pics from the red carpet, her family and even from her childhood (her kiddie Halloween costumes are just adorable). The more risqué stuff has taken a backseat due to her current pregnancy but you just know when she gets back in shape, Kim is going to be showing off big time. The woman may do nothing of major value but she does it very well and her Instagram page shows it off wonderfully.


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