20 Celebs You Don't Want Your Kids To Dress Like

It may seem obvious to say but you need to covet attention in order to remain famous. That may play a part in the decision-making of those on this list of the top female celebs who go out in public wearing little clothes. Alternatively, there are some celebrities who enjoy sharing their bodies with the world for their own reasons, which makes sense considering that the majority of the people who rise become stars who look beautiful. No matter the person’s personal reason for flaunting their goods, if you want to find out the cream of the crop of celebs that don’t feel compelled to cover up, then just keep on reading.

Our rules for consideration to possibly be included in this list were incredibly simple. You need to be famous and repeatedly be seen amongst us mortals in various stages of undress. We included appearances on red carpets or award shows in our criteria, as well as those who hit the beaches, streets, clubs or any other locales.


20 Adrienne Bailon


A former Disney teen star who has performed as a part of two bands, 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, Adrienne Bailon has managed to find a great deal of success in her rather short career. Also, an actress who dated a Kardashian at one point, she has ended up on her fair share of red carpet events over the years, a place where she has proven herself adept at receiving attention. She has worn a great deal of cleavage revealing dresses and even chose to wear a gown that provided a great view of her uncovered crotch at one particular event.

19 Selena Gomez


Another double threat who has found success in acting and music, Selena began her career as a star by playing the lead character on a family friendly series on the Disney channel. An adult today, she has graduated to roles in more mature movies like Monte Carlo, Spring Breakers, Getaway and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. If that isn’t an impressive enough accomplishment, her music career has garnered her hit singles like “Birthday”, “Slow Down” and “Come & Get It”, to name just a few. As her professional choices have become more mature she seemingly has decided to walk a similar path in her clothing. It certainly seems like she has decided that bras are not for her, either that or she is really cold a lot of the time.

18 Bai Ling

An actress who has appeared in films like The Crow, Crank: High Voltage, Wild Wild West and shows like Lost, Bai Ling has a unique energy on screen that makes her an interesting figure to behold. Somebody who has appeared in the buff for many of the acting roles she has received, it seems that she has little problem baring flesh for the world to see. Further proof of this idea is the clothes that she wears in public, seeming to be a professional nip slipper, her outfits leave little to the imagination. In fact, it seems to us that the occasions where she has walked a red carpet and all of her private parts have remained covered seem few and far between.

17 Lily Allen


An English songstress who has toured steadily since her big break in 2006, Lily has managed to carve a small place in the world’s music scene for herself. Also delving into talk-show hosting for BBC at one point, she is no stranger to controversy. Very outspoken, she seems to be principally concerned with living her life in a manner that is true to herself, which is something we applaud. It just so happens that her inner self doesn’t appear to put much thought into the fact that her audiences often get a view up her dresses and skirts. She is surrounded by photographers who will get a shot of her goods when she goes braless and doesn’t do up her zipper all the way, and at this point she clearly knows what she is doing.

16 Chrissy Teigen

A professional model, Chrissy Teigan’s body is her profession and she advertises the attributes that have allowed her to stand out on a regular basis. Someone who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the current co-host of Lip Sync Battle, a popular network television show, we already knew she was a very beautiful woman. The fact that she opts to go out in tight shirts without bras, wears dresses that make it obvious that she has chosen to not wear underwear of any sort, and goes for other flesh barring looks is a nice reminder, though.

15 Tove Lo


An extremely talented singer and songwriter who seems to be skilled at creating catchy music with deeper meanings, Tove Lo’s songs can certainly stand on their own merits. On the other hand, when so much of your popular music seems to imply a hedonistic lifestyle of some sort, deciding to play on your sexuality makes a whole lot of sense (right?). Included here in large part to her habit (see what we did there?) to flash her breasts on stage in front of thousands of fans in the climactic moment of her hit song, “Talking Body”, she undoubtedly knows her fans enjoy the view.

14 Jojo


A former teen star who became a sensation at a very young age, this singer has managed to hit the top spot on Billboard’s Pop charts in the past. Also famous for her acting career, which included parts in movies like Aquamarine and RV, as well as shows like Hawaii Five-0 and American Dreams, Jojo seems to be skilled at everything she tries. All grown up at the age of twenty-five today, she can rarely be seen in outfits that don’t flaunt her figure in a serious manner. Whether it is her cleavage or midriff that she has on display, one thing is for certain, Jojo’s choices in clothing seem to have a flesh flaunting aspect in common.


13 Kim Kardashian


We’re just going to go ahead and forewarn you, Kim Kardashian is not the only member of her clan to make our list. Famous for being famous, she came to the world’s attention because of her lawyer father, an infamous s*x tape and a bevy of reality shows, and she seems to be a pro at retaining the spotlight. Known for her s*x appeal and curvaceous figure, her clothing typically is extremely tight which gives the world a great view of her larger attributes. Don’t worry though, if tight clothes alone don’t seem like a good enough fit to you to be included here, her choices often include lots of see-through fabrics and plunging necklines, too.

12 Rose McGowan

If Rose hadn’t continued on with the scantily clad trend in her clothing, her decision to wear a mesh dress that revealed her g-string panties and topless chest to the world would be enough here. Rose is best known as an actress who played major parts in films like Jawbreaker, Grindhouse Presents Planet Terror, Scream and Ready to Rumble, on top of her run on Charmed. Somebody who has rightfully railed against the rampant sexism in the acting industry, she has spoken her mind that the belief that actresses need to parade themselves to get roles is wrong. That doesn’t mean that she has a problem with sharing her body with the world, as long as it is her choice to do so.

11 Lindsay Lohan


At one time one of the hottest young stars in the world, Lindsay was a double threat at a time when most stars struggled in a single field. A pop star who released huge singles, she will still always be thought of as an actress first. Films like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Just My Luck, are just a few examples of films that relied heavily on her charisma and acting. Now receiving far more attention for her controversial private life, which includes criminal charges, addiction issues, and ongoing family drama, her body still receives a lot of attention. Known to suffer wardrobe malfunctions while getting out of cars, disembarking ships, walking red carpets, and swimming, at some point it becomes clear that she isn’t just suffering a series of bad luck. Instead, her decision to wear clothes that ride high on her legs and low on her chest is the culprit.

10 Scout Willis


The daughter of the biggest Hollywood power couple of the eighties and nineties, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Scout Willis is famous principally because of her folks. Having recently become a clothing designer, she is very image conscience and the look she has cultivated for herself is one that doesn’t involve a whole lot of clothing. An ardent supporter of the free the nipple (#freethenipple) campaign, a movement that aims to desexualize the female breast and give women the same freedom to go topless men enjoy, she has clearly put her body where her mouth is.

9 Rihanna


An incredibly skilled singer who seems to ooze s*x from her every pore, Rihanna seems like a very strong woman whose choices are definitively hers. Having released fourteen different singles that managed to make their way to the top of the charts in the past, she has become one of the most notable musicians in the world today. Called one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, she felt the desire to conquer another medium and has made some forays into the acting world with movies like Battleship and This Is the End. Known to hit red carpets in dresses that are see-through in the past, she has also been seen wearing next to nothing at places like Mardi Gras. That’s to say nothing of the outfits she wears in concert, some of which are likely to make many blush.

8 Kylie Jenner


Famous for being famous and sharing DNA with others who would stop at nothing to gain the spotlight, Kylie jenner has become one of the most followed people on social media in the world. Also an entrepreneur, she has created clothing brands, apps, cosmetics lines and other businesses, both alone and in tandem with some of her celebrity siblings. Owing some of her following to her decision to consistently upload photos of her body in outfits that advertise her body, her look is the same a lot of the time when making public appearances. After all, you wouldn’t want to give up an opportunity to keep your name out there by completely covering up.

7 Rita Ora


A British singer who has made a name for herself by releasing several hit tracks and guesting on songs released by her famous peers, Rita seemed to have become a star overnight. Capitalizing on that acclaim, she managed to become a coach on The Voice UK and a judge on their version of The X Factor. Also able to make an appearance on 90210 and in the hit film Fast & Furious 6, she seems to do well in all of her endeavors. Keeping that in mind, you’d think she is making a concerted effort to have her fellow man see her body. Shot completely topless on a beach recently, she has a long history of wearing see-through tops and going out braless long before she recently upped the ante.

6 Kendall Jenner


Alright, alright, we promise this is the last time this family tree will find their way on this list. Of all of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, there is little doubt that Kendall has the look most associated with the modeling world which makes her current career an obvious choice. Walking catwalks for companies like Victoria’s Secret and taking part in campaigns for Love and Estée Lauder, she seems poised to become one of the biggest supermodels of her generation. Keeping that momentum going whenever she steps out in public, the fact that she wore a see-through dress at Cannes serves as the perfect example of her willingness to be the least dressed in the room.

5 Amber Rose


We’re pretty sure that there are probably a lot of people who have no idea why this woman is famous other than her proclivity for wearing next to nothing. An actress who has played forgettable parts in forgettable films; she also had a music career that never went anywhere. Additionally, a model that has appeared in music videos for celebs like Nicki Minaj, Young Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa, she has attempted to create clothing lines in the past. Even after we’ve listed all of her accomplishments, we’re pretty sure that Amber’s fame all comes down to her romantic relationships and her lack of modesty. Whether it’s on a red carpet, beach, in the club or on the streets, Amber has been there and she sure isn’t square.

4 Ariel Winter

Introduced to us when she played a bookworm on the show Modern Family, as Ariel has come of age, it is abundantly clear that she must have felt stifled by the clothes her character wears. Spending the majority of her career as a part of family friendly fare, including the aforementioned show and her voice-over work in several animated movies and shows, shots of her in her private life are vastly different. Almost always clad in the shortest of short shorts and tops that reveal cleavage and midriff to spare, she seems to be confident in her body. Possibly her most notable appearance when considering this list, was when she attended Coachella in a top that looked like little more than a bra.

3 Taylor Momsen


From compiling this list it certainly seems like being cast in a sticky sweet role as a youngster is a sure-fire way to become an adult who prefers to meet the world while wearing less than your peers. Known for playing Cindy Lou Who in the live action adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Taylor went through adolescence as a part of the show Gossip Girl. That is until her passion for music took over and she departed to focus on her band, The Pretty Reckless. Known to perform onstage wearing nothing on her breasts but a large x made out of electrical tape which only covers her nipples, it is safe to say that Taylor has a strong resume for inclusion on a list like this.

2 Lady Gaga

An artist who seems to have inherited the queen of pop mantle from Madonna, Gaga, like her forbearer before her, has opted to use her body as an instrument of expression again and again. One of the best-selling musicians of all time, she holds twelve Guinness World Records because of songs like “Poker Face”, “Just Dance”, “Alejandro” and “Born This Way”, to name just a few selling millions. Also a Golden Globe-winning actress, her acting work in Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, served as a precursor to her lead role on the recent season of American Horror Story. Happy to cultivate controversy, she has been known to walk the streets with her chest only adorned in a fully opened jacket and has appeared in see-through clothing many times in the past.

1 Miley Cyrus


When we set out to put this list together, the first name that came to our minds was Miley Cyrus. A former child star that played the lead in Hannah Montana, she also acted in movies like Bolt, LOL and So Undercover. Her greatest claim to fame though, comes as a recording artist who has released hit songs like “Wrecking Ball”, “We Can’t Stop” and “Party in the U.S.A.”. As she became a young adult, however, the lion’s share of the attention she has received has come as a result of her antics and the frequency in which she can be seen with her privates on full display. She has said she feels more comfortable nude and we believe her claim as she frequently appears nude in public places, on her social media accounts, flashed her breast on an MTV award show and her stage garb is awfully revealing.

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