20 Celebs You Don't Want Your Kids To Dress Like

It may seem obvious to say but you need to covet attention in order to remain famous. That may play a part in the decision-making of those on this list of the top female celebs who go out in public wearing little clothes. Alternatively, there are some celebrities who enjoy sharing their bodies with the world for their own reasons, which makes sense considering that the majority of the people who rise become stars who look beautiful. No matter the person’s personal reason for flaunting their goods, if you want to find out the cream of the crop of celebs that don’t feel compelled to cover up, then just keep on reading.

Our rules for consideration to possibly be included in this list were incredibly simple. You need to be famous and repeatedly be seen amongst us mortals in various stages of undress. We included appearances on red carpets or award shows in our criteria, as well as those who hit the beaches, streets, clubs or any other locales.

20 Adrienne Bailon


19 Selena Gomez

18 Bai Ling

17 Lily Allen

16 Chrissy Teigen

15 Tove Lo


14 Jojo


13 Kim Kardashian


12 Rose McGowan

11 Lindsay Lohan

10 Scout Willis


9 Rihanna

8 Kylie Jenner


7 Rita Ora


6 Kendall Jenner


5 Amber Rose

4 Ariel Winter

3 Taylor Momsen

2 Lady Gaga

1 Miley Cyrus

When we set out to put this list together, the first name that came to our minds was Miley Cyrus. A former child star that played the lead in Hannah Montana, she also acted in movies like Bolt, LOL and So Undercover. Her greatest claim to fame though, comes as a recording artist who has released hit songs like “Wrecking Ball”, “We Can’t Stop” and “Party in the U.S.A.”. As she became a young adult, however, the lion’s share of the attention she has received has come as a result of her antics and the frequency in which she can be seen with her privates on full display. She has said she feels more comfortable nude and we believe her claim as she frequently appears nude in public places, on her social media accounts, flashed her breast on an MTV award show and her stage garb is awfully revealing.

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20 Celebs You Don't Want Your Kids To Dress Like