20 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Secret Love Children

There was once a postcard on PostSecret that was a collage of various male celebrities. It included Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr, Zac Efron, and many more handsome and recognizable faces. The caption, scrawled in black sharpie, said: "One of these men is the father of my child. He pays me a lot of money to keep it a secret."

Even though for men, there is a lot less societal opprobrium for having a child out of wedlock, it still doesn't look great. It seems gluttonous, childish, and irresponsible. This is even more true if the man is a celebrity, and the baby's mother is a laywoman. At least if the mom is a celebrity, there is an element of boho convention-flouting at play, like in the case of for-a-while unmarried Brad and Angelina's brood of children. But when the mom is just a regular civilian, it immediately takes on these star-f***er, fast-and-dirty connotations that, although fun, injure, for instance, Zac Efron's reputation as both approachable and astronomically unattainable.

The following 20 celebrities have secret babies, somewhere out in the world. These boys and girls grow up watching their fathers' movies, admiring them like we do, but feeling a distant kinship that we could never understand. (Or could we?)

20 Steven Tyler

19 Eddie Murphy

18 Ludacris

17 Bow Wow

16 Arnold Schwarzenegger

15 Dwayne Wade

14 Chuck Norris

13 Gavin Rossdale

12 John Edwards

11 Jesse Jackson

10 Eric Clapton

9 Beyonce (allegedly)

8 Matthew Knowles 

7 Tom Jones

6 Minnie Driver

5 Hugh Grant

4 Jude Law

3 Benicio del Toro

2 January Jones

1 P. Diddy

In 2007, P. Diddy had a daughter than ended his relationship. His affair with Atlanta based photographer Sarah Chapman yielded a child. When Kim Porter, his long term girlfriend and the mother of his three children found out, the two of them split up. We're tempted to say it's sad that that had to happen, but at the same time, if you want to keep your family and your home together, perhaps don't sleep with the first person you find interesting. Although, at the same time, if that had never happened, he might never have dated Cassie, which he was probably pretty happy to do.



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20 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Secret Love Children