20 Celebrities Who Saved Someone's Life

From the very beginning of the entertainment industry, regular people have been interested in the lives of celebrities. A celebrity, whether they be an actor, comedian, or musician, lives the kind of life we all dream of having, which is a primary reason why we are obsessed with them; and the fact that they are generally talented at their craft and usually attractive, tends to add to the obsession as well. The truth of the matter is, that celebrities, aside from their wealth and more lavish lifestyles, are just as ordinary as everyone else; and like everyone else, they have at one time dreamed of being a hero.

The term hero describes someone who goes out of their way to save the life of another person, and even though “hero” has lately become synonymous with comic book characters, there are actual heroes who exist in the real world as well. You can see heroes primarily in the form of police, doctors, firefighters, paramedics and soldiers; but those people can become automatic heroes thanks to their profession. In everyday life though, there are also ordinary people who exemplify what it means to be a hero by going out of their way to help save a life; and since celebrities are ordinary people just like us, it means that they are also capable of being heroic and saving people. Here is a list of 20 stars who saved somebody’s life.


20 T.I.

Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. is a Hip-Hop recording artist and actor who commonly goes by the stage name T.I. He has sold many records and collaborated with many other singers; with his acting credits including movies like American Gangster, Takers and Ant-Man. What many do not know about T.I. is that he has directly helped to save the lives of two individuals. Scott Stapp, the frontman of the band Creed, said that T.I. helped care for him after he jumped off the balcony of a hotel after getting high on drugs. The second life he helped to save was that of an Atlanta man who threatened to kill himself by jumping off a building in 2010. T.I. drove to the scene and successfully managed to talk the man out of jumping.

19 Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling got his acting start with some Canadian-based television shows, but his breakthrough role, and the role that earned him the undying adoration of women everywhere, came with his performance in the romantic hit The Notebook. Another thing that may make him even more appealing for women can be the fact that he likely saved a man’s life. While in New York City, Gosling witnessed a fight taking place on a street, a fight which saw one man take the upper-hand and beat the other quite badly. Gosling ran up, and broke up the fight, before the violence could escalate any further.

18 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is a beauty who started off her acting career on the comedy series That 70's Show, and since then, she can primarily be seen in movies or voicing Meg Griffin on Family Guy. In 2012, she aided in saving the life of a 50 year old man by calling the paramedics and staying with the man until they arrived after the man suffered a seizure. The man had been doing some work on Kunis’ home at the time of the seizure, so it is very fortunate that she was home at the time.

17 Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise has appeared in dozens of movies since the 1980's, including The Outsiders, Risky Business, Eyes Wide Shut, and the Mission Impossible franchise. He is known for being a Scientologist who does his own stunts, but he should also be known for aiding in saving a person’s life. In 1996, Cruise witnessed a person getting hit by a car; this accident ended up being a hit-and-run, and even though Cruise was unable to help catch the person responsible, he paid for all of the victim’s hospital expenses.

16 Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman has either been acting or directing since the 1960's, and in all that time he has come to be known for portraying anti-heroes and vulnerable characters, portrayals that have earned him two Oscars. In the year 2012, Hoffman was able to help save a man’s life. The man had been jogging, and suddenly collapsed, and Hoffman was close by and saw it happen, so he called 9-1-1 and stayed with the man until the paramedics arrived.

15 Ryan Kwanten


Ryan Kwanten is known primarily for his role as Jason Stackhouse on the HBO series True Blood, but he has also appeared in some minor movies such as Knights of Badassdom and Legend of The Guardians. In 2011, the Australian born actor helped to saved the life of a man he found lying on a street in Hollywood covered in blood. He approached the man, and moved him off the street, called the paramedics, and watched over the man until they arrived to properly treat him.

14 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is a British television and music producer, who has given the world shows like The X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and the mega-hit, American Idol. Cowell had a tendency of appearing on his own shows as a judge, and everyone loved to hate him because of his blunt and “mean” criticisms; and it is a good thing he was a judge, because he inadvertently saved a woman’s life because of it. During The X-Factor in 2007, he told a female singer that her voice was “quite raspy” and that it sounded like she was choking. The singer would take note of this and went to see a doctor who diagnosed her with a lung disease.


13 John Oates


John Oates made up half of the Hall of Fame music duo of Hall & Oates, who became famous for combining rock music with rhythm and blues. One night, when they were in the middle of their first official tour, the pair went out to eat at a restaurant, and it was there that John Oates performed a heroic act that likely saved multiple lives. A man with a ski mask and sawed-off shotgun entered and attempted to rob the restaurant, and Oates tackled the robber through a glass door, and kept him pinned down until the police arrived.

12 Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne is the son of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, and many people got see him on the MTV reality series which featured his family, The Osbournes. When the show came to an end, Jack when on to become a fitness and travel reporter which led to him landing his own shows. In 2012, while vacationing in Hawaii, Jack and his friend helped to save the life of a woman who suffered a heart attack while she was swimming. The pair swam to her, pulled her out of the water, and gave her CPR until paramedics arrived.

11 Patrick Dempsey


Patrick Dempsey has appeared in movies such as Enchanted, Maid of Honor, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but he is mainly known for playing the role of Dr, Derek Shepherd on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. He helped to save many lives on television, but he has also done so in real life. In 2012, Dempsey quickly acted to help a teenage driver who crashed their car right in front of his house. He made sure the teen was safe, called 9-1-1, and waited there until help arrived.

10 Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood legend, thanks to his iconic performances in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and the Dirty Harry movies. He is also a renowned director who has been nominated for multiple Oscars, and won several. In 2014, Eastwood added lifesaver to his resume while attending a PGA tour event. At this event he noticed that another attendee was choking on a piece of cheese, so he acted and successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver.

9 Demi Moore


Demi Moore is an actress best known for marrying Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, and for her starring roles in movies such as Striptease, Ghost, and A Few Good Men. In 2009, she was also directly responsible for saving the life of one of her female fans thanks to Twitter. The fan messaged Moore and told her that she planned on committing suicide, and Moore decided to alert the police about the situation. The police responded by finding the fan’s address and took her for psychological evaluation before she could kill herself.

8 David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is a Rock and Roll legend and Hall of Famer, who served as the lead singer of the hard rock band Van Halen. He and the band parted ways in 1985, but reunited again in 2006 where they set out on tour and released a new record; but to say that Roth did nothing in those twenty years away from the band would be a mistake. Roth worked as an EMT in New York City for a few years where he helped to save the lives of many people, including a woman who he saved with a defibrillator after she suffered a heart attack.

7 Ray Davies


Ray Davies is a British musician who played guitar and vocals for the band called The Kinks, and he has also acted and directed in theatre and television. While in New Orleans in 2004, Davies witnessed individuals trying to rob a woman at gunpoint, and he intervened. He chased after the robbers who fired their guns at Davies. He ended up taking a bullet in the leg while the victim of the robbery was left unharmed.

6 Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon is best known for playing the lead role in the crime drama television series NCIS, but he has in fact been acting since the 1970s, appearing in movies such as Freaky Friday and Chasing Liberty. Harmon has been saving the lives of fictional characters for years on NCIS, but in 1996, he saved the lives of two real-life teenage boys who were both in a car that got into an accident in front of Harmon’s home. The car began to catch fire, and Harmon ran up to the accident with a sledgehammer, which he used to break the car’s window so he could pull the boys out to safety.

5 Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford has been in the movie industry for decades now, and he has played some of the most iconic characters in the business like Han Solo and Indiana Jones. What some people might not know about him though, is the fact that Ford is also a licensed pilot, and he has used his piloting skills to participate in a few rescue missions. One of these missions came in 2000 when he helped to save two lost hikers in a forest. The next year, he also saved a thirteen year old who got lost at Yellowstone Park.

4 Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet will forever be remembered for her breakthrough performance in Titanic, but she has also appeared in many other movies and has been nominated for multiple Academy awards. She has won basically every acting award there is, but one of her best performances came when she helped a 90 year old woman from dying in a fire. In 2011, Winslet was staying at a mansion on a Caribbean island, and during a thunderstorm, a lightning bolt hit the mansion and set it on fire; and she helped to carry the elderly woman out to safety.

3 Garth Brooks


Garth Brooks is a country music mega-star who is known for integrating the rock and pop genres into his country music. He has won all kinds of awards for his music, including multiple Grammys; but his greatest achievement lies in the fact that he personally saved the lives of multiple people. While in Oklahoma in 2000, Brooks witnessed a grass fire which began to engulf houses. Brooks was driving his truck at the time, and helped to evacuate two brothers, then after driving them to safety, he drove back into the fire and rescued their neighbor along with her three kids.

2 Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie is the brother of actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, but he has paved his own way into the entertainment industry. He is a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block, and he has gone on to star in some movies like the SAW series, and some television shows such as Blue Bloods. In 2011, Donnie used his Twitter account to help save the life of a female fan who desperately needed a new kidney. When he retweeted the story, the Vanderbilt Medical Center, received a huge number of calls from potential donors. One of these donors was a match, and the fan got her transplant soon after.

1 Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx is an actor, singer, and comedian, who won an Academy Award for his tremendous performance as blind musician Ray Charles in the movie Ray. In January of this year, a man who was driving drunk, crashed his car into a drainage ditch outside of Foxx’s home, and the car caught fire after rolling a couple of times. Foxx reacted quickly and selflessly, running up to the accident, and pulling the man out of the burning car. The man suffered serious injuries, and was later arrested for drunk driving, but at least he can thank Foxx for saving his life.

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