20 Celebrities Who Saved Someone's Life

From the very beginning of the entertainment industry, regular people have been interested in the lives of celebrities. A celebrity, whether they be an actor, comedian, or musician, lives the kind of life we all dream of having, which is a primary reason why we are obsessed with them; and the fact that they are generally talented at their craft and usually attractive, tends to add to the obsession as well. The truth of the matter is, that celebrities, aside from their wealth and more lavish lifestyles, are just as ordinary as everyone else; and like everyone else, they have at one time dreamed of being a hero.

The term hero describes someone who goes out of their way to save the life of another person, and even though “hero” has lately become synonymous with comic book characters, there are actual heroes who exist in the real world as well. You can see heroes primarily in the form of police, doctors, firefighters, paramedics and soldiers; but those people can become automatic heroes thanks to their profession. In everyday life though, there are also ordinary people who exemplify what it means to be a hero by going out of their way to help save a life; and since celebrities are ordinary people just like us, it means that they are also capable of being heroic and saving people. Here is a list of 20 stars who saved somebody’s life.

20 T.I.

19 Ryan Gosling

18 Mila Kunis

17 Tom Cruise

16 Dustin Hoffman

15 Ryan Kwanten

14 Simon Cowell

13 John Oates

12 Jack Osbourne

11 Patrick Dempsey

10 Clint Eastwood

9 Demi Moore

8 David Lee Roth

7 Ray Davies

6 Mark Harmon

5 Harrison Ford

4 Kate Winslet

3 Garth Brooks

2 Donnie Wahlberg

1 Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is an actor, singer, and comedian, who won an Academy Award for his tremendous performance as blind musician Ray Charles in the movie Ray. In January of this year, a man who was driving drunk, crashed his car into a drainage ditch outside of Foxx’s home, and the car caught fire after rolling a couple of times. Foxx reacted quickly and selflessly, running up to the accident, and pulling the man out of the burning car. The man suffered serious injuries, and was later arrested for drunk driving, but at least he can thank Foxx for saving his life.

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20 Celebrities Who Saved Someone's Life