20 Beautiful Celebrities With Underrated Figures

Celebrities, on a whole, are an exceptionally good looking bunch. Most of us have had a bevy of celebrity crushes over the years. Yet despite the fact that there are cameras trained on these women wherever they go, there are still some celebs that somehow end up going under the radar. We’re here today to finally give some famous females the credit they deserve, based on their incredible bodies.

We won’t be looking at women like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston who are widely known to have bodies to die for. Instead, we are going to be focusing on celebs that have allowed the masses to make the mistake of missing out on appreciating what they are working with. So, sit back and we’re going to remind you, or make you aware, of some of the hottest figures that you’ve allowed yourself to be unaware of.

20 Anne Hathaway

19 Charli XCX


18 Ashley Greene

17 Isla Fisher

16 Krysten Ritter

15 Mary-Louise Parker

14 Melissa Rauch

13 Anna Kendrick

12 Maggie Gyllenhaal

11 Aubrey Plaza

10 Emmanuelle Chriqui

9 Lake Bell

8 Nina Dobrev

7 Rose Byrne

6 Lacey Chabert

5 Rashida Jones

4 Ellie Kemper

3 AJ Michalka

2 Chloe Bennet

1 Lizzy Caplan

How can you not like this actress? She’s been hilarious, effecting, dramatic, caustic, ironic, pretty and pretty much every other positive adjective we can think of during her career. The one thing that she always seems to be good at is her job. We first noticed her when Lizzy played a small supporting character on the classic show Freaks and Geeks but the background couldn’t hold her for long and before we knew it, she graduated to a lead role in the also beloved series Party Down. If that wasn’t enough to earn the world’s admiration she was awesome in Mean Girls, Hot Tub Time Machine and Cloverfield, on top of her current role as a lead in Masters of Sex. When she dropped her gear and walked onto our screens in the nude for the aforementioned series and True Blood, we were left in awe of how sexy her body actually is.

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20 Beautiful Celebrities With Underrated Figures