20 Beautiful Celebrities With Underrated Figures

Celebrities, on a whole, are an exceptionally good looking bunch. Most of us have had a bevy of celebrity crushes over the years. Yet despite the fact that there are cameras trained on these women wherever they go, there are still some celebs that somehow end up going under the radar. We’re here today to finally give some famous females the credit they deserve, based on their incredible bodies.

We won’t be looking at women like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston who are widely known to have bodies to die for. Instead, we are going to be focusing on celebs that have allowed the masses to make the mistake of missing out on appreciating what they are working with. So, sit back and we’re going to remind you, or make you aware, of some of the hottest figures that you’ve allowed yourself to be unaware of.


20 Anne Hathaway

An actress that became a star when she played a young woman who was plucked out of obscurity and turned into a princess, Anne seemed like the cookie cutter girl next door type. As she turned into a mature actress and began to take chances with her choice of roles and receive a great deal of accolades for her work, it became clear that this actress had some incredible chops. Whether it was her work in hit movies like Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rises or Alice in Wonderland that caught your eye, or her critically acclaimed turns in Les Misérables and Rachel Getting Married, you likely know who Anne is. Still, somehow it hasn’t become abundantly clear to everyone that she has blossomed into an incredibly attractive woman with a body that just won’t quit.

19 Charli XCX


The only musician on our list, Charli XCX has created a unique persona and played a pivotal role in the crafting of several hit songs. First becoming famous after her contributions to Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” caught the world’s attention, she was soon able to become a star on her own merits. Releasing her debut album, True Romance, which was well-received by critics and audiences, her sophomore effort became a bigger hit, charting in fifteen countries. Somehow in the hubbub and sales of albums and singles, the fact that this young woman has a tight body, has flown under the radar, despite her choices of clothes sometimes landing on the skimpy side.

18 Ashley Greene

Famous for her role in the much-reviled, shiny vampire franchise of films known as the Twilight saga, where Ashley Greene played a sexy (in a girl next door kind of way) vamp with powers such as being able to predict the future, a lot of people happily missed those movies. We are guessing that it is because of the fact that so many people can’t stand those movies that so many have missed out on her sexy as hell frame. Maybe her current work on the series Rogue, in which she has appeared topless, will finally gain the respect of a lot more viewers for her acting and figure.

17 Isla Fisher


An actress whose career has yet to reach the heights that her obvious comedic talent and charm seems to merit, we really hope that Isla reaches her potential sooner than later. Cast as a hilariously clingy lover in Wedding Crashers, she stole the spotlight from her far more famous co-stars and arguably gave the best performance in the entire film. Unfortunately, the majority of her follow-up roles haven’t caught on the way she must have hoped as evidenced by the poor performance of movies like Bachelorette and Confessions of a Shopaholic. On the other end of the ledger however Definitely, Maybe has a loyal audience and The Great Gatsby, Hot Rod and Now You See Me, have a lot of defenders. With all of the attention her career has received, her innate beauty, which definitely extends to her figure, has still been lost in the shuffle for years.

16 Krysten Ritter

An actress who quietly created one hell of a resume for herself while a lot of people were looking the other way, Krysten went from being the girl you couldn’t place to a star with true class. Despite the fact that she is best known as a television actress, her work in films like She’s Out of My League and Big Eyes definitely deserve your attention. That said, those roles could never compete with her short term but memorable role in Breaking Bad, her hilarious performance as the star of Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23 and of course, Jessica Jones. A part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she seems like she could rocket off into the stratosphere at any moment and maybe then we’ll all take note of the body she clearly worked hard to perfect.

15 Mary-Louise Parker


An actress who received her first film role all the way back in 1989, Mary-Louise Parker has never been the most famous actress in the world but she has managed to create a name for herself. A significant presence in films like Fried Green Tomatoes, Bullets over Broadway, Red Dragon, Saved!, RED and its sequel RED 2, she has added hit films in every decade since the eighties. Probably her most significant role though, and the role she is mostly recognized for, came as the star of the TV series Weeds. Aging like a fine wine, her body seems to only be improving as time goes by and we are surprised a lot more people haven’t noticed it, just yet.

14 Melissa Rauch

A lot of people may know this actress best for her over the top voice and role as Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz (that’s a mouthful) on the popular TV show, The Big Bang Theory (the most viewed show on TV today), but it is actually her curvy figure we took note of. Added to the ratings juggernaut in the series’ third season, Melissa Rauch instantly upped the sex appeal of the show, which all too often goes unnoticed as her character’s clothing don’t exactly show off the goods. Recently attempting to break out on her own with a starring role in The Bronze, a movie that gained attention for its raunchy content, hopefully her upcoming projects get her body the credit it truly deserves.


13 Anna Kendrick


Someone who comes off as a pre-eminently talented actress and wonderful person to be around, we sincerely hope that Anna Kendrick sticks around on our screens for many, many years to come. An Academy Award nominated actress for her work in Up in the Air, Anna has proven that accolade was well deserved with more great work in movies like 50/50 and End of Watch. Charming as hell in movies like Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods, ParaNorman and many others, she deserves to be a star of a far greater stature. Anyone who has seen images from the few sexier photoshoots she has taken part in will also realize that she also deserves a place on lists of the most attractive women alive, but that remains a small group. Did we mention she has a lovely voice?

12 Maggie Gyllenhaal

A talented actress who seems to throw her being, full force, into every role she takes on, she has proven herself to be extremely chameleon-like. Known for roles in movies like The Dark Knight, Crazy Heart, Frank and Stranger than Fiction, among many others, she is equally skilled as an actor and movie star. Considering that the role that first made a lot of people take note of Maggie, Secretary, was an erotic film about an overtly sexual relationship that showed her body in all its glory, she shouldn’t belong here. Yet there is little question that she should be included as she is seldom on lists of the sexiest women in Hollywood, despite looking elegant whenever she walks onto a red carpet or in front of a camera lens.

11 Aubrey Plaza


An actress who has perfected the ability to play characters whose words are filled to the brim with irony and mockery, Aubrey’s career seems to be on the rise. One of the stars of Parks and Recreation for seven seasons, we got to witness her character start out as someone who shut the world out before falling in love and showing how much she actually cares under the surface. Her film career has featured roles in movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Safety Not Guaranteed, The To Do List and Dirty Grandpa. Playing more and more sexually charged characters as of late, more and more fans are likely becoming aware that her clothes only serve to obscure our view of her sexy body.

10 Emmanuelle Chriqui

An actress whose face you are likely to recognize but name you are unlikely to know, Emmanuelle could almost be considered a character actor despite her good looks. With movies like 100 Girls, Wrong Turn and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan featuring her, it is safe to say that she hasn’t found the role that will turn the tide just yet. Of course the role that a lot of people think of first when they see her is her time as Sloan on eight seasons of the HBO show Entourage and its spin-off movie. Included here largely due to the fact that so many people are unaware of her, if she finds greater fame she is likely to be excluded from a list like this in the near future.

9 Lake Bell


Another actress who has largely gone unnoticed by a lot people, Lake Bell’s choices of roles, which often include comedies, seems to have caused many to ignore how sexy she really is. Known for roles in television series like Boston Legal, Surface, Children’s Hospital and How to Make it in America, her range is beyond question. If you’re more of a movie person, then her work in films like A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, No Strings Attached or In a World may come to mind. The one thing we know for sure though, is that when she decided to appear in the buff, her chest and figure were far more impressive than we would have ever thought possible.

8 Nina Dobrev

Best known as one of the stars of The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev had previously played Mia Jones in the much beloved Canadian drama Degrassi: The Next Generation  (where Drake also got his start) for three years. Also a part of films like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Let’s Be Cops and The Final Girls (a film that more horror fans need to see), she seems capable of coming off quite sincere in wacky situations. A Bulgarian-Canadian actress and model, it should go without saying that this young woman is certainly packing the heat (and a lot of it), but judging from her lack of notoriety with a lot of people that isn’t the case. If you're still not convinced, you should check out some of her bikini pictures on Google.

7 Rose Byrne


Best known in a lot of corners today for her work in two X-Men movies, Rose Byrne was hilarious in Neighbours 1 (and its recently released sequel Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising) and Bridesmaids, and compelling in 28 Weeks Later and Insidious. Also a veteran of fighting for television ratings, she has earned herself two Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations for her work on the show Damages, in which she co-starred with Glenn Close. We’re certain that anyone who has seen this Australian actress’ work will have no choice but to realize that she is a gorgeous and elegant woman, but there seems to be little chatter about her figure.

6 Lacey Chabert

A talented actress from a young age, Lacey Chabert was cast in one of the leading roles on the show Party of Five, in which she provided some of the most believable and dramatic moments. Spending a lot of time as an actress for television, including playing Meg Griffin on Family Guy, she appears in several TV movies a year, these days. That isn’t to say that she hasn’t played a major role in feature films, as any devotee of Mean Girls will remember, but even they may forget that she was in Lost in Space, Not Another Teen Movie and Daddy Day Care. A beautiful woman with a great rack, she is one of the most attractive women of her generation.

5 Rashida Jones


There are few figures in modern media that are as uniquely talented as the awesome lady. Best known for her roles on the shows The Office and Parks and Recreation, in which she was so easy to empathize with, after watching Rashida on television for years, we feel like we could watch her in anything. She is also an actress in films like I Love You Man, Our Idiot Brother, The Social Network, The Muppets and Celeste and Jesse Forever. You may have known all that already though, but the fact that she is a singer, documentary producer, comic book author and screenwriter (including the upcoming film Toy Story 4) may have slipped your notice. If you knew all of that, you’re in the minority, as you would be if you realized just how great of a figure this multifaceted woman possesses.

4 Ellie Kemper

Another talented woman who first came to our attention due to her work on the American version of The Office, Ellie Kemper is so good at playing a rube that she may be in danger of typecasting. Of course, fans of her current work on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt must know what we are talking about, as there are clear parallels between the roles. That said, we love her ability to seem infinitely innocent and spunky in equal measure, so we’re ok if she wades in those waters going forward. She has received the majority of her fame for playing buttoned up women which has led some to write her off as a cute girl but anyone who has seen her wearing a tight dress on a red carpet knows her body is more than just cute, it's banging.

3 AJ Michalka


We’re just going to say it. If you’re not watching The Goldbergs, the show this stunning actress is a star of today, you are missing out on one of the funniest and sweetest shows on television today. A singer who performs alongside her sister, Aly Michalka who is also a beautiful actress and musician, their band has been known as 78violet and Aly & AJ. Best known as an actress, her young career has been highlighted by the aforementioned series and roles in films like Super 8 and The Lovely Bones. An enchanting blonde, she seems very down to Earth, which may be part of the reason why her unbelievable body doesn’t get its due.

2 Chloe Bennet

Cast as one of the leads of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Chloe Bennet quickly became one of the series' most popular performers, possibly even surpassing series lead Clark Gregg. Cast as Skye, a loner computer hacker whose background was a mystery, her character has undergone a transformation over the run of the series. Now a powerful Inhuman with abilities far beyond a typical human, her skills are awesome to behold but it is her character development we enjoy most. A beautiful woman to say the least, there are surprisingly few people who are aware of just how improbably alluring her figure is.

1 Lizzy Caplan


How can you not like this actress? She’s been hilarious, effecting, dramatic, caustic, ironic, pretty and pretty much every other positive adjective we can think of during her career. The one thing that she always seems to be good at is her job. We first noticed her when Lizzy played a small supporting character on the classic show Freaks and Geeks but the background couldn’t hold her for long and before we knew it, she graduated to a lead role in the also beloved series Party Down. If that wasn’t enough to earn the world’s admiration she was awesome in Mean Girls, Hot Tub Time Machine and Cloverfield, on top of her current role as a lead in Masters of Sex. When she dropped her gear and walked onto our screens in the nude for the aforementioned series and True Blood, we were left in awe of how sexy her body actually is.

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