18 Social Media Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Ever wonder if you can do more with your social media apps? Check out our list of 18 tricks and hacks that will forever change the way you connect (and spy) online.

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18 Facebook: See Your Entire Search History

Deep in the pockets of your Facebook settings there is an ‘Activity Log’. Click the 'More' menu and prepare to come face to face with your entire search history—all of it. Once you’ve seen each and every person search, sneaky creep and feel sufficiently humiliated; click the tiny ‘Clear Searches’ button at the top right hand side of the page dissolving your search history shame…until next time, that is.

17 Viber: Animated Character Messages

Welcome to 3D animated messaging! Viber, the cross platform image, video, audio and text-sharing app is now equipped to enlist the help of a 3D animated avatar to spread your words. Tap the ‘Animated Message’ button, choose your character, record a message using your own voice and send. This is your chance to put words in mouths of some of your favourite animated characters including Smurfette and Riu.

16 Instagram: Private Pics and Messaging

Via: mashable.com

Did you know you can private chat with your Instagram followers? To access the Direct Chat feature go to the ‘Direct’ menu at the top right side of the Home screen. Tapping this button also allows you to see and share pictures and videos with specific individuals or groups chosen by you.

15 Twitter: Private Messages Between Followers and Followees

Via: www.hotforsecurity.com

Despite what you may think, the entire world world does not need to know how you feel about someone else’s Tweets. Send your opinion via private message by clicking the mail icon at the top of the homepage. Select ‘New Message’; enter the person’s name in the address box and private message to your Twittering heart’s content. Since private messages can only go out to people who follow you, you’ll have to live without direct access your favourite Twitter Celeb.

14 Instagram: Photo Tracker  

Instagram Photo Tracker keeps a public record of where you were when an image was uploaded. Something to think about when uploading those Direct Chat messages—are you really where you say you are?

13 Voxer: Automatic Location Indicator

The app that turns your high-tech smart phone into an old-timey walkie-talkie is a big with teens and tweens. But what kids may not be considering while “rogering-out” is that the app, which also allows users to share texts and photos, has some serious location tracking functionality. Voxer’s default settings automatically reveal your location to everyone unless it is manually disabled the ‘Privacy Mode’ menu.

12 Facebook: Share With Everyone Except Your Mother in Law

Finally, you no longer have to worry about your family or co-workers seeing a Facebook post!  Exclude those pesky over commenters or just your mother in law by selecting ‘Custom’ in the ‘Who to Share This With’ tab before a post goes live. The excluded Facebook user will never be the wiser and you can carry on, uncensored.

11 HelloSpy: How to Spy on Other People’s Viber Chats

Interested in knowing more about the conversations and whereabouts of your friends and loved ones? HelloSpy is a GPS tracking device that allows you to see the location, phone number and chats of other Viber users. Aside from being invasive and scary, the mobile spy software allows you to invisibly review another person’s images, texts, contacts and device location all organized on a neat little dashboard. You can get this one for WhatsApp too.

10 Instagram: Take a Photo Without Posting It

Instagram has cornered the market on photo filters but sometimes we just want to take a picture so we can apply the filters for our own (non-sharing) purposes. And now you can. To take a photo in Instagram without posting it, simply turn on your phone’s airplane mode (or disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) open up your Instagram and use as normal. Tap the share button, receive the requisite “fail’ message (after all you’re not connected to the Internet) and head to your camera roll to find the filtered image saved and waiting. Be sure to delete the post in Instagram before reconnecting to the Web or you will find your image promptly uploaded for all to see.

9 Filter Fakers: Call Out the Fake #Hashtagers

#Nofilter, no more! Call out those pesky no filter faksters on their digitally enhanced selfies. The Filter Fakers app allows Instagram users to identify photos where a filter has been added—it’ll even tell you which one the alleged ‘amazing photographer’ used. According to the app more than 40 million photos are uploaded each day so it makes sense that at least few #nofilter claims are fake, fake, fake. If you want to outsmart the Filter Fakers you can still use Camera + to fool your followers.

8 LinkedIn: Build a Proper Resume in Seconds

One of the greatest professional networking sites of all time, LinkedIn marries the power of online social networking with the sensibilities of a professional work place. But mastering the art of professional profile creation isn’t easy. Sure, you can upload a copy of your resume to the site but wouldn’t it be great if you could turn it into a ready-to-wear resume? Well, you can. Find the Resume Builder function in LinkedIn Labs, select a template and see information from your profile uploaded automatically. Resume Builder also allows you to easily PDF and print your up to date resume at any time.

7 LinkedIn: View a Profile Anonymously

LinkedIn is a great way to let people know about your skills and abilities but sometimes you want to view someone’s full profile on the down low. Anonymous profile viewing is a reality for snooping professionals and can be controlled through ‘Account & Settings’. Select ‘Privacy & Settings’, click ‘Privacy Controls’ and choose, “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.” A pop-up window will appear and all you have to do is choose, “You will be totally anonymous option” and voila, you’re off for some top-secret profile viewing.

6 Facebook: Find the Unnamed Hottie in Your Office

Want to see a list of everyone you work with who isn’t on your Facebook friends list? You can do that! Enter “Randos at [the name of company]” in the search bar and behold the names and online personas of your co-workers. This function also allows you to find others you may want to connect with from other companies and businesses. Mind the syntax, this one won’t work with out the parentheses.

5 Snapchat: See Your Snaps More Than Once

Say goodbye to viewing your Snap only once! See recent Snapchats in your stream just one more time each day by using the Replay function. Found in your Settings under ‘Manage’, this awesome replay also allows you to view friend’s Snaps again without notifying them of your creep.

4 WhatsApp: Save All Your Chats…Forever

Keep a rock steady record of all your WhatsApp conversations by backing up all your encounters within the app. Select ‘Chat Preferences’ in the ‘Settings Menu’ and click ‘Chat History Backup’. Your chats will be backed up each and every night giving you a running record of the he said, she said of your daily life.

3 YouTube Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection

The only thing more annoying than watching commercials before a YouTube video is watching a video on a slow Internet connection. Agonizing buffer times and choppy playback ruin the experience and make it unlikely you’ll share. But YouTube is hip to the problem, kids. They’ve introduced a function called ‘Feather Beta’ that cuts down the byte size of video thereby freeing up the speed of streaming and the enabling normal video play.

2 Snapchat Protect Your Number from Hackers

Snapchat users know that along with their Username, their mobile number is easily accessible to others. In fact, the popular app’s recent data breach saw more than 4.6 million numbers turned over to hackers. Break the chains between your Username and mobile phone number by unclicking the ‘Link username to mobile number’ option within the Settings menu. Your number will still remain in the Snapchat system but this move gives you an added layer of protection.

1 YouTube Get to the Good Part

Nobody wants to watch a five-minute video when all they’re really interested in is 30 seconds of real action. In fact, most people can’t hold their attention that long. Instead of letting others know what minute to click to for streamlined viewing, you can share only the best parts of a video and leave the rest. All you have to do is add #t=02m04s (02 indicates the minute and 04 the seconds) and the video will automatically upload at the desired time.

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