17 Kids Who Have More Swag Than Their Celeb Parents

Swag has different interpretations, but I like to think of it as a certain je ne sais quoi – a demeanor of existing that just exudes cool. Obviously sometimes it’s all a mask for deep-rooted insecurities, but if you swag hard enough you can fool anyone.

Swag is subjective, I know. But, there are certain people you look at and you're just like - yesssss this person has it. Sometimes this person happens to be a child. And that's totally okay. Kids are so swagtastic these days, it's unbelievable. When I think back to what I looked like between 1997-2004, it astonishes me that I was even allowed out of the house. But, these Hollywood kids are born with some sort of swag gene. They're all just killin' it in life and I'm in my mid-twenties and sort of still growing into my swag a little bit. Hollywood babies literally come out of the womb with a spotlight immediately thrust upon them. It's sink or swag. So they swag, and they swag hard. (Note: I will be using the word swag about a million thousand more times in this listicle, so get ready to handle that.)

Celebrities have swag emanating out of their pores, that’s why we apparently can’t seem to look away. So it’s no surprise that their offspring achieve a new level of swag – it’s like 2nd or 3rd generation swag, and that my friends is simply the amount of swag that deserves your minimally divided attention for the next five minutes of your life.

19 Levi McConaughey


18 North West


17 Ava Phillippe


16 Suri Cruise


15 Rafferty Law

14 Gigi Hadid

13 Jaden and Willow Smith


11 Hailey Baldwin

10 Zoe Kravitz

9 Patrick Schwarzenegger

8 Violet Affleck


7 Alexander and Samuel Schreiber


6 Apple & Moses Martin


5 Henry Samuel


4 Nahla Aubry

3 Olive Cohen


2 Miley Cyrus

1 Harlow Madden


When your grandfather is Lionel Richie, your mother is Nicole Richie, and your father is Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden, there’s just no way that you aren’t going to ooze swag out of your pores. Not to mention her name is Harlow, which is pretty badass. And her brother’s name is Sparrow – also badass.


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17 Kids Who Have More Swag Than Their Celeb Parents