17 Embarrassing Facts Celebs Have Actually Shared About Themselves

Everyone has secrets. They are a necessity of life, and something we’ve been drawn to since childhood. Secrets start small, like sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar, but as we get older secrets get much more complicated.

Take for example the military; its entire existence is built upon secrets. Keeping secrets to protect public safety, and finding the bad guy’s secrets and sabotaging them. Dial the intensity down a notch and we have corporations. Like pharmaceutical companies all racing to patent the next wonder drug, or tech companies creating the perfect cellphone. Months and years of confidential research and development are involved. Or what about the food business? Colonel Sanders couldn’t sell one bucket of chicken if he gave away that secret recipe.

Secrets are just as essential on a personal level. For example: Who do you love? Relationships can go on for years until you finally find the right moment to express your feelings. Or this one: How many people have you slept with? That is such a personal detail that some people never tell anybody, even their best friend or spouse. We keep dozens of dumb little meaningless secrets too, like you haven’t showered in three days, or you actually did sing along to that One Direction song. And maybe you were the one who drank your roommate’s last beer.

Now imagine having all these secrets to keep track of, and then you get famous. Interviews are constant, and you may let your guard down and end up revealing something really stupid. Here’s a list of some shocking secrets that celebrities probably should have kept to themselves.

17 Hugh Jackman - Peed His Pants

16 Katy Perry - Keeps Locks of Celebs' Hair

15 Sylvester Stallone - Starred in Adult Film

14 Taylor Swift - Can't Swim

13 Emily Blunt - Used to Stutter

12 Daniel Radcliffe - Strict Childhood

11 Matthew McConaughey - Never Watched Movies

10 Kate Upton - Wardrobe Malfunctions

9 Leighton Meester - Prison Baby

8 Jerry Springer - Likes Massage Parlors

7 Megan Fox - Doesn't Flush

6 Jack Nicholson - Family Issues

5 Emma Stone -  Computer Nerd

4 Christina Aguilera - Doesn't Speak Spanish 

3 Nicole Kidman - Afraid Of Butterflies

2 Kate Winslet - Grooming Down Below

1 Brad Pitt - Skipping Showers

It’s no surprise that Brad Pitt is on this list. He must have tons of embarrassing details in his life after marrying Angelina Jolie. Angie used to make-out with her brother and wear a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck. Thornton admitted that he and his famous ex even wore each other’s underwear when they were apart. So how can Brad top that? Well for one, he admitted to wearing the El Pollo Loco crazy chicken outfit before his acting career took off. Plus he admitted that it’s okay to skip showering, as long as you use a baby wipe to clean your armpits now and then. Yuck.

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17 Embarrassing Facts Celebs Have Actually Shared About Themselves