16 Things We Already Know About Game Of Thrones Season 7

If you're going through some serious Game of Thrones withdrawal, you're not alone. I mean, after Sansa fed her husband to the dogs and Cersei blew up 70% of King's Landing, there wasn't much to live for besides watching more Game of Thrones. So, that leaves many of us wondering what the hell is going to happen in season seven.

Being that season six may have been one of the most talked about and well-produced, we can expect some big things from season seven. Oh, and not to mention that with seasons seven and eight being the last of the series, shit is about to hit the fan so hard. I mean, Dany is finally on a boat, you guys! Dany has been talking about crossing the narrow sea for about as long as I've been talking about getting into yoga. She's crossing that sea and I still haven't mastered downward dog, but whatever.

So, yeah because I haven't mastered yoga and Game of Thrones is still the best thing in my life, I'm seriously excited for season seven. Will Cersei get hers? Will Sansa drift over to the dark side? Does none of this matter because the White Walkers will kill everyone? Well, I don't know any of this for sure. Actually, that's a lie. Cersei is 100% going to get got. No way does she live. But, below, we do have some solid spoilers for season seven of things that we know of already. While the things we know about season seven range for plot reveals to set reveals, they are all interesting as hell.

Below is everything we already know about season seven. Oh, obviously, if you're not into spoilers, this is an article about spoiling stuff, so yeah.

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12 Gendry Is Back, Y'all!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering what the hell happened to Gendry after he rowed off at the end of season three. Considering that he’s almost definitely going to return with season seven, that’s a very long time to spend rowing.

Speculation about his character has been interesting with many hopeful that he’ll make his return and others assuming that he may have died at sea. Well, if you’re dying for ol’ Gendry to make his return, your prayers may be answered. Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, was seen at the Belfast airport – y’know, Belfast, like where Game of Thrones films. Of course, others like Lena Headey and Sophie Turner have been seen in Belfast too, but we all knew we’d be seeing Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister in season seven so it's not as big a deal.

Does this mean Gendry is back for sure? Well, no. We have no way of proving that, but his being in Belfast is the most solid proof we’ve gotten about a Gendry return as of yet.

In terms of the show, it could be significant, as he is Robert Baratheon’s bastard but that wouldn’t necessarily give him a great claim to the throne. Could marrying Dany help seal her deal with the throne?

11 Cersei And Euron Are A Thing

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Watchers of the Wall is a pretty great source for everything spoilers. I seriously think that they have people camp outside of the Game of Thrones sets in Europe to get this news because otherwise I’m not sure how they know some of these things. Also, I would 100% love a job camping outside of Game of Thrones sets.

That being said, Watchers of the Wall has reported that Euron Greyjoy is teaming up with Cersei Lannister. To be honest, Euron is a weird character, who thought the Mother of Dragons was going to be interested in his ships and penis proposals. Nope, Euron. Dany wouldn't be into you, bro. Have you seen Drogo?

Euron straight-up declares that he is a god, the drowned god to be precise. The jury is still out on his godliness but him and Cersei teaming up will make for one badass evil that will need to be put down.

10 Euron Will Capture A Greyjoy

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Ah, more Euron spoilers. Apparently, this dude is going to be hot shit this season.

Reports have surfaced that Yara and Theon will engage in a full-on naval battle – like, ships battling ships. It has been reported that Euron will capture either Theon or Yara, which may happen during this ship on ship battle. If it does indeed happen during this naval battle, it would suggest that Euron lives through the battle and may possibly triumph. That leaves one wondering where the hell the dragons are since they Greyjoys are Team Dany, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyways, Euron either captures Theon or Yara. Sorry for Theon, but he certainly seems like he’d be an easier capture than Yara. Oh, great, we may have to watch Theon get tortured for another seasons. Considering, though, that Theon was a prisoner of Ramsay Bolton and technically a prisoner of the Starks, it may be his sissy's turn to be prisoner.

9 Euron Will Kill A Sand Snake

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Okay, this is the last Euron spoiler that we know of. Apparently, Euron is causing a lot of trouble by teaming up with Cersei, capturing a Greyjoy... and taking out a Sand Snake.

Of the spoilers that could come out about season seven deaths, this one makes sense because no one really cares about the Sand Snakes. I mean, it was kind of funny when the one told Bronn that he wants a good girl but needs the bad p***y. Then again, it was also a little jolting because who the hell says that kind of shit? So, it could be bad p***y girl or one of the other two, but Euron is certainly taking out a Sand Snake.

The juicier part of this spoiler is that it could mean that Euron lands in Dorne, unless the Snakes attack his fleet on the sea. Also, it seems odd that Euron would only take out one Snake instead of all three, since they seem to go into battle together often, so it will be interesting to see the scene play out.

12. Shooting Locations Mean Something Big

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Filming locations may not seem like they give away much, but we can get some seriously juicy information from them. For example, it's been announced that they will be filming in Royal Dockyards of Seville in Spain. The location is described as "a medieval shipyard, Gothic in design, built in the 13th century on the order of Ferdinand III of Castile." Of course, this could be used for a number of different locations, like a stop of Dany's journey. One thing is for sure, though, the ships are going to be playing a big role in season seven.

It's also been reported that one of the Spanish locations will be used as the Dragonpit, which Dany will visit. Located in King's Landing, it was once where Targaryens would house their dragons but it has since been destroyed. The big take away here is that Daenerys will be in King's Landing in season seven.

Oh, the set for Winterfell is also up but that's no surprise because The North and stuff.

8 When Filming Finally Wraps

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Filming for season seven is underway, which is why we've already had so many sightings of the actors. It began in August, which is later than usual... which means the filming will wrap later than usual too. I know, I'm upset too. Filming is set to wrap in February 2017. It's good to know when it wraps though, because we can expect marketing for season seven to really ramp up then... meaning a new trailer to dissect every single moment of.

The current trailer is all about the behind-the-scenes production, which is very cool, as it's easy to forget how much work goes into the set design and costumes. That being said, let's get a new trailer with some dragons and characters giving each other side-eye! Give us spoilers, HBO!

7 Jorah Is Back, Too!

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When Dany tells Jorah to do something, the guy does it. For the record, Jorah Mormont may be the most tragic character on the whole show. He lives and breaths for Dany, who is off banging Drogo or Daario. It's actually a little sad to watch him follow her around like a love sick puppy.

The last we saw of Jorah, he was suffering from greyscale and Dany ordered him to go find a cure. Since that was the last we saw of Jorah, it was certainly up in the air as to how much we will actually be seeing of him in season seven, but Iain Glen, who plays Jorah, has already been spotted in Northern Ireland so he'll definitely have some screen time in the new series.

No word on if he'll be showing up on the show as his stoic Jorah or a scaly zombie monster.

6 Jim Broadbent Cast In A Mysterious Role

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Oscar-winner Jim Boadbent has been cast in Game of Thrones and it's been reported that it's an important role. HBO has kept a tight lip about the details of his role (and everything else about the show) and has only stated that it's significant.

Now, we can speculate on who Boadbent will be playing but there is obviously no proof to swing it one way or another. An easy theory could be that Boadbent may be playing a villain. With Walder Frey and all the awful Boltons now dead, another guy could rise up without realizing that Cersei and Euron are already rocking the villain thing.

Given that he sort of looks like the other maesters on the show (because he's a older, white guy) he could be playing a measter who will have a huge impact on Samwell at the Citadel.

8. New Castings

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We don't know everything about the new characters being introduced but we can certainly speculate. HBO was looking for a military general (40-55) with a posh British accent. A posh British accent usually points to King's Landing, so Cersei could be cooking up an army as Dany is sailing in. They are also casting an old priest with a Posh British accent as well. This could possibly be a remaining Sparrow, who wasn't blown up with the rest of them.

Getting away from King's Landing, a 16-year-old Northern girl and a 10-year-old Northern boy have also been cast. They are set to appear with leading cast members (Sansa? J. Snizzow?) in a dramatic scene. The North have railed behind Jon and if Sansa doesn't up with Littlefinger, The North doesn't seem to have many internal worries but rather external worries, from the Walkers and Cersei, and even possibly Dany.

However, the Northerners who were cast could also be used for another Bran flashback. Maybe, we'll be meeting Jon's real papa, Rhaegar Targaryen, in season seven. Again, these casting can lead to much speculation but it's hard to say for sure what roles they will be playing.

5 Details On The Big Battle

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In every season of Game of Thrones, we usually get at least one big, badass battle. In season six, it was "Battle of the Bastards" and it certainly did not disappoint. In fact, it may have been the most epic battle on the show thus far, and that's saying a lot.

Considering that seasons seven and eight are the grand finale, fans are hoping for a few most epic battles and there are reports that we'll be satisfied with a big battle in season seven. In fact, HBO signed on 450 extras who had to be willing to shave off their hair and beards... so, Unsullied. With Unsullied in the battle, it's looking like it could be Dany going up against Euron and Cersei. With the Tyrells, other Greyjoys and Martells in her corner as well, it seems like basically every single character who is not in The North may be involved in this showdown. I'm already popping the popcorn.

When asked about a battle, Emilia Clarke stated, "Last season’s battle was ridiculous… but this season is like there’s like, another battle that’s epic." Alright, we'll take Dany's word for it.

4 Alan Taylor Will Return To Direct

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Alan Taylor is set to return as a director on season seven of Game of Thrones. He made his debut in one of the most memorable episodes of season one, and perhaps the series. He directed "Baelor," you know the episode in which dear ol' Ned Stark gets beheaded. He also directed the finale of season one, entitled "Fire and Blood."

Since directing a few other episodes in season two, Taylor jumped to the big screen, directing the Marvel film Thor: The Dark World. He then went on to reunite with Emilia Clarke and directed Terminator Genisys.

Being that he directed "Baelor," a dramatic episode in which we lost one of the most beloved Game of Thrones characters, there is speculation as to if he'll be returning for another huge death. Perhaps another Stark death? Oh, cool, now I'm having a Stark death panic attack.

3 Jeremy Podeswa And Mark Mylod Also Set To Direct

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Two other directors who are set to return are Jeremy Podeswa and Mark Mylod.

Jeremy Podeswa directed two episodes in season five: "Kill the Boy" and "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken." If the second one isn't ringing a bell, it's when Sansa Stark marries Ramsay Bolton and has, err, quite the wedding night. Despite being critiqued for the fact that it showcased Theon's face, y'know instead of Sansa's as she was raped, he recieved an Emmy nomination for his direction. Podeswa also directed "The Red Woman" and "Home" in season six. All of his episodes were pivotal for both Sansa Stark and Jon Snow so he may be returning for a Stark/Snow heavy episode.

Mark Mylod, who directed "High Sparrow" and "Sons of the Harpy" in season five and "The Broken Man" and "No One" in season six, is also set to return.

2 Miguel Sapochnik Not Returning

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Speaking of directors who are set to return, Miguel Sapochnik is surprisingly not returning for season seven. Who is Miguel Sapochnik you may ask? Well, if you enjoyed "Battle of the Bastards" or "The Winds of Winter" in this past season, he directed those two episodes. Currently those two episodes are the highest rated on IMDB so it's safe to say that if you're a fan of the show, you probably enjoyed the epic battle in episode nine or the dramatic opening sequence of episode ten.

Of course, since they often have repeat directors and Miguel Sapochnik really did a knock out job on two episodes, he could return for a big episode in season eight.

3. Who Is Signed On

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The actors who signed up for season seven way back in 2014 were Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), Lena Headey (Cersei), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime). They are all also optioned for the eighth season, but that doesn't really mean much. It was reported that Natalie Dormer signed up for season seven and, err, she ain't comin' back.

Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya) are also signed on for season seven. So, you're basically guaranteed to see their faces on the screen again, but we can't be guaranteed that they all live.

But, damn you, Sophie Turner. In a recent interview, Turner said, "We’ve got one more season… well, not all of us." Then the big time speculation began because don't we all just want to know who it will be? Of course, a ton of people will die. In fact, we already know that one of the Sand Snakes will die. However, if Turner is going to drop a quote like that, our money is one of the main characters getting taken out.

Of the main characters, Jon Snow will most likely not be dying any time soon, because then why did he come back from the dead? Dany also seems like she'll make it through most, if not all, of the series. Martin's wife apparently loves Arya so she may make it through too. Turner could have actually been making that comment about Sansa Stark, which would be a total bummer since her character just finally got really cool.

2. Winter Coming Pushed Back The Release

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The release date of season seven was pushed back, in case you didn't already know. If you did know, you probably already cried some tears and if this was the first you found out, I'll give you a moment to mourn.

This is annoying but the showrunners did give a decent reason for the push back of the release. Now that winter has arrived in the show, they don't need sunny weather to film. In fact, it's better for them to film in dark, grey weather. Pushing back filming pushes back the wrap and, yeah, you get it. Though we don't have an exact date, season seven doesn't premiere until Summer 2017.

Even worse news than the whole setback is the fact that there will only be seven episodes in this season and, presumably, the last season. You know how episode nine is also the most hardcore episode in the season? Well, there won't even be an episode nine in season seven. HBO, we will forgive you if ever episode of season seven is like an episode nine. You hear us?

1 Khal Drogo Could Be Back (But Probably Isn't)

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My sun and stars, Khal Drogo might be back! Okay, he seriously probably isn't at all but hey, let's all speculate for funsies. Jason Momoa posted a photo of him having a beer with the showrunners in Belfast, where the show films. He then posted a photo with Kit Harrington to his Instagram.

Of all the reasons he is most likely not going to show up in season seven, the most obvious is that if he was, it would be kept under wraps. The showrunners wouldn't be down for him posting these photos. However, maybe, just maybe, Dany has a vision of Drogo. I mean, she did admit to Tyrion that she's scared and maybe she needs a little daydream of Drogo. Frankly, I go for a Drogo daydream on the daily so I couldn't really blame the girl.

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