14 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Love Blonde Bombshells

Ever since Marilyn Monroe, beautiful blondes have captivated the world, and nowadays there are hundreds to choose from. Instagram provides the opportunity to sneak a peak into the personal lives of some famous bombshells, and The Richest is here with a selection of only the finest. Hair dye and bleach doen’t matter here - if she is sporting or has sported blonde locks then she’s under consideration. These women are diverse in talent, attitude and background. Some fair-haired vixens are singers, others models, actresses and more. Then there’s the triple-threat: the dancer, actress, singer— power driven women striving to gain popularity in as many ways possible to gain an edge over the fierce competition.

There are so many blondes out there to choose from, that it gets very difficult, so we had to narrow it down somehow, and decided on the following criteria.

ONE, the girl must be smoking hot - the type of girl that you see at Starbucks, and she’s so fine that you drop your hot coffee on your lap, and you’re still too shocked to move or do anything but watch, as the scalding beverage sinks into your jeans. The kind of girl that you wish you could whip out your phone and photograph, but the chance of looking like a total creep just stops you at the last second. Sure, when she’s famous it’s a different story, but we are looking for a grace that would turn heads even if fame weren’t a factor. This is the beauty of legend. That girl you see and you’re still thinking about the next day, the next week, and every night, all night long. The total dream girl.

TWO, the girl must be talented. Ever watch the Miss Universe pageant? Say there’s a beautiful girl walking around and she’s so fantastic it’s sickening. She looks phenomenal in the evening gown competition, nails the bikini portion too, but then she gets up on stage and waves a baton around in such a lame act that your 3-year-old niece could do better. Or maybe the bombshell straps on some tap shoes, and has about as much rhythm as a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Such an abysmal display of talent will not suffice here. These girls are at the top of their game. Strutting their stuff because they have confidence, intelligence and vision. Even if they come from a famous family, are filthy rich, or are constantly on vacation, these girls have done something important, their contributions to society will not be forgotten. Well, not for a few months at least.

THREE, we are looking at their Instagram accounts specifically, so they’ve got to have interesting stuff on there. Come on ladies, everybody knows you’re cute but you can’t have an entire account with selfies only. You’ve got to branch out a little. Help the sick and the hungry. Shout out to the fans. Donate an hour of your time. We know you have talent but you get extra points for showing compassion on the page. And we’re taking away points for food posts and corny memes.

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14 Taylor Swift

via gq.com

The reining queen of pop, the country crossover powerhouse has been looking pretty good lately. Did you see her svelte October 2015 GQ cover? There was a time when it was unclear whether this girl would grow up to be hot, but with all the personal trainers and stylists at her fingertips, everything has turned out just fine. There’s an old saying: if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. Well, Taylor took that advice and switched the word success with beautiful. Her posse is full of supermodels and their beauty is rubbing off.

13 Charlotte McKinney

via nocoastbias.com

The beautiful buxom blonde to a T, Charlotte McKinney burst onto the scene like many blondes before her as a Carl’s Jr. girl on a commercial aired during the Super Bowl. In January 2015, as millions of viewers watched, McKinney walked, or more specifically bounced, through a farmers’ market street presumably naked, and turning heads, hiding her unmentionables behind cleverly placed inanimate objects like ripe tomatoes and honeydew melons - smoking hot. Since then, she did a lousy job on Dancing with the Stars, getting eliminated in the third week. A much better IG poster than dancer, McKinney’s account is on fire, and may be the reason she was discovered to begin with. She is always posting the hottest pics and videos of her fantastic body. She does some Saint Jude promos as well, which is nice, but who’s looking at those?

12 Gisele Bundchen

via abcnews.go.com

NFL dudes get all the breathtaking babes, but somehow this modeling powerhouse is so on top of her game that she makes champ Tom Brady look like the gold digger. She’s the standard, one of the highest grossing models of all time. Giselle is a franchise powered by an unbelievable, unaging, and statuesque physic. Her body is flawless. And her pompous little smirk makes her even hotter. Have you seen the latest Chanel commercial? Wow. Giselle has an IG account that shows how effortlessly beautiful and photogenic this supermodel, mother, and wife is. There are also nods to her environmental efforts like UNEP. Not too many shots of Tommy lately, though. Maybe there really is trouble in paradise.

11 Miley Cyrus

via nydailynews.com

10 Beyonce

via womansday.com.au

Hey, we said it’s all about the hair, remember? And have you noticed what color Queen B has been sporting lately? And she keeps rocking it, because she looks good! Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in history. Her IG page is filled with great shots of her, Jay and Blue, and she’s always repping a good cause with FLOTUS.

We know Beyonce is surely the triple threat. A great singer, obviously. Dances like crazy at her concerts and in her videos. That "Single Ladies video" changed the game. And now Bey wants to do a little more acting. She has already dabbled with a major role in Dreamgirls, but lately she has been taking acting classes, and yearning for the dramatic role that will change her career. Good idea on taking those classes, Bey - Austin Powers was not good.

9 Gigi Hadid

via nydailynews.com

One of the Taylor Swift posse, this little hottie also hangs out with the Jenner girls and the Victoria Secret models. And good gracious, the latest Stuart Weitzman promo is on fire! Her mother, Yolanda Foster, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was once a pretty fine model herself. And her step-dad, music producer David Foster, is responsible for some amazing music, including "Glory of Love", the Karate Kid soundtrack gem. His love of music may have rubbed off on Gigi, who just broke up with musician Joe Jonas. Her IG page is a jumble of magazine covers and celebrity selfies, and motivational quotes here and there, but mostly just her looking beautiful.

8 Ellie Goulding

via daftlwrnc.tumblr.com

Here’s another musician that has a pretty face and killer body, but what sets her apart is that layered, warbling voice. She coos like a sexy dove, whirling about her melodies with vocal runs all her own. There’s a 2014 compilation holiday track, "Do They Know It’s Christmas", like "We Are the World for the latest generation". Sam Smith is there, Ed Sheeran, One D, and old grandpa Bono garbling on about Africa. Then Ellie pipes up and takes her verse to another level.

And have you seen the ‘On my Mind’ video? Ellie has never looked hotter, spinning slowly in a smoky spotlight, totally in the buff. Her IG page shows her looking good, with an occasional shout out to fans, a poem or two, and some favorable news clippings and reviews.

7 Sofia Vergara

via nydailynews.com

Another beautiful blonde. That’s right, blonde. Sofia Vergara has stated in multiple magazines like Glam and Self, that in order to fit the Hollywood stereotype of a classic Latina hottie, Sofia had to darken her hair, which is naturally much lighter. The decision paid off in 2013 when she was the highest paid actress on television. She would look great even with purple hair though, really. Those voluptuous curves, and the fiery attitude, contrasted by the hilarious timing, make this actress a comedy standout. Her IG account is full of shots of her November wedding to Joe Manganiello, plus candid selfies from the set of her TV show Modern Family, and many more pics promoting her 2015 film Hot Pursuit, with famous blonde Reese Witherspoon. Sophia also promotes the heck out of her new coffee machine, the Ninja, but she looks great doing it.

6 Karlie Kloss

via harpersbazaar.co.uk

Okay, close your eyes and picture Taylor Swift. Now picture her at her hottest. Now, multiply that by ten and you get her BFF Karlie Kloss. Karlie is the classic babe. Not the buxom, voluptuous variety, but the tight, sleek, long legged kind, who still displays curves in all the right places. She’s another member of the T. Swift supermodel crew, seen mostly on the runways and magazine covers. Her IG account has recently promoted her charitable cookie collaboration with Momofuku restaurants of New York. Karlie likes to exercise and there are many pics that document her strength and flexibility.

5 Charlize Theron

via twitter.com

Here’s another vixen that has sipped from the fountain of youth, Charlize Theron is a unique beauty that doesn’t seem to fade. Her dancer legs and petite facial features are sharply contrasted by her tough-guy personas in films like Mad Max and Monster. Why would such a beautiful blonde take on such abrasive roles? What makes Charlize sexy is that mystery around her. Then you see her IG page and realize that she’s a saint. Charlize speaks up for racial equality, women’s rights, the cure for AIDS and just plain old feeling good about yourself. And she’s also cool enough wear sexy stuff and party.

4 Kate Upton

via nydailynews.com

This girl has got to be on this list. By now everybody has seen that pic of her pulling herself out of the swimming pool in that white t-shirt. She’s a babe. A true throwback to Marilyn, minus any acting abilities. Did you see 2014’s The Other Woman? Don’t. It’s common knowledge that any Cameron Diaz movie, excluding 1998’s There’s Something About Mary, is awful. Besides looking great, Kate Upton’s biggest contribution has arguably been in gaming. You can’t play any popular app without a Game of War app commercial popping up with her smiling bosom nearly popping out. Her IG account is refreshingly less promotionally based, keeping it rather casual, but still very attractive.

3 Lady Gaga

via esmas.com

Another shock appeal musician, like Miley, or more accurately, Madonna, the Countess has amassed a dance-hit lineup that will bring down the house, especially in Boys Town. Her act has been so bi-polar—from flopping down the red carpet in a meat dress and dancing in her underpants, to swooning in a ball gown with Tony Bennett and slaying a Sound of Music tribute at the 2015 Oscars. Pick your poison, crazy or classy. Either is very attractive, but her IG account shows that lately she’s leaning towards the classic. As Gaga matures she is redefining her style, maintaining an artistic edge, but not such an outlandish one.

2 Whitney Port

via glamour.com

In the age of the Kardashians, who definitely are not blonde by the way, we have to have more silver spoon, reality TV hotties on the list here. There is no obvious reason why Port is famous besides the fact that she is dream-girl gorgeous. She had the reality TV run on The Hills until its end in 2010, and has still managed to remain in the periphery of the public eye, due to her long angular bod, and, like co-star Lauren Conrad, successful participation in the fashion business. Her IG account is mostly devoted to her fashion work with label Whitney Eve, and lately to her wedding, but once in a while, she posts a bikini shot that is out of this world.

1 Blake Lively

via popsugar.com

Is this a list of blondes, or exes of Leonardo DiCaprio? Same difference, right? Blake’s dating of the eternal Hollywood playboy was actually just a flash in the pan for this beautiful blonde actress, who launched her career on Gossip Girl in 2007. Since moving on from Leo, Blake met Ryan Reynolds while filming 2010’s Green Lantern, married, had a baby girl, and inexplicably named her James. Surely motherhood may have slowed Blake’s IG account, but she still looks great and her posts reveal a genuine look at her personal life, which reveals her great sense humor and love of sentimental throwback pics.


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