16 Celebs Before They Hired A Stylist

With the rampancy of television and social media, celebrities are photographed often, so they’re perennially under pressure to look their best, even when they aren’t on the red carpet or attending some public engagement. And for this reason, many celebs employ a stylist. This saves them a lot of time and effort that they’d have to put into to look their best. Because they leave all that dirty work to the stylist.

The job description of a celebrity stylist can hold a myriad of meanings. They can be fashion consultants to their celebrity client. Or they can also serve as the client’s personal shopper. And in some cases, even the client’s unofficial shrink, the one that gives the occasional pep talk to boost a client’s morale. Whatever their role, celebrity stylists have one main objective: to make their clients look picture perfect.

Mind you, celebrity stylists don’t come cheap. And that’s why it’s mostly the A-listers who employ them, as they’re the ones who can afford them. The more popular stylists can charge their clients as much as $50,000 just for one event. This already includes the styling, the hair and make-up, the outfit, and the accessories. But many celebs think it’s worth it because when they do step out onto the red carpet, they certainly make heads turn and as a result, they land on all the best dressed lists.

These A-listers weren’t always rich enough to be able to afford a stylist. And from these photos, you can clearly see the difference before and after they had one and what a world of difference having a stylist makes.

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16 Mila Kunis

via; nydailynews.com

Ashton Kutcher’s baby mama always looks flawless on the red carpet, but that wasn’t always the case. Back when she was playing Jackie in That 70s Show, she was a far cry from her fashion-savvy teenage character. She looked like the typical awkward teenager during her public appearances, being seen wearing only one type of outfit most of the time: boot-leg jeans, crop tops, and make-up that didn’t do anything to enhance her already beautiful features. Luckily, Kunis eventually hired a stylist and she now looks like the A-lister that she is in her feminine get-ups that are sexy and sweet at the same time.

15 Kim Kardashian 

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One of the biggest style icons right now, Kim Kardashian didn't always have the best style. To be fair, fashion was much different in the 90's as wild and wacky was trending but it seems as though this Kardashian was struggling trying to find her own style. Today this beauty has tons of help when choosing an outfit, making anything she wears an instant hit. However back during her late teens-early twenties she certainly missed the mark.

14 Sandra Bullock

via: www.ivillage.com

When she began her acting career, Sandra Bullock was still always striking in her own way, though many observed that she lacked confidence in public appearances. Maybe it was because she knew the outfits she wore were bland and not appropriate for the occasion, donning jeans and tank tops and floral summer dresses for formal events. But when she hired a stylist, Bullock’s transformation, along with a hot body and flawless skin, was remarkable. Now, she looks amazing in practically any style and any color on or off the red carpet.

13 Natalie Portman

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12 Halle Berry

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Who knew that Halle Berry wasn’t always a perfect ten, fashion-wise? When she was starting out in the industry, she hid her body behind frumpy, shapeless, polka-dotted suits. The boring make-up and hairstyle didn’t do her any good either. Then she realized frumpiness didn’t become her, so her style turned a little too sexy, once wearing a fringed halter top that was more appropriate for the beach than the red carpet. She must have hired an amazing stylist because she’s now always one of the most beautiful women on the red carpet, wearing gowns that enhance rather than exploit her curves and facial features.

11 Nicole Kidman

via: lonewolfmag.com

The world’s top designers didn’t always scramble to have Nicole Kidman wear their designs on the red carpet the way they do with the Australian actress today. Back in the early ‘90s, the former Mrs. Tom Cruise made many a faux pas on the red carpet, even appearing once like she stepped out of the set of Little House on the Prairie, wearing a dowdy floral dress, a straw hat over two Pippy Longstocking-like braids. Good thing her stylist has made her what she is today: an A-lister on the red carpet and constantly holding the title of best dressed. 

10 Sofia Vergara

via: nydailynews.com

Yes, celebrities have their flaws, too, and Sofia Vergara’s past fashion sense was hers. The sultry, curvaceous Latina is hardly recognizable in past photos and she’d probably cringe if she looked at them. Before she shot to stardom in Modern Family her lack of a stylist caused her to make poor fashion choices, attempting to flaunt her already-hot body in outfits that were way too revealing and as a result, cheap-looking. Today, she always looks perfect on the red carpet, with her flowing brunette locks and hour-glass figure clad in gowns that fit her to a tee.

9 Demi Moore

via: biography.com

It’s hard to blame Demi Moore for her past fashion sense because she was already famous as a teenager in the ‘80s and we all know how the fashion was back then! Shoulder pads, baggy pants, and the like—so yes, Moore went through that awkward phase, style-wise. But when she re-emerged in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, she had everyone’s jaw dropping to the floor with how hot she had become. Her stylist has been doing one heck of a job because she has been killing it on the red carpet ever since. 

8 Justin Timberlake

via: galleryhip.com

He always looked tacky during his NSYNC days, but maybe it wasn’t completely Justin Timberlake’s fault. One, the band often wore matching or similar outfits, resulting in Timberlake frequenting the stage in clashing graffiti-printed outfits and shiny sneakers and such. It’s a good thing he re-invented himself when he went solo and brought sexy back! He has since become a dapper dresser in finely-cut tailored designer suits, finely styled hair, and the occasional designer eye wear. 

7 Jessica Simpson

via; nydailynews.com

With a highly successful fashion line, you’d think Jessica Simpson always had that knack of making herself look good. But back when she was a newbie in the industry, she had no real sense of style, often being seen wearing jeans and a cropped top. Then she tried to infuse some character into her style, putting on red leather pantsuits and denim capes. Good thing she has come full circle and now looks like a million bucks, after losing all the weight she had previously gained. She employs British stylist Annabelle Tollman for her public appearances and her fashion empire has grown exponentially to hit the $1 billion mark in terms of net worth.

6 George Clooney

via: http://rathandco.com/

Believe it or not, even heartthrob George Clooney was once an awkward looking guy. Pictures during his younger days show him in leather vests with chains and Hawaiian shirts and long, floppy hair! That’s definitely not the Clooney we know today. Thanks to celebrity stylists and a higher net worth, Clooney always looks put together in suits that are tailor-made to fit his frame. 

5 Renee Zellweger

via: nydailynews.com

Renee Zellweger caused quite a stir a few weeks back when she appeared in public for the first time in years looking unrecognizable. People wondered if she was a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong and expressed wistfulness at her once-pretty face. Of course, she wasn’t always a goddess on the red carpet, having gone through an awkward fashion phase during her Empire Records days. Her style back then could only be described as goth meets grunge, so it’s a good thing she made the shift to classy and elegant, all thanks to her stylist.

4 Scarlett Johansson


Even as a child, Scarlett Johansson was already beautiful. When she bloomed into a young adult, she surprised many with an equally gorgeous body—too bad she didn’t always know how to dress it! Perhaps when she was trying to prove to all that she was no longer a child, she made a lot of fashion mistakes by wearing skirts that were too short, necklines too low, and lipstick too dark. But thanks to her stylist, Johansson is now able to show off her ample curves and striking features to red carpet perfection. 

3 Reese Witherspoon


She was never outright tacky or trashy on the red carpet, but when Reese Witherspoon was just starting out as a young twenty-something girl, there was no other word to call her style but safe. She wore age-appropriate baby-doll dresses with her curls in soft tendrils, but nothing worth mentioning in a fashion spread. But as she grew older and hired a stylist, her look has improved considerably. She’s become more experimental in her fashion choices, but is always able to pull it off flawlessly and her look can now be classified as chic. 

2 Angelina Jolie

via: nydailynews.com

1 Christina Aguilera


Tacky. There’s no other term to use for Christina Aguilera’s past fashion sense. She started out with outfits appropriate to the cute teenager that she was, but then she wanted to show the world that she was all grown up. And that’s when her fashion sense took a nose dive. Her make-up was too thick, her spray tan took dark, and her wardrobe just plain tacky. If you see Aguilera today, you wouldn’t think she looked like she once did. Her look is now sexy, but classy with clean and defined lines, all thanks to her stylist.

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