IT DOESN’T MATTER Which Of These 16 Hairstyles The Rock Has!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gone from professional wrestler to beloved actor, all while being incredibly hot. Most wrestling fans remember when he was part of the wrestling groups The Nation of Domi

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gone from professional wrestler to beloved actor, all while being incredibly hot. Most wrestling fans remember when he was part of the wrestling groups The Nation of Domination and The Corporation, and his entertaining (and likely very staged) feud with Steve Austin. Johnson also played football as a teen and young adult, and was pretty good at it. He was even offered a scholarship to attend the University of Miami for his athletic abilities. He’s also got a reputation for being very warm and friendly, which just makes him even hotter.

Dwayne Johnson took a break from wrestling to star in his first movie The Mummy Returns, and he obviously loved being on set, because he’s been in several movies since. His movie credits include The Scorpion King, Southland Tales, Doom, Be Cool, and most recently San Andreas.

The Rock is also a family man. He has a teenage daughter with ex-wife Dany Garcia. It’s pretty common to hear about nasty divorces among celebs in the media these days, but of course, Dwayne Johnson took a different route. He and Garcia still work together, she’s actually his manager. Basically, this is one of the biggest indications that Johnson is an all-around great guy.

Although we agree that he doesn’t need any help in the looks department, we wanted to try a fun little experiment. What if The Rock, who usually wears his hair in a buzz cut, tried the hairstyles of some other celebrities? We conclude that he’d never lose his good looks, no matter what crazy hairstyle he rocks. Here are a few examples to prove our point.

16 The Rock Cage

This image proves that even with a receding hairline on the sides, The Rock is still pretty handsome. His kind eyes and friendly smile don’t hurt, either. If Johnson chose this as his next hairstyle, maybe he’d develop the overwhelming desire to follow in Nicolas Cage’s footsteps and play characters that are unconventional or eccentric, like Cage did in the movies Leaving Las Vegas or Adaptation. Or, he may visit a sushi bar, visit a young waitress and decide to make her his wife, making women all over the world jealous. Or, he could just wear Nicolas Cage’s hair and show up on the red carpet and smile. We’d be completely satisfied with that. Do you think this hairstyle would inspire him to do some Cage-style crazy things with his money, like purchase an old European castle?

15 Lil "Rock" Wayne

If The Rock had Lil Wayne’s dreads, it may take us a while to embrace his new look. However, we’d come around. Even with long hair, Dwayne Johnson is the hunkiest of hunks and that bright smile would almost make us forget that dreadlocks probably aren’t his thing. If The Rock was the new Tunechi (aka Lil Wayne), we suspect that his lyrics may be a little cleaner, and he probably wouldn’t rap about drugs, alcohol and sex as much. Or, maybe he’d change his name to Lil Rock, which isn’t nearly as catchy. That still wouldn’t stop his millions of adoring fans from going to at least one concert to support the hot wrestler turned actor’s career change.

14 Dwayne Pharrell Williams

The Rock + Pharrell’s over-sized hat = hotness and hilarity. Let’s face it, even Pharrell looks outlandish in this hat that is clearly too big for his head (and the rest of his body). Since The Rock has more height and muscle than the famed musician and producer, he may be able to pull off the hat just a little more successfully. It may take a little getting used to at first, but if Johnson was committed to this new look, we’d be on board eventually. After all, the hat doesn’t take away from those bulging biceps, so really, there’s nothing to complain about here. Would you be opposed to seeing The Rock wear more hats? We have a feeling you wouldn’t. After all, you still get to see him, so…it’s pretty much a win-win.

13 Rock Beckham

Seeing The Rock with David Beckham’s hair is actually a somewhat pleasant surprise. Both men are pretty hot, so the match-up can’t be that bad, right? The Beckham haircut actually brings out Johnson’s chiseled bone structure. It also makes him look more like a reporter for the evening news than an actor. Still not a bad look, though. Be honest. You’d watch more news if this handsome anchor was on your screen, wouldn’t you? So, if The Rock ever wants to get into media journalism, his first step should be to take some hairstyling tips from famed soccer player David Beckham. Problem solved.

12 Harry " The Rock" Styles

If The Rock were to rock the Harry Styles look, he may suddenly develop the urge to join a boy band and continue making the ladies swoon with his new heartthrob status. Then again, Johnson is too old for boy bands, and too much hair keeps us from being able to gaze into his dreamy eyes. However, no hairstyle can stop The Rock’s hotness. Not even disheveled, British boy band hair. We would blindly accept Johnson’s new look, while silently praying it was just a phase. Yes, he’s just that hot, and there’s pretty much no getting around that fact. Maybe the hair would inspire The Rock to explore his musical talent. Would you listen to his single if he released one?

11 Owen Rockson

What if Johnson decided to grow his hair out, straighten it and dye it blond so he could look like actor Owen Wilson? Let’s answer this question for you, he would still be a gorgeous guy. A little weird-looking, but still hot. The Rock may suddenly decide to become a bit of a troublemaker, since Wilson was expelled from high school in 10th grade and finished high school at a military academy. Or, Johnson could decide to partner with a friend to write a film, which could lead to movie star stardom. Then again, The Rock already has big-screen success, and following in Wilson’s footsteps could mean appearing in lackluster films that don’t make a box office splash. So, scratch the Owen Wilson hairstyle. We’ll just imagine The Rock in his signature buzz cut until the next slide.

10 Seth Rocken

If Johnson wore Seth Rogen’s hairstyle, he may suddenly become more hilarious. He may also develop an affinity for marijuana and angering network executives. Well, maybe the execs would calm down after The Rock flexed his muscles for them a few times. It could work. Johnson may also develop a talent for writing shows and movies, which would only make him hotter and increase his value in Hollywood. Seth’s curly locks actually aren’t a bad look on Johnson, so if a role calls for this type of hairstyle, we’d allow it. OK, we’d pretty much try to work with any hairstyle The Rock has. We can’t help but wonder though, would The Rock be as hot if he was a known weed smoker?

9 Jay "Rock" Leno

This hairstyle gives us a glimpse of what The Rock would look like when he got older, if he decided to go gray. Not bad. Johnson could also become a late night talk show sensation and enjoy a career that spans decades. Could we tune in each night as The Rock opened the show with jokes and interviewed guests? We’d certainly try. Of course, in order to take this career path, The Rock would have to start doing standup in clubs before “hitting it big.” All the club owners would have to do is include a picture of Johnson on their promo posters, gray hair and all. The house would be packed.

8 Rock Hogan

Admit it. The Rock looks better in Hulk Hogan’s facial hair and bandanna, than Hulk Hogan himself. Sad, but true. Just look at that tanned skin. That’s probably the look Hogan is going for, but it never quite turns out that way, unfortunately. Once again, The Rock is flashing a winning smile that makes it all right with the world. Hulk Hogan might just have a better relationship with his ex-wife Linda, if he took a page from Johnson’s book. The Rock wins again.

7 Rocky Depp

You really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s basically a combination of two hot actors. OK, we admit, this hair makes Johnson look like he’s part of a rock band from the 1980s, but we don’t mind taking a trip down memory lane for a minute. Plus, Johnny Depp is known for switching up his look, so it’s only a matter of time before he cuts his tresses, which is a more suitable look for The Rock. The two actors actually have a little in common. The Rock was actually the second choice for the lead role in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, but the role went to Depp instead.

6 George "Rock" Clooney

Once again, we’re talking about two really good-looking men, here. Can you really go wrong? Maybe this is what Johnson would look like if he decided to try the salt and pepper look. There’s a chance that The Rock may have the overwhelming desire to star in a long-standing medical drama after getting this hairstyle. He’d probably then go on to have an even more successful movie career, excelling in both serious and comedic films. Clooney was well-known for his bad boy image in recent years. So, maybe Johnson would try that persona for a while before falling for his true love, while continuing to be one of the best looking guys on the planet.

5 Carrot Rock

If nothing else, at least Carrot Top’s eye-catching auburn locks go well with The Rock’s skin tone. However, with all that hair in the way, we can’t get a good look at Johnson’s high cheekbones. The hairstyle could make Johnson want to start a career in prop comedy and do a residency in Vegas. Hey, it worked for Carrot Top. We’re guessing Johnson would be pressured to cut his hair at some point, which would result in a media frenzy. It would also confirm that, once again, The Rock is pretty hot, and there’s not much he can do to take away from the hotness.

4 The Rock Bieber

Justin Bieber’s hair got a lot of attention in the beginning of his career, almost as much as his singing talent. However, we’re guessing the Bieber coif wouldn’t have the same appeal if it were on The Rock’s head. Don’t get us wrong, Johnson is still pretty dashing, but the blond faux-hawk is perhaps best left to a slightly younger demographic. Besides, this hair may cause Johnson to want to urinate in public places and throw temper tantrums at press conferences. We’d hate to see him behaving this way.

3 Dwayne Slash Johnson

Famed guitarist Slash is known for his wild curls. So we tried them on The Rock to see if they have the same eccentric and sexy effect. You guessed it. The Rock is still handsome. We admit this isn’t our favorite look on him, but you have to admit, it’s not that bad. Of course, it would be more appropriate if The Rock was part of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver. After all, there’s much more room to play with your look when you’re a musician. However, if The Rock wants to get more movie roles, he probably shouldn’t be so attached to his hair…er, Slash’s hair.

2 Dwayne "The Rock" Trump

This look makes The Rock look like he sprayed too much hair spray in his hair . This would probably only be appropriate for a comedy movie role Johnson was preparing for, but it doesn’t eliminate his handsomeness. It’s probably best that Johnson isn’t connected to Trump these days, anyway. The real estate mogul and creator of The Apprentice, has been in a lot of hot water lately for his comments about immigrants and his distasteful Twitter spats. We’d hate for The Rock to get caught up in that type of drama. He’s better suited for the movies, particularly those in which his shirt is non-existent.

1 Howard "Rock" Stern

Howard Stern is another celebrity known for his full head of curly hair, among other things. However, this hairstyle makes The Rock look as though he’s going through some type of (hot) midlife crisis. However, if Johnson decided to embody this look, he’d get really good at interviewing people on the radio and getting them to talk about things they’d never discuss otherwise. Apparently the hair also works with the ladies, because Stern is married to model Beth Stern. Not that The Rock needs any help with the ladies. So, maybe we’ll pass on this look for Johnson as well. We all know he can make his female fans swoon just by being himself.


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IT DOESN’T MATTER Which Of These 16 Hairstyles The Rock Has!