IT DOESN’T MATTER Which Of These 16 Hairstyles The Rock Has!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gone from professional wrestler to beloved actor, all while being incredibly hot. Most wrestling fans remember when he was part of the wrestling groups The Nation of Domination and The Corporation, and his entertaining (and likely very staged) feud with Steve Austin. Johnson also played football as a teen and young adult, and was pretty good at it. He was even offered a scholarship to attend the University of Miami for his athletic abilities. He’s also got a reputation for being very warm and friendly, which just makes him even hotter.

Dwayne Johnson took a break from wrestling to star in his first movie The Mummy Returns, and he obviously loved being on set, because he’s been in several movies since. His movie credits include The Scorpion King, Southland Tales, Doom, Be Cool, and most recently San Andreas.

The Rock is also a family man. He has a teenage daughter with ex-wife Dany Garcia. It’s pretty common to hear about nasty divorces among celebs in the media these days, but of course, Dwayne Johnson took a different route. He and Garcia still work together, she’s actually his manager. Basically, this is one of the biggest indications that Johnson is an all-around great guy.

Although we agree that he doesn’t need any help in the looks department, we wanted to try a fun little experiment. What if The Rock, who usually wears his hair in a buzz cut, tried the hairstyles of some other celebrities? We conclude that he’d never lose his good looks, no matter what crazy hairstyle he rocks. Here are a few examples to prove our point.

16 The Rock Cage

15 Lil "Rock" Wayne

14 Dwayne Pharrell Williams

13 Rock Beckham

12 Harry " The Rock" Styles

11 Owen Rockson

10 Seth Rocken

9 Jay "Rock" Leno

8 Rock Hogan

7 Rocky Depp

6 George "Rock" Clooney

5 Carrot Rock

4 The Rock Bieber

3 Dwayne Slash Johnson

2 Dwayne "The Rock" Trump

1 Howard "Rock" Stern

Howard Stern is another celebrity known for his full head of curly hair, among other things. However, this hairstyle makes The Rock look as though he’s going through some type of (hot) midlife crisis. However, if Johnson decided to embody this look, he’d get really good at interviewing people on the radio and getting them to talk about things they’d never discuss otherwise. Apparently the hair also works with the ladies, because Stern is married to model Beth Stern. Not that The Rock needs any help with the ladies. So, maybe we’ll pass on this look for Johnson as well. We all know he can make his female fans swoon just by being himself.


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IT DOESN’T MATTER Which Of These 16 Hairstyles The Rock Has!