15 Ways To Tell If You're Highly Sensitive

While most of us equate the concept of sensitive with weaknesses, the concept of hypersensitivity is quite the contrary. Also known as being a "Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP), hypersensitivity is defined as having a higher level of sensitivity physical and/or emotional stimuli. Considered a proverbial superpower by some experts, those who are hypersensitive are not only marked by a high level of sensitivity to various stimuli, but they are also more likely to suffer from physical ailments such as allergies, eczema, and asthma, and are more likely to be overwhelmed by too much information.

That being said, hypersensitivity also has its advantages. Affecting a mere 15-20% of the population, those who are hypersensitive are also marked with the ability to read situations via subtle cues, are more in tune with nature, and are often more adaptable in terms of navigating through life in general. Also referred to as having an “empathetic temperament” what makes hypersensitive people so special is their ability to easily relate to and thus, help others. Are you a highly sensitive person or a person who believes they may be highly sensitive? The following is an overview of 15 signs that you are hypersensitive.


15 You Feel Your Way Around


Emotions are not simply a part of your life, they are literally the pinnacle of your existence. You may tear up from watching things such as the news or commercials, and you may avoid negative situations such as funerals or other social conventions, as the sadness is too overwhelming for you. In addition to that, you may instinctively know a situation is dangerous from a simple gut feeling, or you may walk into a room and immediately “read” its overall mood, simply based on things such as facial expressions and the feeling you get whilst walking in.

14 You Are Great At Telling Stories

In addition to that, given that you are so emotionally connected, you are also an excellent storyteller. No matter if it’s a brush with death or a mere run-in with a mosquito, you can quickly and easily captivate a vast audience of individuals leaving them hanging on your every word. Your passion for things makes almost anything you say sound interesting. This makes people almost always want to hear what you have to say as they are fairly certain they will be entertained.

13 Art Profoundly Moves You


Moreover, a profound lover of artwork of all kinds, your emotions run away with you while you are viewing or listening to something of beauty. No need to request an official explanation of any given work of art, you have an innate understanding of all things creative and actually prefer to reflect of how works of art make you feel rather than ruining it by finding out the artist's intent. You cry at movies while listening to your favorite song, and you may even break down into tears over staring at your favorite piece of artwork.

12 You Prefer Going Solo

Yet another sign that you’re hypersensitive, going solo is not a scary notion to you, in fact, you actually prefer it. Free to fixate on your internal thoughts and feelings as well as the way the experience makes you feel, going to places alone actually feels liberating rather than intimidating. Nevertheless, you are quite capable of reading people and situations, in order to know when you should leave and to keep yourself safe.

11 You're A Bit Of A People Pleaser


On the flip side of things, given that you are so emotionally sensitive, you are deeply affected by criticism. As much as you hate to admit it, every single time someone criticizes you, it cuts you to your very soul. Therefore, in order to avoid criticism and negative feelings from others, you tend to be a people pleaser. In other words, you will likely agree to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do in order to avoid upsetting others. In order to become a healthy HSP, you must learn to set boundaries in your personal relationships.

10 You Fall Hard And Fast Into Love


Moreover, given the fact that your emotions are so intensified, when you fall in love, you experience extreme feelings of elation and ecstasy. Throwing all caution to the wind, hypersensitive people tend to jump head first into love, but later experience feelings of anxiety, apprehension, and difficulty in processing these complex emotions. In the end, this often makes emotional/romantic relationships too difficult for highly sensitive persons to cope with.

9 You Have An Endless Imagination

In addition to that, you also likely have an extremely active imagination. Not only do you often have vivid dreams with deep, profound meanings, but you are also able to easily imagine some of the most outlandish scenarios as though they are happening to you at the moment. This is yet another reason that hypersensitive people make great storytellers. Furthermore, it also helps with your creative side, but can be a hindrance when it comes to decision making as you can easily imagine an array of possible outcomes.


8 You Cry Often

You may have been called a "crybaby" your entire life. In fact, you may cry so much that others keep sad new away from you out of fear of your reaction. On the flip side, you may also be seasoned in hiding your tears. Many hypersensitive people do not like to show negative emotions, as they do not like to make others uncomfortable nor feel uncomfortable themselves. Therefore, some highly sensitive people have mastered the art of smiling to keep from frowning, although these emotions will sneak out when they are alone, in good company, or if you just cannot hold the pain in any longer. You cry when you're happy, and when you're sad, and when others are happy or sad. You're just a crier and that's just fine.

7 Low Pain Tolerance

Speaking of pain, you may also have a very low pain tolerance. Given that you feel emotions more intensely than others; you feel physical pain more intensely as well. This is the reason why you likely hate going to the doctor and avoid the dentist like the plague. You may even avoid piercings and tattoos as it the sheer thought of that pain may be too much to bear. On the flip side, you may not avoid these things at all, but you may be vastly more anxious than most and may be affected by the pain for much longer.

6 Easily Startled Or Distracted By Loud Or Annoying Noises


Although it is common to be startled or annoyed by loud/ annoying noises, your lack of tolerance is to the extreme. You may tremble, jump, scream, cry, or literally exit a location due to noise issues. Moreover, it is not necessarily loud noises that irk you. You may also be sent up the wall due to loud chewing, screeching noises, and the like. Although you are typically very accommodating to others, putting you in a situation in which you are forced to endure loud or annoying noises will bring the absolute worst out of you.

5 Prone To Depression And Anxiety

On the flip side, you may also be prone to depression and anxiety. Given that most do not understand their hypersensitivity early in life, this may make it difficult to navigate through life. After enduring many years of these unpleasant experiences, you will likely become anxious by default. This means that you often experience feelings of anxiety and discomfort, no matter the situation. Over time, this can also cause depression as the inability to relate to those around you can me you feel alienated.

4 You Can Sense When Something Is Wrong

Another superpower associated with hypersensitivity is the ability to “read” energy, emotions, and situations. This means, regardless of what someone tries to tell you, you are capable of sensing that there is a deeper issue. This makes it very difficult for people to lie to you, as you do not simply listen to the words people tell you. Rather, you are hardwired to venture beyond the surface on small talk and superficial banter to get to the core of someone’s soul.

3 You Easily Pick Up On Subtleties

Those close to you may, at times, get freaked out when you tell them what they’re thinking before they even have a chance to say it themselves. However, that’s how hypersensitivity works. Not a psychic power, per se, nevertheless, your ability to pick up on the moods, feelings, and body language of others makes it easy for you to seemingly read the minds of those around you. You may not be starting your own psychic network soon, but people have always and will continue to come to you for answers as your ability to see things far surpasses that of the average human.

2 Very Polite


You are extraordinarily polite. You always say, “please” and “thank you,” and will often go the extra mile to show your appreciation. This is largely due to the fact that you fear offending people and making them feel unappreciated. Therefore, once someone gets to know you well, and you are comfortable around them, you will usually become progressively less polite. This is not to say that you naturally have bad manners. However, all of the energy it takes to interact with others can take its toll. You prefer to have people in your life who you don’t have to throw a parade for to prove you’re thankful.

1 You Start Trends, You Don't Follow Them

Yet another superpower associated with hypersensitivity, your intuitive nature even helps you in the world of fashion and retail. Typically, with a unique, sometimes eccentric take on fashion, you tend to instinctively know what the next big thing will be way before others. You are always on top of fashion and music trends, tend to either be a pioneer of or shun the right social media networks, and more. Many people look to you for cues in these areas, although they may not readily admit it. Based on this alone, some celebrities who are potentially HSP's are people such as the late Michael Jackson and Prince, or even Beyonce. Hypersensitive people are those who set trends, have a mind on their own, are passionate, often quiet or withdrawn when speaking, create controversy, and sincerely care about bettering humanity.


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