15 WAGs That Prove Soccer Players Have The Hottest Women In The World

Tabloids the world over love soccer WAGs. They publish lists of the hottest, sexiest wives and girlfriends of soccer's riches and famous stars on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes it seems that the WAGs are more important than the players themselves. The hot young girls often use their WAG status as a marketing tool, sometimes donning very scanty soccer costumes to emphasize the point, or sitting prominently in the stands at a game, usually wearing a jersey with their love's number emblazoned across it. And when tabloids and online sites publish lists of soccer WAGs, you better believe that what is said is secondary to those hot bikini or sultry selfie shots. Many of the most famous WAGs are former beauty queens, models or media personalities with hundreds of thousands (if not more) followers on Instagram and Twitter. They love the attention and fans everywhere love their pictures. Some of these girls have been around a while. Some are new to the WAG scene. Here are 15 of the hottest WAGs and ex-WAGs in the soccer world.


15 Sam Cook

Sam Cooke is hot. That much is obvious. The glamour model has appeared as a saucy Page 3 girl in The Sun and flaunted her assets in numerous "lad mags", such as Maxim, Loaded and FHM. And the lucky girl is now officially engaged to Manchester United star Chris Smalling. He proposed after a nasty bit of food poisoning reordered his priorities. She's done her bouncy thing as a DJ and now runs her own photography business in Manchester. You can book in for a makeover and photoshoot with Sam. And with all of that, the soon-to-be Mrs. Smalling is still only 30 years old. According to her Twitter account, she's a healthy girl on a healthy vegan diet with 2 totally cute dogs named Miley and Ruben. We certainly think she looks very... healthy.

14 Ann-Kathrin Brommel

A few years back, German model Ann-Kathrin Brommel, was snapped on holiday in Ibiza in a PDA with footballer love Mario Gotze. Only thing was, it was shot from the side and the guy's stretchy swim trunks revealed his manhood, displaying a little more than he would have liked. Never mind. They were still smiling. Popsugar loved it, declaring "Mario Gotze Bulge Might Be Bigger Than His World Cup Win". See, the guy is something of a football legend, reportedly pulling down a multi-million pound salary. And he's only 24. Ann-Kathrin pays her way by modeling lingerie. Not hard to imagine her social media accounts. Lots of gorgeous Ann-Kathrin in hot lingerie and teeny bikinis.

13 Marisol Gonzalez

The girl is seriously hot and beautiful and, not surprisingly, an incredibly popular TV personality in Mexico. She's got the ultimate beauty queen credentials, having been crowned Miss Universe in 2003. Like many WAGs, she's done modeling and acting gigs. And she famously married retired Mexican footballer Rafael Marquez Lugo in 2014, in a seaside ceremony that was splashed all over Mexican media. You could not get away from it for a while. Lugo, reportedly a millionaire many times over, now works as an on-air analyst for Fox Sports Mexico. Check out her Instagram. The commentary is mostly in Spanish, but once you get a look at her pictures, you won't care. Our favorite is the skin-tight purple tube dress she wore on TV.

12 Fanny Neguesha


Once engaged to Italian footballer "Super" Mario Balotelli, the Belgain model, singer, dancer, actress, and all around talented 20-something can now be seen in rapper Drake's, recent video "Please Forgive Me". It's based on the 1993 Demi Moore/Woody Harrelson movie Indecent Proposal, in which a rich man offers a young, financially embarrassed couple $1 million to sleep with the wife. According to Vogue, "Neguesha has more to offer than her enviable curves. She’s made a name for herself online, posting images of daily outfits to Instagram and Snapchat, and showing off her streetwise personal style." The thing with GQ certified best dressed man Balotelli, may have hit the skids, but Fanny is one busy and talented WAG. Reportedly she and Drake make a hot couple. At least on video.

11 Pilar Rubio

Real Madrid footballer Sergio Ramos, is a proud dad to Sergio Junior and Marco and totally loved-up with his sons' mother, Pilar Rubio. The hot Spanish 30-somthing beauty has the usual WAG mix of modeling and TV presenting on her resume, and has even published a keeping fit after pregnancy book. It's obvious that whatever she is doing is totally working, as her body-hugging outfits amply demonstrate. Her social media is fun, upbeat and usually PG rated. And fans love it: Pilar recently celebrated a milestone, having reached 800,000 Instagram followers. Sergio and Pilar are a Spanish power couple, with Pilar a big success on TV and Sergio achieving superstar status as captain for both Real Madrid and the Spanish National team.

10 Irina Shayk


She was all loved up with Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for five years, even appearing with the Portuguese footballer on a cover of Vogue. Alas, both have moved on. She's been linked to none other than Hollywood A-Lister Bradley Cooper. From WAG to A-List babe. Not bad. The Russian supermodel, who some think bears a passing resemblance to Angelina Jolie, was last seen in platform wedgies and a Marc Jacobs purple hot pants outfit dancing on the back of a truck in New York City. Don't worry. It was part of a photoshoot for Vogue. As skimpy as the outfit was, it was a lot less revealing than that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue teeny bikini.

9 Alex Curran

Meet Alex Curran, the 30-something blonde English beauty with legs that go on forever. By all accounts, she has it all. She's married to football legend Steven Gerrard. The man is at the top of the list when it comes to English football royalty, having formerly been both Premier League Liverpool and England captain. He's now a midfielder for US team LA Galaxy. The couple have three adorable kids. And to top it all off, Curran is a popular fashion columnist for The Daily Mirror newspaper. She is the undisputed leading WAG of the England National football team. The august Times newspaper even referred to her as the "uber-WAG". That's like the queen of the WAGs. She's even got her own popular fragrance called (wait for it) "Alex". She is saucy and classy all at the same time.


8 Laia Grassi

This is a weird WAG story. Totally blonde and luscious Grassi, was totally involved with Chilean footballer Alexis Sanchez. Sanchez, now based in the UK, plays for Premier League club Arsenal. A while back, it was reported that Grassi had broken up with Alexis because he wasn't doing his stuff in the bedroom department. Other stories said Alexis was just saving his energy for football. Then there was the story of how Laia caught Alexis texting a Chilean beauty queen. In fact, it was a former Miss Chile. Whatever happened got eagerly reported in the British and Chilean press. And the whole meltdown was very public, both on social media and in the papers. Whatever happened, the "50% Spanish, 50% Argentinian Creative Director" (Grassi) has now gone undercover with a private Instagram account. Those 15 of fame can be tough on a girl.

7 Alice Goodwin


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We have a serial WAG in Alice Goodwin. She was with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo before hooking up with English footballer Jermaine Pennant, marrying him in 2014. The Daily Mail headline said it all: "Jermaine Pennant scores again (off the pitch): Football star dumps fiancée and misses son's first birthday for glamour model". That got Goodwin some bad press that made her bad-girl image shine. So, good news for her modeling career. She is another lad mag favorite, with a glamour model sexy, in your face vibe that ends her loads of almost-naked photoshoots and appearances at video game launches and the like. And her Instagram? "xxalicegoodwinxx". You can imagine what you get there.

6 Lorena Bernal


The raven-haired Argentine-Spanish beauty is married to superstar Spanish footballer Mikel Arteta. Born in Argentina, Lorena started her modeling career at the tender age of 7. You know the kind of thing: Cute kid modeling cute kids' clothes. She went from cute to hot and was crowned Miss Spain when she was only 17, going on to finish in the top ten at the Miss World pageant. She is a bright and smiling and oh, so hot TV presenter on Spanish TV and has even done one or two appearances on American TV. Her husband Mikel Arteta, famously captained UK Premier League team Arsenal. But, like Sam Cooke, she and her family now call Manchester home. Arteta is an assistant coach for Premier League team Manchester City.

5 Edurne Garcia Almagro

Edurne is a singer. And, yes, the Spanish hottie hits the red carpet and does a spot of TV presenting and acting. And since 2010, she has been at the side of Man United goalkeeper David De Gea. Her style can be sexy edgy and her music is the same, with a definite electropop and synthpop feel and sound. She was a big hit at the final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. But, that said, she's probably not the most loved woman in Manchester, having told a Spanish TV interviewer that Manchester was "uglier than the back of a fridge". Well, no offense to Manchester, but we see her point. And nobody in Manchester probably shed a tear when she didn't win the cheesy Eurovision Song Contest. It was those darn Swedes that won the day.

4 Jaydy Michel

We're not talking glamour or lingerie model with Jaydy Michel. We're talking cover of Vogue and Elle kind of modeling. Jaydy's career has been lived for the most part in the A-List modeling world. In fact, even her love life is A-List: The leggy Mexican model is the wife of Mexican footballing legend Rafael Marquez, and the mother of totally cute Leonardo. She's even moved into doing a bit of acting and presenting on TV. For now, though it's all about Leonardo and her love, Rafa. But she's also done a turn as a host on Mexico's Next Top Model. Tyra Banks' reality show seems to have gone global. We are not so sure that is a good thing for the world. But it probably puts a not-often-seen smile on the fierce supermodel's face.

3 Georgina Dorsett

The English tabloids love, love, love the girl. Georgina Dorsett gets more media attention than football love Tom Cleverley. She has been in an English version of Jersey Shore called The Only Way is Essex. Essex is like an English New Jersey, with big hair and loud in your face young things out for a good time. Oh yeah, there are a lot of bust ups and tears. And when Cleverley married Georgina in 2015, at a lavish ceremony at London's posh Claridge's Hotel, the tabloids, footballers, reality stars and WAGs were out in force. And then came all those cute pregnant Geogina-in-a-bikini shots, not to mention adorable snaps of baby Albie, when he was born. We should mention Cleverley, who plays for Everton. But Georgina is much more interesting, we think.

2 Lena Gercke


Tyra Banks again with Germany's Next Top Model, that 20-something Lena Gercke won. And she hosts the Austrian version. Her first big break came when she won a casting call for Burger King ads. The blue-eyed blonde is German through and through and since 2011, has been romantically involved with German Juventus footballer Sami Khedira. The two did a double act for a GQ cover photoshoot. The dark Tunisian/ German Khedira, alongside the cool blonde beauty. There are bedroom shots and passionate kissing ones, with a cover showing a seemingly naked Lena with her back to Khedira. His hands are strategically positioned to cover most of her breasts. We bet that edition was a sellout, even if Khedira seemed to wear a lot more clothes than Lena. Or maybe that was the point.

1 Melissa Satta

Buon ferragosto a tutti! 😉👍🏻😄

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She married her Prince. No, not that kind of prince, but former AC Milan and Tottenham midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng. According to The Daily Mail, the two married in a lavish ceremony in her native Italy. Their two year old son Maddox, was page boy. She's a TV presenter and (no surprise) was in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. They took their time tying the knot and were engaged for four long years. The girl seems the forgetful type, as she was fined 120,000 Euros ($135,000) for tax evasion in Italy. Seems the American-Italian model claimed she had "forgotten" how much money she had made. We don't think the authorities took that one seriously.


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