15 Unattractive New OITNB Inmates That Are Hot In Real Life

Orange is the New Black is in its fourth season, and fans have been exploring it for the past month. The series has been groundbreaking. It made the term “binge-watching” a household phrase, pushed th

Orange is the New Black is in its fourth season, and fans have been exploring it for the past month. The series has been groundbreaking. It made the term “binge-watching” a household phrase, pushed the boundaries for storylines, and has inspired legions of hardcore fans to spend hours online researching the show. OITNB is anything but predictable. The latest season created even more enthusiasm than usual, not only due to the cliffhanger ending, but also because of all the new faces that now call Litchfield Penitentiary home. Due to an initiative by MCC, the prison population doubled in size. A new bunch of inmates were transferred in, who were just itching to claw their way to the top of the food chain.

Fans are now scratching their heads about new alliances, wondering about the backstories of the new inmates, and are already hypothesizing about what will happen next season. We have our own hunches, but will have to wait a year and a day before Netflix releases season five. In the meantime, we want to give you all the dirt on the fresh inmates that have become your new favorites and got you hooked on the show all over again.

This list will do more than fill you in on who’s who. It will inform you about the actresses that play the inmates. In researching this piece, we found that many of the newbies are actually very good looking – they had to undergo transformations in order to be believable as prisoners. Thus, this list will have them break character and show off their attractiveness. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

15 Olivia Luccardi As Inmate Jennifer Digori

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Jennifer Digori can’t seem to find her place at Litchfield. She isn’t embraced by Red and “the family,” and she isn’t embraced by the minority groups like the Dominicans or the African Americans. So, she hangs with the skinheads and Kasey Sankey. This will make for an interesting plot line, as it’ll be intriguing to see how she fits in – and if she makes her mark. For right now, she seems dim-witted at best. She has admitted that she can’t read and is suspicious of literature because words put ideas into people’s heads. Jennifer’s physical appearance is just tragic. She has ratty hair, a stumpy body and a huge gap in between her front teeth.

Olivia Luccardi plays Jennifer, and in real life she is a looker. With her hair combed and some makeup, she almost has an Audrey Hepburn air about her. Her pale eyes sparkle, and her skin is milky white. Of course she still has a gap toothed grin in real life, but so do many other beauties like Georgia Jagger and Lauren Hutton. OITNB fans really want to see a flashback of Jennifer in her “former life” before prison, and hope to see her in all her beautiful glory.

14 Rosal Colon As Inmate Ouija Aziz

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Ouija Aziz is one tough cookie. She has murdered three people, but is currently in prison for WIC fraud. Go figure. She doesn’t seem like she has much willingness to be rehabilitated in prison since she is eager to go legit and start a gang with Ruiz. Even on her first day, she wanted to know who the head inmate was. Ouija looks like a street tough. She has long frizzy hair, a perpetual frown, and bulging muscles beneath her jumpsuit. Oujia can’t stand the crowded conditions in prison, and acts out as a result.

Rosal Colon plays Ouija, and on the red carpet she is one hot momma. Her frizzy hair is tamed into manageable waves and she’s got excellent cleavage. She even smiles! She rocks the whole smoky eye look, and has dazzling white teeth. Her transformation is amazing. She probably never gets recognized on real life.

13 Miriam Morales As Inmate Pidge

Pidge is one of the new kids on the block on season four of OITNB. She is Dominican, like many of the new inmates, and is often seen by Ouija’s side. It doesn’t take long for her to stir up trouble with Piper, the white supremacists, and the management of Litchfield. Pidge looks stone cold in her prison jumpsuit, and her no make-up look exacerbates her hard edges. She looks like a girl you don’t want to mess with.

Pidge is played by up and coming actress Miriam Morales – who is super cute in real life. When walking the red carpet, Morales’s curly hair is tamed, and her complexion glows. She also has some nice curves on her, which the audience can’t see when she’s wearing orange.

12 Amanda Stephen As Inmate Alison Abdullah

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Alison Abdullah is another new inmate. Instead of being a foil to Piper, she ruffles Cindy’s feathers since the two are bunk mates. It’s hard to get a feel for what Alison looks like, as she is a practicing Muslim and covers her head using a hijab. Her attitude isn’t exactly ladylike as she antagonizes Cindy with personal insults and mean-spirited pranks. However, she comes in handy when it is revealed that she has a secret weapon up her sleeve – or, to be more specific, hidden in her scarf.

Amanda Stephen plays the character well, even though her filmography is limited to TV movies. When she’s off-camera, her physical appearance is attractive. We can see her best features accentuated with makeup, including her cheekbones and arched brows. As for her body, it has curves in all the right places. And her hair is a pretty shade of auburn. We won’t spoil what shade it is on the show.

11 Kelly Karbacz As Inmate Kasey Sankey

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Kasey Sankey is a troublemaker from the word “go”. Not only is she a felon, but she’s a white supremacist, too. She and her minions get into bad blood with the African Americans, all the Latinas, and also the white girls. Kasey’s physical appearance is unattractive. Her body looks stout in the prison uniform. Her hair is always greasy. And her skin is yellow around the eyes and ashy everywhere else.

Kelly Karbacz plays the role, and is primed to be a key player in the series. Karbacz plays the part so well that it’s easy to forget she’s a regular person – and an attractive one, too. In real life, she looks like she visits the salon regularly to keep up with her blonde tresses and get her nails done. She also has a trim figure, and a surprisingly angelic smile. We don’t know if Kasey’s character swings both ways, but if she does, fans would like to see it!

10 Daniella De Jesus As Inmate Zirconia

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Zirconia is what Piper calls a “thug.” She’s anxious to stir the pot at Litchfield, which includes starting a gang, dealing drugs, and being armed to the teeth with razor blades. Her short boy-cut hair is worn for intimidation, and the gold grill she wears on her teeth makes her smile all the more menacing. Zirconia is one of the scarier Dominicans.

Zirconia is played by Daniella De Jesus. OITNB is surely her big break, as her only other TV credit is from Blue Bloods. In real life, now with shorter hair, her looks are more unintimidating. She has pink lips, warm brown eyes and a feminine figure. She looks really fit, as if she eats well and works out regularly.

9 Emily Tarver As C.O. Artesian McCollough

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C.O. Artesian McCollough is one of the new guards at Litchfield Penitentiary. She was chosen for her veteran status, since she fought in Afghanistan. McCollough doesn’t quite know where to fit in. She doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with the male guards, and the women she stands watch over often perplex her. She’s the odd girl out. Although she can wear makeup and do her hair, she isn’t that much better looking than the inmates. Her eye makeup is cheap, and her face is hard. She doesn’t know how to fix herself up, so she even asks for primping tips from Maritza Ramos.

Emily Tarver portrays the C.O. on-screen. In real life, she looks like a blonde version of hipster-extraordinnaire, Zooey Deschanel from New Girl. Tarver often wears cute glasses and frilly dresses. She rocks the sexy librarian look with shiny lips and flowing hair. Tarver is multi-talented, as she acts, sings and writes. She’s also funny, because she was a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade.

8 Francesa Curran As Inmate Helen Van Maele

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Helen Van Maele is known as “Skinhead Helen” in season four. She’s a newbie, but makes a name for herself right away due to her dislike of minorities. Her prison BFF is Brandy, and the two are quite a pair with their shaved heads and pasty skin. Helen’s facial tattoos are for intimidation value, and they are totally effective. The only inmates that hang out with her are the other white supremacists. Even the guards seen to be a little leery of her. Helen is already getting a lot of buzz on the Internet, from fans declaring they have crushes on her to former schoolmates chiming in on what the actress was like before she got the role. A lot of fans really want to know what her backstory is, too. If previous episodes of OITNB are any indication, her crimes are probably not the ones you’d expect.

Helen is played by an actress by the name of Francesa Curran. In real life, she looks like a living doll. She expertly applies a ton of makeup to make her eyes pop and her cheeks rosy. She has eyelashes for days, and a smokin’ body. Oh – she also has hair! Beautiful, silky blonde hair! She’s sure to be a focal point of many future episodes.

7 Shannon Esper As Inmate Alana Dwight

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Alana Dwight is another transfer courtesy of MCC’s grand plans to stuff as many inmates into one building as possible. She has the misfortune of bunking above Red – and the misfortune of getting under Red’s skin! Dwight has a real snoring problem, which keeps Red up at night. If you think Red has an attitude problem on a regular day, then try seeing her in action when she hasn’t slept a wink. Watch out! Dwight tends to blend in with the other inmates because her looks on the show are average at best. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a tan jumpsuit.

Off-screen, the actress that plays her (Shannon Esper) is anything but bland. She has a perfect body with long, thin limbs and a sizeable chest. Her chocolate brown hair falls in soft waves. And Esper’s skin is snow white, with pale pink lips that are kissable. Some of the actresses on OITNB can probably get away with getting into character simply by going makeup-less, but we bet Esper actually had to have makeup applied to giver her a sallow complexion and sad eyes.

6 Arianda Fernandez As Inmate Michelle Carreras

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Michelle Carreras has a low profile on season four of OITNB, but she isn’t too shy to complain about the horrible conditions at the prison. Since MCC essentially doubled the population, there is a lot of dissent among the prisoners. You don’t have to stretch your imagination to discover what sorts of indignities the ladies go through, from long lines for the bathroom to having the commissary run out of essentials. Also, the fresh fish feel like second class citizens because the original inmates have the run of the things. They have the best jobs, are settled in their bunks, and know the lay of the land. Michelle goes au naturel, with tightly wound curls which reveal a baby face – something that doesn’t play well in prison.

Arianda Fernandez plays Michelle, and in real life she lets her hair go loose. That totally transforms her look. With cascading hair, she looks more grown up – and definitely hot! She has a body that rivals Salma Hayek’s, and probably has some good dance moves since she was a cast member on the musical Rent.

5 Jennifer Brito As Inmate A-Rod

A-Rod is a transplant to Litchfield courtesy of MCC. She finds her niche right away with the Dominicans, and sets up shop in the hair salon. Let’s just say that the girls aren’t using the space to cut hair and give blow-outs. A-Rod isn’t a major player, but she’s part of the group and serves to give them strength in numbers. In her prison gear, she isn’t cute like Flaca or Ramos. She almost seems to go out of her way to make herself look unpleasant. Her hair is pulled back severely, her eyebrows are bushy, and she has dark circles under her eyes. A-Rod really does look like a stereotypical prison inmate.

Jennifer Brito plays the role of A-Rod, and she is pretty in real life. She has long, dark hair, and a killer smile. Who knew she had straight, gleaming white teeth? Brito’s body is amazing. She has a good sized booty, and it is balanced out perfectly by her chest. Brito’s looks are versatile, as she also takes killer fitness modeling shots. He resume has range, too. She has upcoming projects with Fox, VH1 and Showtime. No one would be surprised if her character gets more screen time in season five.

4 Jolene Purdy As Inmate Stephanie Hapakuka

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Stephanie Hapakuka is yet another inmate that has been transferred to Litchfield Penitentiary due to MCC’s plans. She bunks with Piper, and the two have a complex relationship to say the least. Hapakuka catches a lot of flack for her looks. Her unkempt hair gives her an overall messy style, and her double chin doesn’t help matters. The prison garb is boxy, and exacerbates her large figure. At one point in time, Piper even hires her as a “heavy” for protection from the Latinas. It isn’t revealed what crimes Hapakuka has committed, but she was imprisoned back in her homeland of Hawaii. She’s a fish out of water, as no one else in the prison is a native Hawaiian. Still, she makes the best of a bad situation and is able to play all sides rather well.

Jolene Purdy plays Hapakuka. Many a savvy fan has recognized her from Donnie Darko and Under the Dome. Her ethnic makeup is half European and half Japanese. Purdy gets a lot of press for being a beautiful plus-sized girl. She has glistening hair, inviting lips, and gorgeous cheeks – and an ample bust. Ashley Graham had better watch her back! No one will be surprised if Purdy starts to steal the show.

3 Blair Brown As Inmate Judy King


Judy King is the resident celebrity at Litchfield Penitentiary. She’s not an import from another prison – she is a celebrity chef that was imprisoned for tax evasion. As a high profile prisoner, she has certain privileges. She enjoys some, and is irritated by others. Judy definitely looks the part of a prisoner, though. Her aging face sags, her skin is pale, and the uniform does nothing for those few extra pounds she put on as a professional chef. Judy can’t even glam things up, as she is stuck with the same prison-issued shoes and pajamas as everyone else. Like Red, she does manage to keep her roots red despite being behind bars. Judy has a knack for stirring up trouble, and it’s exciting to see how she messes with just about every group at Litchfield.

Blair Brown plays King, and has caused quite a buzz in the media. Her acting range is enormous, as she shows King playing the victim, being a s*ot and being downright mean. What most people are surprised to learn about her, though, is how good looking she is in real life. It’s probably because she’s middle-aged that people don’t realize that she had to tone down her looks for her role. In her younger days, she portrayed Jacqueline Kennedy (left) – so we know she was good looking. Nowadays, she’s still got it! Once she’s allowed to style herself properly, her looks are on par with Helen Mirren’s. She has a wide smile, bright blue eyes, and porcelain skin.

2 Natasha Lyonne As Inmate Nicky Nichols

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Yes, Nicky Nichols is technically a new inmate this season on OITNB because she returns to Litchfield in a move no one saw coming – not even her! That’s all we’re going to say on that matter, because we want you to watch the show and find the backstory out for yourself. All we will tell you is that Nicky’s looks haven’t changed. Her hair still looks like she put her finger in an electrical socket, which wouldn’t surprise anyone. Her lips are still thin and colorless, and her eyes are still buggy. Nicky also still wears ratty white T-shirts under her uniform, and rolls her socks up over her pants in 1980s style.

Everyone knows that Natasha Lyonne plays Nicky. Her styling in real life is reminiscent of Nicky’s since she eschews straightening her hair, always has a look of mischief in her eyes, and often wears quirky duds. But when she cleans herself up, she’s golden. Lyonne is a very attractive girl underneath it all, and we love to see her all dolled up. Her dark eyes sparkle, her smile is contagious and she keeps herself trim. We wonder if she does a prison workout to stay in shape. Knowing her, she probably does!

1 Asia Kate Dillon As Inmate Brandy Epps

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Brandy Epps is a white supremacist that joins the inmates at Litchfield in the latest season. Her looks are startling. She inspires fear with her buzzed head, many tattoos and thousand yard stare. She’s tall and a little lanky, but she could surely bust some heads. Brandy has no problem working construction on the new “chain gang.” There’s power in numbers, since she teams up with Skinhead Helen and Kasey Sankey. Her white power group not only adds tension to an already crazy environment, but it causes major problems for Piper in an unexpected way.

Asia Kate Dillon plays Brandy, and she’s already getting a lot of press. She is a fine actress, but most of the media hype has been around her startling transformation. In the pic on the left, one can see how beautiful Dillon really is. Her longer hair gives her a more feminine touch, and her pretty eyes are on par with Lauren Conrad’s. She also has excellent facial symmetry. This is one real life look that no one saw coming.

Sources: IMDB, OITNBWikia

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