15 Times The Marvel Cinematic Universe Angered Fans

Disney makes the best superhero movies. That's not hyperbole or a matter of opinion. It's simply a fact. A quick look at Rotten Tomatoes will reveal that the majority of Marvel Cinematic Universe films have ratings at 80% or higher, and every single MCU film has a fresh rating. Sure, there have been slight missteps like Thor: The Dark World, but for every MCU film that slightly underperforms critically, there's another like Civil War or Guardians of the Galaxy that absolutely blows audiences away. Spider-Man was only in Civil War for about 15 minutes, but the general consensus is that Tom Holland's Spidey is already a vast improvement over versions of the character portrayed by Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, is responsible for ushering in the age of the cinematic universe. However, not all is perfect because it is impossible to please everybody. Sometimes it's overly picky fanboys being whiny and overly critical, and other times there are legitimate complaints. Here's a look at 15 times the MCU angered fans.

15 Characters Of Netflix Haven't Showed In The MCU

Do you want to see Daredevil in Avengers: Infinity War? Keep dreaming because it's probably not going to happen. The Netflix shows have mentioned the MCU films many times, and while they both exist in the same universe it's basically a one way street. The MCU films have no need to mention the TV shows.

14 Quicksilver Was Killed Off Too Quickly

13 Thor: the Dark World Was Boring

Thor: The Dark World is considered by most moviegoers to be the worst MCU film, but is it really all that bad? It's not a disaster like Batman v Superman or Man of Steel, but it is definitely boring. The excitement of the previous Thor film simply isn't there. It's bland and the villain is weak.

12 Villains Aren't As Interesting As Heroes

11 Annoying Comic Relief Sidekicks

10 Too Few Female Heroes So Far

9 Too Many Jokes

8 No Hulk Movie

7 No X-men Or Fantastic Four

6 Not Enough Characters Killed Off

5 Civl War Lacked Thousands Of Characters

4 Hulk And Black Widow Relationship

3 Too Much Recasting

2 After Credits Scenes Sucked

1 The Mandarin Was A Joke

Remember how awesome the trailer for Iron Man 3 was? It looked like the threequel was going to be better than the original, but it turned out to be one of the weaker MCU films. Of all the criticisms about the movie, the handling of Shellhead's most iconic villain was the biggest gripe.

Ben Kingsley was a very intimidating and menacing Mandarin - until it was revealed he wasn't actually the Mandarin. He was an actor called Trevor Slattery and the twist didn't sit well with many fans. The character was reduced to literally being a joke. Fans hated it so much that a short film called All Hail the King was released that revealed the real Mandarin was very mad that Trevor was using his name.

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15 Times The Marvel Cinematic Universe Angered Fans