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15 Times The Marvel Cinematic Universe Angered Fans

15 Times The Marvel Cinematic Universe Angered Fans


Disney makes the best superhero movies. That’s not hyperbole or a matter of opinion. It’s simply a fact. A quick look at Rotten Tomatoes will reveal that the majority of Marvel Cinematic Universe films have ratings at 80% or higher, and every single MCU film has a fresh rating. Sure, there have been slight missteps like Thor: The Dark World, but for every MCU film that slightly underperforms critically, there’s another like Civil War or Guardians of the Galaxy that absolutely blows audiences away. Spider-Man was only in Civil War for about 15 minutes, but the general consensus is that Tom Holland’s Spidey is already a vast improvement over versions of the character portrayed by Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, is responsible for ushering in the age of the cinematic universe. However, not all is perfect because it is impossible to please everybody. Sometimes it’s overly picky fanboys being whiny and overly critical, and other times there are legitimate complaints. Here’s a look at 15 times the MCU angered fans.

15. Characters Of Netflix Haven’t Showed In The MCU

Do you want to see Daredevil in Avengers: Infinity War? Keep dreaming because it’s probably not going to happen. The Netflix shows have mentioned the MCU films many times, and while they both exist in the same universe it’s basically a one way street. The MCU films have no need to mention the TV shows.

Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment – which operates Marvel’s TV division are separate entities. Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige reports directly to Disney CEO Bob Iger. This means that the movies and TV shows are run by completely different Disney subsidiaries and there is no real creative partnership. Therefore, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist will likely stay on Netflix for the time being. Fans have been somewhat upset about this, but with thousands of Marvel characters, is it really a big deal? Isn’t it better to see a Black Panther movie than another Daredevil movie?

14. Quicksilver Was Killed Off Too Quickly

Fox is basically the fly in Marvel Studios’ buttermilk. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Quicksilver was reportedly added to the cast last minute partly because Marvel was using the character in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It is believed that one of the reasons Marvel Studios decided to kill off their version of Quicksilver was because Fox was also using Quicksilver. Was it worth it? Maybe the character was killed of too quickly. Some fans were upset that there will be no more Quicksilver in the MCU. However, the death did play a pivotal part in the story.

13. Thor: the Dark World Was Boring

Thor: The Dark World is considered by most moviegoers to be the worst MCU film, but is it really all that bad? It’s not a disaster like Batman v Superman or Man of Steel, but it is definitely boring. The excitement of the previous Thor film simply isn’t there. It’s bland and the villain is weak.

The Thor franchise is lagging behind the Iron Man and Captain America films, but Thor: Ragnarok looks to up the ante. Jeff Goldblum, Cate Blanchett and Karl Urban, have all been added to the cast of the third Thor movie. Plus the Hulk will team up with the God of Thunder. That should certainly get fans back on board.

12. Villains Aren’t As Interesting As Heroes

One of the biggest complaints about the MCU is that the villains are weak. That may be somewhat true, but it’s mostly just because the character portrayals of the heroes are so good that the villains look weak by comparison. There has yet to be a villain in the MCU that has captured the imaginations of moviegoers quite like Heath Ledger‘s Joker did in The Dark Knight. Only Loki has really made fanboys and fangirls swoon. Ronan the Accuser and Malekith the Dark Elf were basically throwaway villains. Red Skull and Ultron were intriguing, but they were one and done and likely won’t be returning anytime soon.

11. Annoying Comic Relief Sidekicks

It’s one thing to have cool superhero sidekicks like Bucky, War Machine, the Warriors Three and the Falcon, but it’s quite another thing to have annoying non-superhero sidekicks for comic relief. The only time it sort of works is in Ant-Man, but Paul Rudd was already funny enough. Did Michael Pena really need to be there? Some fans are upset there are too many annoying characters in the MCU, such as Darcy Lewis in the Thor movies.

10. Too Few Female Heroes So Far

There’s female heroes like Gamora, Black Widow and Lady Sif in the MCU. Jessica Jones is on Netflix, and Shield agents like Maria Hill, Peggy Carter and Sharon Carter are also a part of the MCU. However, there has yet to be a MCU movie starring a female superhero as the lead. That’s going to change when Captain Marvel comes out, but some fans think it’s taken way too long for there to be an MCU with a female lead.

9. Too Many Jokes

If DC movies are too dark and dour then Marvel movies are too campy and jokey. Some fans are mad that there are too many jokes in the MCU films. The problem with this argument is that a lot of people like the jokes. Sometimes things get a little bit too cheesy like in The Avengers, but for the most part the jokes are incredibly funny and add much needed levity to the films. Civil War was an extremely serious film, but every now and then, very clever jokes were added to cut some of the tension.

8. No Hulk Movie

There hasn’t been a solo Hulk movie that was part of the MCU since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The fact that so many other heroes get standalone films but the Hulk doesn’t get another has pissed off a lot of fan of the Jade Giant. The reason there hasn’t been a sequel to The Incredible Hulk is that Universal holds the distribution rights. So, for now fans will have to make due with Hulk appearing in Avengers movies and Thor: Ragnarok.

7. No X-men Or Fantastic Four

Because Fox owns the rights to both the X-Men characters and Fantastic Four, neither of these teams have been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fact that the X-Men exist in a different movie universe has angered a lot of fans. Most people would rather see Disney’s take on the X-Men than Fox’s take. There are rumors that FF may be part of the MCU soon because the Fantastic Four movies have been huge bombs. X-Men will probably be separate from The Avengers for a long time, though.

6. Not Enough Characters Killed Off

Disney isn’t going to kill off a popular character like Iron Man or Captain America because these characters make a lot of money. This has upset fans because it’s very likely we will know the outcome of the films. Since characters aren’t going to die, a lot of suspense is lost. The only major hero to die in an MCU film has been Quicksilver. Hawkeye or War Machine could have died in Civil War, and then angry fans would have a little less to be angry about.

5. Civl War Lacked Thousands Of Characters

In the comic book version of Civil War, there were literally thousands of characters. In the movies version there were only about 15. Marvel Studios has done a very good job at adapting famous comic book storylines for the big screen. Movies and comics are different of course. Still, some fans are very upset that Civil War only featured a handful of characters on Team Cap and Team Iron Man. Some would have liked to have seen an even bigger spectacle.

4. Hulk And Black Widow Relationship

In Captain America: Civil War, there were hints of a relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision. This is one of the most famous relationships in all of comics, and fans were happy to see it adapted on the big screen. Avengers: Age of Ultron did the opposite and implemented a relationship few cared about or had any interest in seeing. The relationship between Bruce Banner and Black Widow is not something diehard comic book fans found appealing, and the storyline went nowhere.

3. Too Much Recasting

Terrence Howard and Edward Norton were recast because they didn’t work well with Marvel. They either wanted more money or had creative differences. The recasting has turned out quite well, as most believe Ruffalo and Cheadle do a better job portraying the Hulk and War Machine, respectively. However, some fans are upset at these casting choices. There have been other minor roles that have been recast in the MCU, such as Fandral and Thanos, but not many people have complaints about those because they are far less noticeable.

2. After Credits Scenes Sucked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with amazing post credit scenes. Some have been hilarious, like Howard the Duck’s cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy. Others, such as Nick Fury showing up at the end of Iron Man, teased fans with what the future held for the MCU. However, not all these after credits scenes were good. Captain America: The First Avenger featured a scene that was literally just an Avengers trailer, and Ant-Man featured a scene that was taken directly from Captain America: Civil War. The after credit scene in Thor: The Dark World was one of the most boring ever. It was just a monster chasing a bird.

1. The Mandarin Was A Joke

Remember how awesome the trailer for Iron Man 3 was? It looked like the threequel was going to be better than the original, but it turned out to be one of the weaker MCU films. Of all the criticisms about the movie, the handling of Shellhead’s most iconic villain was the biggest gripe.

Ben Kingsley was a very intimidating and menacing Mandarin – until it was revealed he wasn’t actually the Mandarin. He was an actor called Trevor Slattery and the twist didn’t sit well with many fans. The character was reduced to literally being a joke. Fans hated it so much that a short film called All Hail the King was released that revealed the real Mandarin was very mad that Trevor was using his name.

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