15 Times The Kardashian Clan Screwed Over Other People

For those who delight in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you must be well aware of the fact that this family has rubbed a vast array of groups and individuals in the wrong way. A close-knit family that seems to have a few tears in its tapestry, people either love the candid nature of this family or hate them for their many instances of questionable shenanigans. Nevertheless, hate is big business and millions tune into the Kardashian clan's antics just to find new reasons to despise them. Indeed, regardless of the fact that so many are clearly fond of this family, many others spend their time wishing they would disappear altogether.

A huge family with a long, complicated history, just taking the time to research the laundry list of controversial occurrences surrounding this family is enough to make your head spin. Luckily, we have done the dirty work to save you the time and energy. Rather than wasting hours perusing the web in search of the various offenses committed by the Kardashians against the rest of the human race, the following is a closer look at 15 times in which the first family of controversy screwed others over...royally.


15 Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Although the late Robert Kardashian Sr. is no longer here to defend himself, there are quite a few people who blamed the Kardashian family as a whole for the fact that O.J. Simpson was not convicted of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Although Kris (then still a Kardashian as well) was starkly against her husband representing Simpson for the case, their long-term friendship essentially demanded the exact opposite. Nevertheless, the rest, as we know is history. No matter if you believe he committed the crime or not, O.J. was found not guilty on all charges and promptly returned to his old life following the trial. Moreover, given that the family had become extremely close to both O.J. and Nicole, many argue Robert Sr. should have stayed out of the case altogether.

14 Sonja Norwood's Money


Unbeknownst to many, Kim Kardashian actually used to work as a celebrity stylist. One of her most notorious clients being, Ray J's older sister, singer/actress, Brandy Norwood. However, at some point, it is said that Kim abused the privilege of being allowed access to the family's assets. In fact, at one point, Sonja Norwood was suing the Kardashian family for $825k in damages! According to Mrs. Norwood, after being allowed to use the card for one purchase, Kim continued to use the card until she racked up over $100k in charges and even allowed her brother Rob, and sister, Khloe (who worked as Brandy's personal assistant at the time) to get in on the fun. Either way, the charges have since been dropped. Nevertheless, many speculate on the why and how of it as a most notorious sex tape was released just prior to the suit being filed. They settled out of court.

13 Ray-J's Tape for Pay

Now, here is where the story starts to get tricky. Kim worked for the Norwoods and dated Ray J around the years of 2003-2004 and their sex tape was said to have been filmed during this time span. However, what is not clear is how the tape got "leaked" and, indeed, if it was actually "leaked" or simply released. Given that it is said that Kim and her siblings embezzled over $100k from the Norwoods in 2006-2007 and the tape came out around 2007, many assert that the tape was released in order to settle a debt between the families. More disturbingly, many also assert that Kris was behind the brokering of this deal. Either way, in the end, the tape proved to be a career starter for Kim K and a virtual career-ending move for Ray J. Although it has never been proven, some assert that Ray J was an inadvertent victim of the "Kardashian curse" and that his lacklustre career was terminated the day the video was released. Although he likely expected his career to benefit from the tape as well, it seems that he turned out to be little more than a prop in the Kim K. show. This would explain why the artist seemed to harp on Kim and her success over the years when she had clearly long since moved on.

12 Kris Humphries 5 Minute Marriage

If you blinked you might have missed it, but Kim was actually married to NBA player, Kris Humphries. Although the marriage only lasted a mere 72 days, many damages seem to have been left in its wake. For instance, not only did Humphries insist he had been blind sighted with the filing of the paperwork, but the timing of the quickie marriage in and of itself left fans questioning her true motives. As it turns out, Kim just so happened to be filming a movie entitled Marriage Counselor that was set to hit theatres shortly thereafter. Besides the fans feelings duped, Humphries has arguably never been the same.

11 Lamar Odom's Downfall

In addition to that, many also blame the Kardashians for the downfall of former basketball star, Lamar Odom. On the one hand, there is a vast array of fans who feel Khloe is the best thing ever to happen to Lamar. On the other hand, it is widely believed that the association with her family is what ultimately led him off the deep end. According to some inside sources, Odom was essentially kicked out of the NBA due to his affiliation with the Kardashian brand as well as their reality show. It seems, given the fact that Odom was a prominent player on a prominent NBA team at the time he married Khloe, the league felt that the association with the Kardashians and their reality show was beneath him. Although this has never been proven, it cannot be denied that Odom was still a very talented player when he was basically kicked out of the league for no apparent reason. Following this, Odom went on a downward spiral that landed him within inches of death. Although he has made an impressive recovery, it has been said that he will likely never be the same.

10 Scott Disick Gets Dissed

In addition to that, Kourtney's ex and father of her three children, Scott Disick, has also had his share of issues stemming from the Kardashian clan. Although he arguably doesn't come from the best background, it seems that his life has gotten much worse since attempting to keep up with the K's. Although they definitely cannot be blamed for the death of his parents or his struggles with alcohol addiction, it seems that the toxicity of wealth and fame have been both direct and indirect contributors to Disick's current state. Either way, suffice it to say, Lord Disick will also never be the same...

9 When They Faded Tyga On His Birthday

Although they have since gotten back together (at least for now) last year, Kylie actually gave Tyga an interesting birthday gift - his walking papers. If you blinked you might've missed it. Nevertheless, the pair were broken up for anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. To add insult to injury, the matter was made very public with Kylie posting subliminal songs to Tyga on her profile, the family completely snubbing his birthday, and Kylie herself confirming that the two had split over "something he did." Certainly not the best way to spend your 26th birthday...but perhaps, this is what happens when you hang out with teenagers.


8 The Forgotten Step-Child, Brody Jenner

On another note, you may or may not be aware of the fact that former The Hills heartthrob, Brody, is a part of the Jenner family. Although the relationship with Bruce and his mother has long since fizzled out, it also seems that Bruce dropped the ball in terms of raising him and being in his life. Not at all shy about his feelings on the situation, on various episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Brody expressed some misgivings in terms of his father's absence from his childhood. Although Bruce did seem genuinely remorseful, there also seems to be a rift between Brody and the rest of the Kardashian clan. The most recent examples of which, Brody was essentially uninvited to Kimye's wedding because he wanted to bring a plus one. Moreover, following the divorce of Bruce and Kris, Brody has since renounced Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe by saying that they were never close and are not his sisters at all.

7 Bruce Abuse

While speaking of Bruce Jenner's existence may be a sore subject for some, Caitlyn's transition has been the proverbial elephant in the room for most of the Kardashian ladies. While it is clear that she had always experienced issues in regards to her gender identity, many speculate that her transition would not have been so seemingly sudden and abrupt had she been treated better by the Kardashian women. Indeed, although none of us were there to see the true behind the scenes issues (also know as their everyday lives) the fact that Bruce was marginalized and often subject to scrutiny due to his fashion choices and appearance is clear and apparent in a vast array of episodes of the show. In fact, it had often been stated that prior to the marriage Bruce had a vast collection of expensive vehicles and trinkets. By the end of her marriage to Kris, she was clinging to a few model helicopters which he was only allowed to play within his the garage. Just prior to the split, Jenner distanced herself far away from the Kardashian ladies and only gave them a few months notice in regards to his actual transition. Either way, shortly thereafter, Caitlyn was born and the Bruce we all knew was no more. Since her transition, Caitlyn is not very accepted by the Kardashian clan. If nothing else, this was made evident by the lack of an invite to Kylie and Kendall's graduation, despite having been a stay-at-home father for the entirety of their relationship.

6 The Unconditional Love of Kanye West

In addition to that, Kanye West's love was tested over and over again by Kim K. Although he himself was no saint (see what we did there?) and was also dating other people, it has been said the Yeezy was in love with Kim from the very beginning and was simply waiting for her to give him a real chance. After a series of relationships (and even her notorious quickie marriage to Kris Humphries), the couple came together, finally went for it, and the rest is hip hop history. Although it is unknown what took Kim so long to arrive at the inevitable, it has been speculated that Yeezy is not Kim's type physically so she continued to date those with a more athletic build up until her marriage to Humphries made her rethink this stance.

5 Adrienne Bailon's Career Woes

You may or may not remember, but there was a time in which Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon was in a very serious relationship with Rob Kardashian. Given that the couple lived together, Bailon appeared on the show quite a few times and began to take on the Kardashian brand as a part of her own. However, the relationship between Rob and Adrienne didn't work out and it officially ended with her moving to New York, allegedly to be with another man. Although the details behind her actions are unclear, many blamed Bailon for Rob's subsequent spiral into deep depression. Either way, according to Bailon, the main thing that changed since their split is her career. Whether it is due to the breakup or simply being affiliated with the Kardashian's in general, no one knows, either way, it seems that the former pop star has fallen short of her personal career goals.

4 The Ongoing Slander of Amber Rose

In addition to that, many blame the Kardashian family for the ongoing slander of Kanye's ex, Amber Rose. After several very public feuds, some even speculate that Mr. West is stuck on Rose, which is why he continues to make comments on her. Either way, at one point, Kanye compared Rose to a streetwalker and insisted that he had to take a plethora of showers in order to cleanse himself from the germs contracted during his relationship with Rose. While none of this is necessarily Kim's fault, many took her silence as consent as she has hardly spoken out against her husband's actions and essentially seems on board with his verbal abuse of his ex-lover.

3 Taming Blac Chyna's Tyga

In case you were living under a rock and somehow missed the love triangle of the century, please enjoy this recap. Blac Chyna is Tyga's ex-fiance and also the mother of his child. Prior to Kylie dating Tyga, Blac Chyna was actually close friends with Kim K as well as the Kardashian family and even appeared on the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well. This is why it is especially troubling that none of them seemed to have an issue with Tyga and Kylie announcing their relationship shortly after Kylie's 18th birthday. Especially when they pretty much all had an issue when their brother, Rob turned around and dated, impregnated, and proposed to Chyna.

2 Chyna and Amber's Reality Check

Speaking of Amber and Chyna, in case you didn't know, the two are besties. As recent as last year, they were on track to get their own reality show with MTV which many were ecstatic to watch. However, the show would never see the light of day. Likely sensing that the duo had something up their collective sleeve, the Kardashians quickly contacted a lawyer and drew up paperwork asserting that their name could not be mentioned on this reality show. Shortly thereafter, the show was canceled. However, not ones to lie there are be screwed, Amber Rose has since landed her own show on VH1 and has also announced that her on again/ off again beef with the Kardashian-West Clan in officially back on. Also, Blac Chyna will be joining the "KUWTK" cast as well as filming a special with her fiance, Rob in regards to their upcoming baby and nuptials. Guess they can't will them all!

1 They Made Taylor Famous

Lastly, if you missed this one, you may want to stop what you're doing and Google it. In a nutshell, after claiming that she had no prior knowledge in regards to being mentioned in Kanye's "Famous" song and video, Kim released a video in which Kanye not only told her about it, but he also read her the lyrics. To add insult to injury, Swift even called it a compliment and admitted that the Instagram post she posted when Kanye sent her the floral arrangement earned her the most "likes" by far. This made her anti-Kanye performance (speech) at this year's Grammy's seem all the more fraudulent. Talk about bad blood... since the evidence hit the web, millions have chimed in, calling Swift a snake and asserting that her career is now over. Has the Kardashian curse claimed yet another career? Only time will tell...


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