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15 Times Shia LaBeouf Completely Lost His Mind

15 Times Shia LaBeouf Completely Lost His Mind

Shia LaBeouf’s recent antics had him stay in an elevator at England’s Oxford University for twenty-four hours. Never one to shy away from controversy, Shia slapped a fan in the face. However, it was all in good fun as the fan wanted him to originally punch him, but Shia refused and the fan settled for a slap.

Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to odd behavior, as he says it’s artistic (while others beg to differ). Due to his recent bizarre behavior, many wonder if he does have a remarkable artistic mind or maybe it’s just something else along the lines of crazy.

It has been done in the past by other actors, for example in 2008 Joaquin Phoenix seemed like he went haywire saying he was retiring from acting to pursue a career as a rapper. The actor continued his erratic behavior until it was announced that it was all a work for his upcoming movie. However, in Shia’s case many don’t think it’s one of those character building exercises, as many believe he might just be a bit senseless. Here are 15 times Shia LaBeouf lost his mind. You can be the judge for yourself and determine if he’s artistic or just plain crazy.

15. Chasing A Homeless Man Around New York

Shia LaBeouf upped his level or erratic behavior when he decided to chase a homeless man around New York City. Shia stated that the man had his hat and was trying to get it back. While the chase was on, Shia kept screaming “don’t worry it’s me Shia”, like that would give the man comfort to stop running away.

14. Stare Down With Motorcyclist



While a Californian motorcyclist was stopped at a red light, a black pickup truck pulled beside him and to the driver’s surprise, it was Shia LaBeouf. Shia, for some strange reason, was menacingly staring down the motorcyclist in a very eerie way. The motorcyclist captured all this on his helmet cam. The video has almost 8 million views. It was later determined that Shia gave this look because the driver of the motorcycle was driving erratically cutting people off.

13. Plagiarism


At the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Shia premiered his directorial debut, Howard The short film received great reviews, and it seemed like Shia had quite the future ahead of him. However, in 2013 when the film surfaced online, people realized that Shia’s film bared a resemblance to Justin M. Damiano, a comic by author Daniel Clowes. It was later found out that it wasn’t just a resemblance, it was the exact same thing. The majority of the script and visuals matched the comic. There wasn’t a deal between the two, Shia copied another man’s work hoping he wouldn’t get caught. Oh, Shia.

12. Apology For Plagiarism

It was nice enough for Shia to apologize for the plagiarism, but that’s the least he could do after using someone else’s work without their consent. One apology saying I’m sorry would have been enough, though. But Shia kept on apologizing on his Twitter account, which started to get a little weird. Oh, and the best part is his apology was copied from a Yahoo! Answers post. Shia continued his apologizing tirade by paying for sky writing messages.

11. Head-butts Person in London Bar

When Shia was in a London bar with his former girlfriend Mia Goth and her mother, Shia had an altercation with a random person. The encounter ended with Shia head butting him. The guy allegedly said something rude to Goth’s mother, and Shia decided the manly thing to do was to head butt the person, protecting his girlfriend’s mother’s honor.

10. Sent a Graphic Picture to Producers for a Role

The producer of Nymphomaniac, Lars Von Trier, was interested in hiring big name actors to star in his movie about sex addiction that would require real sex. Obviously Shia was intrigued by this role, and after preliminary discussions with producers, Shia was asked to take a picture of his private parts and e-mail it to the producer. He wasn’t given any actual reason for the request, but that didn’t bother Shia as he immediately sent it to them without any hesitation or justification.

9. He Dropped Acid for Movie Role



In an attempt to get into character for a particular role, Shia LaBeouf reportedly dropped acid in front of the cast and crew while filming Charlie Countryman. Shia played the lead role of Charlie Countryman in the film, and according to some reports he got naked, smashed things up, and kept seeing an owl.

8. Openly Talks About Sleeping With Actresses Who Have Boyfriends



In an interview with Details Magazine in 2011, Shia openly discussed that he slept with his Transformers co-star, Megan Fox. Fox, who is now divorced from Brian Austin Green, was dating him at that time that these comments were made. The scandalous Shia didn’t stop there though, in another interview he admitted to sleeping with actress Isabel Lucas while she was still dating Adrian Grenier. Oh, dear.

7. Crazy at the Cabaret



Shia decided to take his antics at a musical cabaret at studio 54 on Broadway. During the performance, Shia while clearly intoxicated, was smoking in the crowd, and yelling profanities at the performers, as well as audience members. He also got physical and slapped a few people along the way. To top this all off, Shia also grabbed the butt of actor Alan Cumming while he was performing. Shia was eventually arrested and released the next morning.

6. Arrested On His 21st Birthday

After a night of partying and celebrating his 21st birthday, Shia was craving a cigarette, but the only issue was that his hotel didn’t sell any. So Shia ended up going across the street to a Walgreens, where he had a stare down with a security guard. LaBoeuf bought a face cream instead and returned to his hotel. When he realized his mistake he changed clothes and made his way back to Walgreens. After another stare down and words exchanged with the security guard, Shia bought Gummy Bears. Realizing his mistake again, Shia changed outfit once again and headed back to Walgreens, where he was arrested for trespassing.

5. Wore A Paper Bag Over His Head At A Premiere


At the Nymphomaniac premier, Shia had many people confused by showing up on the red carpet with a paper bag over his head which read: “I am not famous anymore”. This display was meant to be a reference from the actor, saying he was retiring from his public life. We’re not surprised that this made headlines everywhere. Unfortunately for Shia, this act created the opposite of what he stated he wanted.

4. Fight Outside New York City Club



This fight was very odd because there was no clear motive behind it. Shia started a fight with a random stranger outside of a New York City club. That may not sound bizarre, but the details certainly are. Apparently, a man was just walking by the club and Shia just decided to start a fight with him for no reason at all. No verbal exchange beforehand, no stare down, nothing.

3. Not Showering On The Set of Fury



As we’ve seen a few entries ago, Shia seems to really get into character in filming for a role. In this particular case, to get into character for his role in Fury, Shia didn’t shower for weeks. The crew were reportedly very irritated because the stench was too much to handle. Brad Pitt even warned Shia about his behavior on the set. Ultimately, he was moved to a different hotel because of his body odor.

2. #Iamsorry Performance Art Installation



Shia staged an art exhibit performance at a gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibit ran for five days. The performance had Shia staying quiet and crying while sitting at a table. He was dressed in a tuxedo and wore a paper bag over his head, which had the words: “I’m not famous anymore” written on it. Visitors were given the choice to choose and use any of the props made available at the exhibit, which included a ukulele, an Indiana Jones whip, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

1. Threatened Neighbor


There are two versions to this story; the first is that Shia arrived at his apartment complex and couldn’t get into the driveway because his neighbor was talking to his girlfriend and blocking the garage. Shia screamed at the neighbor to move, but he refused and Shia hit the man’s car. Later that night, Shia showed up at the neighbor’s apartment with a knife, and the two fought until the police arrived.

In the second version of the story, Shia explained to GQ in an interview that the incident happened because the neighbor rear ended Shia’s mother’s car and insulted her. So Shia got a friend and went to the neighbor’s apartment. Shia was jumped by six guys before cops showed up. Which version do you believe?

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