15 Times Shia LaBeouf Completely Lost His Mind

Shia LaBeouf’s recent antics had him stay in an elevator at England’s Oxford University for twenty-four hours. Never one to shy away from controversy, Shia slapped a fan in the face. However, it was all in good fun as the fan wanted him to originally punch him, but Shia refused and the fan settled for a slap.

Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to odd behavior, as he says it’s artistic (while others beg to differ). Due to his recent bizarre behavior, many wonder if he does have a remarkable artistic mind or maybe it's just something else along the lines of crazy.

It has been done in the past by other actors, for example in 2008 Joaquin Phoenix seemed like he went haywire saying he was retiring from acting to pursue a career as a rapper. The actor continued his erratic behavior until it was announced that it was all a work for his upcoming movie. However, in Shia’s case many don’t think it’s one of those character building exercises, as many believe he might just be a bit senseless. Here are 15 times Shia LaBeouf lost his mind. You can be the judge for yourself and determine if he’s artistic or just plain crazy.

15 Chasing A Homeless Man Around New York

14 Stare Down With Motorcyclist


13 Plagiarism

12 Apology For Plagiarism

11 Head-butts Person in London Bar

10 Sent a Graphic Picture to Producers for a Role

9 He Dropped Acid for Movie Role


8 Openly Talks About Sleeping With Actresses Who Have Boyfriends


7 Crazy at the Cabaret


6 Arrested On His 21st Birthday

5 Wore A Paper Bag Over His Head At A Premiere

4 Fight Outside New York City Club


3 Not Showering On The Set of Fury


2 #Iamsorry Performance Art Installation


1 Threatened Neighbor

There are two versions to this story; the first is that Shia arrived at his apartment complex and couldn’t get into the driveway because his neighbor was talking to his girlfriend and blocking the garage. Shia screamed at the neighbor to move, but he refused and Shia hit the man’s car. Later that night, Shia showed up at the neighbor’s apartment with a knife, and the two fought until the police arrived.

In the second version of the story, Shia explained to GQ in an interview that the incident happened because the neighbor rear ended Shia’s mother’s car and insulted her. So Shia got a friend and went to the neighbor’s apartment. Shia was jumped by six guys before cops showed up. Which version do you believe?


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15 Times Shia LaBeouf Completely Lost His Mind