15 Musicians Who Shockingly Fell Down On Stage

When our favorite musicians are on stage singing those songs that we all love so much, many of us can't help but think just how perfect the experience must be. Can you imagine the feeling of being up on stage with thousands of adoring fans singing the lyrics to your song word for word and screaming every time you look their way? The feeling must be even greater for musicians whose performances are outside the box, where they include stunts and have perfectly coordinated dancers doing their thing behind them.

However, nothing good comes easy. It would shock many of us to discover the hours of practice that these performers put in behind the scenes, and the struggles and challenges they have to overcome to become the stars and excellent performers that we all adore today. Furthermore, so many things can go wrong before or even during a performance that these musicians have to deal with, things that they have no control over. Imagine how sad it would be to develop a cold the night before a huge concert, to experience problems with the microphones while on stage, to discover that the crowd is not responding as you would expect, or even to fall down on or off the stage.

Arguably, falling off the stage is the worst thing that can happen to a musician during a performance, because it's embarrassing and very many people will find it hilarious, even when it is not. Here are some very popular celebrities who have fallen on or fallen off stage at least once in their lives, and they have had to pick themselves up and move on.


15 Iggy Azalea at the pre-VMA show 2014

When Iggy Azalea was performing her hit song "Fancy" at the pre-VMA show on Friday August 22, 2014 at the Avalon in L.A, she fell off the stage hard. She took a step back getting out of the way of her dancers, a step that led to her falling off the stage in a very undesirable fashion. The crowd watched with bated breath as the security guards rushed to pick the Aussie star rapper up; luckily, she did not sustain any serious injuries. What was very impressive though was that everyone appreciated that Iggy was not lip-syncing and that she immediately got back on stage and continued singing. It was also cool how Iggy posted the video of the incident on Instagram and laughed about it.

14 Nick Cave at ATP Iceland 2013


Nick Cave proved to be one of the toughest musicians we have in the industry, when he fell off the front of the stage during a performance at the ATP Iceland and appeared a few seconds later from the back. When he fell, the band continued playing even harder and his appearance from the back in a magical fashion only livened up the performance even more. After his performance, he was taken to the Reykjavík hospital for a medical checkup, and the following day he was on stage performing at the Glastonbury Festival. Nick only sustained some bruising that required some painkillers and a few weeks of recovery, but he proved to be one of the greats when he came back from this fall. (Skip to around 8:30 in the video to see it happen.)

13 Demi Lovato at the KIIS FM's Summer Pool Party in L.A.

The next time you discover that you are the only one wearing heels at a pool party, please remove them and put them aside lest you hit the floor face first like Demi Lovato did. Demi was performing at the KIIS FM's "Cool for the Summer" pool party on July 5, 2015, when she slid and fell; she immediately rose up and jumped into the pool, a very wise move on her part. This video quickly spread through social media, and she never took it too seriously, since she even posted a slow-motion video of the fall on social media and laughed about it. Although the fall might not have been "cool", how she dealt with the situation was "cool", especially for the summer.

12 Dave Grohl at the Foo Fighters Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden


When the Foo Fighters were a few minutes into their performance in concert in Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2015, Dave Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg. The band was only in its second song and they had to stop because their founder and frontman had to leave the concert and receive proper medical attention. After getting back on stage, Grohl performed for a while with paramedics tending to his broken leg, but he could not keep up with the performance for long. Grohl apologized to the audience for the mishap and promised that the band would come back another day to perform for their adoring fans. However, the fans did not go home all disappointed because Taylor Hawkins, the band's drummer, took over Grohl's vocal duties and they performed their greatest songs.

11 Katy Perry at the MTV’s Latin America Awards in Guadalajara, Mexico

Katy Perry had an unforgettable performance at the MTV's Latin America Awards in October 2008, and what makes her performance unforgettable has nothing to do with her singing. Katy Perry decided to jump onto a giant cake, but whoever's idea that was, they did not think it through properly. After diving on the cake, Perry tried standing up but she kept slipping on the cake and falling down. After several embarrassing attempts to stand up, she decided to crawl out of the area full of cake icing, and with the help of some concert officials, she was able to stand up. Despite the fact that she did not fall off the stage, Katy Perry's fall is too embarrassing to leave out of this list.

10 Jennifer Lopez at the 2009 American Music Awards


Jennifer Lopez is famous for many things, some of them including her exceptional dancing skills, her extremely great singing voice, her wonderful acting skills and of course, her (you know where) 'enlargement' surgery rumors. Few performers can match up to Jennifer Lopez's creativity and energy on stage, and even a fall is not enough to keep her down. At the 2009 America Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez was performing a dance routine where she was stepping on the backs of dancers on a staircase formation, only for her to jump so high up at the end that on reaching the ground she slipped and landed on her behind. The amazing thing is that she bounces back so quickly and continues with her performance, you might miss the fall if you are not keen enough.

9 Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) at a South Dakota Concert in 2009

Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith, a famous rock band based in Boston. A fuse blew while Aerosmith was performing their hit song "Love in an Elevator" at a concert in South Dakota on August 6, 2009. When the sound crew was replacing the blown fuse, Tyler took that opportunity to entertain the crowd with some fancy footwork and dancing. Tyler lost his balance and fell off the stage; he suffered minor neck, shoulder and head injuries that led to the band canceling the rest of its tour. Security guards rushed to help him up and on stage while fans waited to see whether he was fine. When he got up the crowd cheered, but Steven Tyler had to be airlifted to the hospital moments later because his fall was pretty bad.


8 Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) at the Toronto Air Canada Center in 2010


Steven Tyler has made his second appearance on this list because both falls are weirdly connected. The fact that Tyler fell off the stage the second time while performing the exact same song is just weird. Many people have asked questions regarding the song "Love in an Elevator" that is "responsible" for both of his falls, and possibly the best advice would be for Tyler to perform the song while sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage where the chances of him falling would be reduced to a minimum. However, the song was not to blame for the falls, it was just pure coincidence. The second time round, Tyler did not suffer any injuries because he landed on his feet and got back on the stage and continued performing.

7 Robbie Williams at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle 

Robbie Williams was performing at the Metro Radio Arena on June 2014 when he accidentally fell off the stage. Despite the fact that he did not sustain any injuries, the same cannot be said about one of his fans. Robbie Williams was just bending down to high-five some of his fans during his performance when he accidentally fell off and landed on the space between the crowd and the stage. Ms. Margaret Nash must have been leaning against the crowd barrier where Williams accidentally hit her. Ms. Nash did not even make it to the end of the performance because after the incident she was taken to the first aid room for treatment and later to the hospital for further treatment. This must have been one of Robbie Williams' worst encounters with his fans.

6 Brad Paisley at the "American Saturday Night Tour" 2010


Brad Paisley ended his performance at a concert in South Carolina in 2010 in a way no musician wants to end his or her tour. According to his website, Paisley was on his last song titled "Alcohol", when he fell though I doubt that alcohol had anything to do with the fall. Brad immediately stood up, finished the show and thanked the audience. The country music singer and songwriter was taken to the hospital after the show but was released soon after because there were no serious injuries. There is no doubt about how hard Brad hit the floor that night. Fortunately it left him with bruises but no broken bones. Despite the fact that Brad did not fall off stage, his fall was so hard it deserved a place on this list.

5 Lady Gaga in Houston, Texas in 2011

Lady Gaga loves to do things differently, whether she is performing on stage, wearing something weird on the red carpet, or even falling on stage. At a concert in Huston, Texas in 2011, Lady Gaga was performing a rendition of the song "You and I" when she decided to stand on a piano stool with one leg and step on the piano with the other leg. Her risky move and dangerously high stilettos were not helping in any way to prevent a disaster, and true to everyone's expectations, she had one of the most dramatic falls. Although she did not fall off stage, Lady Gaga slid, fell on her back under the piano, and like a true professional continued singing. The fall must have hurt, but Lady Gaga's poker face made us believe otherwise.

4 P Diddy at the 2015 BET Awards


P Diddy is one of today's American success stories when you consider that he is a producer, rapper, and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $735 million. Through his label Bad Boy Records, he has produced some of the biggest names in the music industry, past and present, and has established himself as one of the all-time best rappers. However, despite all the success and experience P Diddy has had over the years, nothing could save him from tripping and falling into a hole off stage at the 2015 BET awards. However, just like other true professionals on this list, P Diddy pulled himself back on stage and continued with his performance as if nothing had happened.

3 Beyoncé at a Concert in Orlando in 2007

Beyoncé (Queen Bee) is without a doubt a Queen in the entertainment industry, because she is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, since she has sold over 118 million solo records and over 60 million records with Destiny's Child. Furthermore, Time listed Beyoncé as one of the top 100 influential people in the world in 2013 and 2014, and Forbes listed her as the most powerful female musician of 2015. However, Beyoncé is not immune to falling during her performances, with one of her worst falls being at a concert in Orlando in 2007. Queen Bee tripped on her trench coat and fell down approximately 12 steps headfirst, but amazingly, she stood up and continued singing, proving why she is the best in the industry.

2 Madonna at the 2015 Brit Awards in London


Madonna might be 57 years old, but she can still sing and dance like, or even better, than most performers in their late teens or even in their twenties. Madonna is rightly called the Queen of Pop, and with over 300 million records sold worldwide, she is the all-time best-selling female recording artist. However, Madonna's success and experience on stage could not save her from a nasty fall at the 2015 Brit Awards held in London. Some mishap with her cape caused Madonna to fall backwards from a flight of stairs making up the stage, but what proved that she was a true superstar was the fact that she never stopped singing, overreacted, or lost her cool, but she made us think that the fall was part of the dance.

1 Pink at a Concert in Nuremberg, Germany

Back in July 2010, Pink was performing at a concert in Nuremberg, Germany when one of the acrobatic stunts she was supposed to perform did not go as planned. Stunts and acrobatics are a common feature in most of Pink's performances, and this was meant to go on flawlessly as the other numerous acrobatic stunts she has performed over the years. For this case, one of her assistants did not secure the harness in time as she was supposed to, leading to Pink and another assistant being slingshot out of the stage and onto the steel barricade. This was a particularly terrible fall, and Pink was rushed to the nearest hospital in an ambulance immediately after the incident. In the ambulance, Pink tweeted her fans and apologized for having to end her performance abruptly, but she assured everyone that she was fine.



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