15 Times Jason Momoa Was Too Hot For His Own Good

Even though he never planned to enter the big bad world of acting, Jason Momoa has been a part of television for going on thirteen years. He started small and worked his way up the food chain with a series of fantastic roles, securing fans from all different groups of viewers. He’s got the Science Fiction crowd from way back, anyone who likes epic literature come to life on HBO, the women because of extremely obvious reasons, and now he’s rocking the world on super heroes with his role in the upcoming, surefire hit Aquaman.

But whether he’s Ronan, Khal Drogo, or Aquaman, this guy has won out respect, adoration, and love. His acting is nothing short of phenomenal plus his body and face are nothing short of perfection.  Momoa could just be on camera reading off the ingredients in a soda can and people all over the world would tune in.

Do I like Jason Momoa? That is a resounding “YES!” While I don’t remember him from Baywatch Hawaii, mostly because I wouldn’t have been caught dead watching it, I loved him from the first moment he stepped onto the screen in Stargate Atlantis and ever since.  His acting range and looks just make him even hotter than he already is.  He has made so many people happy that it is time to memorialize this moment in time.

So it is my absolute pleasure to bring to you fifteen amazing photographs where Jason Momoa was too hot for his britches. Literally. In some of them he’s not wearing pants.


15 Playing Guitar


Let’s start this Momoa-fest with a really, really, really good one, shall we?

I know he isn’t half naked here or sporting some wild look in his eyes but, for me, this quiet moment between him and a guitar is enough to make me ache to be an inanimate object.

So does he actually play? The answer, much to my eternal happiness, is yes. Hendrix he isn’t, but he’s good enough to make a girl, or guy, fall just a little in love with his soulful eyes and oh so gorgeous hair.

Can you just imagine the beautiful music he and his gorgeous wife, Lisa Benet, must make at home with their too perfect children? He’s even used his guitar skills on the set at times and even at conventions. His fans seem to love it, but who would say anything against this man? He’s super attractive and huge!

14 Baby Momoa


A long, long, long time ago when the Baywatch franchise was still relatively cool, a nineteen-year-old Jason Momoa joined the cast of half-naked life guards who made slow-motion running across a beach a real, anticipated thing. He was scooped up while working at a local surf shop and offered the role of Jason Loane, a heart throb with sweet, pouty lips and some wickedly tempting arched eyebrows. Not to mention, those abs. He played his self-named character for three years, which amounted to the entire run of the spin-off show.

Smooth chested and baby faced in this photo, it’s a bit hard to see the stony face of his future characters, especially a certain Kahl, but it’s there, under all that beach bronzed glow, just waiting to be touched… I mean seen.

Nah. I meant touched.  Although it may feel illegal to something so good, he was nineteen at the time so it was totally legal then and totally legally now.

13 With Age Comes Great Sexiness


Fast forward roughly fifteen years and the tasty young man that turned so many heads back on the set of Baywatch Hawaii has grown up into a chiseled, accomplished, talented, and delectable man.

Born and raised on the tropical island of Hawaii, Jason never strays too far from the ocean, which is a good thing for us, because we get to ogle him in pictures like this. Just look at how gracefully he has aged over the years.  He is way hotter than most men his age.

In an interview for the upcoming and much anticipated Justice League movie, in which Momoa plays the fiercest version of Aquaman that anyone has ever seen, Jason was asked if he was a strong swimmer or if he had to practice for the role. His response was golden. He gave the interviewer a “Pffffft” type of look and simply said, “I’m Hawaiian, bro," and then somehow managed to find a microphone and drop it to the ground.

12 Oh My Dear God, He Reads!


Every person is different and have unique tastes in men. For me, a man who reads is sexy beyond belief!

Now, I’m not altogether sure he actually reads or if this is just a shot taken during some random photo shoot… but the fact remains that it makes my stomach butterflies do back flips. Everything in this picture, from the motorcycle, to the hat, to the book, makes me want to beg for mercy a la Uncle Jessie from Full House.

For most of his current roles, Jason is encouraged to embrace his unmistakably fierce side with intense eyes and furrowed brows, but here we see him completely relaxed and still just as sexy. Just look at him, he’s literally covered from head to toe and can still get women, and men, across the globe drooling. That’s innate talent my friend.

But let’s not encourage the fully dressed thing, shall we. It might be nice seeing this sexy beast in his Sunday best, but it’s beyond fun to see him in the buff.

11 Ronan


Long before all you Momoa fans discovered his deliciousness on Games of Thrones, I was watching him on Stargate Atlantis as Ronan, the sexy as hell non-Earth resident. That’s right, he was basically an alien, but if aliens look like Momoa, then everyone should hope to be abducted.

In the show, his character, Ronan, was an escaped runner, a slave who’d been injected with a tractor and hunted by horrible monsters who sucked the life out of you. Yeah, gross. He was a survivor, though, and a wicked fighter, which is a skill he actually learned after signing on for the role. It was his amazing skills in martial arts and the primitive way he used his long arms to take opponents down that helped score him the role of Conan in the remake of Conan the Barbarian.

If you haven’t seen the show, go find it because he’s worth watching.

10 Khal Drogo


Yes, yes… calm your hormones! Or don’t, I don’t care. My hormones literally spike off the chart when I see this man without a shirt on. And that scowl!

I mentioned the scowl earlier and now you see what I mean. Jason Momoa has always had an impressive set of very thick and dark eyebrows but they really came into their own when he played Khal Drogo, the Dothraki clan leader who takes a very young wife and makes her his baby mama. Well… there’s more to that, but I won’t do into it right now.

The point is, this is just one picture of Momoa as Khal Drogo, and its perfection. There are also a million other pictures that are equally as delectable as this one. Just go search his name up on Google and you will find what you are looking for.

I dare you.

You did it, didn’t you! Good job!! Here’s your reward.

9 My, Aquaman, How You’ve Changed!


If you haven't noticed, Jason Momoa has been pretty much everywhere lately. But the role that he's currently getting major attention for is Aquaman. Now in the past Aquaman has been portrayed as a blond, scaly looking guy who has a special affinity for the ocean.

The new Aquaman, as played by Momoa, isn’t going to look like anything you’ve ever seen. I mean look at him! With shoulders to envy Superman and tattoos covering most of his body, the new Aquaman is dangerous, angry, and so sexy it practically hurts!

Momoa is even bringing his patented Kahl Drogo scowl back for this character, as if we didn't need another reason to think him devastatingly gorgeous. The thick, dark eyebrows with that unmistakable slash drawn over those deep, intense eyes... oh man, he is just too much!

Guess who can't wait to go watch Aquaman at the theaters the minute it releases?!


8 Cause I’m a Cowboy…


In the world of romance writing there’s this thing called tropes. Basically, tropes are the epitome of imagined fantasy made real in a person by their dressing a certain way. One example, would be the cowboy trope.

Technically, Jason isn’t dressed exactly like your typical cowboy here so some might argue that he doesn’t fill the trope quite right. To that, I say “Get your head checked!”

There’s just something about him here that screams to me “COWBOY BAD BOY!” It’s probably just the vest, pocket watch, and the hat, but whatever it is, it works for me. Of course, I’ve never quite seen a cowboy that looked this devilish, with a tattooed arm and that racy look in his eyes, so maybe he’s more of an outlaw than a cowboy, but that works too. I have always liked bad boys.

Now if he was just riding a horse...

7 Oh Sweet God…


Do I really have to explain why I picked this photo?

Can. You. Even. Handle. It?

If you haven’t watched the remake of Conan the Barbarian, which was released in 2011, you might want to track it down just for this scene alone.

The original Conan movie came out in 1982 and stared Arnold Schwarzenegger as the man himself. He was huge and super muscly, but he wasn’t exactly a fighter, not in the way Momoa fought in the remake. The movie didn’t get the best reviews but viewers loved the way Momoa fought like a true barbarian.

Some viewers didn’t care that the movie wasn’t the greatest. They were just happy to sit back and watch Mr. Momoa do his thing and then strip down to his birthday suit for this scene. Sure, it wasn’t the best for his resume, but he’s done some amazing things since so we can make fun of Conan and just appreciate the movie for this one scene.


6 The Man Cleans Up Nice!


It's not always easy for broad-shouldered men to find classy suits to fit them, apparently even if you're a star. On the red carpet for the Batman vs. Superman movie, Jason Momoa looked exceptionally hot, but also uncomfortable in a wine velvet jacket. So it got me thinking about what Momoa would look like with his broad shoulders inside of a nice suit jacket and I found this picture.

Now, if a man reading a book gets me excited, ask me how I feel about a tall, dark, broad shouldered man in a suit. *fans myself before fainting*

There's just something insanely sexy about hot men in well-fitted suits. Add to that Momoa's cheeky grin, unbuttoned dress shirt, and Namaste hands and you've got a winning combination walking down the red carpet.

I wish men wore suits more often. I also wish more men looked as good as Jason Momoa in a suit.

5 Can I Offer You a Ride?


When I was a child my parents made it very clear to me that taking rides from strangers was absolutely verboten. They put the fear of God in me from an early age and I can honestly say that I have never, ever hitchhiked in my life.

So would I take a ride from this man if he pulled over and offered me a ride? Even if it meant I’d probably be serial murdered in the middle of the woods somewhere?

Yes. Yes, I would.

Why you ask? The answer’s simple really, because I would go just about anywhere with Jason Momoa if he asked me with this sexy look on his face. There are plenty of times, especially as Khal Drogo, that Momoa looks like he would kill you before giving you the time of day, but here he looks big, and strong, and so very sexy. I would 100% take a ride from this Jason Momoa.

4 He’s a Good Dad


Younger me probably wouldn’t have cared so much about Jason Momoa’s parenting skills, but the mommy version of me melts at the sight of this big warrior man hanging out with his kids. I chose this picture because the two of them look so adorable and cool that it pulled at my heartstrings.

Jason married Lisa Bonet of The Cosby Show fame in 2007 and had two children with her; nine-year-old Lola and seven year old Nakoa-Wolf. The entire family is ridiculously beautiful and, according to Jason himself, incredibly “bad ass” just like his latest characters.

In a world filled with dead beat parents, it’s nice to see a man who retains strong family morals. There are a ton of pictures with him, Lisa, and their beautiful children snuggling up and enjoying one another’s company, even when they aren’t aware of the cameras.

Good fathers are definitely something to celebrate.

3 That Scar and Smolder!


Back during his time as Ronan on Stargate Atlantis, Jason was involved in a bar fight in Los Angeles that ended with him getting slashed in his gorgeous face by a glass. The fight might have hurt, it resulted in 140 stitches, but it also created his signature eyebrow scar, which, let’s face it, hadn’t hurt his image at all. In fact, that scar added the perfect amount of danger to an already sexy face and could possibly have helped him get the role of Khal Drogo.

No. I take it back. There’s no way one little perfectly placed scar can be attributed for any of Momoa’s success, he’s a hard worker and consummate professional from all accounts. It just didn’t hurt, career wise I mean, not physically. I’m sure it hurt physically.

Even though he’s apparently a really nice guy who smiles constantly, the man had a world class smolder. It can be scary at times, but for the most part it’s just sexy as hell.

2 This SMIRK!

Even though he looks like a fierce, going-to-kill-you-now, kind of guy, Jason Momoa is actually hilarious. According to an interview with Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, Momoa showed up to one of their first scenes together, a rape scene, wearing a little something special to hide his man parts.

The usual naked scene cover-up is called a modesty sock and it’s just what it sounds like, a nude colored sock that goes over a man’s ding-a-ling. Momoa eschewed the usual sock in favor of his own creation, a pink fuzzy sock that he pulled over his considerable manhood.

So during an incredibly intense, dramatic, and violent scene, which was shot in close up on her face, Emilia Clarke had to fight back laughter as Jason’s pink fuzzy sock bobbed around out of the shot.

I don’t know about you, but that makes him completely adorable in my books.

1 This Possibly Naked Photo of Momoa


Remember when Jason scoffed at the reporter who asked him if he’d need to practice his swimming for the role of Aquaman? Here’s one more picture that proves that reporter should have done some more research before posing such a crazy question.  Maybe we can't fault the reporter. One look at Momoa would make even the smartest person forget their name.

There are a ton of pictures of Momoa in water out there. This one just caught my… um… attention. The position he’s in obscures any definitive proof, but who’s to say he isn’t? I, for one, am going to side with the naked camp.  It just makes more sense in making my fantasy a reality.

He might still be gorgeous, huge, and sexy as hell in this shot, but he’s approachable in a way that he might not seem in other pictures. Emilia Clarke is one lucky gal, that’s for sure.

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