15 Times Celebs Couldn’t Hide Their Jealous Rage

The jealousy that celebrities possess in them is known to be much worse than us regular people. Why? Well, for one, if we were to look at some of the recent breakups in Hollywood, the person who did the cheating usually hated themselves for stepping out on their relationship and consequently hurting their other half, who has since moved on to somebody much better than them. That’s when the jealousy really kicks in and the social media rants come into play. Luckily for us (most of us), we don’t have to experience that.

But it’s not just relationships that have these celebrities showing their raging jealousy out in public. It also comes down to the success of their musical peers, wanting to break up a happy romance between two people, and most of all, feeling regretful for doing something stupid that landed them the boot from a television show. That’s when the jealousy is known to be at its worst, because they’ll eventually learn that someone has replaced them, and without their presence on the show, the program is still doing great. Ouch! And then there are those who become so jealous of others, their raging anger leads to a shocking murder. See below for the celebrities who’ve all encountered some of these experiences, making their jealous rage that much more extreme.

15 Chris Brown

14 O.J. Simpson

13 Iggy Azalea

12 Kanye West

11 Charlie Sheen

10 Blac Chyna

9 Future

8 Rob Kardashian

7 Safaree Samuels

6 Taylor Swift

5 Spice Girls

4 Zayn Malik

3 Khloe Kardashian

2 Harry Styles

1 Kim Kardashian

Does anybody still remember that episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where Kim Kardashian raged on the phone after having caught then boyfriend Reggie Bush, cheating on her with another socialite? “You don’t go around texting other wh****,” the mother of two screamed during the phone call she had with the NFL player, making it clear that Bush was definitely doing something that Kim wasn’t too fond of. But the way she phrased it made it seem like she was calling herself one. He shouldn’t go around texting others when he has her? Well, the Kardashians aren’t exactly the brightest, but there’s some sympathy from viewers, including me, for the situation Kim found herself in at the time. Reggie was allegedly cheating and she became suspicious, jealous, and most certainly wanted answers. The two decided to end their romance soon after the incident, and fortunately for them, they have both moved on and are married now — with kids.


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15 Times Celebs Couldn’t Hide Their Jealous Rage