15 Times Celebs Couldn’t Hide Their Jealous Rage

The jealousy that celebrities possess in them is known to be much worse than us regular people. Why? Well, for one, if we were to look at some of the recent breakups in Hollywood, the person who did the cheating usually hated themselves for stepping out on their relationship and consequently hurting their other half, who has since moved on to somebody much better than them. That’s when the jealousy really kicks in and the social media rants come into play. Luckily for us (most of us), we don’t have to experience that.

But it’s not just relationships that have these celebrities showing their raging jealousy out in public. It also comes down to the success of their musical peers, wanting to break up a happy romance between two people, and most of all, feeling regretful for doing something stupid that landed them the boot from a television show. That’s when the jealousy is known to be at its worst, because they’ll eventually learn that someone has replaced them, and without their presence on the show, the program is still doing great. Ouch! And then there are those who become so jealous of others, their raging anger leads to a shocking murder. See below for the celebrities who’ve all encountered some of these experiences, making their jealous rage that much more extreme.

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15 Chris Brown

It’s kind of sad to think that Chris Brown pretty much tarnished his chances of being somewhat (according to some) of the next Michael Jackson, by his constant run-ins with the law, along with his endless feuds with other celebrities. Well, one of the most infamous incidents including the R&B singer came when he learned that rapper Drake was quietly hooking up with his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown was fuming because he had reportedly been trying to reconnect with RiRi for months, and when he finally came face-to-face with the Canadian-born at a nightclub in 2012, bottles were being thrown from left to right. At that point, it was clear that Chris was still very much in love with Rihanna (we don't have to remind you why Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up in the first place).

14 O.J. Simpson

It’s still crazy to think that former football star O.J. Simpson (real name Orenthal James Simpson), was found not guilty for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. With that being said, prior to Nicole’s extremely sad death, the former socialite had often confided in her friends that Simpson was trying to win her back following their divorce (she is said to have confided in Kris Jenner). But it wouldn’t be in a way where he would come over to her house with flowers, trying to make things right. It was kind of the opposite. Instead, he would secretly watch her having sexual intercourse with men she was dating at the time — which was said to have eventually led to her untimely death. Simpson’s jealous rage eventually got the better of him, and you know the rest of the story.

13 Iggy Azalea

Rapper Iggy Azalea, made headlines when she somewhat threw shots at Britney Spears just weeks after the twosome released their song, “Pretty Girls.” The Australian-born rapper was angry with Spears because she felt as if Britney had neglected her duties to promote the song because she cared more about her Las Vegas residency. Iggy went on a tiring Twitter rant, slamming the singer for not keeping to what was supposedly planned when the song was being readied up for release. Britney’s fans, however, felt as if Iggy was coming at Britney the wrong way because she was jealous of the mother of two — after all, Spears was contractually obliged to remain in Vegas and focus on her shows. The song wasn’t that important to her, and by the look of things, it had Azalea furious because she was sure the single could have been another hit for her on the charts.

12 Kanye West

Where do we start with this one? Kanye West has often proven himself to be quite a jealous man, but it wasn’t until Kim Kardashian infamously filed for divorce from Kris Humphries that people would really see how far the rapper would go to get what he wants. Kanye was said to have been jealous over the fact that Kim initially chose Kris over him — the “Lift Off” hitmaker had tried to convince Kim to give him a chance, but she supposedly felt they were better off as friends. After marrying Humphries, however, Kim and Kanye grew closer, eventually giving the father of two another chance to win the reality star over, and this time, it worked. After Kim decided to leave Kris Humphries, Kanye mocked the NBA player for losing his wife in a matter of 72 days. It was more or less his plan all along to ruin Kim’s marriage in the hopes of getting together with the woman he calls "the love of his life".

11 Charlie Sheen

10 Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna’s jealousy towards Kylie Jenner almost became unbearable. Why? Well, Chyna is almost 10 years older than the socialite, so for a woman of her age to be feuding with a teenager was rather strange. But then again, Blac had her reasons. The 28-year-old was angry over the fact that Kylie had snatched her former boyfriend, Tyga, from her. The duo shares a three-year-old child named Cairo together, and when Tyga walked out on Blac, the toddler was only one. It was extremely difficult for the former stripper to take care of a household as a single mother. She most definitely started to form these jealous feelings towards Kylie because the socialite was pretty much flaunting her romance all over social media, making Blac Chyna even angrier. It is believed that, with Blac being pregnant and expecting a child with Kylie’s brother, Rob Kardashian, Kylie and Chyna have managed to squash their feud… at least for now.

9 Future


8 Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian’s rant on social media following his breakup with Rita Ora, is an all-time classic, that’s for sure. According to reports, Rita decided to call it quits with Rob back in 2012 because her career was beginning to take off, and trying to make a long-distance relationship work when you barely have time for yourself just became impossible. When she decided to split with Kardashian, the reality star infamously took to his Twitter page, ranting about how Rita was allegedly cheating on him with over twenty men. He’d go on to stress that Ora aborted their baby and was sleeping with every man that crossed her path, which obviously made a lot of people look at Rita like she was crazy. After a couple of weeks, the Atlantic Records-signed artist graced the cover of a magazine, assuring her fans that the comments made by Rob Kardashian were completely false, adding that she understands he’s heartbroken that she ended things with him. She clearly took the high road out of this whole situation.

7 Safaree Samuels


You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That’s the best way one can describe what Nicki Minaj must have said when she ditched her fiancé for allegedly cheating on her. The rapper heavily insinuated that she caught her former beau cheating, and while she forgave him, it caused a rift in their relationship — and by October 2015, it was officially over. Months later, Nicki went on to confirm that she had been seeing rapper Meek Mill, which left Safaree jealous because he began to realize that he had lost his meal ticket. After all, Safaree was more or less making money just by being the rapper’s hype man. Still, it should be mentioned that the twosome were together for more than 10 years, so to see it all end over an affair seems rather upsetting. To this day, Safaree is still jealous over Meek having made his moves as soon as he heard Nicki was single.

6 Taylor Swift

Isn’t Taylor Swift always expressing her jealous rage? I mean, she writes heartbreak songs for a living — all of which are based on previous relationships with Hollywood men. It should be noted that Taylor rarely remains friends with the men she has dated in the past, and the list is rather long, too. One of the most notable times she was jealous in a relationship was when she was hooking up with One Direction’s Harry Styles. The former country singer struggled to come to terms with the fact that Harry was loved by the ladies — but that never meant he was secretly cheating on Taylor. Well, that was supposedly what she was thinking when Harry would spend hours at a time with female fans in public places, eventually causing the romance to crumble and end. But they say that Swift is always like that in relationships. She’s very alert to everything her partner does; almost as if she’s a little controlling. But again, it’s all alleged, as far as we know.

5 Spice Girls

No surprise here. So the word around multiple news outlets has it that the Spice Girls have been trying to reconcile and get back in the studio for some new music. The only problem? Victoria Beckham is refusing to sign on for a comeback. The fashion designer has often stressed to friends and family that she is too old to reform with her former band members. After all, she is a mother who runs a multi-million dollar fashion empire. She likely doesn’t have time to be in the studio, especially since she knows that she can’t sing. The rest of the girls from the Spice Girls are apparently annoyed with Victoria’s stubbornness, and some think that they are just jealous and fail to understand that Beckham has branched out to bigger and better things. She has moved on and they probably should too. Ouch.

4 Zayn Malik

2015 was quite a crazy year for Zayn Malik. Not only did he decide to end things with then fiancé Perrie Edwards, he also made it known that he was quitting One Direction for good in the hopes of eventually launching a solo career. Following his breakup with Perrie, it was rumored that Edwards had already been seeing someone new just weeks after the split, which prompted Zayn to act immature and petty on social media. He liked all of the Tweets that had something negative to say about Little Mix, the girl group Perrie happens to be a part of. Zayn even liked a comment that said Fifth Harmony are much better than Little Mix, which definitely didn’t sit well with Perrie’s fanbase, who defended the singer since it was later revealed that she wasn’t actually dating anybody at the time. How embarrassing to make your ex-girlfriend feel bad because you decided to dump her, and then you realize that she hadn’t been dating anyone after all. It kind of made Zayn look less than smart (the nice way of putting it).

3 Khloe Kardashian

This one is pretty sad. Khloe Kardashian was said to have been jealous over the fact that Lamar Odom seemed to have more fun sleeping with prostitutes than with his own wife during those infamous drug scandal days back in 2013. The shamed former NBA player, who hasn’t been playing professional for over three years, was known to have rented out a penthouse in downtown Los Angeles, where he would allegedly invite over hookers of all sorts. When Khloe eventually found out, she was devastated to think that the prostitutes he was hooking up with seemed more enjoyable than when Lamar was with his wife. Odom’s drug addiction continued to worsen, and so did Khloe’s jealousy, which eventually had her filing for divorce from the basketball player, deciding that she couldn’t overlook the things that transpired that year.

2 Harry Styles

1 Kim Kardashian

Does anybody still remember that episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where Kim Kardashian raged on the phone after having caught then boyfriend Reggie Bush, cheating on her with another socialite? “You don’t go around texting other wh****,” the mother of two screamed during the phone call she had with the NFL player, making it clear that Bush was definitely doing something that Kim wasn’t too fond of. But the way she phrased it made it seem like she was calling herself one. He shouldn’t go around texting others when he has her? Well, the Kardashians aren’t exactly the brightest, but there’s some sympathy from viewers, including me, for the situation Kim found herself in at the time. Reggie was allegedly cheating and she became suspicious, jealous, and most certainly wanted answers. The two decided to end their romance soon after the incident, and fortunately for them, they have both moved on and are married now — with kids.

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