15Rumors Are... The Whole Marriage Was A Publicity Stunt

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Some readers worship the celebrity icon couple as if "BRANGELINA" were a match made by the Gods that could not be torn asunder by the mightiest of foes. To them we say: first of all, you're ridiculous and don't understand how relationships work; secondly, it might never have been love

in the first place, but good business. Ian Halperin, the biographer of many celebrities, released a book in 2009 about Brangelina after getting very close to the couple. Many friends and people he interviewed led him to believe that their relationship was a sham from the start, a meaningless publicity stunt that would rocket the two to the tops of their careers. He may not have been wrong. The couple status did boost both of their reputations and launch their careers to a more serious level, after all. It would be a shame if their fourteen year relationship was all a show but, hey, they both got the fame and attention they wanted.

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