15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In No Man's Sky

Hyped for No Man's Sky? You need to read this!

There are a lot of big game releases this year and it’s been a pretty competitive field so far in the video game industry. This year saw the release of some of the most anticipated titles including Uncharted 4, Pokemon GO, The Division and many more. There are even bigger releases to come with titles like Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian waiting for players. But perhaps one of the most anticipated video game this year is the recently released No Man’s Sky. Although it’s a new title from a not so well-known developer, the game continues to impress players and is drawing more attention with each day.

No Man’s Sky launched last week and it received mostly positive reviews, with players and reviewers praising the sheer massiveness of the game. With an entire universe to explore and 18 quintillion planets to discover, we aren’t too surprised that the game was met with kind words from the gaming community.

The massive game isn’t like any other shooter that focuses on intense firefights and over-the-top action sequences. It’s also not like any other exploration games that push players to investigate and unravel a mystery. No Man’s Sky is a perfect mix of both worlds.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t tell a lot to the players from the get go and every explorer is left to discover the secrets of the game on their own. The game and its size can be too overwhelming at times but don’t fret as we can help you out with the know-hows of the game. Here’s 15 things you didn’t know you could do in No Man’s Sky.

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15 Get Free DLC!

DLC is usually not a good word for players to hear. But when preceded by ‘free,’ it becomes another story. In a recent interview, Hello Games’ Sean Murray revealed that the developer will continue showing support for No Man’s Sky through updates and free DLC.

With the game as big as it is already, it’s a bit surprising that Hello Game’s will still provide additional content to players. What’s even more surprising is that it’ll be free of charge and anyone with a legitimate copy can get their hands on it.

When it comes to what the free DLC actually is, it’s very likely that we’ll get a hand at more creature types and starship models in the game. Hopefully, Hello Games won’t add more planets to the game’s vast universe.

14 Learn An Alien Language

Players aren’t actually alone in No Man’s Sky as the entire universe will be shared by NPCs that come in the form of alien life forms. Aliens come in all shapes in sizes and each race differs from one another but one thing they have in common is that they won’t be able to understand you and vice versa, thanks to language differences.

The good thing is, you can learn some of the important words in an alien’s vocabulary by chancing upon special locations like Knowledge Stones. Everytime you come across a Knowledge Stone or a Monolith, you’ll be able to understand the other life forms more word by word.

Some aliens are also nice enough to teach you a word but it comes after a favor is done. Alien languages in No Man’s Sky are plenty so fully understanding one race is a tough job to do.

13 Increase Inventory Space Greatly

One of the most annoying things in No Man’s Sky is the forsaken “inventory is full!” notification. For a game filled with resource filled planets, Hello Games provided a very small inventory capacity. But there is a way to increase the inventory of both the exosuit and the starship.

For the exosuit, simply look for a Signal Scanner and scan for s Shelter. What you’re actually looking for is a Drop Pod. All Drop Pods will contain an exosuit module that increases inventory capacity by one. It doesn’t come for free though unless it’s the first try.

For the starship, the best thing players could do is look for a cargo type starship. These can be distinguished by being more bulky than the usual starship. The max storage capacity players could have for a starship is 48.

12 Easily Avoid The Sentinels

Aside from the alien life forms and you lurking around planets, authoritative figures called Sentinels also roam around the planet. Once the “wanted system” of the Sentinels are activated, they’ll begin attacking relentlessly until the player dies or until all of the Sentinels are destroyed.

Sentinels can be triggered in a lot of ways including excessively harvesting the resources of a planet or hurting the animals. Unless you kill them quickly, more Sentinels will come. There are a few ways to easily avoid them though.

Before being activated, Sentinels will fly around you and scan you with a blue light. Once this happens, the best thing to do is to stop harvesting or hurting the animals. After a few seconds, the Sentinels will stop scanning and you can continue harvesting again. Another way to avoid the Sentinels is to quickly get in the starship. You don’t have to fly around as the Sentinels will consider you as being hidden by staying in the starship.

11 Create Upgrade Synergies


It’s really weird that the game’s in-game tutorial doesn’t tell a lot to players. One of the things it holds back information is with how important inventory management is when organizing all of the items that you have. Upgrades play a big role in you and your ships and they are surely a must have for everyone.

Most players probably just place items here and there in their inventory and while this is the quicker and more time-efficient way to get through the game, there’s good reason why you should arrange items in a particular order.

If you place an upgrade module to the piece of equipment it is upgrading, it will create a synergy between the two items making the upgrade module much more effective. You’ll know that the synergy is in effect when both items have a red outline instead of just the plain item icon.

10 Get Free Starships

Starships are the main transportation in No Man’s Sky. There are several models of starships in the game and players will get a free one from the beginning of the game. Swapping starships is as easy as buying a new one from other alien life forms but it will cost a hefty amount of units.

Luckily, players can get free ships simply by finding one in any of the planets. The catch is that the ships on the planets are broken and will need some fixing, which is pretty much how any game of No Man’s Sky starts.

To find a broken ship, look for a Signal Scanner. Activate it with a Bypass Chip and choose to scan for Transmission. What you should look for is a Transmission Tower. Solve the easy puzzle inside and get the location of a broken ship nearby.

9 Find An Earth-Like Planet

All of 18 quintillion planets in No Man’s Sky differ from each other in more ways than one. One thing they all have in common though is that they’re all procedurally generated so the possibilities are endless when it comes to how one planet will look like once a player gets to it. It’s even possible to come across a planet that looks pretty much like Earth.

Some players have managed to find barren planets, while some managed to come across a planet with almost no land but is filled with water instead. This player in particular found a planet that looks like Earth. All forms of plant life is green, the water is of pristine and blue and all that’s left is to see humans in it.

There may be more Earth-like planets in the game and it’s possible to come across one. Every planet is surely a sight to see but if you come across a planet that looks like home, it’s certainly worth a screen shot or two.

8 Come Across Several Ship Types

There are a lot of starships in the game and that’s fairly obvious early on. What the tutorial doesn’t tell you is that there are three types of starships in the game; cargo, fighter and explorer. And it’s fairly easy to distinguish one from the other.

Cargo ships are perfect for those looking to haul in huge amounts of resources. When it comes to how it looks, cargo ships are pretty bulky as compared to others. Fighters on the other hand are more suited for combat. They can take a lot more damage and deal a lot more as well. They often carry a sleek design with a few weapons in its interior. Lastly, explorers are suited for those who want to cover more distance. These ships are faster and have better fuel capacity. They’re small in size and are the fastest types of ships.

7 Fight Dinosaurs

The planets aren’t the only thing procedurally generated in No Man’s Sky. Planets are filled with flora and fauna which are also randomized and again, the possibilities are endless. Players have come across the weirdest creatures including miniature bears with beaks to huge chickens.

Some of the creatures are hostile and some are afraid of you; the explorer of their habitat. If you’re lucky; or unlucky, enough, you might come across dinosaur like creatures which could stand tall as some of the land forms in the game. In a video game wherein hostile life forms are a huge threat, dinosaurs manage to outdo them by becoming the most ferocious creatures in the universe.

Early No Man’s Sky gameplay trailers show that there are actually dinosaurs in the game and they’re pretty dangerous. Those looking for an adventure should do their best in looking for a planet with dinosaurs and those who want to relax should do otherwise.

6 Finish The Game In A Couple Of Days

The game is really big. Even if everyone on Earth plays the game, it would still take a lot of years to visit all the planets in the game. But getting to every planet isn’t the main goal in the game as getting to the center of the universe is.

Hello Games’ has said before that it would take a long time to actually get to the center and finish the game. However, just a few days after the game released a player managed to get to center. Don’t worry; we won’t spoil the ending for you, but the fact that the game got finished in a few days is sort of weird considering the developer’s promises.

Even before the game launched, a player managed to finish the game in 30 hours. However, the player got a leaked copy of the game and it was without an update, so he managed to exploit an item called Atlas Stones to finish the game quickly.

5 Pass Through A Black Hole

It’s amazing how well detailed Hello Games made the No Man’s Sky universe. There are systems and galaxies in it but that’s not all the celestial bodies in the game. You can also come across black holes in the game but they’re quite rare though.

Basing on science, it’s not really recommended to pass through or even go near a black hole. Science says that black holes can rip anything apart! That’s not the case in No Man’s Sky, though, as black holes can be path ways to another star system, saving you precious Warp Cells along the way.

Aside from the amazing visuals the players are treated to when passing through a black hole, they’ll also have the added bonus of being in another star system. When you see a black hole nearby, get through it and don’t avoid it unless you’re mining a special resource in your current star system.

4 Walk Through Portals

Even before No Man’s Sky launched, Hello Games introduced the concept of portals to players long before. Back in 2014, the developer made a post on its website that details mysterious structures called portals.

Players have already come across these locations in-game but none has yet to discover what it’s for and how to actually activate it. It remains to be one of No Man’s Sky’s biggest mysteries to date. The developer isn’t also giving any clues as to how players can use this so everyone is left to unravel the secrets on their own.

When it comes to what’s behind the portal, everyone is still pretty dumbfounded as to what’s up ahead. Many have speculated that it’ll lead to a planet which is closer to the center of the universe. Some say that it’ll lead to an area filled with rare resources. One thing is for sure, though, everyone is probably going nuts just to activate these monuments.

3 Discover Star Systems

No Man's Sky features a big universe. The universe is subdivided into galaxies. Galaxies are subdivided into star systems. It's not a lot to sink it but since the game doesn't tell much to the player, they may have over looked the fact that there are several types of star systems in the game.

One of the first qualms players had with No Man's Sky is that most of the planets that players chance upon are desolate and devoid of life, which is contrary to the promise that planets are filled with plant and animal life. The star systems may be to blame for this.

Redditor Harvoification reveals that there are several star systems in the game. Each star system have their own characteristics. There are some that will be abundant with animal life, and some with barely no life at all. Upgrading Warp Reactors will allow players to visit better star systems that have more life in them.

2 Finish The Game In Multiple Ways

Despite not having any story, No Man’s Sky has multiple endings. In a Day One patch for the game, Hello Games added a feature that introduces several endings to No Man’s Sky. We’ve yet to know how many endings there are but we’re guessing it’s between 3-5.

Getting all of the endings is a daunting task but we have a few ideas about how some of them could be achieved. For starters, choosing to follow the Atlas is probably one of the triggers of an ending. Choosing to explore freely might also trigger another ending.

With a game as large as No Man’s Sky, there are a lot of opportunities for endings to be triggered and it would take hours to do on our own. But with a large community invested in the game, it could take only a few weeks to see all the endings.

1 Create Your Own Story

No Man’s Sky has no definite story to follow, no quest line to finish and everyone could do whatever they want in their play throughs of the game. All players have that is close to a story in No Man's Sky is a lore to uncover. Since the game is all lore and no story, you can create your own story.

Thanks to the game’s freedom to explore and do things; you can basically create your own story in the game. You could be an intergalactic trader making ends meet or you could also be a tyrannous explorer by ravaging any planet you see; this of course gets you in trouble with the Sentinels.

Like most things in the game, the possibilities for creating a story is also endless. While getting to the center is the ultimate goal in the game, you could always create your own imaginative side story to go along with the journey.

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15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In No Man's Sky