15 Things You Didn't Know About The Suicide Squad And Its Villains

When it comes to trying to take out The Dark Knight, how are you supposed to do it with just one person? You can ask The Joker, but I am pretty sure he would tell you that it is really just a waste of your time. Yet you may find yourself with a little more luck on your side if you had, oh I don’t know…a squad?

Suicide Squad is set to become one of the hottest films of 2016 and will reintroduce the world to some of the most iconic villains in the DC cabinet. You can better believe that The Joker will be there, and Harley Quinn will not be far from his side. Ben Affleck will also be rocking out as Batman, which will be highly anticipated as this comes out after Batman V Superman.

The Suicide Squad is also an opportunity to introduce the world to a bunch of superheroes that they may be hearing about for the first time.

The upcoming film seems to be focusing around 11 different villains, all who have their own set of skills that help make them stand out from the pack. While there is no telling who will win the fight for screen time, there is no doubting that with actors such as Jared Leto and Will Smith, the studio has come to play.

As more posters and trailers start to drop, make sure you aren’t one of the people who are stuck standing around and nodding awkwardly when you hear about the newest bad guys. Here’s an introduction not only to why you need to be excited about the film, but who the villains are that are going to help win your heart (?).

If you never thought you'd wish you WEREN’T Batman, perhaps you will after reading about the rogue’s den of villains that he has coming after him.

15 They're Going To Arkham Asylum!

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14 Jared Leto Sent Joker-Like Gifts To His Suicide Squad Co-Stars

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13 Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling Were Almost In It

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12 It's Written And Directed By David Ayer

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11 Deadshot

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If you need something shot dead, there may not be a better man for the job than Deadshot. The character is typically seen as an adversary to Batman and has been around since June 1950. Widely considered the world’s deadliest marksman, it is clear why he has a place among the Suicide Squad. While he’s great with a gun, Deadshot has also been known to display outstanding hand-to-hand combat, while always remaining in peak physical condition. The movie may also see him fitted with a cybernetic eye which is used to help enhance the character's accuracy.

The reasoning for Deadshot’s psychological damage can be linked back to an occasion in which he accidentally killed his brother. Deadshot (real name Floyd Lawton) grew up in an abusive home and “On one occasion Lawton's father attacks his brother, prompting the young Deadshot to attempt to end his father's reign of terror on the family with his own rifle. However, the branch of the tree that he sits on breaks as he fires; causing the bullet to hit his brother instead, killing him,” and forever damaging Lawton.

10 The Joker

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9 Rick Flag


When it comes to being in a squad of unstable people, you need to hope that you have someone who has military experience. Thankfully, they do! Rick Flag led a division during WW2 called the Suicide Squadron, which eventually got broken down and revamped into the Suicide Squad. Unfortunately for Flag, he passes away during a battle with the War Wheel.

8 Captain Boomerang

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7 Enchantress

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If you’re going to try and take down someone like Batman, you may need someone on your team that can utilize magic. Thankfully the Suicide Squad has just that person in the Enchantress. The character made her debut in 1966, and will be portrayed by Cara Delevingne in the upcoming film. As you would expect, the Enchantress can affect inanimate objects with magic and also has essentially unlimited magical powers.

Someone this powerful would clearly be a force to be reckoned with if she was evil. That was her fear too, and Enchantress joined the Suicide Squad (in the comics) because they promised they would help keep her powers in check. That didn’t go so well because during her first mission, she defeats someone named Brimstone and this surge of power turns her truly villainous (at least for a while). Let’s hope she has a bit more moral fiber in the upcoming film.

6 Killer Croc

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5 Katana

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4 El Diablo


3 Slipknot

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I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, Slipknot is probably not a huge fan of the band Slipknot. You better make sure you don’t make that joke too many times either, because he is also a trained assassin. Premiering in 1984, Christopher Weiss was working for a chemical factory when he realized he had developed the formula to make the world’s most durable rope.

2 Amanda Walker

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1 Harley Quinn


When it comes to The Joker, I suppose the people at DC figured that he wasn’t just menacing enough on his own for the TV Series. As a result, they went out and invented Harley Quinn, who made her debut in the BatmanAnimated Series in 1992. While Quinn is often seen on the arm of Mr. J, she has also been frequently spotted as an ally to Poison Ivy.

Quinn may have started in the animated series, but her origin places her as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. However, upon meeting The Joker, she clearly started to lose it (just a wee bit!) and realize it would be way more fulfilling to follow him around instead. Despite her good looks, in the latest rendition of the comics (The New 52), Quinn finds herself being kicked into a vat of acid by the Joker which permanently bleaches her skin. Something tells me that still wouldn’t be enough to make her fall out of love. She is being portrayed by Margot Robbie for the upcoming film.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Suicide Squad And Its Villains