15 Things You Didn't Know About The Evil Dead Franchise

Back in the year 1979 a group of teenagers set out to produce a film together, the main members of note were Bruce Campbell: a man who would eventually be well known for the film in question and appearing in fantastic and always funny cameos in the Spider-Man trilogy, and Sam Raimi, a man who would be well known for making the memorable trilogy in the first place.

Evil Dead was made in 1981 on a shoestring budget and a number of questionable loans, but wound up becoming a cult-classic that swept the nation. Then it became a trilogy that became full of iconic dark humor before rebooting with a dark story-line akin to the original in 2013 as a television series.

For decades, fans of Ashley J. Williams and the Deadites have explored the deep history of the film's production, hoping to get to know everything there is about the gore-fest that horror buffs can never keep quiet about, from on-set accidents, actor shenanigans, to easter eggs and references to other horror franchises.

So in this article we're going to be covering a solid 15 facts you didn't know about the Evil Dead franchise, spanning across 35 years and all four films, and of course the new hit TV show on Starz.

15 A Dedicated Act

Via New Line Cinema

As one can assume, many teenagers in the late 1970's liked to take the occasional drug-trip. Hence why it's no surprise that there's a scene in the original film where Ashley, Cheryl, Scott, Linda, and Shelly are all smoking marijuana.

14 Saucer Contact Lenses

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As mentioned previously, The Evil Dead was made on a very thin budget. This meant that director Sam Raimi had to cut a few corners wherever he could.

One way he cheaped out on production value was with the contact-lenses that actors had to wear whenever they were possessed by Deadites. The cast still commonly compares them to being like teacup saucers placed in their eyes. This complicated things during filming as well, as anyone wearing the lenses couldn't actually see.

13 What's In A Name

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Believe it or not, but if you pay close attention throughout the original trilogy, there's no point in any of the films where they say Ash's full name, only calling him "Ash" or "Ashley."

12 Spider-Man's Budget

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Normally anyone who hears the name Sam Raimi typically associates it with the Spider-Man trilogy from 2002-2007.

11 Stephen King, Voice Of Reason

Via The Guardian

When the original production wrapped up in 1981, Raimi and co. were doubtful that the film would reach the level of fame that it eventually received. This was achieved by help from none other than famed author Stephen King, who made sure that he helped spread the word about this fantastic film.

10 Friday the 13th

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One thing that fans of the Friday the 13th franchise loved was the highly anticipated crossover with A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Following this was rumors of a sequel including Evil Dead hero Ash Williams. Unfortunately this was in the works but fell through due to disagreements as to whether or not Ash should die at the end of the film.

9 The Ending

Via Universal Studios

Most fans of Army of Darkness are aware of the alternate ending originally intended by Raimi, but not as many know how that would have played into the sequel.

8 The Comic Series

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Not commonly known by viewers of the trilogy, but strongly enjoyed by those that do, is the Army of Darkness comic series, which began in 2004.

7 "Demon" Is Shorter Than "Deadite"

Via Ghost House Pictures

In 2013, rumors of a reboot that'd plagued the internet for nearly a decade finally came to fruition under Ghost House Pictures. Sadly the film didn't do as well as many had hoped for, but still included some interesting facts and trivia nonetheless.

6 Shot In Order... Mostly

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The production of The Evil Dead reboot was considerably higher than the original film, though that doesn't mean that there weren't any budgetary cuts taken.

5 Ashes to Ashes

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One thing many people noticed about the remake is the absence of protagonist Ashley J. Williams.

4 Reboot?

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Since its announcement, The Evil Dead has been explained as a reboot or a remake of the original, but this is questionable throughout the course of the film.

During moments where the Necronomicon is read aloud, Professor Raymond Knowby's voice can be heard. In addition, the cabin is modeled very closely to the original.

3 The Classic

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2 The Evil Dead IV

Via Starz

Before discussion began of an Evil Dead series, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell had hoped to make a film sequel, and they'd talked about what the plot should be for about two decades.

1 Crossovers Ahoy!

Via Starz

With Ash vs Evil Dead on a hiatus, there are rumblings in the horror community about crossovers in the show's future, thanks to the previously mentioned inclusion of the Necronomicon in Friday the 13th, Freddy's glove seen in the cabin's basement, and of course because of the previously cancelled Freddy vs Jason vs Ash film.

So would Ash be crossing hairs with a few other heavy hitters of horror? Only time will tell.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Evil Dead Franchise