15 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast Of Stranger Things

On July 15, 2016 the world was hit by storm when Netflix released its original series Stranger Things. If you haven't had the chance to watch the first season of this American science-fiction, then call in sick for work and start off your day on the couch with your new best friends.

In truth, most people who have watched this show, have not been able to pry away from their screens until they were forced to, and by forced I mean that the episodes ran out. One of the reasons why Stranger Things has found a way into the hearts of the population, is because it has the ability to bring you back in time by means of portraying an authentic form of on-screen horror.

The Duffer brothers, who are responsible for this crack-like series were inspired by horror guru's Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and John Carpenter and aimed to make their own creation a recreation of classic 80's movies.

In all, the Duffer brothers auditioned 906 boys and 307 girls in order to find the perfect kids to play the lead roles. Netflix recently confirmed the second season of Stranger Things—but unfortunately it will only be released in 2017.

15  15. Gaten Matarazzo Actually Has Cleidocranial Dysplasia


Cleidocranial dysplasia is a rare condition that usually only affects 1 out of a million people. This condition, which can also be know as, "the Marie-Swinton syndrome"  has a broad spectrum of symptoms that can vary in severity from each individual.  Dental abnormalities can include: delayed loss of baby teeth, late arrival of adult teeth, unusually shaped teeth or lack there of.

Gaten Matarazzo has become an inspiration for those who are also affected by cleidocranial dysplasia, and because of its rarity Matarazzo was extremely shocked to receive so many messages from fans who also share his condition. Matarazzo stated that the Duffer brothers helped him embrace his condition by putting it into the script of Stranger Things.

Matt and Ross Duffer had their share of difficulty when it came to writing the character Dustin. All that changed however, when they met Matarazzo and immediately cast him, "I don't think we really understood who that character was, then we met Gaten and basically tailored the show to him," said Matt Duffer.

All in all, Matarazzo has become an inspiration for those who are attained by cleidocranial dysplasia, and has truly proved that he is one in a million.

14 Charlize Theron Was An Inspiration for Millie Bobby Brown


Millie Bobby Brown did not know that she would need to shave her head until she had already been cast as Eleven in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. Although the thought might have frightened her, it certainly did not stop her from accepting the role. Brown's mother was the one who had a harder time letting go of her daughter's beautiful brown locks, but she eventually caved.

To help Brown cope with the drastic hair change, a split screen of Brown and Charlize Theron's character Furiosa from Mad Max was put up to inspire the 12-year old actress. Brown says that once she saw the screen her hesitation melted away and she was amazed at the shared resemblance. Brown also receive a lot of advice and praise from co-star Winona Ryder, who has also kept her hair cut extremely short for many years. 

13 Natalia Dyer Is Hopeful For Barb's Return


Losing Barb was a hard pill to swallow for many Stranger Things fans— especially since this little ginger snap was such a good friend to Nancy. Barb was viciously taken away before her time, and even though her death was confirmed there are many theories brewing on whether or not she will return for the second season.  Until then, Netflix is going to keep its viewers and fans on edge until the very end.

Natalia Dyer, who plays the role of Nancy has admittedly stated that she is on, "Team Barb." Dyer has spent enough time in Nancy's shoes to understand the pain her character is going through. She wishes that Barb would come back so that Nancy could have some closure on the matter. Obviously Nancy feels responsible for what happened to her bestie. "I have to keep hope. I have to keep hope for Barb. Justice for Barb," says the actress.   

12 Millie Bobby Brown Can Rap


The kids from the Stranger Things have been receiving a lot of attention ever since the first season of the hit show came out on Netflix. So much in fact, that they were asked to make an appearance on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon made sure to exercise every drop of talent that he could muster from the young actors and even got them to act out a fake scene.

The talented children then took turns reading facts about each other to the audience, but this game was not an innocent one and therefore came with a twist. Each actor had a can of silly string, and were allowed to spray the co-star they thought wrote the fact down.

During this game, it was revealed that Millie Bobby Brown was a fan of Nicki Minaj and could even rap the artist's verse from Kanye West's "Monster." It's safe to say that the entire audience was shocked by the 12 year old's hidden talent.

11 Charlie Heaton & Millie Bobby Brown Have British Accents


Charlie Heaton and Millie Bobby Brown masked their English accents to accurately play their roles in Stranger Things. Since the show is set in Indiana, the actor's were made to have American accents. While both actors lived in England long enough to acquire the accent —they have both repeatedly traveled to the United States for auditions and know what it means to manipulate their way of speaking.  Talk about taking your skills to the next level.

Luckily for Brown her role had minimal lines but the same can't be said about Heaton's role.  Although the task might seem impossible to people like us — actors are usually trained to become friendly with many different accents, and so it was not a huge challenge for these actors to change up their tune. Brown and Heaton have also had past experience when it comes to this little hiccup.  Stranger Things fans get excited about their performance regardless of how its spoken.

10 It Wasn't Millie Bobby Brown's First Time On The Big Screen


Did Eleven seem familiar to you—even with the shaved head? Well that's probably because it isn't her first time hitting-up the big screen. This little lady landed her first major role in 2013, when she was cast as young Alice in Once Upon a Time In Wonderland, but she did not stop there. In 2014, Brown was given the opportunity to play the role of Madison O'Donnell in the TV series Intruders.

Brown clearly shocked the public with her acting skills and was ultimately the perfect choice to play Eleven in the Stranger Things. To date, this actress is only 12-years old and has demonstrated a profound love and understanding for the acting world.

Brown has also played smaller roles in Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy and NCIS but it is impossible to know what kind of roles she will land in the future. This little actress will surely become the next big thing. Watch out Hollywood!

9 Gaten Matarazzo Has An Amazing Voice


Gaten Matarazzo, who plays the role of Dustin in Stranger Things, has been getting a lot of heat for his acting skills, but acting is only a fraction of what this little guy can do. Matarazzo also has the voice of an angel and if you haven't heard it for yourself, you should definitely check it out.

Although Matarazzo's voice might be a shock to his fans — it is actually what brought him into fame in the first place. In 2014, this cutie landed the role of Gavroche in Les Miserables and got the wicked opportunity to perform it on Broadway in New York City. His performance absolutely blew everyone away and he clearly isn't going to stop surprising the public anytime soon. His good humor and tendency to strike a silly pose has made it impossible to not fall in love with this young actor's presence on screen.

8 Charlie Heaton & Joe Keery Have A Real-Life Bromance Going On


Contrary to the hate-hate relationship between Steve and Jonathan in Stranger Things, the actors Joe Keery and Charlie Heaton have actually taken quite a liking to each other in real life.  If this Instagram photo is any indication, these two are like two peas in a pod. The love-triangle between Steve, Jonathan and Nancy, however has yet to be determined, especially with Steven's unexpected change of heart at the end of the first season.

In the show, Steve constantly calls Jonathan a weirdo and pervert and even breaks his camera. However, when Steve picks a fight with Jonathan he quickly learns that he should have kept his mouth shut. In reality, it is no surprise that the two male actors have easily formed a bond, especially since they share a love for music and are both drummers for their individual bands.  Seems like the two have found a lot in common in just one season.

7 Finn Wolfhard Will Be Acting In 2017's "It"


It would seem that Finn Wolfhard has become as obsessed with scary movies as we have with Stranger Things. The 13-year old Canadian actor has just been announced as the chosen actor for the role of Richie Tozie in 2017's It. The remake will be made to resemble the horror movie's 70's setting, and who better to play the role than the already seasoned Finn Wolfhard.

Acting in such terrifying movies can have a great impact on a young child like himself, but with his experience of filming with such a scary monster, a clown shouldn't be much different, right? "Scary movies, for me, I used to be insanely scared of. But now I know when I'm watching a movie, there's a guy right there and there's a guy holding up a light right there. It's anticipatory anxiety, when you're anticipating it to be scary when it's really not," said the Stranger Things star, and I'm sure we all wish him good luck with that.

6 Noah Schnapp Is The Voice Actor Of Charlie Brown

If Will Byers' voice seems familiar to you — don't worry, you're not crazy. Will Byers, who was first captured by the Demogorgon, was played by the Canadian actor Noah Schnapp. This cute little guy captured our hearts from the first episode when he was taken to the "Upside-down" world and desperately attempted to connect with his mother through the means of electricity.

The reason why Schnapp's voice sounds so familiar is because he is the voice actor for Charlie Brown in The Peanuts Movie. The Montrealer turned out to be the perfect guy for the job, and demonstrated his strong skills by nailing his audition for Charlie Brown's voice. Schnapp easily took a liking to Charlie Brown because he could relate to him in more ways than one, “Charlie never gives up, and I try never to give up either. And my dog Spaghetti is a bit like Snoopy — a real wise guy.”

5 Caleb McLaughlin Has Been On Broadway


If you thought that it was Caleb McLaughlin's first time acting— then guess again. This brilliant young actor has actually appeared on episodes of Law & Order, Unforgettable, Forever and lets not forget Shades Of Blue. Clearly this little New Yorker has talent coming out of his ears! Not only can he act, but he can sing and dance as well. Which is why this bright young man has even made it all the way to Broadway! McLaughlin played the role of young Simba in Broadway's The Lion King, where he got to show off his various set of skills.

McLaughlin who plays the role of Lucas in the hit Netflix series, is said to bring a lot of charisma and fun to the set of Stranger Things. In fact, having been on Broadway like his co-star Matarazzo, the pair are often seen busting into song at any given opportunity. This little star also studied dance at the Harlem School of the Arts under Aubrey Lynch—the former Lion King producer.

4 The Young Actors Started A Group Chat Before They Started Filming


In order for the child actors to form a bond before they started filming for Stranger Things, they decided to get an early start on their friendship. What better way to get to know each other than to form a group chat where they could talk about their up-coming roles on the Netflix series. Millie, Caleb, Noah, Gaten and Finn quickly took a liking to each other, which most of us would agree was an amazing idea.  Their chemistry off screen has made the chemistry on-screen seem even more real.

Much like their relationship on-screen, the actors knew that they would have to form an invisible and unspoken friendship. Their characters on Stranger Things used a different type of communication, being that the setting took place in the 80's. Walkie Talkie's might have been practical back then, but nowadays group chat is the way to go. Good job guys!

3 Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Inspire Girls With Cancer


Millie Bobby Brown was faced with a big decision when she accepted the role of Eleven on the TV show Stranger Things. "To shave my head or to not shave my head?" Well luckily for us, Brown is a smart girl and willingly went through with her hair removal. Although she might have had some doubts, Brown says that shaving her head was one of the best decisions she's ever made.

“For me, my hair isn’t my everything. I don’t think it is at all. Because, I think there are girls out there who have alopecia or cancer, terrible terrible diseases and I can show them it is cool to have short hair and you know, embrace that you can be who you are and I thought I don’t care. Chop it, chop it all off,” said the 12-year old actress. Brown has definitely made a shaved head look cool and dangerous, and hopefully has inspired girls all around the world to feel powerful.

2 Gaten Matarazzo's Voice Kept Changing Throughout The First Season


Working with child actors can have its pros and cons.  They are adorable and are immediately the topic of conversation for a lot of fans.  As cute as they are —sometimes children can become more irritable and need more coaching than the average actor.  A big reason is simply because they are children. However, this was not the case for these youngsters, who took the entire cast by surprise with their professionalism and livelihood.

The only downfall to working with these little buggers was that they are in the crucial age gap where puberty ensues.  They get taller, hair starts growing on their bodies, and they just start generally looking like adults long before the producers want them to. Gaten Matarazzo's voice changed so drastically throughout the first season's production that the sound techs had difficulty piecing together his takes. In the end, the sound team was unable to use Matarazzo's voice for any additional dialogue.

1 Aaron Paul Wants To Adopt Millie Bobby Brown


Aaron Paul is used to being gushed over for his role in Breaking Bad, so it may strike you as weird to find out that he is slightly obsessed with Stranger Things and actress Millie Bobby Brown. Paul was so amazed by her performance that he wished to meet her in real-life. After talking about what a wonderful actress Brown was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Paul was given the opportunity to interview the young Millie Bobby Brown via telephone for Elle magazine.

The interview however, proved to be insufficient for Paul, and so the Breaking Bad star and his wife Lauren invited the young actress over for supper. The couple even joked about adopting Brown for the summer, but unfortunately for them, Brown already has a loving family. After their "family supper," Paul posted a picture of them together hash-tagging it as #firstfamilyphoto.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast Of Stranger Things