15 Things You Didn't Know About Some Of Your Favorite Reality TV Stars

Reality shows are almost everywhere when you turn on the TV. The more reality TV shows, the more reality TV stars. There’s beginning to be so many of them that we can’t keep up anymore. At first, it was just Keeping Up With The Kardashians and now, it’s literally keeping up with reality TV stars. Considering their every move is being taped on camera, you would think you knew everything about them or at least will eventually find out everything. Well, not so fast.

Some of your favorite reality TV stars will even tell you that you don’t know everything about them, even though they signed a contract to basically film their life. So what are they hiding? Eventually, we all get the juicy details of these cast members.

Although their lives are portrayed as glamorous on reality television, it hasn’t always been that way. It’s fun watching them spill out everything on their shows but it’s even more fun getting the scoop on the things they don’t share on the small screen. Some of these things are funny and some of them are even sad while the rest is just pure entertainment. No wonder they got cast on these reality TV shows.

So we rounded up these following items that you probably didn’t know about these 15 reality TV stars. No matter how many times you’ve watched them on the shows’ reruns, there are still some things you need to learn about these TV personalities. Read below to find out.

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15 Ash Pollard - My Kitchen Rules, Dancing With The Stars

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Ash Pollard has her own reality TV show, My Kitchen Rules but you most likely remember her from season 15 of Dancing With The Stars. The TV personality has revealed that she puts in a lot of hours into filming reality TV and that goes for everyone else. “I think something people might find surprising is the amount of hours you actually have to put into it," Pollard said. "It’s definitely the amount of hours, the late nights and the fact you never get a day off. Well, we certainly didn't on My Kitchen Rules.”

However, for Pollard, it’s not as hard as it sounds considering her acting days as a student. She’s a 2008 graduate of Actors Centre Australia. “I guess I was lucky in the sense I am quite observant of TV shows and also had learnt a few things at acting school,” she noted. She also compared reality television to regular television and said how it isn’t so fake like everyone says it is. “It’s not scripted like people say. It's reality. Obviously you have producers that are there to help guide the way if you’re feeling unsure.”

14 Asa Soltan - Shahs of Sunset

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There’s always that one cast member who carries the common sense out of the rest of the bunch. For Shahs of Sunset, that’s Asa Soltan. Although sometimes her uniqueness isn’t the most understandable-hence why she’s unique-Asa always comes off as the mediator of her group of crazy friends. In the show, you can watch her being an entrepreneur or a good friend, but her love life is what’s off limits. If you haven’t noticed, we rarely see Asa getting romantic on the show such as going out on dates or even grinding at the clubs. That’s because she is simply taken and not taken just by anybody but she’s been dating Jermaine Jackson Jr., the nephew of Michael Jackson, for a while now.

Sometimes they are so private that we assume they’re not together anymore. But we couldn’t be further from the truth. Asa explains how crazy she is about her man and how she totally respects him. “He is private and it's his choice. I love and respect his decision 100," she tweeted in response to someone's comment about Jackson.

13 Pauly D - The Jersey Shore

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Pauly D may be the favorite of the whole Jersey Shore cast. He just seems like a really nice guy who just wants to have a good time. With that being said, he’s so great that he gets to hang out with Diplo and is cool with G-Unit and 50 Cent. “Diplo plays on a Monday and I usually have Mondays off so I’ll see him sometimes out at Encore,” he said. “And then we both have Tuesdays off, so we got this boat and we hit Lake Mead in Las Vegas. He’s cool.” When it comes to G-Unit and 50 Cent, he’s had a relationship with them since the rapper first signed him to his label. “I’m doing what I love to do. The fact that 50 Cent even knew I existed was amazing to me and then I signed to his label,” the DJ said. “That was dope. And they’re great to work with too. It’s been a crazy, crazy ride.”

The reality TV personality has been DJing since he was 14 years old and now he gets to perform around the world in the hottest nightclubs. If you recall, he used to have his own routine called GTL but now it’s all about PBC. “Now it’s always planes, then I do my music, so beats, and also clubs. If I had to think of a new acronym it would be: PBC. GTL’s a lot easier for people to do. Now, planes, beats, and clubs, that’s a tough one.”

12 Ariana Madix - Vanderpump Rules

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You probably know her as the most level-headed TV personality from Bravo’s hit reality TV series, “Vanderpump Rules.” Ariana Madix first appeared on the series in season two and it wasn’t in the most welcoming way. As you may recall, she was accused of being the girl Tom Sandoval-now her boyfriend-cheated with behind his then girlfriend Kristen Doute's back throughout the season. In the end, the rumors were true but it ended into Kristin’s worst nightmare. Ariana and Tom started dating and the couple has since become a fan favorite.

But what you didn’t know about the blonde TV personality was her relationship prior to Tom. According to the reality TV star herself, she has a dysfunctional relationship. “It was a two year relationship, and I actually met him in Vegas while filming that movie,” she told iRealHousewives. “I didn’t start dating him till after the kiss though, but it was the first dysfunctional relationship I was in. There was all that breaking up, making up, arguing, off again-on again, it was a very tumultuous relationship.” Well looking at her and Tom gives us a lot of hope! On another note, she’s a fan of The Walking Dead and HGTV. She’s also an award-winning equestrian.

11 Melissa Gorga - Real Housewives of New Jersey

Via shutterstock.com

When it comes to the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast, they’re all pretty fun to watch. However, it’s Melissa Gorga who keeps us entertained, especially with her silly husband, Joe Gorga, and her adorable family. Beautiful and talented, Melissa has a lot to offer. What you didn’t know about the reality TV star is her scary past. Underneath that perfect image, is a lot of damage. In 2011, she revealed about having to go under open-heart surgery for coarctation of the aorta. “I’m the second person in the world to have heart surgery through the back,” she opened up. Melissa has gone through quite a lot considering back when she was younger and her father passing away. According to the aspiring singer, she went through a rebellious side such as shoplifting due to her father’s death. Her family also went from rich to broke and it was all bad. She wrote in her memoir that she dealt with “feelings of complete and utter despair and terrible anger.”

10 Brandi Glanville - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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This Housewife has been on a few reality TV shows, and is currently on E!’s Famously Single. Brandi Glanville first came on to the scene when she discovered her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, was having an affair behind her back. They both actually met at a nightclub while she was a model and he was an actor with steady roles such as in The Young and the Restless. Perhaps what makes her so interesting is her rough past with her love life. Ever since her divorce with Cibrian, she’s just been a ticking time ball as seen on these reality TV shows. One thing though is Glanville has no filter when talking about her ups and downs and we kind of like that.

She once revealed how she was obsessed with social media because it let her stalk the relationship of Eddie and his mistress turn girlfriend, LeAnn Rimes. “When I first discovered the benefits of technology and social media, I used it to obsess about my husband, his future wife and our children throughout our breakup and divorce,” she wrote in her memoir Drinking and Dating PS: Social Media is Ruining Romance. “It turns out the internet can be your worst enemy. Especially when you spend most of your time googling medical conditions, surviving cheating, or reviewing the twitter feed of some c–t-ry music singer who likes to post countless pictures of your children #StillBugs.”

9 Jax Taylor - Vanderpump Rules

Via shutterstock.com

The most popular and well-known personality on the Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules, is Jax Taylor. Although he has no filter on the show, there are still a few things you might not know about the reality TV stud. First, he was born as Jason Taylor. The 37-year-old actor changed his name to Jax when he was moving to Los Angeles. He thought there were too many Jasons already in Hollywood that he needed to stand out as Jax. Apparently, after dropping out of Michigan State, he joined the Navy prior to becoming a reality TV star. He says he was trained at a Virginia base then got stationed in Kosovo.

But the coolest part that you didn’t know about Jax is he has some famous fans including Jennifer Lawrence. On Watch What Happens Live, the TV personality opened up about how crazy it is to have Lawrence as a fan. “She was like, ‘I’m obsessed with you,’” he told Complex magazine. “She wanted to know everything about me, she had opinions on everything. And I’m, like, sh-tting myself because she’s Jennifer Lawrence, she’s the biggest actress on the planet.” Along with her, Robert De Niro’s wife who wanted to take a picture with him at an industry party.

8 Jacqueline Laurita - Real Housewives of New Jersey

Via shutterstock.com

Another fan favorite of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita has also gone through a lot but she seems to always maintain a positive outlook on life regardless of what’s going on. She is now happily married to husband, Chris Manzo, who we see on the reality TV show. However, she married prior to her current marriage, with Matt Holmes, whom with she had her first child, Ashlee. She met Chris through friends in Las Vegas while working as a hair stylist and at first she thought nothing of it. Eventually, they went on their first date which lead to a long-distance relationship which lasted for five years until he proposed. They now have two boys.

But prior to her third son Nicholas with Chris, she went through five miscarriages. “When I got pregnant with Nicholas, I had already had 5 miscarriages so I was so afraid I would have another one," Jacqueline said. "In the beginning, I was told they couldn’t find his heartbeat on the sonogram and I may have lost him. A week later, we saw his beating heart!We never gave up on him then and we will never give up on him now! He is our miracle baby.”

7 Heather Dubrow - Real Housewives of Orange County

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Heather Dubrow first came on the Real Housewives of Orange County for season seven. She was a fan favorite immediately with her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, who is now a star of E!’s Botched. It’s the way they carry themselves that stood out to the audience from the rest of the cast members. You might know Heather was a working actress as she was outspoken about it during her first season. But there are still some things we need to catch up on regarding the OC doll. If you’ve watched the show, you think she enjoys being on the show and she’s all about showcasing her stuff on reality TV. But in reality, it’s her husband who enjoys the glitz and glamour of the show. In fact, he’s the one who recommended Heather to do the show saying it was a good opportunity.

“He thought it would be fun, and he thought it would be good for me. He basically didn’t talk to me for two weeks until I said I’d do it. That’s actually a true story,” she said. Although her cast members like to make fun of her about being “pretentious” she says it’s not true. It makes sense considering she was named Miss Congeniality at the 1989 Miss New York State Pageant.

6 Tom Sandoval - Vanderpump Rules

Via shutterstock.com

Jax isn’t the only man-candy we all love to watch on Vanderpump Rules. Tom Sandoval happens to be one of the best parts about watching the reality TV show. He’s not bad to look at. It’s no wonder just at age 15, he landed his first modeling gig and was making $2500. He was even surprised. “I got into it [modeling] for acting and booked the modeling job with my first headshot and I was like, ‘Woooah, $2500 and I’m 15 years old, this must be amazing.” However, just because he’s great to look at, doesn’t mean it was easy to pick him for the cast of Vanderpump Rules. He ended up being the last one to be cast.

“It came about because we worked at SUR; well, I was working at Villa Blanca and started working at SUR right then,” Sandoval said. “There was initially a bunch of us that were sort of “casted” on the show. I mean, we all knew each other and that’s the one real big difference between our show and a lot of other shows that are cast.” Besides modeling, acting and being a TV personality, he tried out the industry of club promoting but it didn’t take him long to realize he wasn’t into it. It would've been amazing to watch him and Pauly D pairing up in the nightclub scene.

5 Stassi Schroeder - Vanderpump Rules

Via shutterstock.com

Aside from Jax, Stassi Schroeder is another popular personality on Vanderpump Rules. The two were a couple when the show first started and ended in the most dysfunctional way possible. Now the two stand as the most controversial characters on the series, meaning, they’re popular but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re likable. They don’t even like each other but they are what makes people want to watch.

Besides what you already know, Stassi was actually in another reality TV show before the Bravo hit reality show. She appeared on The Amazing Race for season eight alongside her father, her stepmother, and her brother while she was only in high school. They placed in seventh. Aside from television, when Stassi moved to LA, she enrolled in Loyola Marymount University where she earned her English Writing Degree. From there, she started working at SUR and the show came up as an opportunity to continue her reality TV career.

4 Tamra Judge - Real Housewives of Orange County

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Tamra Judge has come along on the show. We have watched her battle some hardships and pick herself right back up on the TV screen for years now. But it looks like now she’s on a real good path. On the show, you might think the reality TV star is somewhat high maintenance and girly but she wants you to know it’s the total opposite. She happens to be a tomboy who likes to keep it all natural when the cameras are off and is a fan of comfort. “I usually have sweats on. You guys usually see me all glammed up, but normally, you wouldn’t even know me,” she explains in an interview with Bravo. “I would have a baseball hat on, a pony-tail, and either yoga clothes or sweats.”

That explains how today you can catch her competing in fitness competitions showing off her hard-earned physique. She took first place in her first Muscle Mania competition. She even has her own gym in Orange County, CUT Fitness. So if you had no idea, Tamra is all about that fitness and health lifestyle. You go girl!

3 The Bella Twins - Total Divas

Via fanpop.com

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella appear on the hit E! reality TV show, Total Divas, as the main stars. We can see why. Aside from their hotness, the wrestling ladies prove you can be sexy and tough at the same time. But what’s also interesting about them are their entertaining personalities. You can watch them mess around on the show from fighting with each other to going out with the whole gang. However, Nikki wasn’t just into wrestling growing up. She was also a soccer pro, aiming to get a scholarship to play in college. Unfortunately, a broken leg stopped her from pursuing her dreams on the field but it happily lead her to the WWE.

On the other side, Brie had a boyfriend who passed away when she was just 18 years old. She got bear claw tattoos in memory of him. “At 18, I had to experience losing my boyfriend to a tragic death,” Brie explains. “Not only was it sad losing my boyfriend but his beautiful soul. I was fortunate enough to learn from him. Instead of losing faith I gained spirituality. He has a very special place in my heart, always will. The bear claws you see on my lower stomach are in memory of him." At that same age, Nikki was apparently married and it lasted for three years! Nobody knew until she confessed to her family on an episode of Total Divas. Not surprising, the couple wasn’t happy and had their marriage annulled.

2 Scott Disick - Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Via shutterstock.com

Funnily enough, the most entertaining and possibly favorite personality on Keeping Up with the Kardashians is Scott Disick. As you may already know, he dated the oldest of the sisters, Kourtney Kardashian, and has three kids with her. The pair have been on and off again but considering their recent split, it looks like it’s for good this time. The 33-year-old is a character for sure on the show and on social media which makes him a lot more interesting than the rest.

You might have noticed his outbursts on the show and according to Scott, they’re all real. The father of three has been dealing with anxiety all his life so it’s not just because of the Kardashians but they’re probably making it worse. “I think my anxiety though, especially coming to New York and my parents not being around anymore and her being pregnant, it just feels like it’s coming down on me,” he once said on an episode. He’s also an only child who calls himself “Lord Disick.” Although he suffered from anxiety, the “Lord” was first seen sporting the fanciest suits in the beginning of the reality show. However, underneath him looking all dapper, he admitted he liked going commando.

1 Lisa Vanderpump - Vanderpump Rules

Via shutterstock.com

As the Queen of the reality TV shows she appears on, Lisa Vanderpump wins fans over time after time again. Even though it seems like she’s everywhere on the Bravo Network, there are some things you don’t know about the reality TV personality. You know of her famous restaurants SUR, Villa Blanca and Pump, but what you don’t know is she and her husband Ken Todd have owned 26 restaurants in London and Los Angeles. No wonder their businesses are going so well; they have quite the resume. Although a business woman, she was the main star once when she appeared in the music video for ABC’s song, “Poison Arrow.” The 55-year-old housewife has been married to her husband for over 30 years now. Also, like Heather Dubrow of the Real Housewives of Orange County, she didn’t jump right away into the opportunity of the show. As long as she got what she asked for including an accurate portrayal of who she was, she would do it.

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