15 Things You Didn't Know About The Adult Entertainment Industry

There has been a lot of discussion about the adult film industry lately. Frankly, it seems that there is still a huge stigma attached to the thought of sitting down in front of a screen and having a little alone time. Statistics say many of you reading this will partake in this ritual at some point, and with the explosion of mobile electronics, adult content is now more mobile today than ever before.

If there are so many people who participate in making this industry grow, why are so many people shocked when people use it for profit? Take the Duke University Freshman Belle Knox for instance. The women’s studies major recently made headlines for being outed after making over 20 videos so far, enough to pay for her $50,000 tuition. Despite making so many happy, she has received hundreds of death threats on and off campus and was forced to withdraw from her classes as a safety precaution.

If you’ve ever wanted to delve into the deep world of adult films, here’s the down and dirty guide to the industry by the numbers.

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15 Generates $13 Billion in Annual Revenue

The adult film industry is huge. Despite revenues that have been declining in recent years, adult films still make a lot of money. To put it in context, the NFL made just over $9 billion last year. However, the US isn't even in the top three for global consumption. China beats out the rest of the world by spending roughly $28 billion per year on adult media.

14 88% of Scenes Contain Aggression

Making adult films can be tough work both mentally and physically. Sure, sex can get tiring, but the physical aggression of smacking, pushing, and pulling can take its toll as well. In addition, 49% of scenes are said to have verbal abuse as well, with name calling and the like. Psychologists believe that the aggression is included because it appeals to the audience, allowing viewers to put themselves in positions in which they wouldn't find themselves in a "real life" situation.

13 69% of the Pay Per View Market is Adult Oriented

While there are plenty who would never fork over money for adult entertainment, there is an equal number of people that will pay top dollar for it. Over 70% of the global PPV revenue stems from hotel rooms, with the rest coming from home and mobile usage.

12 Global Revenue Has Declined by 50% Since 2007

With so much content available online for free, users cut back in a big way after the economic collapse in 2008. The decline in revenue came mostly from the United States and other hard hit countries such as Thailand and Brazil.

11 1 out of 8 Online Searches is Related to Adult Content

The adult entertainment industry is plastered all across the internet. From spam mail to pop ups, 9 out of 10 boys reported seeing X-rated material before they were 18. Likewise, 6 out of 10 girls reported seeing X-rated images before the age of 18, clearly showing how easily accessible the industry has become.

10 Average Age of First Exposure...11 Years Old

The age of first exposure has steadily been on the decline since the internet boom of the late 1990s. With the first exposure being just 11 years old, it should be a wake up call to parents to use parental locks and to talk to children about what they may come across on world wide web.

9 The Average Session Lasts 15 Minutes

Don't get your hopes up gentlemen, the average length of watching adult films is 15 minutes. But that doesn't matter, right? You're not fooling anybody when you say you watch it for the plot.

8 Utah Watches the Most in America

Studies show that those with a stronger faith are more inclined to become addicted to adult material. It comes as a surprise that Utah has ranked near the highest watching states of X-rated videos for the past five years. Ever wonder where the stuff you watch comes from? The San Fernando Valley in California is home to nearly 90% of all videos created, earning it the moniker of "Sillicone" Valley.

7 Female Adult Film Stars Make $100,000-$250,000 Annually

For the most part, the women make all the money in adult entertainment. They go through a lot of physical and emotional hurdles, including the stigma that goes along with the job title. Surprisingly, they are well compensated (for the most part) for the effort they put in. Meanwhile, men make roughly $40,000 per year, with some making over $100,000.

6 Every 39 Minutes a New Video Is Uploaded

Because of the demand, new videos are constantly being added to websites in order to keep their page at the top of Google and Bing's search results. It's no mystery why there are so many searches for adult material on the web.

5 Lisa Sparks Holds the Record For Partners in a Day With 919

Yes, you read that right...nine hundred and nineteen men. The feat occurred on October 16, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland during the World Annual Gangbang Championship and Eroticon. There's not much else you can say about such an unbelievable feat.

4 Average Bra Size? 34B

Aside from categories that preach the bigger the better, the adult film industry is average for the most part. In fact, 34B is right around the average cup size for the entire US population. Coincidentally, actor Ron Jeremy just celebrated his 34th year in the industry. His first profession? He was a special education and substitute teacher in New York.

3 Deep Throat Grossed $600 Million at the Box Office

Via Whosdatedwho.com

This one is actually not a fact, it's just an urban legend. While it was one of the most successful movies out that year and for the next two decades, it would have been almost impossible to make that much money. All told, the movie probably grossed $30-$50 million at the box office.

2 There Is Very Little Safe Sex In the World of Adult Entertainment

In 2010, a study found that 47 actors of 168 tested positive for gonorrhea, chlamydia, or both. Since then, there have been several shutdowns between 5-15 days to decrease the chance of anything spreading. The results aren't meant to show that the world of adult entertainment isn't safe, but it is a valid piece of evidence to practice safe sex; even stars aren't immune.

1 No.1 Search Term is “Sex”

People will always be curious when it comes to sex. For that reason alone, it should be no surprise that the most searched for word on the internet is sex. Sex also just happens to sell, and because of that, the adult film industry has grown into one of the largest taboo industries in the world.

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