15 Things You Didn't Know About Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is a name that most teenage boys would have breathed a sigh over a few years ago. Which isn't to say that she’s no longer attractive – in fact, she only seems to be getting better as the years go by. The actress, model, and TV presenter is now in her mid-30s, and since she’s been known as a model since the mid-1990s, it’s easy to forget that she’s still young.

You may well have watched all of her film appearances, including Piranha 3D. You have probably seen every photograph that was ever published in a men’s mag during her modelling career. But how well do you really know Ms Brook? We’re willing to bet that there are quite a few things that you’re not aware of in this woman’s hidden depths.

She is certainly still one of the hottest women in the world, but these facts will add a whole new layer to Kelly – so get ready to see her in a new light. Forget about her hunky ex-husbands – right now it’s just you and Kelly, and no one is going to get in the way of you getting to know her better. Enjoy the feeling!


15 She Owns A Bar

Yes, Kelly actually has her own bar. She opened Steam and Rye in London back in 2013, and to all accounts, it has been a success. It actually won the Bar of the Year title at the London Club and Bar Awards in 2014. Whether this was a plot on the half of the organisers to get her up on the stage to accept the award, we’ll never know. Still, this does mean that there’s one place in London where you are more likely to catch a glimpse of everyone’s favourite brunette. It’s worth a try, at the very least.

14 She Won A Beauty Competition At Age 16


So how did Kelly start out her career, anyway? Well, when she was 16, her mother decided to enter her into a beauty competition. She went ahead and won it, which gave her her first opportunities as a professional model. It was this that launched her eventual career, taking on lots of different brands for their advertising campaigns and also appearing on Page 3 of several tabloids once she had passed her 18th birthday. The rest was history, as readers around the world got to see her perfect body (as voted by Grazia readers, who dubbed her the best female body in the world).

13 She Has Perfect Measurements

Kelly obviously spends a lot of time working on her figure, and she maintains that it’s all natural. We can certainly see that not much has changed since those early modelling days, so in this case, it might really be true. It’s not often that a woman can have this perfect a figure without having a few touch-ups here and there! Those measurements, in case you were wondering, are 34E-24-35. Yes, that’s an E, and on a very slim frame too. There’s no wonder she has found a very strong career modelling lingerie and swimwear when the photographs barely even need retouching.

12 She Doesn’t Like Her Pictures


Being a model and constantly having her picture taken must mean that she has oodles of self-confidence, right? Well, maybe not. She actually doesn’t really like her own photographs, despite the fact that everyone else clearly loves them. “I’m always so critical of pictures of me,” she said in an interview. “I always think, ‘God, I thought I looked better than that.’ I hate looking at pictures of myself. It’s so horrible, especially paparazzi pictures because they’re never very flattering. Being photographed all the time is like being in Big Brother.” So there you go – the old cliché about models not being able to see their own beauty in their professional work rings true.

11 She Modelled For Playboy

Alright, let’s be fair – you’ve probably already seen the Playboy pictures. But we can give you a bit of behind the scenes information that you most likely didn’t know. For example, she refused to model for the magazine until she was in her 30s, saying that she didn’t want such a spread to define her early career. She was allegedly paid around £300,000 for the photoshoot, which certainly went down very well with viewers. Not so much with those on set, who she says were too busy watching the World Cup to pay attention to her nude poses in front of them!

10 She’s Unlucky In Love


Despite multiple high-profile flings, engagements, and romances, Kelly can’t seem to hold on to her man. She’s been linked with some very famous men, including actor Jason Statham – but despite the great match the two of them appeared to make, it ended up in tears. She has also spent time on the arm of Billy Zane, as well as getting serious with rugby player Danny Cipriani. There is quite a big silver lining to the fact that she is so unlucky in love, however – it means that mere mortals like yourself can still fantasize about meeting her one day and sweeping her off her feet.

9 She Loves Her Home of Kent

Kelly was born in Rochester, Kent, and she still loves the county as her one and only home. Even though she has spent time in LA to build her Hollywood career, she still owns a country farmhouse in Kent where she spends most of her time. She describes herself as a ‘home girl’ and says she would never move too far away from the area where she grew up. She even remains in touch with her friends from her school days. She also believes that staying in the same area keeps her grounded, which is a great attitude to have.


8 She’s Not Very Glam


She may look like the very definition of glamour when she’s lounging in a swimsuit for a magazine advert, but in reality, Kelly admits she’s nothing but. She says that she only bothers to get her hair done and have manicures because she has to look good for the camera. If it wasn’t necessary, she reckons that she would just leave her hair unwashed for a few days at a time and not worry about it. She also loves getting her hands dirty at her farmhouse, pottering around in the garden. It’s funny to think that she can be so very different to her public image!

7 She Had A Turbulent Upbringing

Growing up wasn’t the most stable environment for Kelly, according to claims that she makes in her autobiography (although she also admits that she had help writing it!). On Sundays, she would dread her parents coming home from the pub, usually drunk, to eat their Sunday roast dinner. Often burnt, this meal would be followed by a blazing row between her parents, which sometimes ended in the police being called and her father being hauled off. If he wasn’t, he would drive away himself and sleep in his truck at the end of the road – before everything went back to normal on Monday morning.

6 She Once Spent Time In A Jail Cell


She might not seem like a real troublemaker, but Kelly admits that she once spent time in a jail cell when she was a teenager. A friend of hers convinced her to help shoplift some clothes from Topshop, but they both ended up getting caught. She wasn’t worried once they got to the police station, and told her crying friend that there was no chance of them going to prison – only to be overheard by a police officer who swiftly marched her into the cell in order to teach her a lesson. It was her only brush with the law as she now tries to avoid drama where possible.

5 She’s Dumb and Fun

We’re not being rude – that’s actually how she describes herself. She has a happy-go-lucky outlook on life and says that she would rather be seen as dumb and fun than take herself too seriously. She certainly has a big reputation as not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she takes it in her stride. It all started when she first made the move from glamour modelling into television presenting. She was unable to read the prompts on her autocue, which opened her up to a lot of ridicule at the time. She describes it as her first experience of bullying.

4 She’s Not Really Kelly Brook


Out of all the showbiz names that you would suspect to be made-up, Kelly Brook probably isn’t one of them – but it actually is. The name change came about when Kelly had done her first topless shoot, and her agent checked up to see what her surname was. On learning that it was Parson, she instantly declared that they would have to change it. Throwing LeBrock up in the air as a suggestion, she then changed her mind, going with the now infamous choice of Brook. It’s interesting to wonder whether Kelly would have become as well-known as she is now with the name Parsons – but we can think of two reasons that suggest she might have been.

3 She’s Very Thankful About Her Assets


Kelly dedicated her autobiography to her ‘loyal friends,’ and she wasn’t talking about her mates. She was actually referring to her two most popular assets, which she believes have done all of the hard work in creating her career. She says she doesn’t know where she would be if she hadn’t had the boost of their natural form. Unlike other glamour models, she has never considered the plastic surgery route, and considers it irresponsible for those who are in the public eye to talk about having it done. She’s a believer in natural beauty, but that’s not hard for someone who actually has it!

2 She’s Not Good At Presenting

When she failed to read the words from the autocue in her first television presenting gig, this might have been an early sign that Kelly Brook just isn’t cut out to be a presenter. Since this had been her dream since an early age, however, she decided to carry on pursuing it – and is even still doing so. Despite all indications to the contrary – such as the fact that every single presenting job she has had has been very short-lived – she still thinks she can make it. Sadly, she was recently cut from Countryfile after filming her own segments, before the episodes even went live.

1 She’s A Secret Psycho


Here’s another one that comes direct from the horse’s mouth! We wouldn’t accuse her of being a psycho, but she’s more than happy to accuse herself. She claims that a history of being cheated on has left her paranoid – enough that she spent time checking through the phone of recent beau Jeremy Parisi to make sure he wasn’t doing the dirty behind her back. She even took screenshots and sent them to a friend who speaks French when he wrote in his own language, so that she could get them all translated. It seems he passed the test, although we’re not sure she did.

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