15 Things You Didn't Know About Jay Z & Beyonce's Relationship

One of the world's most talked about couples, Jay Z and Beyoncé have been the subject of rumors and controversy ever since they started dating. With a new tabloid and sketchy story about them emerging on a regular basis, it becomes harder and harder to keep the facts separate from fiction in relation to this couple. Indeed, this is a couple that is simultaneously in the forefront, but remains fairly elusive in regards to their personal affairs. Especially in the wake of the highly provocative, Lemonade, we've heard about as many secret weddings in relation to this couple, as we have divorces; most of which turned out to be totally baseless.

A couple that represents #relationshipgoals for many pairings across the globe, the reason Jay Z and Beyoncé remain such a hot commodity is not only due to their collective, astronomical success, but because they truly seem to have genuine love, respect, and admiration for one another. Either way, rumors surrounding this couple are plentiful, so before you go running your mouth about how he cheated and she's leaving, make sure the information comes from a reliable source and not an obsessed fan.

15 They Crash Karaoke Parties Together

14 They're Quiet Philanthropists

13 They Talked & Dated For 1.5 Years Before Making it Official

12 Kanye West's Genius Helped to Bring them Together

11 They Were "Drunk in Love" Before "Crazy in Love"


"Crazy in Love," a track that officially established Beyonce as a solo artist and more or less introduced this fiery couple to the world, was actually written by the starlet when she had a hangover. Impressively penned in just two hours, it was one of her biggest songs that may not have happened if it was for one hard night of partying. The star has since proven her ability to concoct and conceptualize songs and albums whilst completely sober. However, given that has also been noted that Hov wrote his verse in the wee hours of the morning, it may very well be that both artists were "Drunk in Love" while creating this song.

10 Jay Z Is Always Beyonce’s First Listener

9 They Have Broken Up Before

8 Their Wedding Was Far from Traditional


7 They Might Be Into S&M

6 They're the Highest Earning Couple in the Entertainment Industry

5 Four Is Their Favorite Number


4 They Have Matching Tattoos

3 They Tried To Patent Blue Ivy's Name

2 They Went Vegan Together

1 They Both Have 17 Grammys

In addition to that, they both have 17 Grammys a piece! Clearly nothing to sneeze at, Hov had 60 nominations over the course of his career while Bey has had 47 nods. Although it isn’t a competition, it is clear that Queen Bey maintains the better nomination to win ratio. In the past, it had been rumored that Jay-Z had put down his microphone for good. Moreover, in the wake of the massively successful Lemonade as well as the response album that is reportedly coming from Jay Z, there will likely be more nods and wins on the horizon.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Jay Z & Beyonce's Relationship