15 Things Women Will Never Understand About Men

There is a myth in society that women understand everything about men, but in reality, that is not always the case. In today’s culture, there are many differences between men and women, such as men are known to be strong and tough specimens, while women are considered to be much more nurturing and sensitive souls. Some men have grown up with a mentality instilled in them to be and act a certain way, and that’s something that some women will never understand.

What some women don’t understand is that men mean exactly what they say; they are very straight to the point and don’t pull any punches. Regardless, if men tell their partner the truth or not, women will wonder constantly with questions such as “what is he thinking?,” “where is he going?” and “who is he going with?,” and that can lead to women having insecurities and questioning their partner in the relationship. Women would love to unravel the brain of a man, but unfortunately, they can’t. They have many questions. This article doesn’t concern all men, but there are some that do these type of things that drive women crazy. Here are 15 things women will never understand about men.


15 They Love Their Gadgets & “Toys”

Women have one question they want to know - why do some men love their gadgets and “toys" so much? The answer is quite simple! Men feel as though gadgets are powerful, and they love to feel that sense of control and empowerment from them. From flat screen TVs to having the latest cell phone, one thing they all have in common is that these gadgets and “toys” catches their attention. Men love feeling childlike. For example, playing video games; it makes them feel like kids again. To some men, it's fun, harmless and it makes them happy, so why damper on their parade? Women need to understand that men will never change their mindset on what makes them happy. That being said, ladies don’t get upset or aggravated when you see your man playing Call Of Duty; he’s just enjoying his freedom, therefore, don’t take it so personal.

14 When They Get Distracted Easily


Most men are too easily distracted when it comes to talking about things that do not interest them. Especially, when it comes to women subjects, it is very difficult to keep a man focused on what women are saying. Men get distracted very easily, plain and simple. While women enjoy talking, men will hear half of what women are saying. Do not let that confuse you women with a loss of desire for the relationship that they share with you. Women should not get upset when men start to daze while they are chatting about makeup tips, clothing trends or gossiping about her girlfriends. That does not mean that he is losing interest in the women or relationship, it just means he is not as interested. One thing we know about men that will help them keep their focus is their natural desire for women.

13 Shopping Is Torment To Them

Women love shopping, but on the other hand, to men, it's known as absolute torture. To women, shopping is something that makes them feel good, and some women would even call it “retail therapy.” Men go shopping with the intent of purchasing specific items, where as women will usually look around until something catches their eye. For a man, shopping can get extremely tiresome, and they even get bored within 25 minutes waiting for their girl to pick out the perfect outfit. It’s worse for guys when they’re hungry or thirsty, but when they miss a television show or sports game, that’s when men reach their boiling point when it comes to shopping. That being said, ladies, if you want to keep your man entertained while shopping, let him watch a sporting game on your phone.

12 They Are So Competitive


Unlike some women, men are extremely competitive with everything they do, whether that is beating one of their buddies in a race or seeing who can hold their breath the longest underwater. But one thing they all have in common is that men love winning. To some men, winning is a huge boost to their ego and it makes them feel a sense of importance, as well as having a huge dose of power. Women will never understand this concept, but to men, it’s very embarrassing, especially when a he loses to his girlfriend. It will put them in the worst mood all day, and women aren’t too keen on having their boyfriend complain to them about nonsense. That being said, maybe some men should just realize it’s only a game, and not take everything to heart.

11 They Don’t Think About The Future

Men like to live in the present. Just like women, men have a plethora of goals too. In life, most of us want to be successful in our professional careers and as well having great relationships. To some men, they are focused on what they can do right now to achieve those goals and tend to live in the present rather, than talk about plans for the future. It drives some women crazy when their man doesn’t think about the forthcoming; whether that is marriage, or having babies, or even a long term relationship, men just want their women to reduce less stress on them and be with them living in the present. Some men don’t even know the date of their girlfriend’s birthday, let alone the future.

10 When They Refuse To Use Directions


We get it, men, you want to feel superior and take charge in the relationship. But when it comes to using directions, it’s only designed to help you guys, it’s there to guide you; therefore, don’t be so quick to judge and say it’s not the best use of transporting. Some men save themselves the frustration and don’t like to follow the directions either from the GPS or a map - they like to take charge and command. Men don’t want to be told what to do; it will just make him feel vulnerable. To some men, for example, using a GPS is not something they like because it will tell him what he’s doing wrong and it will tell him how to do things differently, and that embarrasses them.

9 They Don’t Like Talking On The Phone

To some women they will never understand why men hate talking on them on the phone, but what women don’t realize is that men usually like talking about what’s relevant to them - not details that are pointless to them. Most women have a problem trying to understand this part of men, but guys in general, are not really into using telephones for a long duration of time, because men like answering a lot of short calls more often than long ones. They don’t want to have long exaggerated conversations about their girlfriend telling them how their day went. They lose their composure and start building up frustration, and some men just don’t know what to say, which makes everything feel 10 times worse.


8 Their Cars Are More Important Than Their Girlfriends


Status is a big deal to men because they want to show off and to ultimately attract women, but women don’t like to be ignored for a piece of metal, because that isn’t very romantic to them. This is why men will do anything to see that their women are happy; they will buy them very fancy jewellery and take them to expensive vacations, therefore when they go out in the public with a smiling face, they can do their men proud. Men love their cars, there is nothing more they can do with them; apart from driving them around, or taking them to the garage, they can’t ask the cars to cook them a delicious meal after a long work day, or have a simple conversation with them. Furthermore, they say behind every successful man, there is a woman, not a car.

7 They Need To Be “Babied” When They Are Sick

Guys are taught to be tough and stoic, but sometimes they like to be taken care of, especially when they are sick and not feeling well. It’s a known fact that women are more nurturing and caring than men, but it can get tiresome for some women that feel the need to always have to show their man attention when they are sick; whether that be making him chicken noodle soup or running errands to get him some medication for his cold. Some men like to be “babied,” therefore their significant other can give them special treatment. Women feel as though grown men can take care of themselves and don’t need their girlfriend to hold their hand while they sneeze.

6 Why Are Some Men So Obsessed With Attractive Women

To some men, looks play a big factor. Looks are very important to feeling attraction toward someone, for both men and women, but there are some women who fall within a category that many guys find attractive and some guys don’t. Some men will fall into lust with women, and love the idea of having an extremely attractive woman under their arm as eye candy. They obsess over beautiful women but sometimes men are too prideful for their own good. Men rather talk about all of the wonderful physical details about a woman, than to make the effort and get to know them on the inside. Also, some men could be scared to see how a beautiful woman would react to them. Sometimes, it’s not what they expect and it’s a huge dab to their ego. Also, no guy wants to be shut down by an attractive female.

5 Why Are Some Men So Emotionally Repressed

You will rarely see a man who is an open book when it comes to his emotions, and when you do, it’s almost like you’ve won the lottery. Most men are pretty emotionally repressed and it requires knocking down those walls when it comes to men and their emotions. It can be hard to figure out what a man is truly feeling and thinking sometimes, especially when he’s so guarded. Women just don’t understand it, considering most women are pretty emotional and sensitive. Some men are unaffected by emotions, and are very strong and stable while other suppress. When a man is emotional and venerable, to them it shows a sign of weakness and not “manly.” A man can end up being very familiar with an emotion that is seen as being macho and that is anger.

4 Why Do Some Men Lack Manners


It’s not always pleasant for women when they go to dinner with their man and they lack manners, whether that is having poor etiquette or due to the fact that he wasn’t raised right. For women, it’s incredibly frustrating because she wants to date a man not a four year old. Some men don’t care where they are, they can be in any particular setting and they will still belch and be disruptive and cause a scene. That will make their women extremely embarrassed and instantly regret bringing them along with them. Women will never understand why some men have to show so much disrespect either at dinner or any event that they’re attending. To women, it shows them that some men don’t care about their surroundings, and aren’t aware of them being rude.

3 They Need To Be Extremely Independent

Most men have this idea in their mind that they have to be “Mr. Independent” all the time, no matter what the situation is about. From going on walks by himself, to needing some alone time to gather his own thoughts, one thing men all have in common is that they want to feel liberated and have some freedom. In general, men are known to be independent specimens but some of them want to be a little too independent and women would like to know why. Men are naturally strong minded and at times can be stubborn, but all women want to do is help out her man and when he refuses her help. She will to feel unwanted and undesirable and that pushes her away without her man even realizing it.

2 They Need To Fix Everything

When a woman talks to a man about a problem that she may be having, whether that be physical, mental, or emotional, men are usually the first ones with a strategy to fix it. From talking about her fake friends to fighting with her parents, men are strengthened into thinking they need to fix everything, but women just want their man to listen to their stories and be there for them and not say anything. Besides listening to their girlfriends or wives problems, men love to fix anything from the plumbing to the fixing the broken heater, men like to feel useful, therefore they will run at their girl’s rescue for any problem needed fixing. The reasoning behind men fixing every problem is because they are strong; they don’t want their girlfriends to think they’re weak and not robust, they want to feel empowered.

1 1.They Rely On Women To Guide Them

Some men rely too much on women to guide them and that could be a turn off to some women, they want a manly man, not men who always have to be told what to do constantly and have the women who are in control and guide them. Some women will never understand why men have to depend on them for everything, whether that is from making reservations for a table at a restaurant or having women paying for them for unnecessary items, it’s irritating for some women, and they refuse to date men that have this mindset. Some men need to be “babied” in order to get something done, and women have to be there every step of the way. In relationships, there is a lot of give and take, but some women would appreciate it if their partner would step up in the relationship and take control once in a while.

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