15 Things We'd Love To See In A Silmarillion Movie Trilogy (If It Happens)

If you were infatuated with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies as much as we were, then you are probably a fan of the epic high-fantasy genre. We are talking about the medieval weaponry, marble cities, kings and heroes, all mixed up with elves, dwarves and other supernatural beings. The whole package.

Thinking about all of the movies, you can tell there are the great ones and the not so great ones. If you're a fantasy geek, here's a fact that you'll agree with: in this genre, Silmarillion is just begging to be filmed. This book has it all: gods and men, treachery and virtue, violence and love.

There are currently no indications that the movie is going to be made at all, but nevertheless, we ask you to embark on this trip with us by imagining another Peter Jackson spectacle based on these stories.

We’ve tried our best to depict the top reasons for this book to come alive on the big screen. Caution is advised as we had to use a lot of nerdy-like words and names (we tried to explain them as much as possible), although true fans of Tolkien are going to appreciate the in-depth analysis. The rest of us, mere mortals, will have to be satisfied with our imagination of this ancient world while being astonished by the amount of backstories this immortal writer has come up with.

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15 Beginning Of The Universe (Ea) And The Creation Of Arda (Earth)

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Through both of the trilogies that we have watched, we could hear Gandalf and the rest of the famous characters referring to their region as "Middle-Earth." The reason they call it “Middle-Earth” is because they believe that the Earth is flat, and those lands that they are living on are in the center. It would be great if we could see a little bit more about the beginning of the universe and Arda (Earth) itself.

Those who have read the books already know that Arda (Earth) was created together with Ea (Universe) and that the land was originally made for Elves and Men. When it was created, it was called Arda Unmarred (Healed World) but after several wars caused by the Valar and Melkor, the name of the earth changed from the Arda Unmarred to Arda Marred (Corrupted World). Watching the creation of Arda (Earth) and the wars that followed, would make Silmarillion an exceptional epic experience.

14 Construction Of The Main Entrance To Moria

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Remember those hidden doors that could only be seen by the moonlight, the very same doors that proved to be quite tricky to the fellowship of the ring while they were trying to enter the mines of Moria? Or should we say the main entrance to Khazad-Dum? Well, in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, we have only seen them for a minute or two, but what is interesting about them is that those doors were built as a gift to the dwarves by the Elven Lord of Eregion, called Celebrimbor.

The fans would surely be thrilled if there were a few scenes about the gate construction and the special runes that the Noldorin prince Celebrimbor placed around the doors. After all, Celebrimbor was the greatest craftsman in the entire history of Middle Earth, and we would love to see how he created the magical gate.

13 Feanor And His Creation Of Silmarils

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The name of the book actually comes from the story of the Silmarils, three powerful stones, that held great power over every race in Middle-Earth. Those three stones are somewhat similar to the Arkenstone from The Hobbit (movie trilogy and the books). Feanor was the creator of these three powerful but still beautiful jewels, and he named them Silmarils. Right after he made those stones, he cast a spell on them to make sure that no evil would be able to touch them, and if something tried, it would burn that person instantly.

It would be interesting to watch how Vala Melkor took those stones violently from Feanor’s father by killing him. Vala Melkor knew that if he touched those stones he would get instantly killed, so in order to avoid death, he decided to place them into his crown, and used their power safely. Once Feanor heard (and then later saw) what Melkor did to his father and that he stole those jewels, together with his seven sons he made an oath that they would do whatever it took to get those stones back to safety. The story would make for a great script in anyone’s imagination.

12 History Of The Valar

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After the creation of Earth, Valar, also known as The Holy Ones, were the powerful fifteen beings who were allowed to settle it. Their primary goal was to give orders to the people and to help them in their fight against the Dark armies of the Melkor. The Holy Ones had a significant role in the reshaping of the Earth, and all they dreamt about was the creation of a peaceful world. The only one who didn’t agree with the plans of his brothers and sisters was Melkor, the corrupted one.

Since Melkor (who was later known as a Morgoth) has been corrupted wishing to rule and own Arda for himself, the other Valar saw him as a threat and they decided to cast him out of the Vala. After casting out Melkor, there were seven Ladies and seven Lords of the Valar remaining where every nation had its own Lord or Lady of the Valar. So, for example, Ents called their Valar Yavanna, the fruit giver and the Lady of Earth, while the dwarves called it their Aule – the Smith and the Lord of the Earth and everything that is underneath.

11 Creation Of The Two Trees Of Valinor

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There is an exciting story behind the two trees of Valinor, and it would be interesting to see this story in the Silmarillion movie. Yavanna, one of the powerful Valar, has created both of these powerful and beautiful trees. She placed the silver Talperion tree in the north, while the golden Laurelin was placed on the south of the Earth, and by that she created day and night. These two golden and silver gigantic trees were also known as the Lamps of Arda (Earth).

Soon after Melkor heard about what his sister Yavanna made, possessed by jealousy, he asked for help from a giant spider called Ungoliant (this spider is the ancestress of the Shelob that we could see in the Lord of the Rings trilogy), to help him destroy these two trees that his sister created. Melkor destroyed both of the trees, and he let Ungoliant drain all the remaining life out of them.

After seeing what Melkor and Ungoliant did to her trees, Yavanna started to sing while Nienna kept crying. Even though Yavanna and her sister gave it their best, they only managed to revive one flower from each tree. The flower of Telperion was used to create the moon while the last flower of Laurelin, was used to create the Sun. It is, in fact, the power of the two ancient trees that lies dormant within the Silmarils.

10 Origin Of Elves

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Just like the first part of the Lord of The Rings trilogy had a great opening scene that introduced us to the Lord of The Rings lore, the same could be done with the Silmarillion. Being the most intriguing nation in Middle-Earth, Elves deserve to have their creation and arrival on Arda explained in detail. Elves and Men were created by the Iluvatar, while the third race, the Dwarves, were created by the Mahal, best known as the great Aule smith. Anyway, let’s go back to the Elves. The oldest Elves that were living on the Arda were known as the Quendi. These elves were considered as the purest race that were created to live on Earth. Unlike the other races, Elves are the only ones that were made to be immortal, although they could be harmed or killed either by their strong emotions or violence.

Those Elves that came to the land of Aman were raised by the Valar Lord Orome. He taught them many things and thanks to his teachings, they have managed to form their own cultures. The previous representatives, Finwe of the Noldor and Ingwe of the Vanyar, became the first rulers of their people, thus beginning the Age of Elves.

9 Separation Of Elves

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The story of Elves does not end with their creation but goes on to be an intricate series of events and memorable characters. It would be a real shame if it were left untold. As soon as the Quendi Elves arrived on one of the great continents on the lands of the Middle-Earth, they have split up into three different clans: Minyar clan, Tatyar clan and the Nelyar clan. After seeing the noble intentions of the Elves, Orome, Lord of Vala, also known as the Huntsman of the Valar, decided to call upon the Elves to live with the Valar Lords and Ladies.

As a consequence of Lord Orome’s actions, the Elves split up into the two main and many smaller groups. The two main Elven groups were called the Avari and the Eldar. Avari were the ones that refused the summoning of the Valar Lord Orome. Because he saw how loyal the Eldar Elves were to him, Lord of Valar Orome gave them the name “Star People”.

8 Kinslaying

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The first slaying between the clans that happened in the land of Valinor was sadly the one between the Elves. This horrifying scenario happened at the city of Swanhaven. The upcoming battle was a crucial part in the history of the Eldar Elves, where the Noldorin Elves, under the rulership of Feanor, attacked the Teleri Elves to take away their ships. The war broke out between the two Elven clans because Feanor and his people wanted to leave Valinor to sail off to the Middle-Earth, and they needed the ships for that.

Noldorin Elves were not avid shipbuilders and to cross the ocean they needed help from the Teleri Elves. Teleri saw such an alliance as disrespect for their Lord of Valar since the idea for Noldorin was to leave the lands so gratuitously handed to them by their Lord. In refusing to give them ships, the Noldorin saw a casus belli against the Teleri and so began the first of many bloodbaths in Middle-Earth’s history. It was the battle between swords and arrows (Noldorin Elves were masters of the sword, while the Teleri were masters of the bow).

7 Melkor Becoming Morgoth

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Melkor belonged to the Ainur race, the first and the mightiest creatures that were created by Iluvatar (The Creator). Melkor aspired greatness, but through conquest and domination. As the oldest, he felt as though he was cheated out of his rightful place as ruler. He was, in fact, the most powerful but the powers he possessed combined with his hunger for tyranny took him into the darkness and he became the Dark Lord Morgoth. Morgoth was the first Dark Lord and at the same time the greatest source of evil in the entire Ea (universe).

Soon after he arrived in Arda, he gave his best to interrupt the virtuous work of his Valar brothers and sisters. Wherever they had created peace, he came and started a war. Always hungry for more power, he even got his hands on the Silmarils as soon as he killed their owner, Feanor’s father.

6 The War Of Wrath And The Great Battle

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The fans of the very popular epic high-fantasy novels and movies should all root for a big-screen depiction of The Great Battle. The battle marks the turning point in the war between Valar and their allies (Men, Elves and Dwarves) against the powerful Dark Lord Morgoth and his army. This epic battle concluded the first age and ended Morgoth’s rulership over the Middle-Earth. Glimpses of a similar battle are seen during the first few minutes of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Try to imagine seeing an immensely larger battle with demi-gods on both sides, deadlier and with an even deeper impact on the history of Middle-Earth.

The Great Battle left its ugly scars all across the lands, especially in the land of Mordor, making it a fiery, dead world that we all had a chance to see. All armies suffered great losses during The Great Battle, but eventually, it ended with the defeat of the Dark Lord Morgoth and the destruction of the almost whole west side of Middle-Earth. Morgoth was not killed, but instead, he was banished into the void and no one has ever heard of him or seen him again. The Silmaril stones that he had in his possession were taken away from him by the herald of Manwe, Eonwe.

5 The Tale Of Beren And Luthien

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When it gets to the romantic part of the movie, this is where the Beren and Luthien fit perfectly. Similar to the story of Aragorn and Arwen (Lord of the Rings trilogy), this romance was forbidden, but it ends with a happy ending. This love story happens between Beren, a human, and a beautiful Immortal maiden called Luthien, an Elf. As faith would have it, these two would be the first lovers to intertwine the two races, and it all happens during the first age (the first era in Tolkien’s mythology).

The Battle of Sudden Flame in which Dark Lord Morgoth has conquered almost the entire Northern Middle-Earth and killed Beren’s father and the rest of his army, forced Beren to leave his lands. Once Beren arrived at Doriath (forest realm of the Sindar), he met Luthien, a beautiful Elven girl with whom he fell in love at first sight. Little did they know that their love would produce one of the most adventurous tales. Tolkien produced more similar love stories, but none of those stories could match the beauty and emotion of this war-time romance.

The greatness of this story has spread into the real world, being one Tolkien himself was the proudest of. On the grave of Tolkien and his wife, there is an inscription saying “Beren and Luthien”, beneath their names.

4 Beren’s Quest To Get The Silmaril

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Thingol, the father of Luthien, knew about her relationship with Beren, a human, and did not approve of this affair. He made an “Impossible Quest” for Beren to bring him one of the Silmarils that were stolen from Elves by Morgoth, and in return Beren could have the hand of his daughter.

Luthien accompanied Beren on this suicidal task which would not only prove to be useful but also stands to testify the strength of the bond between them. After a series of events, Beren manages to retrieve the stone and hand it to Thingol, but pays the ultimate price – his life.

Mourning the loss of her greatest love, Luthien also perished and found herself in the halls of Mandos, reserved only for immortal beings. However, this story is not a tragedy since Mandos, moved by Luthien’s song of her fate, grants life to Beren and makes Luthien a mortal. They were allowed to live out their days in love and peace.

3 History Of The Dark Lord Sauron

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We all remember the Dark Lord Sauron from the Lord of The Rings trilogy with a memorable physical body that is destroyed by Isildur. Throughout the trilogy, we see the huge dark tower with the eye of Sauron watching over the Middle-Earth and calling for his ring. Before he became the Dark Lord Sauron, he was a smith called Mairon which in translation means “The admirable”. Also known as a blue wizard, he became one of the most faithful companions of Morgoth, and after the defeat of the Dark Lord Morgoth, he proclaimed himself as the second Dark Lord called Sauron.

Since he was a great smith, he created the “One Ring” to rule the rings forged by Celebrimbor. The rest of the story about Sauron is familiar to almost everyone, but the different events this master deceiver took place in are quite important for the overall history of Middle-Earth, and definitely worth further exploring.

2 The Story Of Numenoreans

The Numenoreans were actually the first humans that were in friendly relations with the Elves. Descendants of both Elves and men, Numenoreans lived for 200 years and are usually considered to have been stronger and wiser than ordinary humans. Aragorn draws blood from this ancient race, as it is explained in the extended version of the Lord of the Rings. They were so close to the Elves that later on, all the knowledge that the Elves had was passed onto these humans. Those two races have even fought side by side in the great war against the Dark Lord Morgoth.

After winning the final battle against the armies of Morgoth, the Lord Valar decided to reward the humans with a beautiful land they could inhabit inside the world of Middle-Earth. They were strong and wise, so after they settled on these lands, they managed to establish a kingdom of Numenor, which would rule over all the other mortals throughout the entire Second Age. The first King of Numenor kingdom was Half-Elf King Elros (or better known as Elros Tar-Minyatur).

1 Break Of The Elven And Dwarven Alliance

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In the aforementioned two trilogies, we have seen quite a bit of bickering between the elves and dwarves. At certain moments it was comical, such as the relationship between Gimli and Legolas, or bloody and gruesome, as we saw in The Hobbit. The background story of this antagonism is interesting to say the least. Both races have demonstrated that they will go to great lengths when it comes to power and authority. They were natural enemies with constant border friction. This underlying reason separated the two races even before all the hatred started.

The direct cause for the ensuing antagonism happened in the time of Thingol, when there was an idea to combine the powerful Silmaril stones and the Dwarven Nauglamir stone. Proverbial Dwarven greediness overcame them and they took the Silmarils for themselves and subsequently killed Thingol. Smitten by revenge and hatred, the two proud nations would continue to live in constant fights until the famous LOTR duo, Gimli and Legolas, showed the world that friendship and valor easily overcome even the greatest of disagreements.

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