15 Things We Don't Want To See On Game of Thrones Next Season

With only two seasons of Game of Thrones left, there are certainly a few specific things that fans would like to see and some things that fans 100% do not want to see. For example, absolutely no one wants to see Ramsay come back from the dead to avenge his death. I’m pretty sure everyone was pretty much okay with him dying.

Of course, since it’s Game of Thrones, we will probably have to sit through some things we’d rather not see. We’ll definitely be forced to see some of our favorite characters die within the next two seasons. We’ll probably see a few anxiety-inducing battles, during which there will likely be mass causalities. That’s not even getting into the issue of the White Walkers and, oh yeah, the fact that Cersei Lannister is on the Iron Throne.

Next season will, for sure, be just as shocking and epic as season six, but there are a few things that fans would rather not see. It’s not only the death of fan-favorite characters, but fans also wouldn’t be too down to see some of the marriages to which theories are pointing. There are also a few actors who fans would prefer not to ever see naked, and no, I’m not talking about Aidan Gillen, who plays Littlefinger. But, also, no one wants to see Littlefinger naked either so we can add that to the list.

This list spans things big and small – deaths, marriages, horrible haircuts that fans hate seeing – but no matter how big or how small, fans don’t want to see these 15 items in season seven of Game of Thrones.


12 Another Stark Death


Haven’t we lost enough Starks? First there was Ned, who seemed to be the show’s protagonist. We had to watch him be beheaded in front of his two little daughters. Then, we had to watch Robb Stark be shot with about one hundred arrows and stabbed to death, right after his wife and unborn child were murdered. Oh, and after that Catelyn’s throat was slit.

Of course, that was seasons one and three, and we were free of Stark deaths for some time… until season six. We had the pleasure of watching the youngest Stark be shot to death by Ramsay, who was one of the most evil characters on a show full of evil characters.

With only a few Starks left on deck, it would be nice if we could just stop losing Stark family members. If Arya, Sansa, Jon and Bran could all possibly make it to season eight that would be pretty great.

11 Specifically, Sansa’s Death


Sophie Turner, say it ain’t so. In a recent interview, Turner said, “I don’t want to survive and I want Littlefinger to end up on the throne.” Uh, hold up. What? First of all, there is absolutely no way that anyone wants to see Littlefinger of all people on the throne, except for, well, Littlefinger himself.

Furthermore, a Sansa Stark death would be pretty painful. We’ve watched Sansa be abused mentally, physically and sexually in the past six seasons. She’s finally acting like a true player in the game of thrones and now Sophie Turner is asking for a death scene? If anyone deserves a happy ending it’s Sansa Stark – of course, those most deserving of a happy ending in Game of Thrones are usually the ones least likely to get one, but still, no one really wants to see a Sansa Stark death. We'd all probably be okay watching the Sansa Stark of season one, episode one die, as she was a spoiled brat, but after watching her character evolve through the years, we're pretty invested.

10 The Mountain Killing The Hound


So many fans are hoping for the Cleganebowl, in which the Clegane brothers fight to the death. In the battle of The Mountain and The Hound, I’m fairly certain that 99% of people are Team Hound.

The Hound is definitely not completely good, though most characters on the show aren’t really purely good or evil. Wait, no, Joffery and Ramsay were just totally evil monsters. Also, The Mountain is pretty much also an evil monster, and at this point “monster” is the best phrase to describe him, as he was resurrected from the dead to be Cersei’s killing machine. Also, The Mountain killed Oberyn Martell, aka the sexiest guy from Dorne, in one of the most graphic Game of Thrones scenes to date. The Mountain deserves to die for that shit.

There is much hype for Cleganebowl, but no one wants to see The Mountain walk out of it alive, having taken down The Hound. It would certainly be a victory for The Hound to kill the older brother who gave him the scars that plagued his life.

9 White Walker Domination


Apparently, winter is here. Right? We’ve been hearing that winter is coming for literally six seasons now. Season five featured that insane White Walker battle, but in season six, we didn’t see much of the White Walkers, besides Bran’s story, in which he actually finds out their origins.

Now that winter is here, it’s safe to say that we’ll probably see many more scenes with the White Walkers, but we don’t really want to see the White Walkers dominate. Sure, it’s entertaining as hell to watch the crazy battles and maybe see White Walkers kill characters we don’t know and care about, but that’s as far as we all really want it to go. Watching the White Walkers take down important characters is just so much less satisfying than seeing them die in a way that propels the political Westeros plots. Like, if you watched a White Walker kill Arya or Bronn, it would just feel so empty.

8 More Rape


If we could maybe have a season full of consensual sex, that would be phenomenal. Thankfully, season six was decidedly less rape-filled than previous seasons of Game of Thrones, but it was also basically sexless. There were many fewer sex scenes this season and nearly none involving actual main characters. Yeah, we saw some random character whip out his penis and talk about STDs but it was nothing like the old school Daenerys scenes.

That being said, season six did a great job of not featuring any rape, so if season seven could keep it up, that would be awesome. At this point, we’ve seen many of our favorite female characters raped – Daenerys, Cersei, even young Sansa. No more rape would be pretty great.

7 A Sexless Season


While no rape would be awesome, we could definitely spice things up a little bit more. Game of Thrones is known (and mocked) for being a graphic show both in terms of sex and in terms of violence. I’m not asking for season seven to just be one big orgy, but a little more sex for our main characters would be great.

In season six there was a lot going on – with Dany getting ships, the Battle of the Bastards and Cersei blowing everything up. We get that characters are a bit busy dealing with, um, you know, all the other stuff going. It would just be nice to go back to the grassroots version of Game of Thrones, where there's some sex among all the important stuff going on. Alright, all I really want to see is Kit Harington’s naked backside again but whatever, give us more sex.

6 Arya Or Sansa Nudity


Both Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are over the age of 18 so they could actually do nudity but, uh, let’s not. Now, I get that there are a few dudes out there that wouldn’t mind seeing either of these ladies with less clothes on because they’re both super hot, but knowing that they’ve been seen on the show since they were much younger than 18, most people wouldn’t want to see them nude

It would just be weird considering that they were, like, 13 years old when then show started. Most of the time, when you see someone grow from such a young age, you don’t want to see them do nudity. Except for Ryan Gosling. I’ve seen photos of him from when he was in The Mickey Mouse Club and I’m still completely okay with him in the buff.

The thing is that both Williams and Turner have been playing the same characters since their young ages. If they were to do nudity in another role, that would be cool, but seeing Sansa or Arya Stark nude is just unnecessary.


5 Cersei On The Iron Throne


Well, we’re pretty much going to have to see Cersei on the Iron Throne for, at the very least, the first episode, but we are all dreading it. What’s her end game right now? Just having a shit ton of power? When we met her, Cersei was married to the King, had three children and several other family members to care about. Now, she’s a long way from the woman we were introduced to in season one.

While it’s impressive that Cersei somehow ended up on the Iron Throne, it’s confusing as to what she will actually do now that she’s on it. I mean, she doesn’t seem to like the common folk and they don’t seem to like her. She has no interest in making Westeros a better place to live. She’s basically just a power hungry psycho and watching that is a little flat. Sure, it will be interesting to watch her fight tooth and nail to keep the Iron Throne but for the most part watching her on the Iron Throne will be painful.

4 Cersei’s Bad Haircut


Okay, so Cersei has a ton of bad qualities. In fact, we’re pretty much with Tyrion, who once said that her one redeeming quality is her cheekbones. Unfortunately, Cersei has had a little haircut and she’s, uh, seen some prettier days.

I know that Game of Thrones is not a glamorized show. It is not Keeping Up with the Kardashians by any means. It’s a gritty show that does its best to show the reality of what is going on. After the walk of atonement, Cersei was, more or less, bald. Her hair had been growing in very, very slowly, which has left her rocking some awful hair.

If Qyburn can bring The Mountain back from the dead, can’t he somehow give Cersei some extensions or something? For real, that hair is just not fun to look at.

3 Tyrion’s Death


There’s a ton of characters who nobody would want to see die, but maybe none more so than Tyrion Lannister. Not only is he an underdog in the world of Game of Thrones, he’s a fully-developed, interesting character, who audiences have come to know and love.

Growing up as the dwarf Lannister was hard enough, and that was before the show even began. Over the course of the show we’ve seen Tyrion go through hell, with his sister constantly trying to kill him, his father hating him, his wife uninterested in the idea of being married to him, his girlfriend selling him out and sleeping with his father, etc. As the audience of a show that has unmercifully taken great characters from us, we should expect that some of our most beloved characters will die, but not Tyrion. Who will we count on for witty one-liners or amazing speeches?

Yes, Tyrion may die before the end of the series, but save his death for season eight… like, the very last episode of season eight. I really don’t want to see a Game of Thrones world in which Tyrion Lannister doesn’t exist.

5. Sansa Pregnant


Hopefully, this theory will just die. The promo photos for season six of Game of Thrones showed a Sophie Turner looking like she may have possibly been pregnant with Ramsay’s child. As the season went on, that theory didn’t turn out to be true, but we could still possibly be cursed with Sansa carrying Ramsay’s love child.

For starters, I’m not really sure on the timeline of the show, so if she only escaped from Ramsey like four months ago, she could still take off her cape, or whatever she is wearing, and expose a baby bump. On that note, she’s been wearing capes and layers on layers, which makes sense because winter seems like it’s finally there or whatever, but without form-fitting clothing, it’s hard to tell if Sansa is pregnant or not.

4. A Jon Snow And Sansa Stark Marriage


Ugh, well, I guess this would be better than Sansa marrying Littlefinger, right? There are some theories out there that are pointing to a Jon Snow and Sansa Stark marriage, not because they have the actual hots for each other, but for political reasons.

While they were raised as brother and sister (to some degree) the finale revealed that Jon Snow is actually Sansa’s cousin. This is a little nugget that the audience knows but Jon and Sansa do not. Upon finding out that Jon’s half-Targaryen, there is speculation that it would weaken his claim to The North and, in an effort to unify The North for good, he’ll marry Sansa Stark.

While the audience finally had the pleasure of finding out that Jon Snow is not actually Ned’s son in the latest episode, it would be totally unsettling to see him and Sansa say those weird Game of Thrones vows to each other, even if they made it a completely business-type marriage. However, I guess watching the first-cousins marry each other would actually be better than watching them turn against each other for control of The North...

3. A Jon Snow And Daenerys Targeryen Marriage


An even weirder marriage that the audience has actually been rooting for is that of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Since HBO kinda, sorta, might have hinted at the fact that Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon Snow’s father, via a family chart they released, they basically confirmed the R + L = J fan theory. So, if Rhaegar is Jon’s father that means that Dany is Jon’s aunt. I’m not too down to see these two family members marry each other, even if both actors are sexy as hell.

I’m not sure which would be weirder – Jon marrying Sansa or Jon marrying Dany. Technically, the bloodlines of a nephew and aunt are closer than those of two cousins so that would make the Jon/Dany marriage the grosser of the two. However, Jon never met Dany and didn’t grow up in the same house as her, like he didn’t with Sansa, which makes the Sansa marriage weirder.

Ugh, can we stop killing off all the characters so the living characters have someone to marry who isn’t a relative?

2 Disappearing Characters


Remember how the women in Dorne killed like every dude in Dorne during the first episode of season six, then we didn’t see them again until the finale? Yeah, none of that next season, please.

With so few episodes left, it’s annoying to dip in and out from characters and plots. Of course, it’s hard to encompass everyone into every single episode. I understand that, but going seasons without characters is just too much of a gap. We’ve lost track of Bran for a whole season and Gendry for, like, three seasons now.

With so many characters bouncing around the universe, the episodes would have to be two hours long to fit in everything, but in order to tie everything up, we probably can’t lose characters in such a large way anymore.

Also, I really just want to see more of Olenna in Dorne being sassy as hell to the Sand Snakes, so that’s really why we can’t have another season without Dorne.

1 An Easy Ending


I don’t think I’m a masochist but if this show ends in a nice, pretty way, that’s utter bullshit. I didn’t watch all of my beloved characters be tortured, raped and murdered, just to have it all tied up in a simple way. No, it needs to be messy. It needs to be painful. It needs to be hard work.

Obviously, the show will have to come to a conclusion and I’m sure that it will be a happy-ish ending in some way. If that ending comes easily, it will destroy what the show is at its core.

I mean, we watched Oberyn Martell get his head bashed in. We watched Ned lose his honor and then his head. We watched Sansa Stark go from her wide-eyed crush on Joffery to being raped by Ramsay. Theon lost his manhood. Arya was blind. Bran is a cripple. When it comes down to it, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’re tough enough to take a rough season seven and eight, right?


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