19 Things We Already Know About The Gilmore Girls Reboot

Someone sound the alarm. Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls this November and I cannot put my joy into words. When it comes to November, I'm actually more excited about Gilmore Girls coming back than the fact that this annoying election will finally be finished, though the latter does excite me too.

The fan base is pretty aggressive (or am I the only one who aggressively loves this show?), but that’s also because the world in which the show exists is so specific. Once you watch Gilmore Girls, you feel like you know Stars Hollow in some weird, visceral way. Between the town meetings, weird traditions and events, and the quirky people who live in Stars Hollow, the town the show takes place in has become something of a character itself.

Furthermore, the characters are lovable, but also deeply flawed people. Okay, well, Rory is literally perfect. She’s caring, beautiful, smart and yeah, perfect. Though, as the series progresses, she does become a tad more entitled and her perfectionist attitude inhibits her in many ways, but she's still pretty flawless. Lorelai more obviously has many flaws but she also has, like, a zillion great qualities that make up for them.

Besides the characters and setting, the dense dialogue delivered at rapid-fire Sorkin-speed is delightfully sprinkled with pop culture references.

After season six, Amy Sherman-Palladino stepped away. The seventh and final season was run by a new showrunner. That season faced some criticism for having lost the certain charm that the series had previously had. When it ended, fans were not pleased that Sherman-Palladino did not get to finish out the series. For it to come back on Netflix with Sherman-Palladino involved in the project is a gift from the heavens. Fans will finally be gifted an ending straight from the creator herself.

Below is everything we know about the Gilmore Girls reboot so far. I’ll just add, again, that I can't wait.

Did I say I can't wait yet? I can't wait.


14 All The Gilmore Women Are Back


What would be a Gilmore Girls reboot without all of the, uh, Gilmore girls? Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop are all back to portray the three generations of Gilmore women.

Honestly, without all of them, there wouldn’t be much of a reason for a reunion. Of course, Bledel and Graham portray the mother-daughter duo of Rory and Lorelai. For the most part, their relationship was all rainbows, fast conversations and binge-watching sessions, except for that one big, bad fight they had but let's not talk about that.

The addition of Bishop’s Emily always adds complexity and drama to the mix. She’s the matriarch of the family and believes in a set of traditions that Lorelai rejected but that Rory was intrigued by. While Lorelai and Emily did grow closer during the arc of the series, it will be interesting to see where their relationship is now.

Yay for all of the Gilmore girls being back. Have I said that I can't wait yet?

13 All Of Rory’s Men Are Back


The only thing possibly more exciting than all of the women being back is all of Rory’s men coming back. Yes, yes, and yes! Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia and Matt Czuchry will be returning to play Dean, Jess and Logan, respectively.

One of the beautiful things about Gilmore Girls is just how complex each of Rory’s dudes is, which has lead to the still hotly debated question of who Rory should end up with. Dean is the gentle, nice guy, who could also be controlling and jealous. His future seemed much less bright in comparison to Rory’s and there was fear that he could hold her back.

Jess is the artistic, intelligent rebel, who was dealing with some hardcore teen angst when we met him. But also, he was perfect for Rory and obviously who she should end up with. Is it obvious that I'm Team Jess?

Logan is the charming rich guy who is entitled and arrogant. His redeeming qualities keep him from completely being a rich douche, but he's still just a bit of a rich douche.

All of these guys have compelling characteristics that would led someone to root for them and Rory to end up together. This is why people get very passionate when asked who Rory should end up with, but also the right answer is Jess. Rory totally belongs with Jess.

12 We’ll Find Out Who Rory Ends Up With


It’s about friggin' time! Apparently, we will all be finding out who Rory ends up with in the reboot. Please, excuse me while I dance around for a moment.

Amy Sherman-Palladino has actually stated that she’s Team Rory, aka Rory not ending up with a man. That’s cool and all. I can get down with that but for the love of all that is good, Rory needs some love in that life of hers.

Her turning down Logan’s proposal in the series finale was great for the driven, independent spirit inside of Rory. She was free to chase her dreams and she was super young. Now, it would be nice if the older Rory chased her romantic feelings.

With all three men returning, it is likely that could end up with one of them. Team Dean, Team Logan and Team Jess fans, may the odds be ever in your favor.

11 She Doesn’t End Up With Dean


God must be real because someone has answered my prayers about Rory never, ever, ever ending up with wet blanket Dean. For the love of all that is good, Dean is just not the guy for Rory.

David Sutcliffe, who is returning to play Rory’s father Christopher, has apparently always been Team Dean. Yeah, I'm seriously judging Sutcliffe. Anyways, in a recent interview, Sutcliffe said: "I know they’re not going to end up together, but Rory and Dean seem like a good couple."

Praise all that is good. If Rory ended up with Dean The Dud, the reboot would have been a let down on many levels. Team Dean fans, I get your disappointment. Really, I do. He was her first love. He helped out around the house. That was cool and all but he also cheated on his wife to have sex with Rory. Oh, and he was also controlling, jealous, obsessive and boring. Oh, he was so damn boring.

Now, it’s down to just Team Jess and Team Logan fans to battle it out. She could also end up with someone completely new and piss everyone off. Or, twist of all twists, Chad Michael Murray could come back to reprise his role of Tristan, who was more or less like putting both Jess and Logan in a blender – rich, entitled, brooding, intelligent, charming.

10 There Will Be A Town Hall Meeting


In the released photos of the show, we see a town meeting taking place (above). The town meetings were always one of the quirky little things that fans loved about the show so much – because, who actually goes to town meetings? This was one of the ways the show highlighted what a small, tight knit community Stars Hollow really was. Also, the fact that Lorelai loved going to town meetings was goofy but also a part of what made her so endearing.

The town meetings were often comical and slapstick, about seemingly low-importance issues about which members of the community cared deeply. We now know that in the reboot, we don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll see a quirky little town meeting.

Also, are there any places in the world that have town meetings like this? If so, I’d like to move there.

14. Rory (Possibly) At Chilton


In one of the photos of the reboot (above), we see Rory, standing in front of a chalkboard at a school. While there is speculation that she may just be visiting Chilton to give a speak or something, there’s much more speculation that she’s teaching, which totally makes sense for Rory, right?

Seriously, the girl loved school, loved reading and loved learning. She always wanted to be a journalist, but as was pointed out through out the series, she doesn’t necessarily have journalistic qualities. Rory would definitely be able to whatever she wants in life but her teaching seems like a solid choice.

Another possible explanation could be that she’s going for her masters degree. During many graduate programs, students have to teach an undergrad class. Either way, Rory is in front of a chalkboard, y’all, and that chalkboard has 'Jane Eyre' written on it.

No, but for real, she's teaching English, right? That's so Rory.

9 Melissa McCarthy Is Back


Of all of the actors on Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy blew up big after the show ended. This is not to say that the other actors didn’t do well. Graham went on to star in Parenthood, which lasted six seasons. Bledel appeared in Mad Men and Sin City. So, yeah, everyone is doing well but Melissa McCathy is a legit movie star these days.

After her turn in Bridesmaids, she’s been a leading lady able to draw crowds into theaters for a film. She’s even a goddamn Ghostbuster. With her crazy schedule and the fact that she probably demands quite a few more dollar bills these days, it was speculated as to whether or not McCarthy would appear in the reboot.

At first, it was a no but then she finally signed on. Apparently, accommodations were made for McCarthy and Sookie St. James will be back in all her glory. Being that she’s a fan favorite and essential part to that Stars Hollow feel, her addition to the reboot makes it just that much sweeter.

Also, how many babies does she have by now? Like, 7... 8?

12. All The Crazy Town People Are Back Too


So, obvi all the Gilmore girls are back, but also basically everyone is back! Liza Weil will be back as the ambitious Paris, who actually might be Rory’s one true soul mate. Danny Strong will be back as Doyle McMaster, the only man who is man enough to date Paris.

Scott Patterson will be back as Luke Danes because duh. Yanic Truesdale will be back as the sassy Michel. Btw, I would love his job. He's paid to be sassy and judgmental all day.

Rory’s bestie Lane is back. Here’s hoping she’s learned to like sex at least a little bit. My heart broke for Lane when she was like, "Sex sucks and now I’m preggo." Girl, no.

Sean Gunn will be back as Kirk, the reigning weirdest dude in Stars Hollow. I really just want to see his resume, as he does 95% of the jobs in Stars Hollow.

Basically, everyone will be back. Babette, Ms. Patty, Taylor Doose, the whole friggin' gang.

11. Logan’s Squad Will Be There Too


Seriously, everyone is back. This specifically gets a slot though, because if Logan’s squad is coming back, that could point towards him ending up with Rory, right? I mean, Logan's boys would not let Logan get married without a crazy bachelor party beforehand.

The above photos was taken on set and it clearly shows The Life and Death Brigade is back, baby! So, yeah, the addition of these guys coming back for their admittedly minor roles in the show could definitely be pointing a finger in the direction of Logan ending up with Rory.

Even if Logan doesn't end up with Rory because Jess is obviously her soul mate (did I mention I'm Team Jess?), their return definitely makes us think that Logan could be playing a bigger part in the reboot, regardless of what that actually means.

8 Mae Whitman Will Guest Star


Mae Whitman fans rejoice! Graham’s Parenthood daughter is signed on for an appearance on Gilmore Girls.

Apparently, Whitman and Graham became really close while filming and so she’ll be making a trip to Stars Hollow. Word on her role is hush hush but I would love to see a throw down between Graham's Gilmore Girls daughter and the Parenthood daughter. That would be amaze, right?

Also, I would just love to be Lauren Graham’s daughter because she seems like she’d be a real life Lorelai but whatever. I guess I'll just keep dreaming.

So, while we don’t know Whitman’s exact role, she’ll be a new face in Stars Hollow for sure.

9. Edward Herrmann's Absence Will Be Felt


Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014. He portrayed Richard Gilmore, Lorelai’s father and Rory’s grandfather, with whom Rory always had a lovely relationship.

While it was certainly a show about the female relationships, Richard was a major, major character, who also dealt with stressed relationships with the women. His loss will be majorly felt, says Sherman-Palladino. In terms of the show, she's said: “Dealing with the death of Richard is going to impact all of them, because when somebody close to you dies your whole life comes into a weird focus for a minute. Like, what direction am I walking?"

Obviously, this will most likely be a huge storyline for Emily, who was distraught when Richard suffered a heart attack in the course of the series. She’ll have to relearn who she is without being someone’s wife, while Lorelai and Rory mourn the loss of their father and grandfather.

We’ll miss you, Edward Herrmann.


7 Rory Is Single


Rory is single. Well, kind of single. In an interview, Sherman-Palladino said, “She’s... single in the sense that she’s not married. But she’s dating like any young woman with that face would be."

Okay, so Rory might be dating someone when we meet up with her because, like Sherman-Palladino said, look at her face! Look at her blue eyes. She’s smart, well-read, not pretentious, beautiful and has a lovely figure. She’s the best package in the world, which may actually be why it can be difficult nailing down exactly who Rory should be with. Girlfriend is perfect and deserves a perfect dude, right?

More on to what Sherman-Palladino said. It seems like Rory could possibly be dating someone when the series picks up, though not seriously. It’s most likely not one of her men. I really don’t see it picking up with her all the sudden back with Logan, Jess or Dean, considering the way most of those relationships were left.

6 There Will Be A Wedding


Somebody is probably getting hitched, but we just don’t know who. This information comes from a photo of a prop for Gilmore Girls, which was clearly labeled wedding, that started making its rounds on the web.

Knowing that the Life and Death Brigade is back, fingers could be pointing to Rory and Logan. I know, Team Jess fans. I’m feeling the pain too.

It could also be very likely that Lorelai and Luke are finally getting hitched. After their engagement was called off, Lorelai went and married Christopher, in maybe the worst plot on Gilmore Girls. Of course, in a way, this was a wish fulfillment from her younger days. Perhaps she had to see how things would work out with marrying Rory’s father in order to finally fully move on. Once she got that out of her system, she was free to marry Luke, right?

Well, whatever happens Luke and Lorelai need to end up together. That’s one thing that Gilmore Girls fans are certainly not split on.

6. Luke And Lorelai Will Hold Hands


Luke and Lorelai are holding hands, you guys! Could they be back together? Let’s all hope so.

I would rather it pick up with Luke and Lorelai happily in a relationship and having been in said relationship for years now. It would be heartbreaking to have to watch them get back together, because that would mean that they spent years and years not together. Obvi, they are each other’s one true love. We know it. They know it. Citizens of Stars Hollow know it. Everyone knows it.

Let’s skip the drama and just have these two guys be happily together because Luke Danes totally deserves to be happy.

5 The Trailer & Poster


So, we have the trailer above and the poster here. What does that tell us about the reboot? Well, that the reboot is sticking to its roots.

The poster is some straight up nostalgia. It’s so Gilmore Girls I could cry just looking at the poster. Okay, so what if I did cry when I saw the poster? I’m allowed to have some strong feelings about my favorite mother-daughter duo coming back. Don’t judge me.

In the trailer, we see Lorelai and Rory having one of their fast-paced conversations over their kitchen table. Oh, it’s everything we’ve missed – the quirkiness, the cultural references, the lightening speed.

One tip off in the trailer may be that Rory Googles the tree that Lorelai is talking about and Lorelai tells her that, "This is not a teachable moment." This could, perhaps, be another sign that Rory is potentially teaching now.

Okay, I'm going to go back and watch the trailer 45 more times before it finally comes back.

4 There Will Be Four 90-Minute Episodes


In the past, Gilmore Girls was on The WB and then The CW, so the episodes probably ran about 43 minutes without the commercials. The four Netflix episodes will be 90 minutes each so they will be more like mini-movies, which is totally awesome. I’d prefer like 10 or 20 90-minute episodes but I guess I’ll just take what I can get.

Though Sherman-Palladino insisted that she wanted to release them one by one (I’d die waiting between episodes) Netflix is sticking to their structure of releasing all four at once so we can satisfy our binge-watching needs.

Also, it seems so fitting for Gilmore Girls to be back on Netflix, considering the fact that Lorelai and Rory must definitely love Netflix, right? I mean, they basically invented binge-watching way before binge-watching was cool.

3 It Comes Back On November 25th


We finally have a release date! They didn’t reveal the release date for, like, ever. Seriously, I was waiting to clear my calendar for a while. They finally announced that Gilmore Girls will premiere on Netflix on November 25th at 12:01 PST. Mark your calendars.

This is actually the day after Thanksgiving so Black Friday. Why is this such a perfect day for the premiere? Well, for starters, most people will have off from work and be able to watch all four episodes twice or maybe three times in a row.

Plus, people will all probably have some leftovers from Thanksgiving, which means built-in food for the binge-watching session. There is just something so right about eating left over turkey and mashed potatoes while watching Gilmore Girls.

2 There May Be Cursing


In most cases, this wouldn’t seem like such a big deal. For example, when Mindy moved from Fox to Hulu, the show was able to explore things that it wouldn’t have otherwise on Fox. Kimmy Schmidt was picked up by Netflix once NBC passed and you can bet that some of the stuff explored on the show would have been shot down by NBC.

That being said, now that it is no longer a primetime CW show, Gilmore Girls would be able to… curse. Since it is such a language heavy show, add cursing into the mix would be interesting. The girls spit out rapid fire dialogue and, while they have been angry or upset in the past, they were never dropping F-bombs.

This is a possibility that Sherman-Palladino said they were still debating, so we’ll have to wait until the premiere to see if Emily is dropping F-bombs. I really, really want to see Emily Gilmore drop an F-bomb.

1 The Final Four Words


As all Gilmore Girls junkies know, Sherman-Palladino stated in the past that she knew what the last four words of the series would be. Of course, she wasn’t involved in season seven. Because she was not involved, the seventh season didn’t exactly end as she planned and those final four words were not revealed.

Some speculate that perhaps Lorelai and Rory have a duel wedding and the final words are both of them saying I do. That seems corny as hell, but Gilmore Girls did rock some corny as hell scenes in the past and somehow made them work. However, my money is on them being, “I love you, Mom.” Cue all the tears and all the feels.

Graham, who obviously now knows the words since filming has wrapped, said of the words: "It’s not as resolved as I thought they would be." That’s good news for us, as we can pray to everything in the sky that they make more episodes following these four.

Alright, now we just have to wait until November 25th. No biggie. I'll just be staring at the clock until then.


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