15 Terrible Movies That Made You Ask For A Refund

Whenever a movie gets hyped up, it sort of sets it up for failure. The media goes crazy announcing what will be the most anticipated movie of the year, but then you leave the movie theatre feeling like you just got ripped off. Not only did your ticket, popcorn and drink cost you 30 bucks, but you didn't even enjoy the show. With the rising cost of movie tickets, the expectations at the theatre are higher than ever before, but the quality is shrinking every year.

What's worse is that the movie industry tends to milk out every last opportunity they get even if it discredits their previous work. Sure, maybe the first movie was amazing, but was it really necessary to make a sequel, or even a trilogy? It's almost as if they think, "Hey, the first movie did really well, so let's make another one. It doesn't matter if people don't like it. Whoever saw the first one will go see the second, and we'll make money.  Who wants to take a dip in the lake filled with dollar bills?"

I'm sure many of you have noticed that as we advance the technological aspects in movies, the central aspect, which is the point of the film altogether, gets lost in the making. This leads to bad reviews and disappointed fans, but hey, who cares right? As long as the industry is making money, it sleeps well at night while poorly written plots are roles that are weakly acted make going to the movies less of an enjoyable experience. Enjoy 15 movies to which Hollywood should issue refunds.

15 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen was probably one of the worst movies of all time. Not only was the plot nowhere to be found, but it was a loud and unorganized film. It's no wonder why it was only given a 19 percent score by Rotten Tomatoes. Many believed that the second Transformers would be as good, or even better, than the first, but sadly this was not the case.

Michael Bay, a filmmaker who is known for his extensive use of visual effects, is to blame for this crap-filled sequel, and he knows it too. "The real fault with Transformers 2 is that it ran into a mystical world. When I look back at it, that was crap. The writers' strike was coming hard and fast. It was just terrible to do a movie where you've got to have a story in three weeks," says Bay, when asked about the action film in an interview with Empire Magazine. Well, good job Bay. You made your money at least.

14 Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever (2002) was deemed one of the most pointless remakes in history. The storyline is pretty typical; a group of 5 college graduates rent a cabin in the woods and become victims to a gruesome, flesh-eating virus. The teens end up turning on one another, desperate to avoid infection, but this proves to be useless. Slowly they lose their minds and start to kill anyone who comes into close vicinity of them.

Instead of reinventing the movie to fit the modern day world, the film was simply re-created by paying homage to other great horror movies. This movie was not so much scary, as with was jam-packed with gore.

It is not an easy movie to watch, and its typical and predictable plot makes you question why you're even watching it in the first place. It is described as brainless and disgusting, and it isn't too hard to see why.

13 Suicide Squad


Oh jeez, where to start? Suicide Squad was a complete and utter bust. The sensation of terror and betrayal is felt almost immediately when the film begins. How could they butcher what was supposed to be best movie of they year? Well, I don't know, but it just seems cruel. Thankfully, Will Smith's humour and Margot Robbie's looks were there to carry the movie.

Jared Leto's rendition of the Joker was not only an abomination, but it just made no sense. The Joker... turned gangster? It just doesn't fit the profile. Grills and face tattoos — really? It's enough to make you want to kick the seat in front of you.

The plot of the movie was lost within the first ten minutes in a weird and confusing take of what the Suicide Squad is truly all about. Not to mention that Harley Quinn's punchlines were absolutely ridiculous and vomit-worthy. Watching this movie was not only a waste of time, but a waste of brain cells.

12 Pompeii


Pompeii is a movie that no one really talked about because no one really went to go see it. It simply slipped through the radar and if Kit Harington had not been the protagonist of this movie, it would have attracted even less viewers.

Many people saw the preview and thought, "that looks pretty good," and then never, ever thought about it again. Just by watching the preview, you can tell that this movie will have a mediocre plot-line and that it will mostly be powered by epic fight scenes.

Pompeii is the story of a slave named Milo. He is a talented gladiator, who is unfortunate enough to fall in love with the daughter of a wealthy merchant. It is set in 79 A.D., and revolves around the gladiator arena. Sounds super boring right? To add some excitement to the movie, a volcano erupts and destroys the city of Pompeii, but no amount of lava could have stopped this movie from hitting the big-screen. 

11 Fantastic Four


Let's just beat around the bush and call it what it is — Fantastic Four was an abomination. What little potential this movie had, was quickly murdered by the unimaginative plot and cheesy special effects. Clearly, this remake was pointless and flawed from the very beginning, yet the promise of money made the cast and directors persevere. Not even its wicked clan of actors could have saved this movie from being a huge disappointment.

When four young outsiders are transported to an outside universe, their physiques are shockingly altered. Reed Richards gains the ability to contort and stretch his body. Ben Grimm gains super strength, as well a rock-like encasement. Johny Storm gains the ability to become an embodiment of fire, and his sister Sue, becomes invisible. These four individuals become known as the Fantastic Four, and prepare for battle against Doctor Doom.  Unfortunately, this movie was doomed from the start.

10 Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Many people were excited for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice to come out in theatres — that is, until they found out that Ben Affleck was going to take on the role of Batman. But let's not give Affleck too much of a hard time, the movie was headed for disaster long before he signed on. Like many of the Superhero movies that have recently surfaced, this film needed more depth and less unorganized commotion.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice had conflicts in the movie that could have been solved or just simply avoided. If Batman and Superman has simply spoken instead of assuming each other as villains, it could have stopped a lot of pain and destruction. In the end, Batman and Superman end up joining forces to battle the real enemy, which unfortunately, leads one of them to their death bed, but as we all know, superheroes never really die.

9 Jennifer's Body


Jennifer's Body was an entertaining film, but not a miraculous one. It was centralized on Megan Fox's good looks, had little plot, and no tone whatsoever.

Jennifer Check and Anita "Needy" Lesnicky decide to attend a concert at a local bar in Devil's Kettle, Minnesota. The two high school students are exited, yet surprised, that a rock band like Low Shoulder would visit such a small town, but their excitement overshadows their curiosity and they go anyways. During the performance, the bar inconspicuously catches fire and burns down. Nikolai Wolf, the band's frontman, seems a little too comfortable with the burning building, and even walks out with a smirk on his face.

Needy and Jennifer escape the bar minutes before it collapses and it is clear to see that Jennifer is quite dazed from the scenario. Once outside, Needy stares in disbelief as the band members take Jennifer, lead her into their van, and then drive off into the night. When Jennifer returns, something has changed, and Needy is horrified to find out that her best friend has turned into a flesh-eating beast.

8 Maleficent 


Maleficent was not the best movie, but it definitely had the ability to confuse you, and creep you out — all at the same time. It is the kind of film that you would hate to watch in the movie theatres, but perhaps enjoy on an airplane.

Tis' the tale of two rival kingdoms who have gone through many wars and aggressions. Maleficent, who is the magical guardian of the Moors, fatally wounds the ruler of the human kingdom, King Henry, in battle. King Henry, who has a daughter named Aurora, promises her hand and the throne to whichever man brings proof of Maleficent's demise.

Maleficent's own lover and friend, Stefan, decides to plot against her with hopes of conquering the castle for himself. Maleficent seeks revenge and ultimately creates a curse that will put the entire kingdom to sleep for ages and ages. However, the curse will only take place when Aurora turns 16 and so Maleficent watches her grow up into a young, innocent and kind girl which she eventually grows found of.

7 Elizabethtown


Elizabethtown is a movie that was so monotonous and uneventful that many people fell asleep in their seats. Still, back in 2005, Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom had enough stamina to make viewers commit to watching this wannabe drama/comedy.

After causing a billion dollar loss for his company, a shoe designer named Drew Baylor decides to commit suicide. Yet at the exact moment of his anticipated suicide, the telephone rings. Still amongst the living, Baylor decides to answer and is surprised to hear his sister's voice, informing him that their father has just passed away. Baylor is then asked to travel to Elizabethtown immediately to gather his father's ashes and bring them back home to his mother. During Baylor's red eye flight, he meets a flight attendant named Claire Colburn, who changes his perspective on life and gets him to reconsider his plan to return home, and continue what he started. 

6 Spider-Man 3


Spider-Man 3 was a movie that most people felt to be unnecessarily long and somewhat boring. Some even believed that the exaggerated amount of villains and subplots could have been spread out into two, shorter and less ambitious movies.

At the very beginning of Spider- Man 3, we are introduced to a happy Peter Parker. Everything in his life seems to be going exceptionally well. His girlfriend MJ Watson and him are in love, the city is proud of their heroic Spider-Man and he is finally, being recognized as a good guy. That is, until everything he has worked for goes up in flames.

One night, an alien entity crashes onto Earth, and finds its way into Spiderman's suit, turning it black in colour, and even enhancing its abilities.  At the same time, Parker's old friend Harry Osborn has decided to seek revenge on him for killing his father. Osborn becomes the New Goblin and schemes to destroy everything Spiderman is and loves. To top it all off, a fugitive is used in a molecular lab experiment and is transformed into the villainous Sandman.

5 Sex And The City 2


Sex And The City 2 was probably the worst movie in the world. Not only was it completely unnecessary, but it was dull and just plain weird. Everything that happened in the first movie got cancelled out, reversed, and used in a shameful way. Not only was it a waste of time, but it was simply a disaster. If this movie proved anything it's that women are never happy.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are each experiencing something called a mid-life crisis. Miranda quits her job, Charlotte believes her husband to be having an affair, Carrie feels as though she and her husband Big are in a rut, and Samantha, as per usual wants more out of life. The four women, find themselves unhappy in their day-to-day routine, despite their glamorous lives and decide to do something out of the ordinary. To change things up a little, the four best friends go on an extravagant action to Abu Dhabi. Uh, refund please.

4 Huntsman: Winter's War


Huntsman: Winter's War is a film that basically shows you why sequels are nothing but pointless cash-ins for movie franchises. This movie had way too much data and left its audience feeling confused and quite frankly frustrated. The best part of this movie is undoubtedly its actors and their costumes, besides that, many viewers were left unsatisfied and angry.

What happens when Freya the Ice Queen brings her sister back to life? Well, nothing good, that's for sure. With the use of dark magic, Freya manages to bring her sister Ravenna back from the grave and the two evil sisters begin to build up their powers and plan-out how they are going to overtake the great Enchanted Forest. While they scheme, the Huntsman and his secret lover receive wind of Ravenna's resurrection, and set out to stop the evil sisters from taking over the Enchanted Forest. Was it worth two hours and $20 per ticket at the theatre?  Nope.

3 Victor Frankenstein


While watching Victor Frankenstein, you will experience many emotions. Mainly they will range from disbelief, horror, and disappointment. In other words, you will want to stand up on your seat and scream, "What were they thinking?" and "Get me outta here."  This movie is the perfect example of a downwards slope which starts at the height of your expectations.

A hunchback clown catches the attention of Dr. Victor Frankenstein when he saves the life of an aerialist named Lorelai. Although the clown appears to be a nincompoop, he is actually an extremely intelligent man named Igor who has an impressive understanding of human anatomy. Dr. Frankenstein decides to take Igor under his wing and even corrects his posture. The pair team up, and take on one of Dr. Frankenstein's experiments, which revolves around reanimating different organs, with hopes of creating a ghastly creature. 

2 The Tourist


The Tourist is proof that even two amazing actors cannot save a movie from turning out to be a disaster. You would think that a movie that includes Angelina Jolie, Johny Depp, beautiful locations and mystery would have a ability to shine, but it did not even emanate an inkling of light. The character's back stories were non-existent and the plot itself seemed to have jumped off a cliff within minutes of the movie's commencement.

When an American tourist named Frank meets the beautiful and inviting Elise on a train, he believes it to be a chance encounter. Unfortunately for Frank, this does not seem to be the case. Sooner, rather than later, Frank realizes that he has just embarked on a mysterious journey. One that includes dodging bullets and running away from unknown dangers with Elise. The pair end up falling in love as they escape death in the romantic streets and canals of Venice. Although an interesting concept, it was not well executed.

1 X-Men: Apocalypse


There is nothing better than finding out that a new X-Men movie is coming out in theatres. Especially since the X-Men movies have always been amazing, interesting, and thorough. Unfortunately, this was not the case for X-Men: Apocalypse. Many people were under the impression that new characters would be introduced and explained, but somehow, these characters were lost in the action and never managed to utter more than a few words.

It all begins when the first-ever and most powerful mutant in the world awakens to find out that mutants are in hiding instead of in rule. He decides to recruit a team of super mutants and cleanse the world of human scum. Although this movie had some funny moments and good acting, it was overrun by action and unexplained stupidity. If Apocalypse is the strongest mutant in the world, he could have wiped out and killed every single one of his foes in a matter of seconds, yet he was defeated instead.

Sources: IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes

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15 Terrible Movies That Made You Ask For A Refund