15 Terrible Movies Made By SNL Stars

'Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!' Since 1975, Saturday Night Live has been a must watch television show. With its late night sketches and variety show format, SNL has produced some of the

'Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!'

Since 1975, Saturday Night Live has been a must watch television show. With its late night sketches and variety show format, SNL has produced some of the best and biggest stars in the world of comedy. As the show built up success, many will argue that the early days were the glory days of the show. With cast members such as Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and Bill Murray SNL took over the TV, and soon it took over the movies.

As the SNL machine picked up momentum over the years, every up and coming comedian wanted to be a part of it. Churning out superstars on a yearly basis SNL gave us the likes of Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, The list is endless.

With such great talent working on the show, it wouldn't be long before those stars made an impact on the big screen. However, for every Blues Brothers, Wayne's World, Ghostbusters and Spinal Tap, there is the flip side. Sometimes these comedy greats loose touch with what's funny and produce any and every idea they have and the only people that suffer is us!

With this list, we look at the 15 worst movies to star a member of the Saturday Night Alumni.

15 MacGruber


The first entry on our list started out like a lot of movies from the cast of SNL, and that's with a sketch. This recurring sketch started out as a parody of MacGyver, with Will Forte taking on the title role. The sketch proved popular with fans so it wasn't long before a movie was penned, and in 2010 we got MacGruber.

The plot of the movie is a take on the tried and tested action plot. MacGruber is called back into action to take down his arch nemesis who has nuclear weapons and wants to destroy the world. Although the movie is entertaining and enjoyable, stretching the original idea into a Movie loses its original charm and a lot of the jokes. If you want to give the film any credit, with a lot of one-liners and innuendoes, we're sure that many college students will be quoting these lines for many years to come.

14 That's My Boy


Two giants of the SNL scene come together in this movie. The thought of Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg working together should be comedy gold. Unfortunately, that's not what we get. Instead what we get is one mediocre movie, and that's putting it mildly!

When a single father becomes estranged from his eighteen-year-old son, they meet up years later to reconcile. Let the hilarity commence. Or at least it should.

Back in their day, both Sandler and Samberg blew new life into the SNL format and pretty much saved it. However, with this collaboration the jokes aren't funny, the plot is pretty much nonexistent and everything that made these two into stars isn't in this movie. Instead of being well written, well acted and witty, it relies on uncomfortable humor in which they think they're pushing back the PC barrier, but it fact it just makes the whole movie lose any credibility. Such a shame for so much potential.

13 The Love Guru


Even the greats of the comedy world have bad ideas and bad days. After several financial and critical franchises and cult classics, such as Wayne's World, Austin Powers and Shrek; Mike Myers was bound to have a bad movie. Unfortunately after The Love Guru, the flops came more than the hits. How could we forget how he destroyed The Cat in the Hat?

But the bad movie that started Myers's slide downwards is definitely The Love Guru. The movie is centered around a man who was born in America but was then sent to India to be raised. As a result, the Guru was brought up to embrace the sexual and sensual side of life. Years later he returns to the US in order to pass on his knowledge in the world of the self-help community.

The premise of the movie is poor and unfortunately, most of the jokes are recycled and overused to the extent that it becomes obvious and boring. We think Myers must have been asleep when he accepted this one!

12 Norbit


It has been a slow fall from grace from the once brilliant Eddie Murphy. Many may argue that Murphy single-handedly saved SNL from a decline. Not only that but Murphy separated himself by being an outstanding stand-up comedian, as well creating some of the best and funniest movies of the 80's. Beverly Hills Cop and Trading Places are classic. However, ask any of the younger generation about Murphy and they'll only know movies like this. Such a shame.

Norbit is about a quiet and well-meaning man who ends up with a very large and loud woman that is also played by Murphy. However, when Norbit's high school love comes back into town, he tries everything he can in order to be with her.

The plot may sound half decent and maybe even watchable, unfortunately, the actual movie isn't. The main premise and source of jokes is that fact that it is also just cruel. Most of the jokes are aimed at fat people and that's all this movie is. Nothing more than one long fat joke.

11 The Ladies Man


The Ladies Man is one of many movies that are based on SNL sketches. Unfortunately, this is no Wayne's World of Blues Brothers. The main reason and flaw in this movie is that it doesn't work over the length of a movie. The sketches are fun but short, whereas a movie needs more depth and development and more character development or at least a 3D and well-rounded character. We get none of that with this movie.

The movie is basically about a young, suave man who gives romantic and sexual advice, usually in the crudest way! After a while, he and his producer get fired and need to find another job. Luckily out of the blue a letter arrives and promises him wealth and luxury for the rest of his life, but as the letter isn't signed he has to track down who it might be from. So why not start with all of his ex-lovers.

There are some glimpses of hope in this movie, mainly from the supporting characters and cameos, such as Billy Dee Williams and Will Ferrell. But aside from that, the movie doesn't have enough material and starts to drag about halfway through.

10 Coneheads


Out of all the sketches from SNL to be made into movies, Coneheads should have been one of the best, if not the best out of all of them. Starting as a sketch back in the late 70's, it tells the tale of an alien race, with amusing shaped heads, who are stranded on Earth. Although it's comical and silly, the jokes and the story are all about family. Which is why the sketches worked, that and it involved one of the original SNL stars Dan Aykroyd.

The movie does bring a lot of the heart and jokes from the original sketch but it lacks so much and falls a little flat. Maybe because it was made such a long time after the original sketch, after all, the movie came out in 1993! Because of that, all the comedy was lost and the movie felt flat and desperate. Even a string of SNL cameos and other comedians such as Adam Sandler, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley and David Spade, to name just a few, couldn't save this movie. It's now long forgotten when it should have been glorious!

9 A Night at the Roxbury


During the early to mid 90's, SNL suffered a decline in popularity and quality, but it did lead to them bringing in some great new talent. One of those up and coming comedians was Will Ferrell. Ferrell burst onto the SNL scene in the mid 90's and captivated audiences with his new brand of humor. In particularly his take on and impressions of public figures like president George W Bush. Ferrell would go on to be the highest paid SNL star during his seven years on the show.

One of his original characters and sketches was that of night clubber Steve Butabi, and the subject for the movie A Night at the Roxbury. The movie follows on from the sketch as dim-witted brothers Steve and Doug Butabi try and fulfill their dream of owning their own dance club. Not only that but they also try everything they can to get into the best club in town. That is until a greedy supermodel tries to work the brothers for their money.

A Night at the Roxbury falls into the same trap that a lot of SNL sketches turned movies fall into. It just doesn't have enough depth or even enough content to last an entire movie.

8 Meet The Parents


Ben Stiller may have had only a fleeting life as an SNL performer/writer, in fact he was only a performer for four episodes. He left because Stiller was more interested in making short films rather than straight up sketches. However, Stiller was still part of the SNL family and therefore can take a place on our list.

There is no denying that Stiller has created and acted in some great movies in the comedy genre. Zoolander, There's Something about Mary, Dodgeball and even the family friendly, Night at the Museum series. However, one of Stiller's biggest films is also one of his worst. Meeting your in-laws for the first time may well be a daunting prospect for some, but in this movie, the parents in question are too eccentric and over the top. The jokes and the premise at best could fill an episode of a sitcom, not a movie. Somehow this movie spawned two sequels. Each one more ridiculous and over the top than the last. The less said about those the better!

7 Superstar


The mid 90's was a difficult time for SNL. With their drop in ratings, show producer Lorne Michaels had a complete overhaul of performers and writers in order to re-ignite a creative spark that it desperately needed. However, one of the stars that he did keep on was Molly Shannon. With her quirky personality, Shannon fit in nicely with the new cast members and helped rejuvenate the show for a new audience.

One of her most popular recurring sketches was that of a socially inept girl Mary Katherine Gallagher. So it wouldn't be long until this character got the movie treatment, and in 1999 that's just what happened. Orphan Gallagher is the 'ugly duckling' of her high school. Gallagher does have a dream and that dream is to be kissed passionately and soulfully. The only way she can think of to achieve this is to become a superstar in her school talent contest.

The movie idea is a good one and it's based on funny sketches. However, in movie form the jokes are flat and the premise isn't really worthy of a full movie. Even Will Ferrell as a cool Jesus couldn't save this movie.

6 Stuart Saves His Family


You'll be forgiven if this movie doesn't ring any bells as it bombed at the box office and went pretty much unnoticed by everyone. It was based on a series of SNL sketches about self-help guru Stuart Smalley and his show 'Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley.' The sketches proved popular that a mock self-help novel was released not long after. With the success of these, a movie was soon to follow, Stuart Saves His Family.

After losing his cable TV show, Smalley not only has to try and get his job back but he also has to put up with and help his troubled family, which includes his alcoholic father, drug-abusing brother and overweight mother. He does it all with his 12 step program and his slightly campy personality.

On the surface, this movie should actually have been better than it was. However, it tries too hard with the family issues and the jokes are all lost because of it. It's no wonder that no one saw this when it was released.

5 Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo/ European Gigolo


Rob Schneider has had a bit of rollercoaster when it comes to the movies. His movies and comedy style are either a hit or a big, big miss. Coming through the ranks at SNL and performing with the likes of Adam Sandler, he formed a friendship that would last for years as Schneider has a cameo in pretty much every Sandler movie. Schneider would soon attempt to make a career in his own right and it wouldn't be long until he left SNL for the movies.

Schneider's biggest chance to be a star is probably Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. When a down on his luck aquarium cleaner takes at job at a male prostitute's house, he destroys the house and needs money to repair it. The only way to do that is to become a prostitute himself.

The movie sounds like a fun romp but it really isn't. The jokes are predictable and old and the whole movie is dumbed down to such a level that small children would roll their eyes at it. What's worse is that somehow this movie spawned a sequel Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. We really don't know how they stretched one joke into two movies.

4 The Adventures of Pluto Nash

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This is the second entry on our list for the once great Eddie Murphy. If we're honest, most of Murphy's movies from the last decade could be on this list. In fact, Murphy could have a complete list of bad movies all to himself!

Out of all of them, we settled for The Adventures of Pluto Nash. In the near future, Mankind has established a colony on the Moon, which has turned into major cities. Human cloning and body modification has become legal and common, to the delight of bodyguards and henchmen. So in steps Murphy's character Pluto. He's fresh from prison and buys a nightclub and it's successful until it's blown up. Pluto must then try to find out who is responsible for it.

As you may expect with the plot line, the movie bombed really hard. In fact, the movie cost over $100 million and only made back $7 million. The critics attacked this movie for its poor script, special effects and the lack of humor. Out of all of Murphy's movies, this may very well be the worst.

3 Little Nicky

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Adam Sandler had a great start to the 90's. After becoming one of the main writers and performers on SNL, Sandler soon burst onto the movie scene. With box office smashes such as Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer, Sandler was becoming a comedy legend. However, as with similar comics, not every idea and movie is a winner and we think that this 'hit and miss' downfall started with Little Nicky.

Little Nicky is one of the Devils three sons who is used to living the life in Hell, but Nicky soon finds himself here on Earth in the mortal realm. To complicate matters, while on Earth his two brothers also escape Hell and wreak havoc on Earth. With his father losing his powers, it's up to Nicky to stop his brothers and save both Hell and Earth.

Despite the large and impressive supporting cast, such as Harvey Keitel, Rhys Ifans and Patricia Arquette, as well as a host of cameos, the movie just isn't funny. Sandler's portrayal of the Devil's son is cringing and difficult to watch sometimes. A big miss from Sandler

2 It's Pat


Here is another movie that takes a short sketch idea and stretches it into a movie. It's Pat tells the story of an obnoxious busy-body who has no direction or goals in life until she meets a guy who she falls in love with. While this is going on, Pat's neighbor develops an unhealthy and creepy obsession with Pat. The only other thing is that Pat's gender, and therefore sexuality, are ambiguous and her gender is never really revealed. That's the one and only joke really.

The androgynous gender gag works well on a short sketch, however, it starts to wear a little thin when that joke is stretched over a movie. Unfortunately, this isn't the only thing wrong with this movie. The script and the acting is poor, and even the production makes this look like more of a bad 'made for TV movie' rather than a big studio film.

The other surprising thing about this movie is that both The Farrelly brothers and Quentin Tarantino helped with the script. However, neither of them put their official names on the project. Who can blame them!

1 Blues Brothers 2000


Number one on our list has to be, not only the worst movie to come from an SNL star, but also one of the worst movies to come out at all! The original Blues Brothers movie came out after the success of the sketch by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi on SNL. The original movie had style, comedy, and a great soundtrack and it launched the careers of Aykroyd and Belushi into comedy superstars. It was a fantastic movie as far as we are concerned.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of cult classics, years later they decided to make a sequel. Not only had twenty years passed since the original, but also Belushi had sadly passed away. The original had many qualities, but the heart of the movie was about Jake and Elwood Blues. After all, it's the Blues Brothers.

John Goodman steps into Belushi's shoes in this sequel, although he tries his best, it's just not the same. The soundtrack is decent but that's the only good thing to say about this movie. Someone should have stopped this from happening.

We'll stick with the original thank you!;

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15 Terrible Movies Made By SNL Stars