15 Teen Stars With The Hottest Bikini Bodies

Celebrities with hot bodies are always wanted, but when they show up in a tight and sexy bikini, that is a whole new story. People nowadays are hungry for their favorite celebrities showing a little bit more flesh than before. Woman wearing bikinis were always a young boy’s dream, but when you have a famous face behind it, it’s much more magnetic.

These young celeb women want to put their best attributes out there, and they indeed have something to show. Body curves, flat stomach, petite stature and familiar face when put together in one picture make your jaw drop. It’s no wonder these were the most shared and wanted pictures in the celeb world. A lot of fans love to see their favorite celebrities on the beach, relaxing, tanning and putting their A-game right where we can see it. The fun fact is that sometimes seeing the celebrities in a bikini motivates us to hit the gym right away.

Celebs wearing bikinis were especially attractive to the media, who are always searching for the most beautiful and smoking bikini look. And we can also find a good shopping inspiration in their bikini looks. Some of them made an effort, searched for the right spot for the photo-shoot, the good light and so on, but the fact is that these pictures were always the thing that sold the papers. Here we present you with our list of teen stars that have the hottest bikini bodies. Try not to sweat too much during the reading ‘cause it will be sauna hot.

15 Emma Roberts


Who wouldn’t go crazy over Emma Roberts’ attractive smile? But when you see a little bit more than just her face, that’s when the real falling in love begins. As an actress and a singer she is present in the media, but when she is on vacation, the paparazzi simply won’t let her rest. She looks amazing lying in the sun in a small cute bikini that covers just enough to keep your imagination going. Her star lighting photos are shared, wanted and even posted on the walls of young boys. She is an American Horror Story star, but when you see her in the bikini, you are not going to be afraid anymore.

14 Ariana Grande

This music star has a body to kill for. She conquered the audience with her amazing voice, but now she is all grown up and we have something more to see when it comes to Ariana. From a smiling cutie to a real sex bomb, Ariana Grande has evolved to a whole new audience. She is often present in media, but we recently had the privilege to see her in several hot bikini outfits that can take your breath away. The young diva will charm you each time she sings, but she has something besides her voice to show. In Grande's short career, she received several awards, and we could easily give her one for being one of the hottest bikini models on the stage.

13 Kate Upton

Another Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue queen on this list is Kate Upton. She is a cover girl, and when you see her in a bikini, you wish that is the only thing she’ll ever wear. This blonde bombshell has a lot of bikini photos, and it was so hard to pick the best one. She looks smoking hot in each shot, and she can rock any model you can imagine. Upton is taking our breath away since she first began working as a model. Courage, body confidence, and incredible charisma describe this young cutie that is leaving us with our jaws dropped with every new picture posted.

12 Sarah Hyland


Remember the little Hailey Dunphy from the sit-com Modern Family? Well, guess what, she is not so small anymore. This attractive actress quickly got all the attention from the masses. Sarah is gorgeous and talented, but she is often in the center of the attention because of her sexy looks. When she tries on a bikini you can see why she is one of the most appreciated TV stars today. The unique thing about this actress is that she can pull off being cute and shy and at the same time ultra-hot. Sofia Vergara was holding the throne in this category, but it seems it’s time for the younger colleague to take the title. Sarah Hyland is certainly ready for it.

11 Nina Dobrev

Nina is one of the rare celebrities who can pull off a bikini like it’s the most glamorous outfit ever. This actress knows how to attract all eyes on the beach. She has a perfect figure, and every bikini looks like it is made just for her curves. There are numerous pictures of this hot actress soaking the sun on some beach and giving the audience what they want the most, bare skin. If you check out her Instagram profile, you will see that she is very much aware of her magnetic body. Only jealous people can say that Nina Dobrev is not one of the most perfect bikini models in the Hollywood.

10 Taylor Swift


She can wear a new super tiny bikini and at the same time look like a glam queen (and a retro vintage one). This singer is famous for her slim figurine and feminine curves. Taylor and her smoking hot boy Calvin Harris, have a lot of beach time photos on Instagram. These are the most liked and shared pics on the web, it it's no wonder why. Taylor has one of the most followed Instagram profiles in the world and it's getting bigger every day. She makes it steamy and hot with every new bikini shot she posts.

9 Miley Cyrus


Provocative pop star Miley Cyrus is always under the spotlight wherever she is. But when you see her on the beach you can’t deny that she is taking the breath out of every guy there. You may find it normal for Miley to post provocative selfies on social networks but when you see her on the beach just remember that men with their tongues sticking out are not far behind. She has an amazing physique and she’s more than willing to make you love it. Her confidence is obvious, and that's why she can pull off any bikini you imagine. Smoking hot body, a bit odd personality and a sex appeal you can’t resist made her one of the most liked bikini queens.

8 Ashley Benson

We have one more Pretty Little Liar on this list. Ashley Benson likes to have her pool time, and she has the courage of flashing a little bit more flesh. When she wore this tiny blue bikini, she was soaking the sun in Mexico and all the looks. Toned curves, beautiful face and incredible charisma made this young actress one of the most wanted in Hollywood. When she reveals her impressive cleavage in this bikini, she becomes everyone’s dream girl. Ashley is quite the bombshell with her lovely blond hair, tight body shape and style.

7 Shay Mitchell


We all know pretty Emily from Pretty Little Liars, she made our eyes pop every time she was on the screen. When Shay Mitchell is on a vacation, all lights are on her spicy body. Shay is a fan of exotic trips and on those trips she just loves showing some skin. As all the celebs nowadays, Shay likes keeping the memories on her social network profiles. Instagram profile of this cutie is on fire every time she posts a bikini outfit that goes viral right away. No wonder girls all around the globe admire this brunette’s body shape. She is a big gym fan and when she is in a bikini the results are clearly visible. This Canadian actress also has the perfect olive skin and we can’t wait for her to try out some new bikini models this summer.

6 Kendall Jenner

Look who’s all grown up. One of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner family members became a real beauty. This 19-year-old model has an incredible body and guess what, she is not afraid to show it anymore. Her bikini fashion looks are one of the most wanted on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. All natural curves, sexy attitude and innocent smile made this reality star become one of the hottest bikini queens worldwide. She can pull off any type of bikini: classical, vintage, floral, etc. Her body is just made for being on the beach and running the top quality pieces.

5 Gigi Hadid


Gigi is a blond fashion model and is one of the most sensual TV personalities nowadays. Swimsuits are not something unfamiliar to Gigi. In the Sports Illustrated Annual Issue two years ago she was a part of one of the 12 rookies. And man, did she rock those bikinis. Her pics were the most shared on the net and among famous magazines. TV loves her face and the media adores her curved body. She looks charming in every bikini and her catchy face will make you fall in love immediately. Gigi’s bikini body is the one we all dream of, and she has lately become a serious girl crush.

4 Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato is also one of the girls that have grown up too fast. She is doing her best on the radio, but you will agree she is doing just fine on the beach, as well. Demi is killing that black bikini and she is no longer afraid to show some more skin. She also hosted a pool party last summer to celebrate her new single Cool for the Summer, and as you might expect she was the center of attention, but not because of the single, but because of her small bikini top. After years of battling with body issues she is finally showing much more, and we are all pretty happy with what we see.

3 Selena Gomez


Remember the cute Disney girl from Mexico? She’s not a little girl anymore, and we have a photo to prove it. She is ultra-sexy now, and she knows it. We all forgot the sweet little girl and innocent smiley pictures because now there is a full grown woman in front us. And she is sexy as hell. You can now see a lot of paparazzi photos of this cutie wearing all sorts of bikinis. Selena’s Instagram has a lot of photos that prove that her sex appeal is getting impossible to hide and that she is now one of the sexiest girls on the beach.

2 Emily Ratajkowski


Emily Ratajkowski is one of the hottest females in all of Hollywood at the moment with her smoking hot body curves. She kills all the bikini looks (as you can imagine) better than anyone before. This 24-year-old’s bikini pictures on Instagram are on fire. Wearing even the most common bikini she can make it look Hollywood-like. Her sex appeal is unbelievably strong for all of the social network addicts. Also, there is no make-up needed for this beauty to be perfect. Emilie’s selfies are one of the most liked on every social network today.

1 Kylie Jenner

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15 Teen Stars With The Hottest Bikini Bodies