15 Surprising Miley Cyrus Facts You Should Know By Now

Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana? Yeah, you know exactly who I am talking about - the Disney Channel star that never fails to make someone sing along with her as soon as the show starts. It all started on the Disney Channel, when she became a star on her own hit TV show Hannah Montana. It was one of the most-watched shows during the time that it was airing, and I bet you, people still watch re-runs just so they can sing along to her famous theme song.

Ever since then, Miley has become a star in Hollywood movies, and she has also become very popular as her songs have hit the top 10 charts multiple times.

She definitely has transformed as a person and has shown her true self to the world. Who would have thought that the Miley that we see today would have been the Miley we saw seven or eight years ago? Of course, like all people, there are things you may not know about them. Miley is one of those people.

Here are the 15 things you didn't know about the one and only, Miley Cyrus.


15 Marriage Equality Supporter

Marriage equality has been a major issue in the past couple of years. Many people have started showing their true selves and believe that they deserve to be whoever they want to be. Of course, these laws undermine the beliefs that some people have and this is not fair. This isn't what America should be, but that is just my personal opinion. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, believes the same. She supports the rights of gay marriage and stands up for her beliefs. She received a lot of backlash over her statement she had posted on Twitter. It read, "there is no other judge but god" and that she "believes in love." She stood up for her statement and didn't back down. She states that she never regrets anything she says and stands behind her own personal opinions. This shows the strength that a young women like herself has.

14 Involved In Her Father's Music Career


Miley is a huge superstar, and wether you may or may not like her songs, they are definitely worldwide hits that many people lined up to get. She has a rich genetic background from her father, a very famous country singer that was huge back in the day. He was the main source for her success as a singer. He wrote many of her songs, as well. When she was little, she would be involved in his music career as well. Her father told her to clean up the stage and she would do it because she loved her father, wanting to have the same life. Now, she has people doing that for her. He has definitely been one of her role models and continues to be one today.

13 No Formal Education

Many people wish for a formal education where they have the ability to learn things they never knew before. It is the key foundation for what is to come in their lives. A formal education is a key to success in every person's life, especially depending on how serious they take it. Miley, on the other hand, never got this education that she may or may not have wanted. Instead, she relied on personal tutors but that can only get you so far. This is what might just be a normal life for any Hollywood superstar in the making. We never know if they really want to go through the process that every ordinary citizen wants to or does go through. But, she definitely gained success in many other ways, without the need of a formal education. She definitely had a foundation of money from her own father, which is a big plus. She achieved it herself to and that is good for her.

12 Five Siblings


Miley isn't the only one of the Cyrus family that has tried following her father's footsteps. Before Billy Ray married Tish Cyrus, Tish had two kids, Trace and Brandi from a previous relationship. So far, that is two kids. On Billy Ray's side, he had a son before the relationship - his name was Christopher Cody. Then, when they got married in 1993, they had Miley, one of the major stars of the family. Afterwards, they had two more kids, which makes six children. This gave Miley five siblings, all whom she loved and spent time with. They all gave their own efforts to become a star like their father. Miley was very successful at her part in the family. Just think about the Cyrus' residence during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Wow, that must be fun, considering the whole house is full. During Christmas, think about all of the presents. It must cost a fortune!

11 Richer Than Her Dad


Her fame started when she began acting for Hannah Montana and a couple movies that she had starred in. She is also huge in the songwriting business, where she had numerous hits as a singer-songwriter. She does have her father's genes. Her dad, just like herself, was a huge singer-songwriter and he was very famous. You could argue he was more famous than her. This popularity level isn't the same when it comes to who makes more bread. She is, in fact, richer than her own father. She has definitely been involved in more things than her father, especially when it comes to her acting career. Her father, alike, was very lucky because in his time, country was very popular and he was definitely considered one of the best. The Cyrus name is definitely written in the history books.

10 Naturally Left-Handed


When you read this, you were probably thinking, "who cares if she is left-handed." Well, it is deeper than you would think. Well, from the title, she is left-handed. As a young girl, her father made her write with her right hand so she wouldn't "learn the world backwards." Because of this, she has been writing with her right-hand her whole life and blames her father for the bad handwriting she has. Maybe if she had learned to write with her dominant hand, her penmanship wouldn't be lacking. It is very interesting to see that her father made her write right-handed her whole life. Many of the things in life might have been different if it wasn't for her dad. She probably would've like to write with her dominant hand.

9 Terrified of Needles

FEAR. Fear is the one thing that everybody has and of course, they can all be different. Everybody has their own kind of fear, though. People could be scared of other bugs, movies, types of animals, for example. It honestly could be anything. Well, just like all people, Miley, too, has a fear. She is absolutely terrified of needles. It doesn't make too much sense considering her obsession are tattoos. Literally, needles are the one necessary item needed for tattoos. For her, it is a phobia and she hates being near them. I wonder what she acts like when she is getting a tattoo because if she is scared of needles, I don't know how she does it. She does, indeed, have a lot of tattoos.


8 Lots Of Tattoos


Tattoos are some people's way of life. Tattoos are used to literally draw on your own body and make it yours. They can be used to show your interest in something, or for something personal. Miley Cyrus has a lot of these things called tattoos. She had 14, to be exact in 2011 and has been adding to her collection. She got her first tattoo at the age of 17, the age of a teenager. The teenage years are the years that things like these begin and she has stuck with it, keeping on adding to her collection. She has many personal tattoos and tattoos for her own personal interest. Her first tattoo that she got at the age of 17 wrote, "Just Breathe." She has many phrases on her body but she also has drawings of three fingers and a dreamcatcher. Tattoos really do seem to be her thing.

7 Dolly Parton Is Her Godmother

Miley is a celebrity within herself and she is definitely showing it to the world. She does, however, have celebrity blood in her veins. Her dad is very big in the country genre, although he has died down in recent years. In the past, he was huge and Miley was just a little girl. He even acted in Hannah Montana with her as her actually father. Other than her father, she also has a relation to Dolly Parton. Dolly is her godmother. Dolly is known to be the most honored female country performer of all time. Unlike her father, she is still out on the stage, giving her fans all that she has got. She is 70 years old and she is still going strong. Miley used to sing a lot of country just like her family members but has recently switched over to the pop genre.

6 Born With A Heart Condition


Miley Cyrus is living her life the way she wants to, with no problems at all. Ever since Hannah Montana, her life has been great. Of course, all actors, singers, and other celebrities do hide their own secrets, whether it is personal or not. From a very young age, she was diagnosed with tachycardia, a heart disease which affects the heart at its resting rate. When the heart is resting, it exceeds the normal rage. It is not very dangerous but can be annoying. Whether it is Hannah Montana or singing on the stage for her fans, she is always thinking about her heart deep down. When you think heart conditions, you think of something very severe and life-threatening, but, for Miley, this isn't the case. When we see her twerking on stage, or going crazy, it doesn't seem to be affecting her too much. We all just hope nothing serious happens.

5 Almost Didn't Get The Job

Hannah Montana is one of the greatest and most popular shows the Disney Channel has ever produced. I, myself, even sing the main theme song every time the show comes on. When I was young, I would be forced to watch it on Disney Channel because it was always on and soon enough, I enjoyed it and it still is a fond memory today - not just for me, but for many Disney Channel fanatics. Miley sent in an audition tape for the show at the age of 11. Unfortunately, the producers believed that she looked too young for the role. It was very contradicting but fortunately, the producers changed their minds and took her on as Miley Cyrus on the show. They even changed the name of the main character from Chloe to Miley - just for her.

4 She Used To Be A YouTube Star


Miley Cyrus, just like many teenagers, did things that teenagers would do. Many people that I personally know, even myself, have tried this YouTube thing; making videos by showcasing your hobby and making money. You look at all of the successful YouTube channels, and it just begs you to have as many subscribers and views that one person does. You give it a shot and when you realize that it is just too hard, you give up. Well, Miley Cyrus went through that same phase. Her and her friend started a show called The Miley and Mandy Show. It was a goofy show where they just messed around with her dad's guitars and things like that. After about 30 videos, they retired the show and she went on with her life.

3 Best Friends With Kelly Osbourne

Almost every person has a best friend. A best friend is someone they can talk to in a time of need. This person is a person that never fails to make them laugh. This connection between two people is very special and every person deserves to have one. Miley, too, is one of these people. Miley, indeed, has a best friend, too. Her name is Kelly Osbourne. Kelly is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. These two are very famous. One thing you might know Ozzy from is his famous song, "Crazy Train." Yeah, well, they are best friends. She is a person that Miley looks up to.

2 She Has A Pet Pig


Pets bring joy to so many people’s lives, whether it be a dog, cat, bird or anything you can imagine. For Miley, in this case, she decided to share her love with a pet pig. It his very exotic compared to the very original idea of having a cat or a dog as a pet. For many, a dog is a man’s best friend. For Miley, a pig is a Miley’s best friend. She enjoys having a pig for the same reasons that many enjoy having a dog. The pig’s name is Bubba Sue. She loves it so very much that she painted it’s nails a bright red, which hit the internet and became huge. The love she has for a pig is unimaginable.

1 Her Real Name Isn't Miley

When you see Miley Cyrus, you either see her as herself now, or the teenage girl that played in Hannah Montana, where she basically lived in two worlds. In other words, if you're a real fanatic you would know that her real name is actually Destiny Hope Cyrus. As a young girl, she was always very happy and smiling. People called her "Smiley," and sooner or later, it was shortened to Miley. We know her as Miley because in 2008, she got it legally changed from Destiny to Miley. The only person to this day that calls her Destiny is her grandmother. I guess she was very happy back then, and you could say she is now. She is simply lovin' life.

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