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15 Superheroes Who Were Consumed By Vengeance

15 Superheroes Who Were Consumed By Vengeance


Revenge is sweet. That is what they say. They also say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Actually, when you think about it, a lot is said about revenge. It is one of the best literary devices of all time.  At some point along the way your protagonist, or hero as it were, has something awful done to him by a villain. Then he becomes consumed with thoughts of revenge, and can’t rest until he gets his back- that is, until he hurts the guy that hurt him, only even worse.

Well, that is what a normal guy does anyway. But a superhero? They are supposed to be above those things, right? They want to catch the bad guy because he is hurting society, or maybe the villain has hurt the superhero personally, but still, once he gets caught, it isn’t like the superhero is going to actually try to ruin his life or do horrible things to him, right? Right?

Well maybe the old breed of superhero would not have, but the new superhero is a little more human, and by human I mean able to do some really horrible things to other humans. Sure, all the bad guys on this list had it coming, there is no doubt about that, but still, did the superheroes have to get into it this much? Talk about overkill…sometimes literally.

But hey, some superheroes really, really want to mess with the bad guy, and here are some of them who have entertained us doing just that. Here are 15 superheroes that were out for revenge. It just might make you reconsider that life of crime you were planning on.

15. Hit Girl And The Genovese Crime Family


Hit-Girl comes by revenge naturally. In fact, her father was also a vigilante; he became one to avenge his wife’s death at the hands of a bunch of criminals. Not only that, but he was the one who trained her to be a vigilante killer as well. He obviously could have been a better trainer, though, as he was killed by the same bunch of criminals he was chasing after. Which of course made Hit-Girl, wait for it…out for revenge. But I bet you already guessed that.  She starts living with her mom and her stepfather, but at night she does the whole vigilante thing, She eventually wipes out the entire crime family that laid waste to her family, culminating with her shooting the leader in the head while he was in prison.  Hit-Girl may be the youngest on this list, but that does not mean you should get on the wrong side of her.

14. Deadpool And Ajax


There is all sorts of bad blood between these two. It would take much more space than I have here to explain why they were constantly after each other. In fact it not only would take a lot of space but if you don’t know the story it would be confusing too; trust me – comic storylines can get that way. But it is safe to say there was no love lost between these two. Ajax had tortured Deadpool and some others in the past, but Deadpool had done some things that Ajax wanted revenge for as well. That is the thing though about revenge; when two people want it against each other, usually only one person actually gets it. In this case it was Deadpool that got the best of it, so much so that he snapped the neck of Ajax, all while surrounded by the ghosts of his victims. Creepy.

13. Harley Quinn And The Joker,h_982,w_1600/t_mp_quality/suicide-squad-profiles-harley-quinn-the-joker-a-poisonous-relationship-e985b757-e0eb-41b9-8006-b594c6090a00-jpeg-242255.jpg


So if you did not know, Harley Quinn used to be The Joker’s psychiatrist. Yes, really. There’s a match made in heaven right there. Of course he ended up messing with her mind, and basically brainwashing her, until she fell in love with him. The whole thing was kind of an abusive relationship for the comics crowd. For a long time she was just his minion, but over time she has started to show signs of being her own person. She finally got to a place where he has lost all his hold on her. The Joker is imprisoned next to her new boyfriend Mason. She breaks in, frees Mason, and then goes into the Joker’s cell and beats him down- brutally. It could not have happened to a nicer guy, and Harley got her revenge.  Well, she really just got a tiny bit of revenge for all he did but we guess it’s a start.

12. The Punisher And Everyone


The Punisher pretty much wants revenge against everyone. I mean hey, they obviously call him the Punisher for a reason, right?  He used to be a marine, but ended up leaving the service for family reasons. Basically he didn’t want his wife and the children that he loved so much to lose him. Which you know is kind of ironic since his wife and kids were later murdered in front of him by the mob. He tried to get justice through the court system, but that did not work, so he did what any reasonable person would do. He became a vigilante, hunting down and slaughtering not only the people that killed his family, but people that do wrong in general. So, if you are thinking of doing something bad, don’t. Because this dude means business. And he will punish you.

11. Marv And Kevin


For those of you that did not know, Marv is a character in Sin City, which is a rather violent comic that is inspired by film noir. One day Marv wakes up next to this really hot chick, which would be cool except for the fact that she is dead. I always hate when that happens to me. Of course, he is framed for her murder, which of course makes him want revenge. And he gets it.  He goes on a bit of a killing spree, trying to find who set him up and who murdered the girl. It turns out it is a guy named Kevin (I know, not the best villain name ever) who not only killed the girl, but is also a serial killer. Marv does not like either of those facts and ends up cutting off Kevin’s legs, and lets him be eaten by his own pet wolves. Uhhh, Marv, you kind of took this one a bit too far, don’t you think?

10. Daredevil And Bullseye


Elektra used to be Daredevil’s lover, but through a series of events became his enemy. Despite all of this, Daredevil still loves her. We can all relate to that, right? Well, at least those of us with lots of problems can. But I digress. Elektra got into this whole world in the first place because she was seeking revenge for her father’s death, as he was killed by terrorists. Bullseye eventually winds up killing Elektra, which angers Daredevil to no end. The fact that Elektra died in Daredevil’s arms makes it even more painful. So Daredevil goes on a quest for…you guessed it…revenge. Daredevil tracks Bullseye down, and they get involved in an epic fight. The result of which leaves Bullseye paralyzed. Revenge grade: B+.

9. The Flash And Zoom


You would think two guys with names like The Flash and Zoom would have gotten along really well, but sadly, that was not the case. The reasons that they did not like each other are so convoluted that it would be almost impossible for me to explain them in such a short space, but let’s just say that The Flash made Zoom really mad, which then made Zoom seek revenge against The Flash. Part of this revenge was Zoom trying to kill a woman that the Flash was very tight with. So when the Flash caught him he was somehow able to put him in a coma-like state, where he was forced to watch the worst moment of his life over and over again. I know, it makes almost no sense at all, but hey revenge rarely does. Kids, stay in school.

8. Sabretooth And Wolverine


These two just never stop, year after year it just goes on and on and on. It all started in Canada, of all places, when the two battled and in theory Sabretooth attacked Wolverine and raped and killed his girlfriend, Silverfox, although it turned out she was still alive. So, I wasn’t sure who to say was trying to get revenge against whom here, because it’s Wolverine that swore revenge against Sabretooth, but it’s Sabretooth that is working so hard to get revenge against Wolverine. How hard is he working to get revenge? Well, every year he finds Wolverine on his birthday and attacks him. What a drag that must be. I know one thing; if I were friends with Wolverine, I definitely  would not be taking him out to Chili’s for a couple of drinks on his birthday.

7. Batman And The Joker


We all know Batman and the Joker; these two are probably the most famous hero and villain duo in the history of comics, and maybe in the history of cinema. I may be stretching there a bit, but not by a whole lot. When Batman was with the second Robin, Jason Todd, they once again were after the Joker. But this time things got kind of dark. The Joker murdered Jason and his mother by blowing them up and beating him with a crowbar. Uhhh, not cool Joker. This of course drives Batman to near insanity and fills him with immense thoughts of revenge. He swears that he will get that revenge, and that he will finish The Joker off for good. Well, guess what, he does not do so, which makes him even more wound up about the whole thing.

6. Wesley Gibson And The Fraternity


Wesley was just some dude with a job he didn’t like when he found out that he is a world-class assassin with superpowers and joins The Fraternity. Why don’t things like this happen to you and me? The first thing he does when he begins training is get back at everyone who ever did him wrong. Good job…I guess. First, he yells at all the people he works with before he quits, then he threatens his cheating girlfriend, then he kills his best friend (who was the one his girlfriend was cheating with). Then to top it all off he stabs the man in the head who had trained him. Ummm, hey Wesley, calm down maybe? And this is just the original comic book version of his vengeance. The movie version is way worse. Or better, depending upon how much you like vengeance.

5. V For Vendetta And The Government


V for Vendatta is all about revenge. Of course, it also is about political upheaval against a fascist regime, but when it comes right down to it, revenge is what it is about. The fascist government imprisoned and tortured the hero, as it did to many of his family and friends, or should I say “comrades.” Regardless, this ensured that V would keep fighting against them- in part because he was a true freedom fighter for the resistance, and in part because he really, really wanted to get the government back after all they had done to him.  This character spurned the Guy Fawkes mask that we see so often these days as a symbol of folks that are doing things that are underground and against authority. It all started with revenge.

4. The Flash And Inertia


Hey, remember that super villain Inertia? Yeah, me neither. In fact, I don’t think anyone would remember him except for the fact that The Flash messed him up so badly. How did he mess him up? Glad you asked. Well, Inertia was a kid that came from the future with some sort of plan to take away The Flash’s super powers. While he was trying to do that the Flash’s grandson was killed. Now this obviously made The Flash angry. Like, really angry, actually. He turned Inertia into a statue and left him in a museum. Inertia is still conscious and sees and thinks in real time, but his body is stuck. So basically he just sits in a museum all day and can’t move. Not a good time. But hey, he did mess with someone in the Flash’s family, so it’s game on.

3. Professor X And Magneto


Professor X formed the X-men for a very specific reason: to bring men and mutants together and to all sing happy songs around the fireplace. On the other hand Magneto was a bit of a racist towards humans. So Professor X rewrote Magneto’s brain and turned him into a social worker who helps humans. I suppose this does not sound so bad, in the grand scheme of things, but it is. I mean, he not only took his free will but he also has him doing the one thing that he would want to do least. Oh, and Professor X checks in with him from time to time, just to make sure all is going well, and also to laugh at him. I suppose when it comes to revenge it is not the worst thing ever, but still not cool, Professor X.

2. Batman And Joe Chill


So you should know that Batman is Bruce Wayne. If you don’t, then why are you reading this in the first place? Go do something else. Anyway, Bruce Wayne got into fighting crime in the first place because his parents were murdered by a thug named Joe Chill. When Batman finally finds him he mentally tortures him over and over for weeks on end. He keeps showing up at his house and threatening him, then he leaves, and things like that.  Batman finally breaks in, and puts a gun to Joe’s head and clues him on to who he is, and why he is torturing him – then he leaves. I could put in a lot more detail here, but you get the picture. Joe Chill blows his own head off.  Kind of brutal Batman, but hey, he did kill your parents, so you get a pass.

1. Spider-Man And Sandman


We all know Spider-Man, obviously. He is one of the most famous superheroes of all time. Most of us don’t know Sandman. If you do think of Sandman, you think of the old-time villain that was able to put people to sleep. Well this Sandman is different. He is a guy made out of sand. Hence the name. Get it? This guy was not all that tough. In fact Spider-Man used to catch him quite often by vacuuming him up, and how tough can you be if you can be stopped by a vacuum? Eventually Spider-Man figured out that all of Sandman’s consciousness is living in one grain of sand. Spiderman figured out how to isolate it, put it in a web and locked it away forever. So to sum it up: Sandman can never die and is in permanent isolation until the end of time. Not cool Spider-Man. Not cool at all.

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