15 Steamy Photos of Coco Austin You NEED To See

Nicole “Coco” Austin was born in 1979 in California. She’s best known for her modelling, her raunchy outfits, her marriage to Ice-T, and her absolutely stunning body. She’s done TV, modelling, acting, writing, and has been quite the internet sensation. Coco has been modelling since she was 18 years old, starting with swimwear and underwear. She also did fitness competitions and TV shows and fitness workout videos. This gorgeous lady has DD boobs and she knows how to show them off!

Coco has her own website with tons of smoking hot pictures, a store filled with sexy clothing, sex toys, and even more photos. She’s been in Playboy (in the celebrity edition) and has had a very successful career modelling for magazines, calendars, and other publications. Her and Ice-T had a reality TV show for three seasons on E! called Ice Loves Coco and even wrote a “romantic sexy thriller novel about a paranormal woman that shapeshifts to solve crimes” called Angel.

Coco Austin recently had a baby with her hubby, Ice-T, named Chanel. Although she just recently had a child, her body is still absolutely rocking. Between the crazy outfits and very daring dresses, Coco is always keeping us wondering how she will show up next. To celebrate this fine body, we’ve collected 15 steamy pictures that show off how amazingly beautiful Coco really is. Check it out:

15 See Through Sizzler


What can be said about this stunning outfit but “Wow!” Coco Austin looks absolutely amazing in this outfit, with her amazing hourglass figure, exaggerated by the dress. The stunner is wearing nearly nothing under the very holey dress, leaving very little to the imagination. Her glittering jewelry and stunningly pink lips are the perfect accessories to her barely-there look. The see-through dress is absolutely form fitting and shows off her every curve. This pretty lady is an advocate for women being able to express themselves with their bodies and sexuality, and this dress makes quite the statement.

14 Wicked in White


We love Coco Austin’s kissable pink lips! What a stunning outfit this is, strapless, shapley and absolutely skin tight. It shows off not only her tiny waist and her rock hard abs and legs, but also her amazing backside and even more amazing double Ds. Coco always knows her best angle; this picture is just stunning from top to bottom. She’s wearing her signature glitter and glitz, showing off her style with some extraordinary pieces of jewelry and pretty-in-pink eye makeup. We’re digging her sultry bedroom eyes in this picture! Coco Austin, please wear white every day of the year!

13 Marilyn Monroe


In 2010, Coco Austin dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for a photoshoot. The blonde beauty curled her blonde hair and donned the signature white dress of Monroe’s. Her sensual curves added something amazing to this outfit, filling out the dress like no one else in the world can. Her signature pink lips are a little redder in this pic, but she still hasn’t traded in her diamonds (they are a girl’s best friend after all!) She is rocking the beauty mark on her very sensual mouth and looks absolutely sexy. It’s hard to believe how sexy and green her beautiful eyes are!

12 Dripping Wet


There is little in the world hotter than Coco Austin in a see through, skin-tight dress, but one of those things is Coco Austin dripping wet on the beach! This sexy lady is donning a leopard spotted bikini that shows off every single one of her perfect curves, and her pose is unbelievably sexy. Her hair is wet and pulled back and her sunglasses complete the stunning look. We love her perfect pink lips and the sexy hoop earrings that show Coco knows how to looks great in any environment. If she’s wearing that swimsuit, we’d love to go swimming with her too!

11 Rainbows of Color


Coco Austin wore this sexy number to a keg tapping at Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas in 2013. The sexy blonde bombshell was rocking this dizzying dress as she drank beers her hubby, Ice-T. This amazing dress looked like she was poured into it, and the rainbow of colors matches with her glittering diamonds and pretty pink makeup. The super-tight, very short dress of whites, blue, oranges, and yellows wraps around her perfect body like a glove, and is short enough to show off her amazing legs. We are digging the waist length blonde hair on this amazingly sexy lady!

10 Kitty Cat Scratch


Coco Austin looks like a dream. Her wet hair is slicked back and she looks so posh. We are digging this outfit as she prepares for a ride somewhere across the city. That booty is so perfect, and her body is so firm and shapely! We love seeing Coco Austin in her bikini at the beach, but this proves she can dress down and take it easy, too!

9 Dog Walker


Coco Austin is a very proud doggy mama, and her lovely pups get to go for long walks with their devoted owners. This is Coco at her very best, and she looks amazing and sexy! The drop dead gorgeous lady is one of Hollywood's hottest vixens. Her pink pants look like they were painted on. She has her bleach blonde strands are flowing down her shoulders, and it looks so classy. Her accessories complete this super stunning and sexy outfit.

8 Hot 100


Coco Austin was out to prove that she deserved to be on Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2006! This amazing scandalous outfit is taking cutouts to the max; Coco is making absolutely sure that everyone in the room knows she’s wearing exactly nothing underneath that shirt. This outfit is just the cutest! The blonde bombshell is eye banging the camera; she knows how beautiful she really is! What amazing hair and eyes she has. We could look at this pic all day long!

7 Kissable Lips


Super hot model and mom Coco Austin looks like a million bucks in this up close and personal pic. The sexy lady is wearing an amazing, low cut black shirt with incredibly gold detailing under the bust. The shirt is classy and cute, hugging her curves and making her look every inch the stunner. Her makeup is on point; the purple and black eye makeup highlighting the brilliant green and gray of her perfect eyes. Shiny pink lipstick graces her absolutely perfect lips. A simple gold necklace lets her true beauty shine through and the soft curl of her blonde hair spirals down to her shoulders like a hood of gold.

6 Green Goddess


Electric green looks great on Coco! This hot pic was taken a while back, and this is the perfect outfit to show off Coco’s amazing curves! This stunning lady got lucky in the gene lottery; her amazing figure looks absolutely perfect in this skin tight green, very low cut dress. We love the matching green high heels and the spiral curls she’s rocking in her pretty blonde hair. Coco always has a very unique style that doesn’t care a thing for what’s in style, and this dress is proof you don’t have to be on trend to look absolutely fabulous and make your own trends!

5 Las Vegas Legs

Coco Austin has the most perfect legs ever to grace this planet! Her size six stilettos only add to the amazing appeal of her muscular, shapely legs. She took this during a VH1 Awards show years ago, but it still holds up. The stunning blue and black bikini is a halter, and she just looks so amazing in bikini halter tops. Her amazing double Ds are on display, too!

4 Pretty In Plaid

Coco wore this hot number for the Tribeca Film Festival at SVA Theater in 2014. The model was out to attend the Tribeca Talks for the movie Champs. We love her in this red and black, midriff baring plaid skirt and shirt! The outfit is tight but also stylish, concealing but still flattering and still sexy. We’re so used to seeing her in her underwear, it’s a wonderful change of pace to see her flaunting her curves in this amazing outfit! We love her hair back in a simple ponytail and we’re just in love with her silver accents and those amazing black stiletto pumps that make her legs look like granite!

3 Zebra Stripes

This sexy pic was taken at the Top Five Premiere in NYC in 2014. Her zebra striped black and tan dress fits her hourglass figure like a glove, matching her amazing (and shiny) tan high heels. With her perfect ponytail and amazing power pose, Coco look like she is up for anything! This pose really shows of our favorite features: her stunningly fit legs, the double Ds that made her famous, and her perfectly pert booty. We love everything about her body in this amazing dress, and the sexy red lip and the big gold hoops in her lovely ears are just icing on the top of this perfect, blonde cake!

2 Black Tanktop


Sexy lady Coco Austin is lounging in an absolutely stunning black tank. The DD stunner is rocking her sexiest pose, taking a beautiful selfie before the baby comes. There is something so sexy about a woman in designer shades and pulled back hair, and Coco nails this look every time, but this will do just fine. The black sequined top can barely contain her perfect boobs, and our mouths are gaping!

1 Pearly Whites


There is something incredibly sexy about Coco’s smile! Her perfect pearly whites match her amazing white dress to a T. Her silver high heels look like jewels against her honey skin. Her pretty blonde hair frames her beautiful smiling face, decked in pink lipgloss and stunning pink eye shadow that just makes her green eyes pop like nothing we’ve seen before. Sexy Coco is rocking a white mini dress complete with transparent windows that make her lovely legs look amazing! We love how this well-formed dress is showing off her amazing hips, tiny waist and killer DDs. You are rocking this look, Coco!

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15 Steamy Photos of Coco Austin You NEED To See