15 Stars Who Unfortunately Look Like Their Parents

There’s room for everyone in Hollywood. You can be a star as long as you have a little bit of talent, and a lot of spunk. There’s no rule that says you have to be beautiful, or even good looking. Ther

There’s room for everyone in Hollywood. You can be a star as long as you have a little bit of talent, and a lot of spunk. There’s no rule that says you have to be beautiful, or even good looking. There are plenty of stars out there that no one would look twice at in real life.

But for some reason, it is shocking to the public when physically flawed stars have equally flawed children. Celebrities are held to unbelievably high standards, which are often unattainable. A perfect case in point is children of celebrities. They are often called out for being unfortunate looking, as if just because they were born into a family of fame means that they will be bestowed with legendary good looks.

The discrepancy probably has to do with the fact that celebrities have the best of everything, and so one would think that their offspring would as well. But you just can’t beat genetics – at least not yet. This list counts down all the celebrity children that unfortunately look like their parents. This piece will prove once and for all that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But reader beware: you can’t un-see these pics!

15 Liv & Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler, is the spitting image of him – which is no compliment. Liv is tall and lanky like Steven, and also pasty white. But the worst thing she inherited from him are his lips. They are super duper wide. They practically go from ear to ear. Steven can get away with being odd looking because men often get a free pass when it comes to looks, but women are held to a higher standard. It’s too bad for Liv that plastic surgeons have mastered the art of lip plumping, but not narrowing. The only time Liv ever looked good was in the Lord of the Rings franchise. Her pointed ears and flowing blonde hair helped to detract from her other features.

14 Alexa & Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s daughter, Alexa Joel, is a clone of him. She didn’t get anything in the looks department from her mother, supermodel Christie Brinkley – not her height, not her buxom body, and certainly not her face. Alexa tried her hand at modeling, but she just couldn’t hack it. She’s been unhappy with her looks, as evidenced by her alleged plastic surgery. But going under the knife could only take her so far. It’s been rumored that she still needs an entire glam squad to do her hair and makeup in order to compensate for her shortcomings.

13 Georgia & Mick Jagger


Georgia Jagger has two famous parents: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Georgia resembles her mother when it comes to her height and blonde hair. But she resembles her father when it comes to her face. She has the same boxy head that Mick does. While Mick has been a favorite with the ladies, it isn’t because of his looks. Georgia is a beautiful girl – when she has her lips closed. When she has them open, her gap-toothed grin is revealed. That look may have worked for Lauren Hutton, but most find it at turn-off. Since her mom just married 85 year old billionaire Rupert Murdoch, we know Georgia can afford some dental work. She’d better get it, because she won’t age well. Just look at her father.

12 Ireland & Alec Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin doesn’t look much like her mom, model-turned-actress Kim Basinger. She takes after her angry dad, Alec Baldwin. To begin with, she shares his bloated facial features. They both look overly puffy, whether it’s because of too many nights spend partying hard or bad cosmetic work. Also, she has his height. He’s six feet tall, and Ireland is a whopping 6’2” which most would agree is a little too tall for women, especially when they wear heels. Ireland’s looks have been criticized in the media, and she was very vocal in complaining about all the negativity she received. But to be fair, she asked for it. This starlet became a household name by posting endless amounts of selfies. She’s gotta take the good with the bad. The real looker is her cousin, Hailey Baldwin.

11 Kelly & Ozzy Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne can never get it together looks-wise. No matter what color she dyes her hair, no matter how much weight she loses, no matter what fashions she wears, she’s still stuck with the same old face – which is courtesy of her dad, rocker Ozzy Osbourne. Kelly’s lower face is way too full, and her jawline is way too pronounced. Her lips are also oddly shaped, which is pure Ozzy. She has fame and fortune (both thanks to her famous family), but money can’t buy everything.

10 Colin & Tom Hanks


Tom Hanks is a megastar, but he’s never been known for his looks. Unfortunately, his son Colin, takes after him. Both have string bean bodies and goofy faces. The exception is that Colin is even more awkward looking than his dad. Colin has a weak chin, pronounced ears and a look of perpetual blankness on his face. It also seems like he didn’t inherit Tom’s acting ability. Colin has barely scraped by as an actor. The only reason he got his foot in the door was because of his famous parents, but even they haven’t been able to help his career stay afloat.

9 Tiffany & Donald Trump


Believe it or not, Donald Trump has two daughters. The more famous of the two is Ivanka, who is a classic beauty he had with his first wife, Ivana. The less famous daughter, is Tiffany, who he had with mistress and later second wife Marla Maples. The difference is that Ivanka took after her mother, while Tiffany took after her father. The most notable similarity is their over-sized heads – and we aren’t talking about egos! Tiffany’s head is large and round, like an over inflated basketball. She’s also kind of orange, just like Donald. And also like Donald, she has the same sneering mouth.

8 Melissa & Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was always hassled for her looks. She was able to parlay that into fame and fortune, which was a blessing in disguise. She turned to plastic surgery which helped to turn that ugly duckling into a swan. However, her daughter Melissa, looks just like her. The only reason people don’t realize it is because Melissa looks like Joan pre-surgery, and hardly anyone remembers what the “real” Joan Rivers looked like. Melissa has the same long face, prominent nose and wide mouth. If only Melissa were as witty, then the sting of losing Joan wouldn’t hurt so much.

7 Robin & Alan Thicke


Robin Thicke shot into fame with the 2014 hit song “Blurred Lines.” After that, he was all over the place and people learned that his dad is Growing Pains actor Alan Thicke. Suddenly, Robin didn’t seem as attractive. People quickly noticed how he took after his dad, with the same low hairline, widespread eyes and diminutive upper lip. Robin just wasn’t a male hottie anymore. Girls got over him – and his music. Even his wife, actress Paula Patton, has moved on as the couple divorced in 2015.

6 Chelsea & Bill and Hillary Clinton


Chelsea Clinton has been taunted mercilessly about her looks, and she has only her parents to blame. Bill and Hillary are a below average looking couple if ever there was one. Chelsea has been reported to have had the gamut of plastic surgery, from a rhinoplasty to botox, but that was money wasted as the difference was negligible. As a result, Chelsea is of no help on the campaign trail for Hillary. Ivanka Trump is a trophy daughter for her dad, but Chelsea just looks like a stand-in.

5 Weston & Nicolas Cage


If you thought Nicolas Cage was unattractive, wait until you get a load of his son! Yowza! Weston may have more hair than his dad, and some more muscle, but that’s the only difference. Weston inherited Nicholas’ shifty eyes and sickly complexion. His unfortunate looks are probably why his heavy metal music career and acting career have floundered. If beauty sells, then he has to file for bankruptcy.

4 Cassidy & Kathie Lee Gifford

Cassidy Gifford is the daughter of talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford, and late football player Frank Gifford. She made her movie debut recently in a horror film that tanked. Cassidy isn’t a bad looking girl per se, but she has ruined her looks by following her mom’s styling. Both ladies are overly tanned, with strawberry blonde hair that matches their weird skin tone. Their grins are too toothy, and they are both on the short side for women that are in the ‘biz. Kathie Lee is 5’5”, while Cassidy is only 5’3”. Kathie Lee really tried to make Cassidy a star by talking about her endlessly on the air, and even publicly trying to set her daughter up with famous men. So far, there haven’t been any takers.

3 Schwarzenegger Sisters & Arnold


Katherine and Christina Schwarzenegger take after Arnold in terms of his intelligence and strong work ethic. But unfortunately they also inherited his body type, which isn’t good news for a girl. They’re both really tall, and really built. While some might find that attractive in a bizarre Ronda Rousey sort of way, 99.9% of the population equate feminine beauty with delicate features and diminutive size. The strange thing is that Arnold’s son, model Patrick Schwarzenegger, is the one who got the dainty features. His face is thin, with a slightly small jaw, and he’s good looking in a Rob Lowe pretty boy way.

2 Elle King & Rob Schneider


Rob Schneider is a funny guy, and his daughter, singer Elle King, is just plain funny looking. She inherited his facial structure – namely his long face, buggy eyes and puffy cheeks. King’s singing career might be hot, but she has the sort of physique that is best suited for radio. Her thick frame and ultra-pale skin aren’t doing her any favors. And her fashion choices of short skirts and tight tops only serve to heighten her problem areas.

1 Rumer & Bruce Willis

Rumer Willis is a doppleganger for her dad, Bruce Willis. Even though Bruce is still hot at 61, it’s never a good thing for a girl to look that much like their father. Rumer has all of Bruce’s features, but they don’t work on a woman. In fact, her Bruce-esque features are exaggerated. Her head is too long, her chin is too pointed, and her nose is too narrow. The only thing that could be worse would be if she was bald like Bruce! Her sisters, Scout and Tallulah, didn’t fair much better. They both resemble Bruce, and look nothing like their glamorous mom, the ageless Demi Moore.

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15 Stars Who Unfortunately Look Like Their Parents