15 Stars Who Have Shockingly Intense "Bedroom" Addictions

Some pursue a life of celebrity for the money, the fame, the lifestyle or the appeal of being sought after as a sex symbol; others do it for the love of their craft.

The simple fact is that celebrity is more than red carpets, photo shoots and bottles of Cristal. There is pressure to perform and maintain celebrity status, engage fans, extend their time in the spotlight, and remain relevant. These pressures are often intensified by agents, publicists and the drive that makes a star seek fame in the first place.

Some turn to fitness, hobbies, or regular therapy sessions to help them unwind, whereas others find themselves in over their heads with a stress-releaser turned addiction that has taken over, causing insurmountable damage to their friends, families and lives.

While some claim that sex addiction doesn’t really exist, that it’s an excuse for bad behavior, others stand as a cautionary tale about how the sex fuelled life of the rich and famous has caused them nothing but pain and heartache.

Medical experts say that compulsive sexual behavior is a real disorder, with approximately 16 million Americans struggling with the addiction. Researchers estimate that 20 percent of people suffering from sex addiction are women. While women addicts are not as likely to use sex workers or visit strip clubs, they will often engage in impetuous sex with multiple partners and near constant self-pleasure.

These 15 celebrities stand accused of sex addiction, and while most confessed, others deny (or don’t acknowledge) despite what their families and the tabloids say.

15 Ozzy Osbourne

14 Russell Brand

13 David Duchovny

12 Kari Anne Peniche

11 Kanye West

10 Amy Winehouse

9 Anthony Kiedis

8 Terry Crews

7 Jesse James

6 Bill Murray

5 Jennie Ketcham (Penny Flame)


4 Whitney Houston

3 Rob Lowe

2 Charlie Sheen

1 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods isn’t just a blood thirsty cat on the golf course, he also takes his appetite into the bedroom. He has been battling sex addiction for a number of years, and had to take a temporary leave of absence from the game of golf while he recovered. A friend of Woods’ has commented that sex is how the golfer copes with a bad game, “'Most men would drink over such losses. Tiger has sex over it. Usually with local hookers whom he pays exorbitant amounts to, probably so they will want repeat business and won't tell.” A former Hollywood Madame revealed that in 2006 and 2007 the golfer paid around $40,000 for six sexual ‘dates’. Tiger himself posted on his website during the first public scandal confirming affairs. He referred to these encounters as 'transgressions' and declared how 'profoundly sorry' he was for the pain he'd caused. Spending a great deal of money on hookers is par for the course for Tiger; the star has been rumored to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on high priced female escorts over the years.


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15 Stars Who Have Shockingly Intense "Bedroom" Addictions